Esposa queimadinha passando hidratante depois da praia

Esposa queimadinha passando hidratante depois da praia
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*IMPORTANT* This is a new account for superkev123, I can no longer access my old one, so I am re-posting all my old ones here, and will also be uploading new ones.

Chapter 17 Rose, Jessica, and I were hanging out on a Friday night. It was the first time the three of us had been alone together since Rose walked in on us last week, but surprisingly things weren't that awkward.

Rose had always been wary of the two of us, given our past, and that hadn't really changed. Obviously now she was watching us for a different reason. Rose and I hadn't really talked about it, other than me telling her again that I wanted things to stay private. Really, she'd taken the news that her twin brother was secretly banging her best friend pretty well. Better than expected. Jessica and I hadn't been alone at all, which was bothering me.

I wanted to talk to her about last week. It had been a huge step for us, our first real conversation about our relationship. I was dreading it, but I had to know where she was with it. Rose left us alone only once, to go to the bathroom. She glanced at us both nervously on the way out, as if unsure about leaving us alone together. As soon as she walked out the door, Jessica turned to me. "I've was reading that stuff you sent me." she said excitedly, "About BDSM." "OK, good." I said, glancing at the door, "This probably isn't the best time to-" "It's so exciting though, all the stuff about control and power.

It's fascinating to think there are people who base their whole lives around this stuff." she said. "Yeah, it's cool but-" "You're actually a really good Dom, did you know that?" she said, "The way you explain everything, and, like, I always knew you would stop if I asked you, and the way you-" "Jessica-" "And, like, I was reading stuff about submissives, like the role of a submissive, you know?

Like, how I'm supposed to please you better, or-" "Jessica." I pleaded, "Wait 'til we're alone, OK?" "Right." she said smiling, "Yes Sir." She winked at me, and I rolled my eyes. It was strange, her knowing about this stuff. It made it feel less. dark. Less dangerous. But strangely it was just as exciting.

In fact, as I sat back in the couch with a smile, I felt excited about what I had planned for the night. The guilt had faded, but that erotic spark remained. It wasn't long before Rose came back, again glancing nervously between us as she entered. We kept the conversation light when she got back, but I could tell Jessica was excited to talk later. It was getting late, and the night had been relaxed so far. "So." said Rose, a sudden tension in her voice, "What happens now?" She looked at Jessica, who was sitting on the couch beside her, and then over to me, sitting alone opposite them.

She looked back to Jessica, who looked at me. "I mean." Rose continued, "You normally wait until I'm asleep to sneak over to his room, right? And then sneak back when you're.


you know, when you're done?" Neither of us responded, knowing she wasn't really expecting an answer. "But now, you know, it's not a secret any more." she went on, "Now that it's all out in the open.

well, not really in the open but. I mean. you could just go up now, together, right? Would that be weird?" I shrugged. "It doesn't really matter." I said, "I know you two like to get your alone time, to talk about. you know, girl stuff. tampons and bras or whatever." They both laughed. "So. yeah, I'll just head up to bed now, I think." I said, "I'll probably be awake for a few hours, and if Jessica wants to visit me later, it's up to her." Jessica smiled at me, and nodded.

"Sounds good." she said. "So I'll see you later." I said, standing up. "Night bro." Rose said. "Later." answered Jessica. This was unexplored territory for all of us, but it seemed to be going well. So far, anyway. == A few hours later, Jessica knocked on my door. "Come in." I said. She did. She was wearing a tiny black slip, the hem barely reaching her thighs, and the material was so thin and tight across her ample chest, I could see the outline of her nipples.

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"Hi." I said, sitting up in bed. "Rose is still awake." she answered, ignoring my greeting. "Uh. OK." I said uncertainly. "She said there was no point in me waiting, you know? So when we got into bed, she was like 'I'll probably be asleep soon so you might as well go on over'.

It was. awkward." "That's. that's good." I said, "Not the awkward part but. I'm glad she's taking this so well. I mean, we did lie to her for months." "Yeah. But she seems. I don't know, weirdly supportive of the whole thing." she said.

We both looked away, and were silent for a few seconds. "So anyway." I said, breaking the contemplative silence, "Get on your knees, slut." She beamed at me, and gracefully sank to the floor in the middle of the room. "Right away Sir." she said playfully as she knelt.

I considered reading for a while, maybe relaxing by listening to some music with her just waiting there for me, but I decided against it. Maybe it was enough that she knew I could keep her waiting. There was no point to proving it again, other than to frustrate her. I stood up out of bed and walked over to her. I liked standing over her like this, her staring up at me. The perfect height for a blow job too, if the mood struck me.

"So. what are we going to do tonight, sweetheart?" I asked. "Anything you want, Sir." she said, smiling. The perfect answer. But then she frowned, and glanced away. "But first. I want to show you something." she said. "If that's OK." "Show me what?" I asked. "I. I bought something for you." she said nervously. "Oh? Another sexy little outfit?" I asked.

"No." she said quietly. I waited for her to continue, but she didn't. "Then. what?" I asked "I. I didn't get you anything for Christmas. I felt bad about it and.

and Valentine's day is next week." She'd gotten me a Valentine's present? I was stunned. "It's next Thursday." she continued, "And we won't be alone until Friday. I could have given it to you then, but I didn't want to be late. so I. I have it outside." She was nervous, rambling, and I was still too surprised to interrupt her. She wasn't looking at me, but staring at the ground. I'd never received a Valentine's. anything before. From anyone. Not even so much as a 'just friends' card from a polite girl.

"Can I give it to you?" she asked, "I know you said you weren't expecting a Christmas present. and, you don't have to get me anything, I just. I just wanted to get you something." "Get it." I said.

She smiled up at me, then excitedly jumped up and ran to the door. She opened it, and outside was a little brown bag. She snatched it up and walked back, forgetting to close the door.

She seemed to remember so doubled back to close it, then turned to walk back. She stood in front of me and made a motion to hand the bag to me, then seemed to re-think it and sank back to her knees, looking up at me. I stood watching all of this, unmoving and expressionless. "Relax, sweetheart." I said, though as more of an order than a comfort. "Sorry." she laughed, "I'm just really nervous." She looked down at the bag in her hands, then slowly raised it to me.

I took it from her, and held it for just a second. "It's not much." she said quietly, "I just saw. I mean, I saw the. Well, it doesn't matter, I mean you'll see it." "Stop talking." I ordered quietly. She nodded quickly, and looked down. I stood and stared at her for a moment, collecting myself.

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For some reason I thought of the night this all started, way back when I first overheard her talking to Rose about Mike. Back when the only thing I wanted from her was to leave me alone, and to get that the best thing I could think of was to flash her. The memory made me smile. And now. now she was actively teaching herself how to better submit to me. How to please me. She was kneeling at my feet and handing me a gift that she had no obligation to give, but that she wanted me to have anyway.

To make me happy. Again, I smiled to myself, staring at her kneeling form. I opened the bag, and pulled out the object inside.

A small, brown box. Jewellery's? I opened it. It was a wrist watch. I took it out of the box, dropping both it and the bag on the floor. The watch felt heavy, and it looked expensive.

It had a black leather strap, and the metal around the face was a dull, metallic grey. The face itself was black, with nothing more than thin, silver lines to indicate the places of the numbers. I stared at it, literally watching the time tick by on the slender, silver hands.

I flipped it over. On the back were the usual markings; the brand, the depth to which it was waterproof, and the indication that it was made of titanium. But right in the centre, in an elegant yet simple script, two words were engraved. "Forever Yours." I read aloud. She looked up at me, and I stared back, keeping my expression neutral. "It." she started, then stopped. I raised an eyebrow, then after a second, nodded.

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"It was one of the default messages." she said quickly, "Anything in the men's section of the jewellery store. there were three different messages, free to engrave. Anything custom would have.

would have cost extra. Not that the price mattered or anything." She trailed off, seeming to realize she was rambling again. "I mean, I just. I noticed you don't wear a watch. I thought it would be a nice gift. I saw that one, with the leather and the. the face. And then I saw the sign, right above it.

'Complementary Engraving. Forever Yours.' It just seemed. perfect." She looked up at me, fear in her eyes.

Was she afraid I was going to throw it away?

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Smash it in front of her? Or maybe just refusing it would be enough to hurt her. I looked back at the watch. I liked how simple it looked; no extra dials or complex designs that so many pieces seem to have. Just a black face with a few silver markings. "It's a nice watch." I said, "Very. minimalist design.

I think it suits me." I slipped the watch on my wrist and fastened it. I stared at it, thinking about the words now pressed against my skin. "Thank you, Jessica." I said, looking down at her. She beamed up at me. "You like it?" she asked, "I have the receipt, and. like I said it was one of the default things so I can return it-" "I like it." I said.

She smiled again, and nodded. "But. I hope you don't think this going to make me go any easier on you." I said, turning away from her. "I was planning something. fun, for tonight." I walked towards the bed. "You mean. fun for a. for a masochist slut like me, Sir?" she asked hesitantly. I stopped in my tracks and turned to look at her over my shoulder. I gripped my fist tightly to stem the sudden tide of lust that flowed through me. She was so.tempting. "Exactly." I said. I sat down on the bed and tapped my leg, calling her over.

She crawled without hesitation, coming to kneel between my legs. "We're going to play a game tonight." I said. "It's. probably going to hurt." "I like it when you hurt me." she replied, smiling, but I could hear the fear in her voice. I let out a deep breath, trying to ignore my already rock hard cock. When this had all just been a way to torture her, it was sexy. When she was afraid, ashamed, in pain. it was sexy. But when she was like this?

Openly willing, knowing exactly the treatment she was likely to get. and still saying things like this? Again, the only thing stopping me from pinning her to the floor and fucking her brains out was my quickly weakening will power. I got a loose grip on her hair and stood up, forcing her to stand with me. As she looked at me her eyes darted to my lips, and her own parted slightly.

I reached down and gripped the hem of her tight, revealing slip and slowly peeled it upwards. Her skin seemed to tremble against my fingers as they slid along her body, revealing her matching black panties, then her toned stomach. I looked her in the eye and continued to undress her. She raised her arms as I reached her full tits. I paused for a moment, then yanked the tiny dress over them, bouncing them into view.

She raised her arms and let out a tiny whimper as I pulled it up over her head, then dropped it carelessly to the floor. "I like you in black." I said quietly. She leaned in to kiss me, but I put my hand against her throat. Without speaking, I sank to my knees. I ran my hands up the outsides of her thighs to her waist, where I sank my fingers under the waistband of her black panties. I slowly slid them down, ignoring the whimpering moans she was letting out. After sliding them down about an inch, I paused.

I could smell the arousing scent of her pussy, but even more erotic, I could see a thin strand of her natural lubricant clinging to the material as it fell away. I resisted the urge to yank them away from her, and continued my slow undressing. When her panties reached her ankles, she delicately stepped out of them and spread her legs slightly.

Without looking up at her, I ran my middle finger upwards along her pink lower lips, collecting the warm liquid. I licked my own finger, tasting her. I closed my eyes and knelt forward, using my tongue to trace the same path my finger had just travelled, then lightly flicked it against her erect clit.

She gasped with pleasure and grabbed my shoulder to steady herself. I knew this was a somewhat submissive position to be in, kneeling at her feet, but I didn't care. I wanted to taste her.

I reached under her leg and raised it over my shoulder. I wrapped my arm around her hip to steady her, and again tasted her pussy. This was only the second time I'd done this, but already I found myself enjoying the taste.


After all, this heat and wetness just meant she was ready for me. She gasped and moaned above me, and grabbed both my shoulders hard.

I savoured the taste, but I didn't want her to cum yet. I licked her clit a few more times before pulling away, and letting her leg slide off me. I stood up slowly, wiping her juices from my lips and again tasting my finger, before looking at her again.

She was blushing a deep red and seemed out of breath. She put her hands against my chest and leaned forwards, desperately wanting to kiss me. "Get on the bed." She hesitated, staring into my eyes, but pulled away and walked quickly past me. She lay down on the bed, throwing the covers over the edge. "The rules of this game are the same as always, sweetheart." I said, taking off my t-shirt, "I'm going to fuck you, and you're not allowed to cum.

For every orgasm, you'll get a punishment. Understand?" She nodded, staring at my body. I took off my pants and squeezed my cock through my boxers, before sliding those off too. Naked, I took off the watch she'd given me and put it on my nightstand. I got on the bed and lay over her, my thick cock pointing straight out from my body.

She eyed it hungrily. I grabbed the base of my cock and pushed the head down against her pussy lips, then gently tapped her clit a few times. She moaned frantically and pushed her hips upwards, trying to grind her pussy against my cock. I pulled it away from her, laughing. "Oh sweetheart. this isn't going to take long at all, is it?" I taunted her. "No, Sir." she answered breathlessly. I laughed again, and pressed my cock against her pussy.

I slowly pushed myself into her, sighing at the pleasure of her tightness. She sighed with desire as I filled her. "Mmm. Oh, Sir." she whimpered. I pinched her right nipple hard. "No talking." I said, as I began to pull out. I groped her tits with both hands, pinching her nipples and squeezing her. I picked up the pace, quickly thrusting in and out of her with my hips, groaning at the heat of her silky pussy.

She was whimpering constantly, letting out gasps and whines as I fucked her. She reached up and dug her fingers into my shoulders, her nails hurting me. "Sir." she whimpered. I reached up and slapped her lightly, causing her eyes to open with shock. "No talking." I grunted, as my hips sped up. I kept toying with her nipples as I fucked her, and it made it a lot harder for her to keep control.

After only a few minutes she had that desperate, panicked look on her face. "Sir. I'm.

Oh fuck, I'm." she moaned. I didn't slow down, and pinched her nipples harder for speaking. The extra pain sent her over edge and she came hard, already apologizing to me as her body shook with pleasure. Even at the height of her bliss she knew that her pleasure belonged to me. I kept up my pace and fucked her through her orgasm, but slowed to a stop when her pussy stopped spasming around my shaft. "That's disappointing." I said quietly, pulling out of her.

I let my wet cock rest on her lower lips, and again she lightly thrust herself forward to grind herself against it. "I guess it's time for the first punishment." I sighed, pulling away and getting off the bed. "I'm sorry." she sighed, her voice filled with lust, "I couldn't help it Sir. Your big. your big cock just felt so good." "I wonder if you know what 'Don't talk.' actually means." I said, reaching into my closet. I pulled out two things, one in each hand. A thick, black leather strap in my left, and in my right.

A riding crop. It was brown, about a foot and a half long. A thick handle with a long, thin shaft leading to a flat head of brown leather. I didn't look at Jessica as I revealed it, but studied the crop itself, holding it flat. I suddenly tightened my grip and sliced it through the air, hearing a distinctive whooshing sound. I'd practiced with this earlier, of course.

Even going as far as to try it out on myself, whipping along my left forearm in different ways, different speeds. I couldn't get the full range of motion from that angle, but I had a pretty good idea of how much force to use.

And, going by the bruises on my skin, a good idea of how much it would hurt. I finally looked at her, and her eyes were wide. She was biting her lip, and I honestly couldn't tell if she was more afraid or more aroused.

"This is a new toy I bought just for you." I said, walking back to the bed. She didn't respond, but just nodded, still staring at it.

"It's called a riding crop." I explained with a casual tone. I reached the bed, and put both the strap and the crop on the bed, then grabbed her by the shoulders. I flipped her roughly over on to her front, surprising her.

"It's usually used on horses, you know, like for racing." I continued, my calm voice contrasting my rough treatment. I guided her to put her legs under her, thrusting her ass into the air. "Wild animals that need to be whipped to understand they have to do what they're told." I continued. She was now in the perfect spanking position. "So I guess. it's perfect for you." I said thoughtfully, picking it up. I stood behind her, staring at her glistening pussy presented to me from behind.

My cock was throbbing, as if begging me to ignore all this BDSM bullshit as just fuck her brains out. I squeezed it with my free hand, and smiled. I swished the crop through the air a few times, causing her to whimper at the sound. I placed the head of it against her round, firm ass cheek, but then pulled it away. "So sweetheart. what am I about to do?" I asked. "You're about to. to." she stuttered. "Come on sweetheart, don't waste my time." I said, "You know this." "You're going to punish me, Sir." she said quietly.

"And why?" "Because I disobeyed you." she said. I didn't respond. "I. I disobeyed you. I had an orgasm without your permission, and I spoke." she said, "Um, without your permission, um, Sir." "Right." I said.

"And you need this punishment in order to do better in future, don't you?" "Yes, Sir." she said, "I want. I want." She hesitated. "Jessica, speak up." I prompted, "Tell me what you want." "I want you to punish me." she said quickly. "I mean. please punish me, Sir. " "You're begging me to hurt you?" I asked. "Please Sir." she repeated.

"I. need it. To. to be better. I want to be a good girl for you." As soon as she stopped speaking I lashed out with the crop, unable to hold myself back any longer. Her body jumped in surprise, and she squeaked with pain. "Oh, I suppose I should ask you to count." I said. "One." she gasped. I smiled and whipped her again.

"Mmmm. two!" she said. I could tell it was hurting her, and red marks instantly rose to the surface of her creamy, smooth skin where I struck her. I whipped her again, and again, waiting for her obedient count each time. The crop felt good. It had a certain feeling of control to it that I liked. The belt took my whole body, my arm reaching all the way back to be able to hit her as hard as I could, but with this thin tool all it took was a quick snap. I reached five, but decided to push to ten.

She seemed to relax after the fifth, and I smiled when the sixth made her jump with surprise. She stopped when we got to eight, pausing for about a minute. She seemed to be handling this pain a lot better than in the past.

When I'd first spanked her she'd cried, and that had only been with my hand. But the last time, she'd taken dozens of hits with the belt and stayed standing. Well, until she fell. I didn't have a good idea of her pain threshold yet. How much of her hesitation was because of the pain, and how much was the humiliation?


"Jessica." I said slowly, "We don't have all night." "Nine." she said calmly, and I whipped her as soon as the word left her mouth. "Ten!" she gasped. "Good." I said, placing the crop on the bed beside her.

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"Now let's see if you can behave yourself." I knelt on the bed and mounted her, lining my cock up with her wet, lower lips and plunging myself into her. She squealed at the sudden sensation, and I grunted too. She felt incredible like this, so much tighter, if that were even possible. I grabbed her by the hair, bunching it up in my hand and pulling against it each time I pulled out. I fucked her slowly, deeply, each thrust lasting a measured few seconds.

I found a steady rhythm and lost myself in it, allowing myself to feel the intense pleasure of her sex. Before too long she let out a squeal of pleasure, and came hard around my cock. I loved the feeling, but sighed with disappointment, knowing I'd now have to stop again.

I fucked her through her orgasm and knew I should stop, but I couldn't. Instead, I picked up the pace, slamming my cock into her. "Oh. God, Sir!" she squealed, and I slapped her bruised ass hard. "Shut the fuck up." I grunted. I thrust into her hard and fast, again and again, until I felt my own orgasm approach.

I let it overwhelm me, for a few seconds not caring about Domination or pain. I just wanted to fill her pussy with my cum. I sighed as the waves of pleasure faded, and pulled out of her.

"Fuck Jessica, you only lasted a few minutes that time." I said, getting my breath back.

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I backed off the bed stroking my semi hard cock. "I'm sorry Sir." she said, a sultry smoothness to her voice, "This bad slut needs to be punished." "I think you're right." I said, picking up the crop.

I whipped her hard across the ass, and after jumped and gasping in pain, she actually giggled. "That's one, Sir." she said. I continued to punish her, first whipping her across the bottom of each thigh, then the top of her ass, close to the bottom of her back.

"Four." she said, excitement clear in her voice. She was loving this. For the final lash, I aimed right at her pussy, bringing the leather down hard. She jumped forward so fast she almost slammed her head into my headboard. "Ahh. five Sir." she whimpered. "Hm." I answered, dropping the crop. "I. I spoke too, Sir." she said. I paused, then smiled. "Yes, you did." I said, picking up the crop again. I hit her five times in quick succession, mostly on her cheeks with one or two dipping to her well fucked pussy.

She gasped and sighed, but didn't bother to count as I didn't give her time. "Thank you Sir." she said when I finished. "Any time." I answered. I picked up the black strap and bound her arms behind her back, pulling it tight into her flesh. I did it quickly, eager to get back to it. "Sit up." I said, pulling her up by the hair. It was tough without her arms, but she sat up on her knees. I lay down on the bed and grabbed my hard cock by the base. "Sit." I said simply. She smiled and started to wiggle her legs, trying to get on top of me without falling over.

It was sort of funny to watch, and she blushed when I let out a small chuckle. With my help she raised herself over me, and sank slowly on to my cock. "Mmm. fuck." she moaned, enjoying the sensation. I'd left the riding crop beside me, and I picked it up. I quickly reached behind her and whipped her hard across the back. She hissed at the pain and arched her back, thrusting her tits forward.

"Don't talk." I said simply. She bit her lower lip and nodded, and slowly started to fuck me. I lay back with my arms resting behind my head, and closed my eyes. She felt incredible around my cock, as always, and she was really trying to keep a steady rhythm with her hips. Unfortunately, every few strokes she'd falter, and either sink too quickly downwards, or hesitate too long moving up. "Here sweetheart." I said. I reached behind my pillow and took out a little brown bag.

Out of it I pulled a blindfold, and I sat up. "You need to concentrate." I said. She bit her lip when she saw it, but just nodded as I slipped it over her head. I sat back with her effectively blinded, and enjoyed the site of her. "Move, slut." I ordered, lightly whipping her shoulder.

She grunted with pain and started to ride me again, biting her lip in concentration. Her rhythm was more consistent now, and I was able to just enjoy the pleasure she gave me. She rode me quickly, falling into an easy rhythm.

"That's it slut, ride my cock." I grunted, pushing my hips up. "Yes. yes Sir." she gasped. The stimulation was getting to her, I could see that. As I watched her body twitch and shake, her large tits bouncing and shaking with every thrust; and as I listened to her addictively erotic moans and squeals, I was once again amazed by the sheer eroticism of her.

And again I was amazed by her capacity for pleasure. After mere minutes of riding me, she was again about to cum. She let out a series of distressed feminine grunts as her soaking wet pussy captured my full erection over and over again, her toned stomach tensing and flexing with effort.

"I. I'm sorry!" she barely managed to squeak, as yet another orgasm washed over her. She sat still as her tight pussy twitched and squeezed around my cock, but after a few seconds she began to shakily ride me again, trying to prolong her pleasure.

"Oh. fuck Sir, oh my God!" she squealed, as she squirted her juices around my cock. She eventually slowed, and sat panting with her mouth open wide. "That was two orgasms, wasn't it sweetheart?" I asked, forcing my voice to remain calm and casual despite the constant arousal and pleasure she was providing. "Yes Sir." she sighed, her voice becoming hoarse. "And you spoke quite a few times." I sighed, picking up the crop.

"Yes S- Ah!" she squeaked, as I began to whip her chest. I attacked both her nipples, first one then the other, over and over, then whipped along her collar bone, leaving a trail of slowly appearing red blotches along her perfect skin.

She gasped and twitched with every light, stinging stroke, but never once tried to shy away from the pain. I stopped at fifteen, and dropped the crop beside me.

"I'm really sick of you talking." I said casually, "A good slut should know when to shut up." "I'm sorry Sir." she said, her voice unsteady.

"That wasn't an invitation to speak." I said, my voice stern. She wisely clamped her lips shut, just as she was about to apologize again. I reached into the brown bag and pulled out another toy. The very first thing that had been delivered to me, my first real tool. The ball gag. "Open your mouth." I ordered. She parted her lips slightly. I roughly stuck two fingers between her lips and spread them, making her open wide. I placed the bright, red rubber ball into her mouth, and quickly pulled the black leather strap behind her head.

She grunted in surprise and turned her head quickly to the side as I tightened the gag. I wasn't sure how tight to make it, but when I fastened the buckle it looked a lot like it did in all the pictures. Her perfect white teeth stood out against the deep red of the ball, and she was squeaking with terror.

I grabbed her chin and turned her face towards me, taking the opportunity to pump my hips a few times, grinding her clit against my pubic bone. "There, isn't that better?" I asked soothingly, "Now you won't forget." I reached up and lightly tugged on her hair. "Now get back to work." She didn't respond at first. She just sat there, impaled and gagged. She let out a quick, garbled squeak, as if trying to speak but realizing she couldn't.

She looked down, although still blinded, and seemed to shiver. She was breathing heavily through her nose, and she uselessly moaned again. "If you want to stop, just get off." I said lazily, as if it didn't make a different to me. But I knew, of course, that she couldn't tell me to stop if she couldn't speak, which is why I'd moved her on top of me before gagging her. She sat for another minute, then eventually started to move.

She squeaked with pleasure, then stopped again. I valued my self control, but even I had my limits. Sitting like this, fully buried inside her tight, warm pussy without actually moving was driving me insane. "Hurry up!" I grunted, whipping her chest again.

She reacted to the pain and jumped up a few inches, then slowly sank down. She quickly found a rhythm, finally getting back to a decent pace. I sighed with frustration and lay back. She'd been in my room for what had to be almost an hour and I still hadn't cum. She suddenly fell forward, without her arms to stop her. Her chin fell against my shoulder, but she didn't stop moving. In fact, with this new angle she took the opportunity to ride me even harder, her sexy hips rolling wildly.

I held her head and turned to her, loving the erotic, desperate, yet muffled gasps of pleasure she was panting into my ear. I buried my face in her neck, biting and licking her throat.

She squealed, and came again, hard. She stopped shaking her hips, and her body sagged against me. I grabbed her shoulders and pushed her off, sitting her up right. "Naughty slut." I said, "When are you going to learn?" I reached into my bag and pulled out yet another toy.

I hesitated, looking at her. She was crying, I realized, tears slowly falling from her covered eyes. She was sitting too steadily either, looking like she was about to collapse. "If this is all you can do, you might as well get off." I said. She shook her head violently and started to move again, grunting with each thrust. I let out a sigh of relief. I'd worried I'd pushed her too hard, but she didn't need to stop yet.

"Stop." I ordered. My final toy was a pair of nipple clamps, connected by a thin, but long steel chain. I held the small clamps open with my fingers. Again, I hesitated. But not for long. I released the clamps at the same time, slowly letting them bite into her erect nipples. She whimpered with pain, gasping through the gag. I let the chain hang down between them, tugging on it gently before letting bounce off her tight stomach.

I saw more tears leak out from under the blindfold, and she let her head hang back. The sight was so erotic, I couldn't stop my hips from thrusting upwards.

"You better be careful, sweetheart." I sighed, stroking her face. "A few more orgasms and I might run out toys." I smacked her ass hard, making her jump. "Go." She whined loudly, but took a deep breath. She pushed down with her knees, but again lost her balance and fell forward. I wordlessly grabbed her by the throat and pushed her upright. "Go." I said again, more sternly. Again, she let out a delicious little whine. She breathed deeply through her nose, and slowly started to rise off my cock.

I stayed silent, watching her beautiful, quivering body lift upwards, her tight pussy clinging to my shaft as it went. She reached about half way up, then quickly sank down again, whimpering at the sensation. She did this a few more times, and I was getting impatient. I picked up the crop and flicked my wrist backwards, catching her lightly on the back of her shoulder with the stinging tip.

"Jessica, I know you don't want to cum again." I sighed, sounding bored, "But you're not being very fun." I saw her jaw clench slightly as she bit into her gag, then started to move with more purpose. "That's it sweetheart." I encouraged, "Let's see if you can make me cum." To be honest, I could have finished at any moment.

Having her bound like this was powerfully erotic, and her wet pussy always felt incredible. But this was as much about the control of my own pleasure as it was about controlling her. I reached over to grab my camera from the night stand, putting a hand against her shoulder to stop her toppling as I leaned. I lay back and snapped a few more loud pictures, enjoying the way she'd tense and squirm with every click. I gently put the crop against her face, taking a few shots with it included.

She started to slow again, so I suddenly whipped one of her tightly clamped nipples. She froze and fell completely on to my cock, and her back stiffened. She let out a strangled squeak while her pussy gently quivered along my shaft. She was trying not to cum. I grinned and clenched my fists, excited to see if she'd make it.

After a few tense seconds, she breathed out slowly and started to rise again. I wanted to laugh. She was so sensitive, it was so much fun watching her hold back. I knew that the pleasure she could experience could be literally mind-blowing for her, and yet she wouldn't let herself feel it until I said so.

So much was perfect about these quiet moments, just watching and feeling her try so desperately to pleasure me, and deny herself that same pleasure. Everything else; the gag, the blindfold, the bound arms, the nipple clamps. She was like a living fantasy, so perfectly sexy.

I was breathing heavily and the incredible eroticism was sending warm, pleasant waves through my abdomen, as if I could feel the hot blood rushing through my body to my engorged cock. I needed to cum, but more I needed not to. I wanted to wait and wait, for this moment to last forever, for this moment to stretch on and on, holding her here, holding us both at the edge of pure pleasure.

I waited as long as I could, watching rapt at every movement of her body, every jiggle of her full breasts still connected by the loose chain at her nipples, every flex of her stomach muscles under the light sheen of sweat, every jerk of her head as she sank down onto my cock and tried yet again to hold back her incredible building orgasm. I hated my weakness, but eventually I had to end it.

I knew I had to finally release the on-coming flood of pleasure that was waiting for the both of us. And I knew just how to do it. "Good girl, Jessica." I said lightly, breaking the long, long silence. "You're doing such a good job sweetheart." I reached up and gently stroked her face. "I think you've earned a reward. Why don't I take one of these off for you?

Would you like that?" She nodded slowly, hesitantly. She didn't trust me. I grinned. I slowly gripped the handles of one of her clamps with the ends of my fingers, careful not to move it, or to touch her directly. I squeezed, releasing the warm metal from her body, and she breathed a huge sigh of relief. And then she froze again. She jerked her head back and let out a panicked whine, breathing heavily and not daring to move. After being clamped for so long, the blood was rushing back into her abused nipple, flooding it with sensation.

With pain. "Oh, that's right." I said, "I've heard these things are actually more painful when you take them off." She didn't seem to hear me, but just kept make this high pitched squeak of panic with every breath.

"Better take the other one off too, just to be safe." I said reaching up. She shifted her body backwards, as if to avoid me. I laughed, and grabbed her clamped nipple hard, twisting it roughly before yanking the clamp off it. She screamed through the gag, tears running down her cheeks. And then she came.

Hard. Her pussy convulsed and spasmed so powerfully that I gasped with pleasure. She screamed again as her orgasm assaulted her. I threw my head back, and my hips thrust upwards almost of their own accord.

I grunted and grabbed her hips, trying to fuck her while still buried inside her. I suddenly grabbed her tits with both hands, digging my fingers deep into the soft flesh and twisting my palms against her hard nipples. Her orgasm was either extended or repeated by this as her body shook with continued pleasure. The sensation around my cock was unbelievable; I didn't think I'd ever felt her cum this hard before. Without moving again, the sensation was enough to trigger my own orgasm.

I practically roared as I filled her frenzied pussy with my cum, then gasped at the sheer amount of pleasure I was feeling. She fell on top of me, squeaking and squealing as her body still shook. My cock stayed buried inside her, and I thrust deeper into her a few times as my long orgasm ended. We lay for a few minutes just recovering.

She didn't make any move to sit up, or to free herself. She just lay on top of me, shivering. Her face was against my chest and she was breathing heavily. I reached up into her hair and pulled it gently, before burying my face into it and kissing the top of her head.

Eventually, when my mind had returned from wherever the pleasure had banished it to, I gently lifted her face, undid her gag and pulled it off. She breathed out heavily across my chest, then sucked in a huge breath. She didn't speak. Without sitting up, I reached behind her to undo the strap holding her arms. She let them fall limply to her sides, but still didn't move. I slowly sat up, holding her body. She let herself be moved, and when I was upright she was still leaning all her weight against me.

For a second I wondered if she'd passed out. I slipped the blindfold off, holding her face in front of me so I could see her eyes. They seemed huge, the vivid green dwarfed by her dark pupils before they shrank in the light. Tears were still rolling down her cheeks, but she didn't make a sound. She seemed stunned.

I wiped a tear away from her eye with my finger, then cupped her face in my hand. She closed her eyes tight and leaned in to my grip, sobbing heavily as she rubbed her cheek against my palm. She wrapped her arms weakly around me and clung to me, pressing her face into my neck. "I'm sorry." she wept quietly, "I'm suh- sorry." Her body shook with sobs, interrupting her words. "I didn't muh- mean to. I couldn't. I couldn't stuh- stop it." she stuttered, "I couldn't buh- beg.

I sssorry." I held on to her, kissing her head a few times. "It's okay sweetheart." I said, trying to reassure her, "It's okay, you're a good girl." "I'm sorry." she whispered. I held her as she continued to cry, gently shushing her and stroking her head. I had to fight down my feeling of anxiety, of panic. Once again I found myself wracked with guilt as causing such a bad reaction in her, but still couldn't stop myself from enjoying it on a deeper level, my cock threatening to get hard again.

I tore her apart and still she clung to me, seeking comfort from me. Eventually she settled, her cheeks drying, though she still sobbed occasionally.

I just lay down, holding her against me, and reached over to turn off the light. I didn't know what she was feeling now, in this moment. Were these tears of frustration? Of pain? Or maybe they were tears of relief? Of release? "Sleep now, sweetheart." I told her gently, "Just go to sleep." I felt her nod against my chest, and sigh deeply. Within a few minutes she was out cold, and it wasn't long before I joined her.

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