Curvy babe loves rough sex games

Curvy babe loves rough sex games
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My wealth buys lots of influence around the world, both business and political.

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Certain foreign government officials recieve bribes that provides me with certain special benefits. There are certain lawyers in different foreign countries that work with my law firm in New York. Local police officials are notified when I'm in the country to look for beautiful women to provide me with sexual favors either non consensual or consensual.

Kareeran violently thrashes about as two arresting officers, drag her into the station. " Let me go, you fucking pigs! I didn't do anything wrong!" She screams, drawing the attention of everyone in the station. There's a murderous look in her eyes as her gaze travels around the room.

She's like a viper, ready to strike anyone who gets too close. The burly men on either side of her tighten their grip around her upper arms, making it impossible for her to break free of their grasp.

" I SAID LET ME GO!" " What's going on?" asks an officer, rising from his seat. He glances at the clock noting the time. It's past 2:00 a.m.

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The last thing he wants to do is deal with a rowdy girl after already working a thirteen hour shift. " David, Sir. This girl, Kareena, was caught drinking and driving. She almost plowed into a couple of people who were walking in the crosswalk. Instead, she ended up crashing her shiny Jaguar into a telephone pole. She doesn't seem to be injured, though." One of the officers replies. His tone of voice would suggest that he's disappointed, on the fact of the matter. An annoyed expression crosses his face as she rams back her elbow, knocking a steaming cup of coffee onto the spotless tile floor.

Kareena turns her attention to the police officer named, David. He must be the one in charge. She arches her back, lifts her shoulders and turns up her nose at the sight of him.

A smoldering look of defiance appears on her pretty face. She begins cursing, spouting out any and every inappropriate word she can think of as the cops usher her into a nearby room. David calls me, telling me there is a woman I should come to the jail to see and meet. It's sparsely furnished and brightly lit.

There isn't a long rectangular mirror lining the wall so she knows she's not in some kind of a holding cell. Closing the office door behind them, the men in blue block the exit like menacing bodyguards. The sight would be amusing if she wasn't so pissed off. She begins pacing the room like a caged, wild animal and places her hands on her hips in frustration.

" Where were you headed?" David questions in an authoritive tone. I arrive at the station and enter the room where Kareena is being held. The young woman before me looks like she's in her late thirties, is petite, is beautiful with long black hair and stunning eyes. She's wearing a tight, obscene, white dress that zips up the back. The V-neck collar is very low cut, showing off an ample amount of cleavage. The revealing outfit must be at least two sizes too small, even for her slender small frame.

Her breasts are ready to leap out of the damn thing. I lick my lips as my gaze travels downward. The edge of her dress barely covers her firm, round ass, and my eyes linger on it as she vibrantly moves about the small room. Obviously, she's left her panties at home, I think to myself, as I see no visible trace of a panty line. It makes my cock harden. " I was leaving a party. I was heading home and yes.

I-I've had a couple of drinks, but that's it!" She huffs, abruptly stopping to stare at me. She eyes me up and down, as if acknowledging me for the first time. I jot down a few notes, then stands and walk toward her. Before I can say anything, Kareena steps forward and coyly slides her right hand up and down my arm, caressing it gently. She doesn't care that the other officers are in the room. Her bold mood surprises me and I glance over at guards.

" Gentlemen, you can go. I'll. interrogate this girl on my own." Without turning to watch, Kareena hears the men exit the room. Her eyes drift from my chest, down to my abs and she purses her lips. I have a well-defined frame. I'm the only American man at the police station.

Not only that, I tower over her small size. She finds it appealing yet intimidating. As our eyes meet, she notices light flecks of gold in my green eyes. " Please, officer, let me go." She says, quietly. Her voice is harmonizing like a siren's song and her whole demeanor has suddenly transformed.

" Really, officer, those kids ran into the street, and I swerved to miss them." she pleads, biting her bottom lip while leaning into my body. She does not want to be locked up here all night, and she'll do whatever needs to be done to leave. Kareena prides herself on being a flirt and a temptress. I'm a man and she knows just how to deal with them. She covers her hand over mine and slowly guide it to her ass, placing it on her plump flesh. She digs her fingers into the back of my hand, making me squeeze her ass.

Tilting her head, she gazes up at me innocently with her big eyes. I allow my hand to rest there, memorizing the smooth curve of her ass. Damn, it's so nice and firm. It perfectly molds to my hand. Indulging, I press my fingertips into the indentation between her cheeks and slowly pet her there. God, my hard cock is being strangled in the confines of my slacks. I look down at her noticing a sly, triumphant smile on her face.

Suddenly, I jerk away and tightly grip her by the wrist. " Sorry, little slut but you're flirting and teasing isn't going to get you out of this," I answer harshly, my eyes growing cold. How could I let myself become her prey? Furious, not only because she won't be going to the home, but also because I rejected her ploy, she lunges at me.

She claws my arms with her neatly manicured nails, before curling her hands into tiny fists and pounding relentlessly against my chest. " You know, young lady, I can have arrested right now for assaulting me," I remark with an amused smile playing across my lips.

She isn't hurting me in the least, but she is making my night a lot more interesting. My casual, mocking response only enrages her more, and she retaliates by meeting my gaze and spitting in my face. " You're a cock-sucking asshole! I demand to make a phone call!" My temper skyrockets, I roughly grab her by the arm, throwing open the door and yanking her down the hall. " You fucking cunt! I mutter, wiping off my face with his my hand.

I start to tow her down the corridor to the holding cells, where the other inmates are but then change my mind. " You need a lesson in respect!" I growl and drag her towards the back of the building, towards the unoccupied cells.

No one can hear them back here. No one will disturb them. Taken off guard, Kareena begins struggling against me. She's kicking and screaming, and I finally have to haul her over my shoulder. As she squirms, I slide my hands up the back of her smooth legs, holding her in place. I take the opportunity to massage them, pushing her skirt up a little higher up her thighs, all the while keeping a steady stride.

The conniving whore doesn't seem to notice. As I march down the hall, I'm keenly aware of her tits bouncing against my back with every step I take. Since no one is around, I part her thighs slipping my hand farther up her legs and under her short skirt. my finger glides along the length of her bare slit and the pressure naturally part her silky folds.

Without warning, I thrust my finger into her tight pussy and begin thrusting it in and out of her cunt. This catches Kareena's attention and she suddenly starts thrashing and cursing in my arms. " WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?" " What does it feel like I'm doing?" I chuckle darkly, mockingly. " STOP! PUT ME DOWN! DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME!" To her surprise, I set her down, withdrawing my finger.

She tries to break away and run, but I jerk her back against my body like a yo-yo. Shaking, she glances around as I silently unlocs one of the many empty cells. It's dirty yet stripped clean. There are no sheets on the lumpy mattress, no pillow, nothing.

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It's only big enough to house one prisoner. Roughly shoving her into the small cage, I follow her inside. Kareena nervously backs up until her back hits the cold stone wall. I close the door behind me, tucking the key into my pocket. Grinning wickedly, the look of fear and panic in her eyes, doesn't go unnoticed. " Bet you regret spitting in my face, bitch." I say menacingly while walking toward her. I quickly coil my hand in her black hair, flipping her around and slamming her face forward against the bars.

Her tits press between one of the steel poles, and I spread her legs so far apart that she's suddenly squatting down, a few inches lower than her normal 5'6 height. Whipping out a pair of handcuffs from behind my back, I quickly cuff her left wrist before wrapping the chain around the bar and clamping it around the other. After locking her in place, I stand back. Kareena furiously jerks and bangs the chain against the steel. The loud noise reverberates off the walls and she screams for help until her voice is hoarse.

Her body begins to tremble as she realizes no one can hear her. " I think I should strip search you for any drugs or concealed weapons." I lean down, the bitter words seeping through my lips like poisonous venom. Kareena whimpers softly knowing that I have all the control. I run my hands up and down the length of her body, touching every inch of her lithe form like it is my property.

For now it is. I own her. She tries to turn around to face me but the cuffs keep her pinned in place.

" You're shaking," I comment as I very slowly unzip the back of her skimpy dress. The sound of the metal teeth parting echoes throughout the deserted hall. I lower it down her smooth back until it rests at the swell of her butt. The sight of the teasing slut cuffed in a jail cell and at my mercy makes my cock rock hard. Standing behind her, my hands slide around the front of her body and into the loosened top.

I cup her soft full breasts before roughly digging my fingers into her flesh. I roughly grope and fondle her tits, then tug on her puffy nipples. Clamping my fingers around them, I cruelly extend them outward, away from her body. Kareena whines and cries out in pain, trying to twist away. A deep growl of satisfaction escapes my lips.

I love the sound of her strangled cries and feeling her cringe as I abuse her breasts. I roll the little buds between my fingers and cruelly pinch them. I torment her aching nipples until she's thrashing and wildly yanking against the handcuffs as if trying to break them in half. " PL-EASE! STOP, I'M BEGGING YOU! SIR, I'M SO SORRY!" She pleads, her voice catching in her throat.

She shakes her head back and forth as if in denial and I realize that she's sobbing.


Her hot tears drip onto my hands and I release her aching tits. In one smooth motion, I yank the zipper the rest of the way down ripping the white fabric away from her body. I quickly disposes of it throwing it on the floor. " You're a fucking cock-tease and a spoiled bitch." I snarl before unexpectedly slapping her ass. Kareena cries out in shock and pain. The sound of her silky voice hardens my throbbing cock even more.

It's straining to break free. Kareena grips the steel bars, as her body sags. " I'm not done with you, slut." I say matter-of-factly, lifting her back into standing position. Once again, I reach around the front of her torso. My hands roam down her tummy, seeking out her pretty pussy. I close my hand over her shaven mound, pausing as I enjoy the feel of her soft flesh against my calloused palm.

She whimpers but remains still. Gently, I coax open her lips sliding a finger into her tight cunt. Her warm walls grip my finger, sucking it deeper into its depths. I can't help but moan as I repeatedly thrust my finger in and out of her small tight hole, slowly stretching her open. " Please, Sir! Don't do this! I'm sorry for teasing you!" She pleads desperately. She can't believe this is happening to her.

I ignore her forcing another finger into her tight cunt. As I thrust them deep inside her, she's still dry. With my free hand, I begin roughly circling her clit with the pad of my thumb. I hear an involuntarily moan escape her lips as I pick up the pace. Thrusting my fingers deeper into her little pink pussy, I continue strumming my thumb over her sensitive pearl until she's breathing heavily.

Warmth spreads between her legs and her pussy begins to get moist. Her cheeks flush from shame and embarrassment as her own body betrays her. " No, please stop." Her words are low and husky. She tries to fight off her arousal. I chuckle, darkly. " No. I don't want this. I don't want you." She says the words but they both know that a part of her is lying. Wetting my lips I bite her shoulder, sinking my teeth into her tender skin.

I want her to feel pain. I want to punish her, not only for teasing me but also for bitch. " Filthy whore. Don't ever tease again," I scold, my voice ominous and dangerous. All the while, slamming my fingers in and out of her dripping wet cunt. " Ohhh." She's breathless. Suddenly, I release her and unzip my pants. After quickly shrugging them off, I remove the rest of my clothing, kicking off my shoes and throws them in the corner. Before stripping off my shirt, I take the key out of my pocket.

Walking back towards her, I uncuff her hands, spinning her around to face me, and then instantly lock her back into place. Kareena tries to kick me but I swat her legs away stepping between them, pressing my body flush against hers.

I pin her in place. Primal lust courses through my body as I watch her stare at my throbbing rock-hard monster cock. It's standing erect and at attention. She sucks in a breath before meeting my gaze. She's about to speak but I roughly shove her down onto her knees, the chain making a high pitch screeching sound as she slides down the rail. " You enjoy spitting, so spit on my cock. lick and suck on it while you're at it. Be a good little whore." I taunt, gazing down at her with a sly smile.

When she remains motionless, I reach down and twist one of her nipples. " DO AS I SAY!" I roar, clutching her long hair in my fingers jerking her head back. I grip her jaw with my other hand and squeeze hard as her watery gaze meets mine. " Put my cock in your mouth. Now." My thumb brushes across her pouty lips as I slip it inside her mouth before releasing her face.

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When she finally obeys and a glob of saliva drips onto the head of my cock, I relax my hold on her hair. Without farther instruction, Kareena leans forward. Sticking out her pink tongue, she circles the tip of my cock, rubbing the drop of saliva over the entire head, making it glisten.

I moan of desire and approval echoing throughout the room. She slides her warm, wet mouth over the crown of my cock, tasting my pre-cum. It tastes salty but not unappealing. Kareena swirls her tongue up and down its length, coating every inch with saliva. Her lushous lips tighten around my thick shaft, and her cheeks bulge obscenely as she tries to fit my cock into her mouth. Growling impatiently, I tangle my hands in her hair, as I grab onto either sides of her head. I begin forcing my swollen cock deeper into her mouth and into the back of her throat.

She gags around my smooth, steel rod and tries to pull away, the chains once again clanging against the bars. " This is how a good slut, sucks a man's cock," I growl while savagely thrusting in and out of her throat, not caring that she's choking around my throbbing cock. As I defile her mouth, an unadulterated groan of pleasure escapes my lips. I stare down, watching my cock slam in and out of her puffy lips.

Drool drips down the corners of her mouth as she tries to speak. " That's it suck my thick cock. You'll never disrespect me again." Soon I'm ramming in and out of her mouth with abandonment, fucking her face with an unrestrained passion. Sensing that I'm about to cum, I quickly pull out. Kareena topples over, coughing, spitting and trying to suck air back into her burning lungs.

I stand over her stroking my cock and keeping it rock hard. I flash my teeth as wicked smile forms on my face. My eyes roam over her naked, disheveled body. I've used her well, and the best is yet to come. Kareena manages to climb to her feet. Her never straying from my twitching cock. " Now, slut. I'm going to uncuff you, and you're going to be a good little whore and stay still. There is nowhere to run so don't be foolish." Even as I say the words, I see her contemplating an escape plan.

" Don't try to fight me." I remark, toying with her nipple before unlocking the cuffs. I toss the small key on my discarded clothes. The minute her hands are free, she tries to run over to my clothes. She has to get the key and get out of here.

I lunge at her and fiercely lock my arms around her waist holding onto her securely. She struggles and thrashes, clawing my arms and hands and kicking me with all her might. Her struggling only adds to my arousal. She hasn't learned that I'm in charge and have all the power. I will have to tame her. " No use fighting little slut. You are mine. I'm going to fuck you until you cum on my thick cock." I quickly pin her against the stone wall kissing her.

She tries to twist her head away but it's no use. She has to surrender. I thrust my tongue deep into her mouth licking her lips. I want to devour her. My little slut tastes delicious. Weakly, she moves her head this way and that, but I suck on her tongue and nip her bottom lip. After exploring her mouth, I pull away and stare into her tear-filled eyes. " You're trembling.


Is it because you know I'm going to rape you?" Kareena growls. I've confirmed her greatest fear.

" You're a disgusting, fucking asshole. When I get out of here-" I cut her off by leaning down capturing one of her nipples between my teeth. I bite her swollen bud as she cries out in pain. I roll my tongue in a circle around her nipple, feeling it swell in size before doing the same thing to her other taut bud. Greedily, I suck on each one. Kareena moans.

She's starting to enjoy it until the pain returns, and I begin to maul her tits, roughly squeezing and smashing them in my hands.

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" AHH,OW!" she cries out, withering and trying to push me away. I pull away forcing her legs apart. With one violent thrust, I bury my long thick cock in her wet cunt. Kareena screams in agony, her body clenching and tensing up.

She's unable to move. I pause for a moment, before withdrawing my cock then slam it back inside her. Stinging, burning pain consumes her and tears roll down her cheeks. She slaps me across the face, I'm undeterred. I moan in pleasure, ramming in and out of her tight pussy with long brutal strokes. Her pussy feels unbelievable, and her warm walls strangle my cock, sucking my shaft deeper. I drive into her pussy, relishing every minute of it.

" Fuck. Your cunt feels amazing, slut. It grips me like a vice." I grunt while continuing to fuck her like a possessed man.

" Oh god." she whimpers, the sound barely audible. Kareena closes her eyes as I slam into her with forceful, deep strokes. I'm stretching her beyond belief, and it's starting to feel good. " Fuck me back, cunt." I growl in her ear. When she doesn't comply, I coil my hand securely around her throat.

I don't tighten my fingers around her delicate throat, but the threat is poised in the air. Suddenly obeying, she begins to grind back against me, meeting my powerful thrusts. She grips my shoulders, digging her nails into my flesh while wrapping her legs around my lower back. " You like this don't you, cunt? Admit it," I comment, lightly squeezing her throat.

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She whimpers but doesn't reply. She just closes her eyes and continues to fuck me. An unreadable expression crosses her face, and I'm not sure if she is truly enjoying it or simply trying to get through it. Her moans and gasps would suggest otherwise. I grip her ass, jerking her closer as our bodies collide. " Kareena. You feel amazing." It's the first time I said her name and she hates herself for liking the way it sounds as it rolls off my tongue.

It's as sweet as honey. I continue to fuck her with animalistic strokes, and she groans in shame as her nectar gushes from her pussy, coating my cock and dripping down her ass. God, it feels good. Why does it have to feel so good?

she is mortified and she hates me for fucking her against her will. She continues to meet my demanding thrusts. " Oh, God, your cock is so thick." She whispers while coiling her arms around my neck. As I feel her start to relax, I let go of her throat and grab one of her tits. I drive in and out of her soaking wet cunt, until our moans of pleasure, and the acute sound of our bodies slapping together, fills the room. " Oh, fuck." Kareena moans, wanting more. It's all too much and she feels an orgasm fast approaching.

" I'm going to cum." she's almost breathlessly as she submits to the pleasure flowing through her body. I lean forward clamping my mouth over hers, kissing her deeply, hungrily. She moans against my mouth as the intense and powerful orgasm courses throughout her body.

Her pussy convulses milking my throbbing cock. The feeling of her cunt spasming around my hard cock sends me over the edge, and I cums violently, my warm seed, drenching her pussy and taking root deep inside her womb.

Kareena groans as she feels it pulsating inside of her, filling her with my cum. Panting heavily and dripping with sweat, I release her and steps away, my cock slowly softening. I looks between her legs, watching our combined juices drip down her thighs. As my head clears, I realize that I want this woman again. She'd pushed me beyond the breaking point. I glance at her, meeting her eyes. She looks pissed, livid.

" You goddamn, fucking asshole!" I continue to stare at her. " Your cum is fucking dripping down my legs!" Walking up to her, I roughly grip her by her long hair yanking her head back so that she meets my flashing eyes. " You're not gonna say a word, bitch. You enjoyed it. You got off on it.


You have no idea the kind of hell I could put you through." I snarl with a deadly edge to my voice. Kareena cringes at my words, her fear instantly returning. I check my watch and curses.

I've been here for over and hour. I pick up my handcuffs, I throw Kareena her dress pushing her out of the cell. In the hallway we put on our clothes. " You were a good fuck, so I'm going to arrange for you and your family to leave Pakistan." Quickly and silently she puts her dress back on. " If you dare tell anybody about this, you will wish you hadn't." " UNDERSTAND, Kareena?" " Yes," She replies, wiping away her tears.

" Good, now go home. Unless you want me to fuck your asshole." Kareena gasps and shakes her head before hurrying down the long and empty corridor.

I watch her disappear around the corner. With a satisfied grin, I glances back inside the cell making sure nothing is left behind. Suddenly I see a small, rectangular card, lying on the ground. It's Kareena's ID. In her haste, she dropped her ID. I thumb the plastic card. I may have to visit her again sometime." I smirk. Whistling, I walk down the hall and back to the office.