Jasmine bbw Latina rides my dick till I cum

Jasmine bbw Latina rides my dick till I cum
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THE LUMBERJACK BY ROBBY SR Fred finished his shower, and, as he dried his body, noticed he was using his last clean towel. Not a big problem since he didn't have to do his own laundry. Besides, it was a good excuse to call for some help. He was horny, anyway. He dropped the towel on his bathroom floor, stayed naked, and padded into his living room. On his end table was a small intercom that connected to the front desk. He leaned down and pressed the button.

"Hey, Fred, what can we do ya for?" the tinny voice in the little box asked. "I need some clean towels in my bathroom," Fred replied into the box. "Just used my last one." "You got it. Bryan'll be right up," was the tinny reply. "Good 'nuf," Fred said, with a smile.

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Bryan was one of his favorites. He laid back on his sofa and started playing with his cock. No, Fred isn't in a hotel. He lives in a place called The Lumberjack. It's an assisted-living apartment complex. Fred lived in a small, one-bedroom apartment on the 4th floor. Even at 60 years old, he wasn't incapacitated by any means, but he'd been on The Lumberjack's waiting list for over three years, anyway. It's a huge complex. The apartments come furnished (with considerably better than cheap furniture) if the resident wished, or they could furnish and decorate as they pleased.

All the amenities each resident desired are included: dishwasher, washer/dryer, microwave, full cable (or dish TV depending on each individual resident's preference), an oversized tub and shower (some of the residents need help washing), thick carpeting or hardwood floors.

Each resident chooses the entire d?r, and each apartment is appointed to their own tastes before they move in. Obviously, it's also an expensive place to live! Fred applied for an apartment and went on the waiting list just after he had his stroke when he was 57. More exactly, he'd had what's called a Transient Ischemic Attack, or a TIA, otherwise known as a "mini-stroke." In reality there were no outward signs that he'd had any problems at all.

Mini-strokes rarely left any permanent damage. He was put on the appropriate medicine, made the life-style changes his doctor told him to make, and immediately applied for his apartment. Fred wasn't worried that he'd had any kind of stroke at all. Once he had it, he only cared about the fact that now he had the required diagnosis to live in an assisted-living complex. His diagnosis also guaranteed that his insurance would pay a large part of the expense.

His doorbell rang just as his cock swelled full and proud.


"Come on in, Bryan!" Fred yelled. He smiled as the door opened and Bryan stepped in. He was gorgeous! 12 years old, a natural blonde, blue eyes. Maybe 5' 1", maybe 90 pounds if that much. Fred licked his lips. "Hi, Grandpa Fred!" Bryan said.

Like all the boys and girls who worked at The Lumberjack, Bryan knew the rules. He closed the door and locked it, dropped the towels on the floor, and, grinning wickedly at Fred, kicked his sandals off his feet, and pulled his t-shirt up and off.

Then he pushed his gym shorts down and Fred watched his little boycock pop up and twitch. Bryan kicked his shorts aside and stood, naked, by the front door. Fred salivated. Bryan reached down and scooped up the towels.

"Just the bathroom?" "That's it lil buddy," Fred said, as his eyes walked up and down Bryan's hairless body. "The kitchen towels are fine." "Okay," Bryan said cheerfully, and walked across the living room into the bathroom. Fred stroked his cock while he watched Bryan's tiny bubble butt jiggle as he walked.

He knew Bryan was teasing him as he watched the boy bend down to pick the towel Fred had just used up off the floor. Bryan wiggled his butt, as he knew Fred would be watching.

As Fred watched and stroked, he asked Bryan the usual questions about school, Little League, and his model planes, as Bryan opened a laundry bag and stuffed the dirty towels in it. He unfolded the clean towels and hung them up on the holders.

Taking the laundry bag, he walked back to the front door as Fred watched his bald cock twitch, and dropped the bag to the floor.

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Bryan crossed the room to Fred while grinning ear to ear. He reached out, cupped Fred's balls, leaned over and gave his cock a quick kiss and lick.

He turned his head to grin wickedly at Fred. "Wanna fuck now?" he asked and then licked that cock again. "You bet I do, buddy!" Fred beamed as he reached out, wrapped his big hands around Bryan's waist, picked him up, and sat him down on his hairy chest as Bryan giggled.

"Your bro isn't here today?" Fred asked as he stroked Bryan's cock between his thumb and finger. Bryan shook his head as he ran his small hands through Fred's gray chest hair. "He's at his other job now. He'll probably go home after work. Dad'll be home by then - he's probably home now." "So if Kevin was home, your dad'll be fuckin' his butt, right?" Fred teased.

Bryan giggled again and said, "He's probably already fuckin' sis." Fred laughed and wrapped his hands around Bryan's waist again. "Well, we'll have to get you caught up!" He lifted the boy up, sat his naked butt down on his mouth, and Fred's tongue went to work. "Oh, yes, Grandpa! Lick my butt! That feels good!" Bryan moaned as he started humping Fred's tongue.

Fred could only moan. "Lick it!" Bryan begged. "Lick my fuckin' butt hole!" Boys talking dirty only made Fred hornier. He lapped at the boy's hole harder and faster. Bryan leaned back, reached behind him, grabbed Fred's rock hard meat and stroked while Fred ate. Bryan was one of the reasons Fred, and the other men who lived in the complex, tried so hard to get an apartment at The Lumberjack.

The other reasons were all the other boys who worked there. Some of the men were bisexual, so there were girls, too. Fred isn't Bryan's real Grandpa, but all the boys and girls called all the residents, "Grandpa." Bryan liked Fred, though, so he bothered to remember his name.

All the boys and girls who came to work at The Lumberjack were grandkids or grandnephews and grandnieces of the residents. Fred's own grandnephew, 11 year old Carl, also worked there.

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Bryan's real Grandpa lived in the complex until he passed away last year. Bryan and his sister, 14 year old Jenny, and his brother, 16 year old Kevin, stayed on and continued coming to the complex.

Sometimes they would come with Don, their dad, and did odd jobs for the residents, got naked for them, and fucked around with them. The kids were paid, but not an official salary - that would be illegal on many levels.

Instead, each resident who fucked one of the kids had a "tip" for them. The money was given to whichever resident was the kid's relative, who, in turn, kept the money in a bank account to earn interest and help pay for their college education. Every day, at some point in the day, each resident gave an envelope to other residents containing the "tip" for whoever they fucked the day before.

It was all run on the honor system. Each resident was only too happy to pass envelopes to other residents. The benefits of being honest far out-weighed the temptation to be sneaky with the money. Besides, the cost of living at The Lumberjack ensured that those residents who could afford to live there had no need to worry about 20 bucks here, 50 bucks there, or 100 bucks if they hooked up with a brother/brother or brother/sister team.

The official staff of The Lumberjack never touched any of the money. Nor did they ever speak directly to any of the residents about the sexual goings on there. The staff at the front desk, for instance, would never have told Fred through the intercom, "Bryan's here now. I know you like his butt so I'll send him on up." Instead, he said simply, "Bryan'll be right up." As long as the talk was clean, and no staff member touched, or paid attention to, the envelopes being passed around by the residents - they had deniability.

Fred didn't worry at all about sneaking some extra money to Bryan's dad when Don had the time to bring both his boys and his girl over to visit. Fred's king sized bed got a nice workout when there were four cocks and a cunt rolling around in it.

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Fred and Don had fun making out and watching Bryan and Kevin take turns fucking their sister. Jenny kept her pussy shaved, so she would always look like a young girl, and the grandpa's would be happy. And when Kevin didn't have to worry about being laughed at in the school locker-room, he shaved his cock and balls as well. Bryan had leaned back so far that he was laying on his back on Fred's chest with his legs frogged out and his toes curling up, then fanning out, as Fred's tongue lapped at his little hole.

Bryan was still short enough, though, that he had to reach behind him to play with Fred's cock. Fred flipped Bryan over, and Bryan immediately squirmed down Fred's body a bit, stuffed that old cock in his mouth, and sucked. Now it was Fred's turn to moan as Bryan lapped and sucked on the head of his Grandpa's cock.

"Oh, that's it, boy!" Fred encouraged Bryan. "Suck on that thing, Bryan! Suck that cock, boy!" Bryan and Fred were a good team. Bryan sucked on Fred's cock a bit, then scooted backward so Fred could eat that little butt some more, then forward to suck cock some more.

Both of them were moaning, licking, and sucking. Bryan was extra horny today. "I want it now, Grandpa," he moaned while he looked back at Fred with his wicked smile on his face. Fred saw his own precum stringing from his slit up to Bryan's lips, and the sight made him moan, too. He reached over to his coffee table, grabbed a tube of lube, and handed it to Bryan. "Well, go on and get on that cock, boy!" Bryan grabbed the lube, squirted some on his fingers, and, to tease Fred some more, reached behind him and let Fred watch him work the lube into his little butt.

"Awww shit, son!" Fred almost whimpered. "You're gonna make me cum too early, ya little slut!" 'Not yet, Grandpa, not yet!" Bryan giggled as he scrambled down Fred's body. He knew Fred liked to watch his butt while he rode the old man's cock, so he stayed facing Fred's feet, grabbed that meat, held it up, and slowly slid his tiny butt down on it while he gasped like he always did.

It was all Fred could do to lay still and let Bryan stuff his own butt himself. He watched Bryan's little cheeks flex each time his cock slid further and further up the boy's butt, and kept licking his lips until Bryan finally sat his butt completely down on Fred's bush.

"That's it, boy! That's what Grandpa likes!" he said, as he reached out and rubbed Bryan's back. Bryan sat still for a while and stroked his own cock, then started sliding up and down on Fred's cock, moaning, "Oh, God! Oh, God!" with each thrust. Finally, when his hole relaxed enough, he raised up until Fred's cock was about to pop out of his hole, stayed still, and said, "Okay, Grandpa!" Fred grabbed Bryan's waist again and began bucking his hips and fucked that boy.

Bryan only jumped a little bit each time Fred slid his cock all the way up his butt, and Fred fucked faster as he hissed, "Aww Bryan! You're such a great fuck, boy! You're such a slut! Such a fucking little slut! I love ya, boy!" "Oh fuck! Oh fuck, Grandpa! Fuck me! I love your cock, Grandpa!" "My cock loves your little boy cunt, Bryan! I love fuckin' little boy whores like you!" "Oooh you dirty old man! Aww fuck that feels good! I love old perverts in my butt!" Fred was panting now as he fucked Bryan faster and faster.

Bryan stayed raised up with his hands gripping Fred's thighs and his toes fanning out. He alternated from throwing his head back to moan, then letting it fall forward while he kept saying, "Oh, fuck!" over and over.

"Aw shit, you little cunt! You feel so good, dammit!" Fred went on fucking and moaning and talking. "Nothin' better'n a tight little boy pussy on my fuckin' cock!" The sofa even started shaking as Fred pounded Bryan's hairless butt. "Oh, Fuck, Grandpa! Fuck me you fuckin' pervert! You boy fuckin' pervert! I want your fuckin' cock all the time, Grandpa! Fuck me forever!" Fred sure did! He knew Bryan could take it. He knew Bryan had been getting cock from his older brother first a few years ago, then his dad, then his real Grandpa, and since then, his dad's buds, other men from the complex, and some guys Bryan and Kevin had hooked up with at a few parks and rest stops.

So Fred wasn't worried about cutting loose and fucking little Bryan as hard as he wanted. Bryan took it so good that it sent Fred over the edge. He rammed his cock all the way up Bryan's hole and held it there while he pumped cum, and Bryan hollered. Good thing all the apartments were sound proof! Fred let go of Bryan's waist and relaxed.

Bryan turned around to face Fred while keeping Fred's cock up his butt. He grinned at Fred and ran his fingers over his still hard little cock. "Look, Grandpa!" he said and showed his fingers. It wasn't much, but the clear juice smeared on them was streaked with white. Fred said while he panted, "Well, how 'bout that, boy?

You're startin' to cum!" "Yeah!" Bryan said, reached out and stuck his fingers in Fred's mouth. Fred sucked the juice off Bryan's fingers, reached out and gathered another drop off the boy's cock, and sucked that up, too.

Bryan slowly raised up until Fred's now half hard cock fell out of his butt and slapped against his belly. Bryan only said, "Mmmmm," as he stretched out on Fred's body, and wiggled around, smearing the cum and juice from Fred's cock onto his body. Fred reached down, put his hand on Bryan's butt, and used it to mash Bryan's skinny body down on his cock harder. "Oooo you're such a good, dirty boy!" he almost whispered.

"So good to your ole grandpa." Bryan scooted up Fred's body, using his own body to rub against Fred's cock some more, and planted his lips on Fred's. They made out and Bryan sucked on Fred's tongue. He also clamped his thighs on Fred's cock, and tried to hump his whole body up and down like he was using his thighs to stroke that old cock.

Fred pulled his tongue back into his mouth and chuckled a bit. "You like spreading our fuck juice all over you, don't ya, boy?" "Yeah," Bryan said through a giggle. "I'm going to see Grandpa Joe next." "Are ya? Does Joe like you as dirty as I do?" More giggles from Bryan. "Yeah, but he likes us to come to his apartment as dirty as we can.

He likes to lick us all over after we've been fucked." "Does he, now?" Fred asked through a laugh. "Yeah," Bryan said, grinning again. "Then he likes to get us in the tub and give us a bath and suck us off." "That's not a bad idea. I like to lick ya all over anyway, but maybe next time you can come with your family, and we can all have a go at it." "Mmmm I like that!" Bryan said and kissed Fred again. Right on time, Fred's intercom buzzed once, and the voice from the desk asked if he was "finished" with Bryan yet, as he was needed in apt 212.

That was Joe's apartment. Bryan scurried off Fred's body, went to the door, and teased Fred a bit more as he put on a little show putting his shorts and shirt back on. No one was allowed in the public areas of the complex naked. And front doors were required to be locked anytime a boy or girl was in an apartment. He picked up the laundry bag as he stuffed his feet into his sandals.

He unlocked the door, blew Fred a kiss and, with a wave and another wicked grin, went out into the hallway. * * * The Lumberjack hardly started out as an assisted-living apartment complex. Originally built in the late 1800's, it started out as a small, one building lodge for real lumberjacks working the forests of the Cascade mountains. The lumberjacks would travel to the lodge in the foothills east of Seattle when they had a few days off. The original Lumberjack was a restaurant/bar with several rooms upstairs.

The lumberjacks could stay upstairs while they spent a few days eating, drinking, and partying downstairs. Prostitutes were brought in from the city so the guys could have some pussy during their stay. As the lumber industry cleared that area of trees and moved on, the place was renovated, enlarged, and became a hotel for wealthy folks who wanted to get away from it all, and had the money to get far away to where the secluded hotel was located.

The hotel was actually called The Lumberjack, and the name stuck. As time went on, the hotel went out of business, and the building became a secluded "gentlemen's club" in the days when gentlemen were still allowed to have a club. Women weren't members, but were certainly in attendance, once again spreading their legs for the "gentlemen." Soon, at the request of some of the gentlemen, young male prostitutes started walking the halls and slipping into the private rooms.

The Depression years made the club too expensive to keep open, and the building changed hands several times over the years, even becoming a temporary training camp for the Army in the late 1940s and 50s. The Army built a few out buildings around the main building, effectively doubling its size. Once again, hookers were snuck in to see to the soldiers' entertainment. After the training camp closed down, the buildings were abandoned until the "free love" days of the mid and late 1960s when some hippies turned them into a huge commune.

Either because the original hippies of that commune had a deep respect for posterity, or they were simply too high on drugs to bother with changing it, they called the place, The Lumberjack Commune. The Communes of those days weren't very successful, but this particular commune was inhabited by a few friends who, due to inheritances or trust funds, certainly weren't poor. They got together, pooled their resources, tracked down the government agency responsible, and purchased the buildings and land.

Once again, The Lumberjack was privately owned. As was the custom of the day back then, the idea of free love was across the board at this and other communes. No one worried about age. As soon as the kids discovered they had a cock or a pussy, their parents, and other members of the commune, went to work teaching them what to do with what they had between their legs. The hippies in those days rejected almost every social norm, and the idea of everybody fucking everybody else became the way of life.

Many communes were actually unofficial family nudist camps, and many kids were born only knowing for sure who their mothers were. Even the mothers had no idea who the fathers could be. In many cases, the choice of who the fathers were could only be narrowed down to. .every guy in the commune old enough to squirt. By the end of the 1980s, those original kids of the hippies started inheriting their parents' share of The Lumberjack. They all grew up in the communes, but didn't necessarily subscribe to all of its beliefs.

Just as the hippies rejected society's norms, their kids rejected the commune's norms: another reason communes weren't successful. When they could, they left the mountains and went into the cities to get an education. They became everything from artists and dancers to doctors and lawyers. As the 80's progressed into the 90's, more and more of the original hippies became too old, or too sick, to take care of themselves, and needed the type of professional help that their kids themselves couldn't provide.

The kids lamented that putting their parents into a nursing home effectively ended their lives. Or, at least, their lives as they knew it. At the time, when one became too old or sick to take care of oneself, the only option available was to move into a nursing home. Nursing homes were, in fact, medical facilities, and, therefore, had strict rules.

From one day to the next, gone was the free wheeling, free love life style the parents had come to know. They'd lived it so long that the strictly regimented life of a nursing home was so alien to them that many of them literally went into shock. They became depressed, withdrawn, almost recluses in their tiny rooms, and so many died lonely and bitter.

Another issue to the kids, were those original members of their own and other communes who had lived not only a life of free love, but also a life as openly gay. "Openly gay" most definitely didn't fit into the box at nursing homes. Many aging and gay hippies were simply refused admittance. Others were asked to leave after the fact that they were gay became common knowledge. The future seemed to only ensure that many folks who lived openly gay would have to return to the closet when they reached the point in their life when they needed help - a concern still ongoing today.

Several of the kids got together, pooled their resources like their parents had done, and turned The Lumberjack into one of the first "assisted-living" apartment complexes. It certainly wasn't a nursing home! Residents could live as they pleased without the staff being judgmental in any way. Whatever help they needed was provided by the staff: anything from simply being reminded when it was time to take their medicine, to someone coming to their apartment to cook their meals, help them bathe, or clean.

Originally, the kids moved their own parents, and their parents' friends into the apartments.

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Then they rented apartments to anyone else who needed one. After a short time, insurance companies were convinced to help cover the cost for residents who had a confirmed diagnosis stating that while they didn't need total nursing home type of care, they at least needed some help that should be provided by professionals.

Insurance companies went for it since the cost of living was significantly cheaper than that of a nursing home. In the beginning, there was still the issue of many of the residents being gay, but instead of kicking them out, those residents who had a problem with it decided to move out on their own, as other entrepreneurs built other assisted-living complexes in the cities.

After only a few years, the entire population of The Lumberjack was gay or bi. Another couple of years and so was the entire staff. While the kids of the original hippies who came to own The Lumberjack rejected the general lifestyle of commune living, they did like the "free love" part of it!

They still came to visit their parents, brought their own kids with them, and everyone had a grand ole time being naked and playing with each other, and with other residents and their families. Slowly but surely, a system was worked out by general unwritten agreement whereby the grandkids of the residents could work at the complex, doing minor and odd jobs for them while getting naked, working naked, and learning from the residents what they could do with their bodies.

Bryan's real Grandpa was one of the owners of the complex when it was turned into an assisted-living complex. His father, Don, was born before his parents became too old to take care of themselves, but he was born late in their life. Not too late for them to help him realize his full sexual potential, but too late for much else. Don never married, but did have his three kids with his girlfriend. She decided that she just couldn't handle raising kids and being a mother. When she moved out of the area, right after Bryan was born, she told Don that he could have full custody of the kids as long as he didn't seek child support payments from her (something still in wide practice today).

If he did, she told him, she would go to court. In spite of her abandoning her kids, everyone knew that the court would automatically award her full custody of Bryan, Kevin, and Jenny, and Don would wind up losing his kids as well as end up paying child support. Don was more than happy to let his girlfriend go, though, even as he knew (but didn't tell her), that all he had to do was tell the court of their incestual relationship and she wouldn't get the kids.

The problem was, neither would Don! But he knew the threat alone would keep her mouth shut anyway. Besides, as he smilingly told his own parents, the kids fucked a lot better than their mom ever did. Bryan scurried down the hallway to the elevators and dropped Fred's laundry bag into the chute next to the stairwell door.

Instead of waiting for the elevators, he bounded down the stairs to Joe's apartment. He opened Joe's door, called out, "Hi, Grandpa Joe!" and locked the door while he stripped down naked.

He heard Joe's voice from his bathroom.


"Hey, buddy! Come on in the bathroom. I'm already in the tub." Joe was leaned back in his oversized tub when naked and hard again Bryan walked in, grinning. "Am I late, Grandpa?" he asked as he sat on the edge of the tub. Joe leaned over for his kiss. "Not at all, bud. The hot water makes my legs feel better. I been soakin' a while." Joe wrapped his arms around Bryan and laid him out on the wide edge of the tub.

He made a show of sniffing Bryan's body while the boy giggled. "You just came from somebody, didn't ya, boy?" Bryan only nodded. This was their special game. He didn't tell Joe who he was with. Joe started licking Bryan from head to toe, taking time to suck his little cock for a while.

He pushed Bryan's legs up until his feet were straight up in the air and started lapping away at his little butt. "Mmmm" Joe mumbled as he licked. "You got cum oozing outta your hole, boy." "Yup!" Bryan giggled some more. "I just got fucked." "Sure tastes like you did!" Joe told him as he ate. He made a show of smacking his lips, like he was checking the taste of the cum in Bryan's ass. "Now this tastes like Fred's cum, am I right, Bryan?" Bryan rolled his eyes and wished he knew how Joe could tell.

He'd learn later, after he grew up some more, that when Joe asks the front desk for Bryan specifically, or any other boy by name, and that boy wasn't available at the moment, the front desk told Joe who he was with and about how long he would be, and that's how Joe really knew who Bryan had come from.

Joe won a battle with prostate cancer several years ago, but lost his ability to get his cock hard because of the surgery. He couldn't get hard anymore, but he could still feel, and still get excited, so these days he had his fun giving the boys a bath (starting with a tongue bath), sucking them off, eating and fingering their butts.

It wasn't long until Bryan was in the tub with Joe's hands running up and down him, washing him, jerking his cock, licking and sucking it. Bryan, in turn, washed Joe (which was the original purpose of Joe calling for help), sucked his soft cock, sat on his face, and fucked his mouth.

Bryan helped Joe dry off, then got dressed at Joe's front door, unlocked it, blew a kiss to Joe, and left. He went to the front desk to wait with Carl's dad for Carl to finish whoever he was fucking, and catch a ride home.

A couple days later, Fred's intercom buzzed in his living room, then the familiar little voice asked, "Hey Fred, Don and his gang are here to see ya. Is that okay?" As soon as Fred heard the buzz, he hurried into his living room to check if the button was lit up green or red.

He relaxed when he saw that it was green. He pushed the button and said, "Sure thing! Send 'em on up." The goings on at the complex were risky, and, so far, it had never been raided, but there was a plan.

If anyone official who could cause trouble showed up at the complex, there were several unobtrusive buttons throughout the place that could be pushed. Several of them were located at and around the front desk. Pushing any one of the buttons would buzz every apartment. The light on the intercoms would be red. If any resident had a boy or girl in their apartment, the red light would tell them to immediately get dressed.

Each apartment also had a few school textbooks in them. If anyone knocked on a door, it would be opened to reveal a grandpa helping a young boy or girl with homework. Or a school project. Or just about anything that a grandpa and grandson would normally do when the grandkids are visiting.

No plan is foolproof, of course, and while this one had never been tested, it was, at least, well rehearsed. The school books in the apartments weren't there by a random selection. There were several retired teachers in the complex, and many of the kids went into apartments not for sex - not always - but to really get help with their homework. Even those residents who weren't teachers were at least experts in their respective fields, and could help the kids in those areas.

The rate of college graduation among the kids was near 100 percent. Many of the kids who studied nursing, business management, administration, and other related fields, returned after college to work at The Lumberjack. The complex was self perpetuating generation after generation, which would lead one to argue that the old Lumberjack Commune was indeed, successful after all. Fred's door opened and three young heads peeked in. "Hi, grandpa!" all three said in unison, then walked in the living room with Don following behind.

Don closed and locked the door. Fred leaned forward in his chair to give and receive hugs from Bryan, Jenny, and Kevin. "Alright, guys," Don said through a chuckle. "You know the rules." "Yeah!" Kevin said, as he pulled his t-shirt off and playfully slapped Jenny's shoulder.

"Strip down and show grandpa your pussy, sis!" "Kevin!" Jenny yelled, trying to act innocent. "Shut up! I know what to do!" "Yeah, sis," Bryan laughed at her. "You show it to all the guys at school - show it to grandpa, too." "Shut up, you guys!" Jenny yelled. She tried to look mean, but she didn't slow down stripping.

Don only chuckled as he pulled his own clothes off. He knew those three went at it like that all the time, and they were all only kidding each other.

Jenny let her bra slide off her shoulders, and stood with her shoulders slightly back, showing her little titties off to Fred, who, once again, was salivating. Jenny pranced across the room and stood in front of Fred, gave him a quick kiss, and said, "Want to help me with these, grandpa?" as she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her silky white panties.

Fred only mumbled, "Mmmmm," as he reached over and pulled those panties down to the girl's ankles. Jenny put a hand on Fred's shoulder and stepped out of her panties, now what Kevin would call, "Butt fuckin' naked." Fred let his hands slide back up Jenny's legs, used a couple fingers to pull her bald pussy lips apart, leaned over and kissed that young cunt.

The guys were all naked now, and all went over to Fred, cocks swinging, to get their own kiss, get their cocks and butts kissed and felt up. In only seconds, Bryan and Kevin were sticking Fred's hard cock in each other's mouths, Jenny was sitting on Fred's face while his tongue slid into her teen cunt, and Jenny was sucking on her dad's cock. Not a lot of room on a regular size sofa when there are five horny people sucking cock and eating pussy on it, but no one tried to move things into the bedroom's king sized bed.

What finally motivated them was the same tinny voice coming from the intercom after the initial buzz. All eyes shifted to check the light, which, thankfully, was green. "Hey, Fred," the voice came through the box. "Carl's gonna be stuck here for a while. His dad has car trouble.

Okay if he comes on up?" "Sure thing," Fred answered.

"Door'll be open." At that, everyone moved into the bedroom, out of sight of the front door, just in case it wasn't Fred's grandnephew who walked in.

Fred threw on a robe, went to the door and unlocked it, and stayed in the living room, waiting for Carl. The caution throughout the complex was instinctive, but it was, in fact, Carl who came through the door.

"Hi, Uncle Fred!" he called out as he locked the door and started stripping down. He saw the pile of other clothes by the front door and yelled, "Hey! Cool!" and added his own shirt and shorts to the pile, let his Uncle Fred pick him up high enough to kiss his 11 year old, two incher, and hugged Fred tight.

Fred put Carl down. "They're all in the bedroom, son," and Carl ran through the living room. Fred shucked his robe off and went into the bedroom, where he saw that no one had waited for him or Carl to get things started. Jenny was bent over the edge of the bed with Kevin slamming his cock into her cunt from behind.

"Take that ya fuckin' bitch!" he growled. "I'm gonna fuck your pussy and cum way the fuck up in ya!" Bryan was on his knees, trying to lick his brother's cock as it slid in and out of his sister's pussy. Jenny couldn't answer Kevin, as her mouth was stuffed full of her dad's cock.

Don's smile told everyone he liked what he was hearing. Carl immediately climbed up on the bed, and Don leaned over a bit to suck on his little cock. Fred stretched out on the bed, Bryan climbed up on top of him, sat on his chest, and Fred felt his little butt slide back and forth on his chest as Bryan fucked his grandpa's mouth. That's how it went all afternoon. All the guys fucked hell out of Jenny, Don fucked the boys, Fred fucked the boys, the boys fucked each other, the boys fucked their dad and grandpa, and everyone had a turn at eating cum out of Jenny's sloppy, fucked out cunt.

Down on the second floor, in apartment 212, Joe had 15 year old Christopher in his tub, and was soaping his smooth butt while sucking his cock. Christopher came to Joe directly from apartment 220 after being gangbanged by the two couples there. Joe had draped Chris over the shower bench in his tub, sat in the hot water and spent a long time lapping at the cum oozing out of the boy's freshly fucked ass before he started washing him. In Apartment 302, Grandpa Al had his own twin grandkids, 13 year old Alan and Arlene, lapping his cock as Alan fucked his sister.

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For the rest of the afternoon, until it was time to go out to dinner, it was business as usual at The Lumberjack. THE END