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Sassy blonde hooker eating cock in POV style
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The Rogue's Harem Book Two: Rogue's Wicked Harem Part Two: The Priestess's Inspiration By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Note: Thanks to WRC 264 for beta reading this. Chapter Four: The Priestess's Inspiration Kora Falk Faerie "He's going to be a while," I said, a smile playing on my lips as my brother followed the faerie princess into the pavilion grown out of the grass in moments. Nathalie giggled.

The eighteen-year-old girl nodded her head as she rubbed her hands together. Her small breasts jiggled as she squirmed, her blonde, braided pigtails swaying about her head. Then she looked to her right and squeaked, covering her tits. The faerie were helping the capture men and women, but more than a few were glancing at us. Nathalie, while getting off on being naked around my brother, was still a young girl.

And realizing so many people were staring at her had her blushing as bright as the sun. I pulled her to me to help shield her body, feeling her body tremble. I watched the faeries fluttering around, leading the naked men and women to several larger pavilions that they'd grown.

Magic burst everywhere I looked, flares of purple light as the faerie soldiers unleashed their innate powers to conjure and create items. Then my eyes fell on Aingeal. She knelt nearby, her arms bound behind her back by grass ropes. She sat back straight, looking with confidence at the pavilion where my brother had vanished with Siona.

Aingeal had a strength that belied her flighty, joking persona. "Madam," a faerie soldier said, fluttering down before her. "If you would like to wait with your women in comfort," he motioned towards another pavilion beside the one my brother was in, "you may retire here." "And what about Aingeal?" I asked. He just gave me a handsome smile, his face so youthful and almost effeminate. All the faerie were just breathtaking. But I wasn't about to let out a fluttering sigh like a girl because of a smile.

I arched an eyebrow at him. "Radiant Kora, she shall be held prisoner," he said. "But we won't mistreat her. We do not abuse others." "Yes, I can see that," I said, my eyes flicking to the nearest stocks.

The faerie bristled in his bronze armor.

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"Duke Gallchobhar overstepped what is proper. If your brother had not killed him, he would face Queen Sidhe's justice for this." "And if we hadn't entered Faerie, you never would have known, would you? This would have continued on, but you detected Aingeal and tracked her down." "Aingeal should have known we would discover her intrusion and track her down," he said, glancing at her.

"How would I know that?" Aingeal complained. "It's not like faeries get banished that often." "No, most of us have more sense then to import iron here." Aingeal lowered her head, squirming, her big breasts jiggling. I worried my lower lip. I didn't want Aingeal mistreated, but what could we do? It was all up to convincing the Queen of Faerie to pardon her. My brother would have to use all his charms to seduce her daughter to our side.

"Come on," I said, leading Nathalie to the pavilion. Zanyia and Ealaín followed after me, the lamia's ears twitching as she looked around. The aoi si marched back straight, her armor reflecting the purple magics flaring through the world.

I bit my lip, studying her. An aoi si sent to me. To me! I glanced down at the amulet's gold chain vanishing into my pink robes. I felt the ruby between my tits. The soul of the Biomancer Vebrin contained in it. I shuddered and then ripped it off, not wanting to feel it against my skin and.

What should I do with it? This was a horrid artifact. I wanted to destroy it.

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But I couldn't treat it flippantly. This couldn't be allowed to fall into the naga's hands. With a groan, I draped it back over my neck and tucked it away. I could withstand the touch. I'd worn it for a week or more without any ill-effects. It didn't even feel evil. I pushed aside the hanging grass curtain and walked into the pavilion. It had several beds formed out of soft ground cover.

A pleasant scent filled the air, almost like honey mixed with the soft fragrance of clover flowers. It felt relaxing. The others followed me in. Zanyia threw herself on a bed, curling up as much as her human-like body could, her tawny tail swishing back and forth as a purr rose in her throat. Nathalie cuddled up to her, their naked bodies pressed tight as the blonde girl hugged the lamia from behind.

Zanyia's triangular ears twitched, and her purr rose in pitch. I turned to the aoi si. "So, I've been given a muse?" "Indeed," Ealaín said. "Are the sexual arts the one Rithi believes I am most skilled at?" I asked, staring at the busty aoi si. She had a glorious body shown off by the shape of her armor, all curves and feminine strength.

Aoi si opened her mouth to answer when Zanyia asked, "A muse?" "My inspiration," I answered. "Rithi sends her demigoddess daughters to inspire a person in one of the arts. She sent me an aoi si. A creature that is the infusion of both male and female passions, the embodiment of sex." "Indeed," Ealaín nodded, her helidor eyes studying me.

"You are an expert at healing with your passions, Radiant. You have soothed your brother's pain many times. You also love freely, sharing him with Zanyia, Nathalie, Aingeal, and Princess Ava without any jealousy.

You have an uninhabited view of sex. You glory in it. You savor it." My cheeks warmed at her words, my nipples hardening against my robe. My pussy grew hot and itchy, my thighs rubbing together. Juices leaked out of me, making my flesh so sticky.

I stared at the aoi si, her large breasts, her Amazonian face framed by her pure-white hair, giving her such an exotic cast. "I always thought painting was my true calling. And dancing, but." I squirmed. "I guess I have been performing a lot of sex lately." "A lot," agreed Ealaín. "So." I said, my heart beating faster, "we should complete the bonding then." "That seems correct to me, Radiant," the aoi si said.

She unbuckled the strap of her breastplate, working them one at a time. "I have been looking forward to being a muse. I am glad my mother sent me to you." I nodded as Ealaín bared her large, taut breasts, her nipples fat and hard, thrusting from wide areolas.

Her tits swayed with a level of pliant perkiness that defied their size. They didn't sag one bit. My pussy tingled more and more. "What is she doing?" Zanyia asked. "Are you going to have sex?" Nathalie giggled.

"Mistress Kora did say her muse was sent because of sex." "Apparently I'm better at sex then dancing or painting," I said, the two other art forms I had mastered to achieve my rank of radiant, a full priestess of Rithi. "Oh, but your dance gives your sex such a. a." Zanyia struggled to find a world. "Such a lithe delight." "I am eager to discover that," Ealaín said, taking off her skirt of banded metal. She set it down with grace, exposing her white bush hiding her pussy.

That bush almost glowed compared to the darkness of her skin. It was just a delicious sight, so exotic. "And just because I am aoi si does not mean you cannot develop your other arts. Clearly, they have atrophied." I frowned at that. I hadn't had the time to devote to dancing or painting.

I could create art through sex easily while traveling with my brother. "I would welcome that." I slipped out of my robes as she bent over, her large tits swaying before her as she unbuckled the greaves over her leather boots. She worked with efficiency. I shuddered, the fingers of my hands tracing over the tattoos of flowering vines covering my body. One vine spiraled around my left breast, pink buds opening into beauty.

Each of the tattoos represented my training. This one represented the completion of my novitiate, the first step into being a priestess of Rithi. The other three represented my mastery of the arts. The vine entwining my right arm represented my mastery of painting, and the one growing up my left leg to my hip symbolized my mastery of dance. The last, on my shaved pubic mound and growing towards my pussy, showed my mastery of the sexual arts.

My right finger traced the vine across my pubic mound to the shaved lips of my pussy. I was so juicy as I watched the aoi si undress.

I trembled, eager to see if the stories were true about these divine daughters of Rithi. Aoi si rose, her ebony breasts swaying. She stretched her back, her youthful, fierce face birthing something wicked. Something hungry. She wiggled her hips and let out a throaty groan.

Thrusting from her pussy, growing from her clit, was a cock. A girl-cock. A hermaphroditic cock. Aoi si were born of Rithi's union with Henta, the hermaphroditic goddess of the hunt. Their divine daughters could control when they were all women and when they were hermaphrodites.

This is why they were the Muses of the Sexual Arts. They could provide all the options for a radiant to enjoy. To use. My pussy clenched as that midnight cock thrust larger and larger from the white bush, verging on the size of my brother's dick. And Sven was a gifted man. He had a prowess that made women swoon in delight.

"Oh, wow," Zanyia gasped. "She grew a dick!" squeaked Nathalie. "She's going to fuck you with her clit?" Zanyia asked. "Won't Master get mad?" the blonde girl asked, sitting up, her small breasts jiggling. "My brother will find this hot," I answered.

Zanyia nodded her head in agreement. I glanced at Ealaín. "You know, he'll want to join in. He'll want to fuck you when you don't have your cock." "I know," the aoi si said, her voice throaty now. "He is such a handsome specimen. I am your muse, and I will inspire all your lovers to please you and help you create your art in any form you need." I licked my lips, staring at that black cock.

I was feeling so inspired right now. I fell to my knees before her, my round breasts jiggling. I squeezed my thighs tight as I grasped her dick with both my pale hands.

My blonde hair, gathered in two braids, swayed down my back as I shuddered. I leaned my head forward, extended my pink tongue, and licked that dark tip. The aoi si moaned and shuddered as I licked her girl-dick. Her large breasts swayed above me, her white hair dancing about her face as her mouth opened wide in pleasure.

Her yellow eyes shone with the passion of my touch. She was a work of art all in herself, the contrast between her dark skin and pale hair and eyes, the feminine beauty combined with this amazing, wonderful dick. My pale hands stroked her dark shaft as my tongue danced about the tip. I squirmed my thighs together, my own clit throbbing almost in envy. I had worn strap-on dildos before, but to have a real cock. Wouldn't that be an experience.

"Yes, yes, I feel your inspiration swelling through you," the aoi si moaned. "It's gathering." "It's in your pussy, Mistress," Zanyia moaned. "I can smell your juices. Ooh, this is making me so wet." "Uh-huh," Nathalie nodded. "My cunny is getting so juicy." "Pussy licking?" the lamia asked, sitting up like a curious cat, her small breasts jiggling. "Yes!" the slave-girl moaned. As my lips nuzzled against Ealaín's dick, the two sex slaves fell into a sixty-nine, Zanyia on top.

Her tail swished back and forth as they buried their faces in each other's pussies. They both had petite builds, their girlish forms squirming together as they feasted on hot cunt.

Which inspired me to suck so hard on Ealaín's dick. My lips slid over the crown of her clit-dick. I swallowed her shaft, taking it into my mouth. The aoi si shuddered. Her big breasts swayed over me as she squirmed. Her hips shook. Her eyes fluttered as she felt the passion of my touch.

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I shuddered in pure delight, so glad to give her this wondrous delight. To tease her and drive her wild. My cheeks hollowed. Her hands slid across my head then gripped my temples.

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Her big breasts quivered with such a plaint delight as she felt the pleasure of my sucking mouth. Her moans rang out through the grass pavilion as I loved her girl-cock.

"Oh, yes, Rithi sent me to see that your art flourishes," moaned the aoi si. "I'll protect your gift, Radiant. I'll ensure that you practice your art with whomever you wish!" I groaned, my hands fisting her cock as I sucked on her dick.

"Yes, yes, yes, just let me inspire you, Radiant!" Her words were inspiring me, driving me wild.

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My own aoi si. Rithi loved me enough to send me a Muse. She admired my art while also wanting to see the artifact protected. I shuddered at the honor. At the thrill. And the delight. My right hand stroked down the aoi si's shaft and brushed her pubic hair wet with her excitement. I felt her pussy lips wrapped about the base of the clit-dick.

A hot shudder raced through me. She had a cock and a cunt. I had to explore that. To discover how wonderful that was. I popped my mouth off her dick, making her groan, and ducked my head under her cock.

My stroking hands lifted her shaft as I nuzzled into her pubic hair. The silky curls brushed my lips and nose, caressing my cheeks, before I found her hot pussy.

I licked through her folds, tasting her spicy cream. She had thick labia, plump with her arousal. They caressed my mouth as my tongue dived deeper into her. Ealaín's dick twitched in my stroking hand. That sent a naughty thrill through me.

I squirmed, my pussy feeling wet as I licked through her twat and fisted her cock. "Yes, yes, yes, you are so inspired.

I love it, Radiant." Ealaín shuddered, her large breasts swaying together. "Ooh, yes, I love it. I absolutely treasure it. This is amazing.

What you're doing with your tongue.? Rithi's inspiring gaze and Henta's keen sight!" Her pleasure built in her. I groaned, feeling her dick throb in my hands. I'd licked plenty of pussies. But now I had the opportunity to suck on a girl's cock. I took a final swab through her labia before moving back to the tip of her shaft. I swallowed it and sucked. My tongue swirled about the spongy crown at the tip of her dick. Her precum tasted a little sweeter than my brother's.

I shuddered, my hips swaying, my own cunt on fire. But I held off pleasuring myself as I sucked so hard, humming my enjoyment, adding another delight to hers. She moaned and squirmed, her gasps echoing through the pavilion. They merged with the sounds the two sex slaves made as they devoured each other's cunts. I shuddered, breathing in the spicy musk of Ealaín as I sucked on her dick.

"Ooh, yes, Radiant," the aoi si moaned as my right hand abandoned stroking her dick to finger her pussy. "Thank you for sending me to her, Mother!" I moaned my thanks to Rithi, too, as my fingers stroked the aoi si's fat pussy lips. Her juices coated my digits as they danced up and down the length of her slit. Her girl-cock throbbed in my sucking mouth and stroking left hand, letting me feel her pleasure.

I jammed two fingers into her cunt's depths. Her back arched. Her breasts jiggled above me. Her white hair danced about her head as she tossed it back and forth. Her pussy clenched down hard on my probing digits. I felt her orgasm build and build. I sucked as hard as I could. I twisted my head as I bobbed, working her cock's crown against different parts of my mouth. I put my all into pleasing her. My fingers curled in her pussy, searching out that special spot found in every cunt.

"Mother!" she gasped, her snatch clenching hard on my fingers, her dick twitching in my mouth. I found it. I attacked her special spot, rubbing my fingers against the inside of her silky pussy. She groaned and spasmed. More and more of her precum flowed into my mouth, coating my tongue with her salty-sweet delight. I couldn't wait for the true flood. I sucked so hard, my body quivering in aching need. "Yes!" she moaned and erupted. Girl-cum spurted into my mouth, this salty delight.

I savored the creamy delight of spunk, my body trembling, my pussy almost boiling in orgasmic rapture. I gulped it down with such hunger, feeling her hermaphroditic-jizz warm my belly. Juices gushed out of her pussy. I groaned, fingering her cunt and sucking her cock at the same time. I felt two different orgasms raging through her body. It was so wild. I moaned as I drank her jizz, watching her midnight tits heave above my head. "Yes, yes, yes, you are so wonderful, Radiant!" she groaned.

"I am so glad that I could be sent to you." I nodded, feeling our bond growing stronger. She had to fully inspire me. And for the sexual art, that meant she had to make me cum now.

I shuddered as the last spurt of her jizz fired into my mouth. I swallowed it before sliding my mouth off her cock. I leaned back on the grassy floor, spreading my legs, my pussy on fire.

"Inspire me to new heights, my Muse," I moaned, my eyes fluttering. "With a glad heart and an aching cock!" Ealaín moaned, staring down at me with such hunger. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ealaín I fell to my knees before the tattooed radiant. Her body so pale compared to mine, entwined by the green vines and the pink flowers. They made her look so exotic. Her blue eyes stared at me with such glossy need, my cum dribbling down the corners of her lips, pearly and delicious.

But I had to devour her pussy. I had to fully inspire her to gain the peaks of her sexual arts. My midnight-black hands stroked her pale thighs, her left tattooed with her vine.

A master of dancing, painting, and sex. What a wonderful radiant my mother sent me to inspire. To protect. I would see her safe from any threats, guarding her so her could art flourish. It was why I trained in the martial arts. The one art the radiants of Rithi did not practice. For it did not lead to creation, but only to destruction.

I put those thoughts aside as I leaned my head down. My short hair swayed about my cheeks as I nuzzled into her shaved pussy. Her flesh almost burned on my lips, but her cream felt so soothing. I licked, gathering the delight of her tangy musk on my lips. I shuddered, reveling in that wonder. She tasted so good on my mouth. I wiggled my hips, my cream flowing down my thighs and aching clit-dick.

I fluttered my tongue into her depths and drank her tangy juices. I rubbed my nose into her cute clit, breathing in her intoxicating musk. Her lithe stomach flexed and her round breasts jiggled, the amulet nestled between her tits. She whimpered in delight as she humped against me. "Oh, Ealaín, yes," she groaned. "Rithi's perfect touch, that's wondrous. Yes, yes, wiggle that tongue through me. Make me cum! Then fuck me!" I shuddered, wanting that.

Eager to complete the bond and becoming her Muse officially. It was such an honor to be chosen by Mother, to dedicate myself to a single mortal. I would live with her, inspire her, my life chained towards her. I would help her work through all her arts, not just the sexual. I would see her creations flourish. And that meant protecting her from the Paragon. From any threat to her art. But stopping the Paragon was for later. Now I focused on pleasing her pussy. On worshiping her tangy snatch.

My tongue wiggled into her depths. I swirled it around through her folds, making her gasp and shudder. She ground against me, my white hair brushing her pale-beige thighs. She whimpered, squeezing her pink nipples, twisting them, her pleasure building and building. My cock throbbed and ached. I so wanted to rise up and fuck her. I wanted to bury my girl-dick in her. But I held off. I had to make this wondrous pussy cum first. I swirled my tongue through her depths and then nibbled on her labia.

"Yes, yes, yes," she moaned. "Oh, Gods, what a wondrous muse. Just keep licking. I'm so excited. I'm going to cum so hard." I could feel that. Her excitement surged through her. It made her squirm and grind on me. She whimpered, her eyes rolling back into her head. She humped against me, smearing that delicious cunt on my lips. "Oh, Gods, Ealaín, you're good at that." She bucked hard as I flicked her clit. "Yes, yes, yes, make me cum!

Inspire me!" "Inspire her," yowled Zanyia.


This harem she belonged to offered so many ways to inspire Kora to make her art. I sucked on her cit, trembling in excitement at the opportunity it provided. My dick ached and throbbed. Pussy juices ran down its girth, beading at the sensitive tip, driving me wild, compelling me to devour Kora's pussy with so much ardor.

My tongue buried into her snatch. I licked and swirled about her. I made her squeak in delight. Her eyes rolled back into her head. She ground her snatch against me harder, her juices pouring down my chin as her excitement mounted.

"Pater's cock!" she gasped, her back arching, tits bouncing. "Ealaín, yes!" Her pussy gushed with juices. Her orgasm exploded through her.

Her body became living art as her pleasure rushed through her flesh. She gasped and groaned, spasming so hard as she humped the air. Her whimpers echoed through the pavilion, such an intoxicating sound. Dizzy delight shot through me, leaving me groaning and reeling at the passion brimming through the air. My tongue gathered up her flooding juices as she thrashed. I licked up her tight slit, reveling in her tangy flavor.

She squeezed her tits hard as her moans sang through the room, a beautiful song of lust that rose up into the air. I knew Rithi savored this moment. She loved all acts of creation. "Ealaín!" howled the Radiant. "I need your girl-dick's inspiration!" "Yes!" I moaned and threw my busty form up her trembling body. My large, black breasts dragged up her pale stomach and met her round tits. I grabbed my cock, aimed true, and buried it into her snatch.

Her convulsing flesh engulfed my clit-dick. I groaned at the silky friction caressing my dick. I slid to the hilt in her, my back arching. Her thighs locked about my waist. She fucked herself up into my strokes. Our crotches smacked together as I buried over and over into her cumming pussy.

Pleasure burned across her face, my strokes prolonging her rapture. "Yes, yes, yes!" she howled, her fingernails clawing my back as her passion raged through her. "Fuck me! Inspire me!" "I shall, Radiant!" I groaned, my hips pumping away so hard and fast at her silky cunt.

Her walls writhed about my girl-dick. It was such sweet heaven. I trembled atop her, my nipples kissing her nubs as I pounded her pale form hard. I thrust with all my passion, her moans inspiring me to give her every ounce of my love that I could. I kissed her pink lips. I tasted her sweet mouth as we writhed and heaved together in the oldest act of art: sex.

The first way something new and beautiful was created. The joining of flesh. The sharing of fluids. The union of lust and love, passion and desire.

They all swirled together in this one moment as I drove my girl-dick over and over into her cunt. My own pussy clenched with my every thrust. My juices trickled out, running down my cock and mixing with her cream as I plowed into her.

I thrust so hard into her depths. The friction sending delight shooting up my clit-dick to build the pressure in my snatch. In my ovaries. They boiled with another load of girl-spunk to spill into her body. I shuddered, wanting that explosion to come so badly. I pumped away so hard at her snatch. I buried my girl-dick over and over into her.

I drove her wild. I made her groan and gasp. Her fingers clawed at my back as she squeaked out in rapture into my mouth. She kept cumming. She kept massaging my thrusting dick with her pussy. My body trembled. I felt the moment of our union coming, the conclusion of our first collaboration of art. I shuddered, my hips pounding into her with every ounce of force I had in me.

I buried to the hilt in her. My girl-spunk exploded out of me. Dizzy delight surged through me. I moaned into our kiss as the jizz shot over and over into her snatch. Her pussy convulsed harder. She bucked beneath me, another, more powerful, orgasm sweeping through her body. I inspired this ecstasy in her. As the euphoria bathed my mind, I trembled in glorious rapture. Our union achieved.

I was her muse now. I would share in her pleasure. I would protect her, inspire her, treasure her. I kissed her so hard as the last blast of my cum spurted into her pussy. Her flesh milked out every drop. She clutched me so hard, our bodies intertwined.

My heart thudded with such joy as my climax peaked in me. And then I groaned, nuzzling into her face, so glad my divine Mother sent me to her. Chapter Five: Wicked Negotiations Sven Falk I grabbed the faerie princess's butt-cheeks as she knelt on her hands and knees upon the bed made of soft moss.

Her purple and black butterfly wings fluttered as I buried my face into her violet bush and tasted the sweet nectar of her pussy. It was wonderful.

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Her flesh so hot, her pubic hair so silky. She squirmed as I kneaded her ass, humping back into me. "Yes, yes, show me how much you care for Aingeal," moaned Siona. "Convince me, stud! Win me to your side! Ooh, yes, I like that." I nibbled on her clit, my nose pressed into the nectar-scented folds of her cunt. She wiggled against me as I sucked on her bud. I loved how she moved, the way her rump flexed beneath my squeezing fingers. I gripped her hard, spreading her butt-cheeks apart as I flicked my tongue up through the folds of her pussy.

"Ooh, yes, that's good!" she moaned. "Cernere's black cunt!" I nibbled on her pussy lips now, her pubic hair caressing my cheeks. My fingers slid across her taut rump, diving into her crack. I dove my tongue into her pussy's depths. My cock throbbing, aching to be in her. I wanted to fuck this faerie-princess so hard.

I would show her that I cared for Aingeal. That she was worth sparing. I wouldn't let my faerie-wife die. I swirled my tongue through Siona's snatch, making her wings flutter more. My fingers caressed through her butt-crack at the same moment. I found her sphincter. She let out a throaty moan as I circled it, caressing the puckered ring. Her snatch clenched on my probing tongue as my finger penetrated her asshole.

I sank into her velvety depths. Her wings hummed now. Her bowels squeezed down on my digit as I worked it and out of her bowels. Then I slipped a second into her velvety embrace. "Ooh, yes," she groaned. "I like that. Mmm, finger my asshole and eat my pussy! Convince me, stud!" I flicked my tongue back down to her clit. I batted it over and over, striking her little nub as I plundered velvety asshole. I swirled my tongue about her little bud. Her nectar dribbled down my chin as my tongue fluttered and teased and pleased her clit.

And then I sucked on it. She squealed in delight, her wings flapping so hard. Her asshole clamped down on my fingers. Her moans sang through the pavilion, so full of her pleasure. I nipped her bud with my teeth, bringing another gasp, another hard squeeze of her bowels. Her juices poured out of her cunt, dribbling over my lips as I sucked on her clit.

I brushed my tongue against it, caressing it, driving her wild. I thrust my fingers as deep into her bowels as I could, making her feel my passion. My dick ached to get in the game. But I had to be patient. I had to focus on her pleasure. I had to save my Aingeal. "Sven!" the faerie princess whimpered. "Mmm, just like that. Yes, yes, yes, you're going to make me explode. I love it." I sucked so hard on her clit.

My cheeks hollowed. Her body convulsed. Her wings buzzed into a blur. Golden dust fell from them as she let out a gasping scream. Nectar gushed out of her pussy, spilling about my face as her orgasm surged through her.

Her bowels writhed about my pumping fingers. I kept working them in and out as my tongue fluttered against her clit. I kept stimulating her bud, driving her wild with pleasure. I had to drown her. I had to overwhelm her in rapture.

"Cernere's black cunt and Las's yummy cum!" she moaned, her head tossing back and forth. "Gods, Sven. Gods!" I didn't relent. I kept attacking her clit, making her body squirm on the soft bed made of ground cover. She whimpered and wiggled, squirming her hips. Her clit throbbed beneath my tongue. Her juices kept flowing around my mouth as her orgasm kept flowing through her body. She needed to keep feeling this bliss.

To gasp and moan and writhe in abject passion.

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I gauged that moment, listening to her whimpers and moans. Waiting for when her clit was too sensitive. And then I would change my tactics. Her body shuddered beneath me, an instrument that I played with a master's touch. "Oh, Gods, Sven!" she groaned, her voice strained with rapture. "Oh, Gods, I can't. You're. Oh, Gods!" I rose, ripping my fingers out of her asshole. Her cream dribbled down my chin and neck. I grabbed her hips, my dick thrusting hard from my blond bush. I thrust with precise aim, spearing into the convulsing cunt.

I groaned, my balls smacking her clit, as I buried into the spasming embrace of her pussy. I gripped her hips, staring down at her buzzing wings. They stirred a breeze that rippled over my hot chest, cooling my flesh as I pounded her royal cunt. "Yes, yes, yes!" she howled, bucking back into me.


"Oh, Sven, this is wonderful. Ooh, yes, I can feel that love for Aingeal. You care for her." "I do!" I growled, thrusting so hard. "She swore herself to me as my wife. She trusted me to lead her into Faerie and get her out safely." I thrust so hard into the princess's cunt. "I won't betray that trust!" I pounded the faerie hard, my balls thwacking over and over into her clit. Her pussy clenched and spasmed about my dick, her hips wiggling. Her orgasms flooded through her body. She came over and over, her entire body trembling as the rapture surged through her.

It was such a sight to behold. Something to treasure. I fought the urge to spurt my cum. The excitement of her cunt writhing about my dick built my orgasm fast. But I had self-control. A man didn't just unleash his jizz at the earliest opportunity, cumming like a virgin boy getting his first taste of cunt.

No, he held off. He made sure his woman had all the pleasure she could handle. Then he took his. Because a man who pleased his woman would have a woman that would crave him over and over. A woman that would do anything to please him, any act. She would let him use her in ways she wouldn't for others.

And I wanted to use this princess. "Sven!" she howled, her pussy convulsing so hard. "Oh, yes, cum in me! Bathe me with your jizz." I grunted and ripped my cock out of her convulsing cunt. I moved up swiftly, my dick dripping with her cream, and brought my cock between the cheeks of her ass. I found her sphincter, rubbing against that puckered opening. And sodomized her. She gasped, her back arching. Her wings fluttered, the soft ends brushing my chest as I pounded her bowels so hard.

I savored her royal ass about my dick. That velvety grip writhing as her orgasm kept surging through her. "Yes, yes, yes!" she howled. "Ooh, you are full of surprises. Mmm, fingering my asshole, getting me all warmed up for your cock! Ooh, so sneaky. I love it!" "Good!" I growled, pounding her bowels as hard as I could, my balls thwacking heavily into her taint, so full of cum wanting to explode out of me. Her pleasure kept writhing through her.

She moaned and gasped, her orgasms so intense for her now. She whimpered and shuddered. Her pleasure drowned her mind in ecstasy. She could think of nothing but my cock giving her ecstasy. I gave her euphoric rapture she hadn't had in a while. Maybe decades or even centuries. I stroked her quivering body, reaching to her swaying breasts. I squeezed them as I grunted, getting closer and closer to spilling my seed into her bowels. The rapture shot through me.

My teeth ground together as the pleasure built and built in me. "Oh, Sven, yes," she whimpered. "Oh, Gods, give it to me. Such stamina has to have its limits! Cum in me!" "Yes, your Highness," I grunted and rammed my dick to the hilt in her. Came. My jizz fired into her bowels. Her asshole milked my cock as the rapture surged through me. My balls emptied themselves, every hard pulse sending ecstasy shooting through me.

My eyes rolled back into my head as I groaned out my satisfaction. Such a wonderful thing to experience. I shuddered and panted. My eyes rolled back into my head.

I groaned and gasped as my dick pumped her full of jizz. Stars burst through my vision. Her asshole convulsed, milking out the last of my cum. "Gods, what a fuck," I groaned. "You know how to take a cock, your Highness." "And you know how to use one," she whimpered. "Gods, I'll intercede on your behalf with my mother. It might not matter, but you. You are a lover!" Chapter Six: The Princess's Plan Princess Ava Echur, The Princedom of Kivoneth, the Strifelands of Zeutch I sank down into my bed, still trembling from my decision.

I had to flee the palace. I would become a slave to my lust for my father if I stayed. Even now, I wanted to go to him. To feel his incestuous dick in me. I wanted to bear his son and heir. This had to end. I loved Sven.

My door opened and Greta, my eighteen-year-old bedmaid, crept into the room wrapped up in a robe, her hair disheveled. She darted to me and threw herself on the bed, her eyes open wide in excitement. "What happened?" she asked, taking my hands. "Shevoin fled from his bed like the world had ended." "Sven did it!" I told her. I squeezed her hands and then pulled her into a embrace, smelling sex on her. I let the mage use her body, selling my servants virginity to him to learn not only what my father had done to me but what his plans were.

And now. An idea popped into my head. It was so risky, so naughty, but I'd have to do it. After my father, it hardly even seemed like that terrible of a deed. "What?" Greta, breaking away.

"You tensed." I bit my lip. "We're going to flee the castle soon. We're going to Sven. With the Lodestone destroyed, I don't need to be here." "But don't you need to be close to your father to spy on him?" I shuddered.

I so wanted to be close to him. "Not any longer." "But, what if he has new—" I pressed a finger against her lip. "We are leaving. We'll being making our preparations in the morning, okay?" She nodded her head, though slowly, reluctantly.

Her eyes shone with the candlelight burning on my nightstand. I saw it in her eyes. I hugged her to me, squeezing her tight as my own heart raced, my own fear beating through me. "We can do this, okay?" "Okay," she whispered. She took a deep breath. "I'm with you, princess." "I know." I smiled at her. She was such a sweet thing. Such a delicious comfort to me in these terrible days. "It'll be fine. We'll go to Sven. He'll protect us. And we'll help him kill my father." He had to die.

I couldn't be his whore. I couldn't. I wanted to be. I should go to my father, suck his cock, let him fuck my pussy, let him breed me. I squeezed my eyes shut. "I need to see Sven right now. I have to talk to him. Make sure he's okay." If I didn't, I would go to my father. Only my love for Sven tethered me away from the enchantment that had turned my desires to my father. That made me want to be his incestuous lover.

I groaned and shuddered. Then I lay back on the bed. I closed my eyes. My soul reached out. I felt all my proxies, the vessels I could animate. They would be extensions of my body, nonliving stone brought to life by my will. I carried the blood of the God Krab. He didn't have to many couplings with human women, but he'd created a few bloodlines of imburers.

My mother and father each came from a different line. It was one of the reason Father wanted me to be his queen. Well, that and I looked like my dead mother. I seized the one proxy with my betrothed, a small statue I had enchanted by a twinborn witch named Fiona. I sent skilled messengers to the Lesh-Ke mountains to track her and her triad down.

She had fulfilled my request. I imbued my proxy with my soul. I woke up in a dark pouch, the scent of leather around me. I wiggled out of it with my rose quartz limbs. I tumbled onto a grass floor.

I heard the coos of a woman and the fluttering of wings. I recognized the post-coital sounds of sex. Of course my Sven was celebrating his victory. I grew my statue. I couldn't do this normally, but that was what the witch had done for me. A full-sized statue would be impossible for Sven to travel with. But this one he could carry in his pouch. Then I could grow it to my regular size so we could make love. It was almost as good as being in the flesh with him.

I swelled and swelled, spotting him pulling his cock out of a faerie's asshole, her purple-and-black wings fluttering, violet hair spilling about her face.

That wasn't Aingeal. I arched a stony eyebrow as he glanced at me, giving me such a roguish grin. He had a muscular body, his blond hair disheveled.

He looked tousled, and not just from sex. "So, is that Duke Gallchobhar's wife?" I asked, my pussy growing itchy. I didn't make pussy juices in this form, but I still grew aroused. "This is Princess Siona," Sven said as I sauntered to the bed. "We were negotiating her support to keep Aingeal from being punished for breaking her banishment." I arched an eyebrow. That sounded serious. "Mmm, he won my support," the faerie said, studying me. "What a beautiful body you have.

An imbuer?" "Princess Ava of Kivoneth," I said as I approached the bed. I threw my arms around Sven's neck, nuzzling my nose against his. He held my stony flesh. With me inhabiting it, the quartz acted like a real body, soft and pillowy in all the right places.

Like my ass as he kneaded it. "You did it," I breathed. "Yes, I did," he said, a cocky grin on his lips. "With help from my women." "And now you buggered a faerie princess." I shook my head.

"I just can't leave you alone for a minute." "This is so fascinating," the faerie princess said. "From my understanding, Sven just destroyed a powerful artifact Duke Gallchobhar was keeping for your father. And yet here you are as Sven's lover." "I hate my father!" I snarled as my lusts surged. Oh, Gods, I wanted to be beneath Daddy right now, his cock filling me and. I shook my head then stared into Sven's eyes. "I'm done staying with him. I'm fleeing the castle, coming to you.

I want to be with you in the flesh." Sven's eyes widened. "He'll hunt you down. He'll send his army after you. He won't let you get away." "Then you better protect me!" I hissed with a fierce passion before I kissed him on the mouth. And felt so guilty. I couldn't tell him how much I wanted to fuck my father. How much I enjoyed it. I couldn't let him know the real reason I needed to flee.

It would break his heart to learn I spread my thighs willingly for my father. Even before the spell, I had sucked him off, willing to fuck him to stay close. But now. Now I wanted him more than Sven. More than the man I loved. Gods, how did this become such a snarled mess? To be continued.