Esposa provocando o marido e o amante

Esposa provocando o marido e o amante
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Chapter 22 The art of breaking a person Breaking a person is not the hard part. It's building them up the way you want them that takes skill. Hurt somebody enough and what you get is a shell just sitting around or lying around, breathing but not alive. But nobody wants that. To make a person yours, to fully control them you have to do the impossible, you have to be best friend and worst nightmare at the same time.

You have to be so scary that they have to trust you. You have to be evil enough to be their savior. You have to convince them that all you do is their fault and that you are actually the good guy, while doing things which are anything but good.

I woke up early the next morning. Noel was sleeping and I took a blanket and covered up her naked body.

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I dressed and then I went to the kitchen and started preparing breakfast. I made scrambled eggs and toast. Then I had Keiko go and wake up Noel. I told her to be as gentle and soft about it as possible so as not to scare Noel (which was also the reason I did not wake her up myself.

When Noel was awake I asked her nicely to go and take a shower so we could have breakfast together. She did not trust me the least bit but she figured that breakfast and a shower were better than getting me angry so she went. After 15 minutes she came back naked. "Noel, if you want to stay naked I sure won't complain but if you want to you can put on the bathrobe." She looked at me as if she did not recognize me but went for the bathrobe and pulled it around her body until it was doubled in the front.

She wanted as much protection against me as possible. "I have to apologize for yesterday night. I got carried away and I am sorry. It's just that I…no, there is no excuse, no explanation. I am sorry." I started eating and saw her extending her hand for the fork. "No, there is no excuse but at least I want to explain.

May I?" She nodded still looking down at the table. She was afraid to look me in the eyes, a natural instinct because most predators get provoked by eye contact. "I got carried away. In the beginning I just wanted a blowjob but you weren't good at it.

I know, you have never done it and I should have not expected much but when you exaggerated that first choking I felt like you wanted to betray me out of our agreement. You know when I promised you not to force you to anything after Monday noon and you agreed to cooperate?" She nodded. "Well, I got the feeling like you wanted to best me. Pretend to be choking when I knew you could take more, pretend to have headaches…that sort of thing." I was silent for a moment, giving her time to think.

She wanted to believe me because if I was telling the truth then I was not some monster but somebody who was rational. And she wanted that to be true so much that I could feel it in the air. "And then later, when you came to bed…I wanted to spend the night with you. I send Keiko away because I wanted the bed for us.

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I wanted to feel you close to me, feel your warmth, but you lay down so far away from me and then, when I complimented your body, you did not even react. When I did not get a reaction from you, I wanted to force you to react somehow, to acknowledge my presence.

But I am sorry for the way I did it." She nodded again. "It's ok. I did not expect you to say anything. I understand." I said. We continued eating. After a while she started looking up. I was very concentrated on the food, doing my best not to look at her lustily or somehow scare her. After a couple of minutes I let my eyes be clued to her chest every now and then and I made sure that she noticed. I felt her tensing up again and knew the time had come. "Noel, you do not have to if you don't want to…but…I can't help but notice you perfect breasts under that bathrobe.

Could you…?mm…open the robe and let me see them while we eat? Please?" I had asked shyly and given her control of the situation. There was no threat in what I said and I would really not have done anything if she had turned me down.

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But at the same time she remembered what happened the last time when I felt cheated about something I wanted and that fear was present in the back of her mind.

She slowly opened the front of the robe and let it slide down her shoulders. "You really have beautiful breasts Noel. What cub size are they?" "Thank you," she answered automatically "they are D. DD in some bras." "They are really perfect." She smiled for a moment.

We continued eating for a while.

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Then I stood up. My dick was hard and glistening from Keiko's saliva. She had been under the table servicing me the entire time. I walked over to Noel, who was suddenly very scared and finished myself of on her scrambled eggs with a couple of quick strokes. Noel was scared but I smiled at her reassuringly.

"I have always enjoyed watching girls eat something I had cum on. And you already ate some of my sperm yesterday night, right? Would you please do that for me? If I had asked you would have declined but I thought if you saw it and not exaggerate it in your imagination you might be more prone to agreeing." The catchword was the "exaggerating" part.

She still vividly remembered what had happened the last time she "exaggerated" which caused fear and she did not want her actions to imply that she "exaggerated" again. At the same time she felt in control. She rationalized that it was her choice. She nodded at me and moved her fork into the mass of eggs and sperm.

"Would you please lick the last drop from my dick first?" She rationalized that she had already agreed to eat the big load on her plate so what difference did one little drop make?

She bent down and licked the tip of my dick. I then packed my member back into my pants and went back to my chair. I watched as she put the first forkful of the special mix into her mouth and quickly swallowed it without chewing. "Thank you for doing this for me Noel. It means a lot to me." She smiled at me, grateful for the nice words. Chapter 23 - Trust After we had finished eating I offered to do the dishes while Noel took a nap, reasoning that she probably slept little and not well after what had happened.

She agreed and went to bed. I did the dishes really slowly to make sure she fell asleep and then went to join her. I lay down on the bed and snug under the covers with her. I put my arms around her and snuggled up to her.

I felt how she tensed up but she remembered what I had said earlier about the reason while I had violently assraped her the night before so she tried to relax as best she could and I made it easier for her by not fondling or touching anywhere but her arms.

I fell asleep after about 15 minutes and when I woke up again an hour or 2 later she was actually sleeping in my arms. It's nice if people trust you.


I woke her up with a gently kiss on the neck and whispered into her ear: "Come on, get up, I'm in the mood to do you up the ass." I felt her tensing up again. Thoughts were running wild in her mind. What had she done wrong? Should she have snuggled closer to me? Should she have put her arms around me? Should she have slipped out of the bathrobe when I came to bed?

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"Don't worry. That's not to punish you. I'll be gentle and we'll go at it slowly.

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You don't have to be afraid." I stood up and offered her my hand to hold on to while she stood up. And I smiled reassuringly. "You'll need some preparation to make it as pleasant for you as possible.


Who do you want to prepare you, me or Keiko?" She looked worried. "What…What is that preparation?" "Lubing up, maybe some mild stretching and some oral to get you in the mood." "Kei…I mean…" "Don't worry," I answered "It's ok if you prefer Keiko.

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I understand." I called Keiko. I told Noel to lay belly down on the table and with her legs spread apart and I told Keiko to prepare her and be as gentle as possible about it. After 15 minutes Keiko told me she was ready and I came over to Noel. I squatted down in front of the table so I was face to face with her.

"Grab you asscheeks and spread them apart. With your ass spread open it won't hurt so much." I removed a strand of hair from her face and kissed her cheek. Then I moved behind her. I applied a big globe of lube on my dick and pressed the head into her slightly open ass. Then I waited. I gave her time to get accustomed to the feeling of having a prick in her asshole before I started moving.

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I thought about having Keiko crawl under the table and lick Noel but decided against it. No amount of stimulation would get Noel's mind of what was happening and make this really pleasant so I judged it would be better not to put too much focus on the difference between pleasant sex and this.

"Noel, how does it feel? Does it hurt?" "A little bit, but it's not that bad." A completely honest and truthful answer. She had learned her lesson. That deserved a reward. "I'll wait a bit longer and put on some more lube. Please tell me when it completely stops hurting." To work the lube in I had to move my dick in and out a bit but I kept those motions to the absolute minimum and waited for her to greenlight me.

After she told me that it stopped hurting I started slowly moving deeper into her. I would not fuck her balls deep as that was bound to hurt considering my size. I just kept fucking her gently and slowly. It took me almost 15 minutes to cum that way but that was not important. Even if I had not cum at all, that was not the point.

This was to show her the difference between being a good girl and being a bad girl. I pulled out of her and watched my sperm running down her leg. She tried to get up but I pushed her back down on the table.

"I have thought about a little surprise for you. I'll be honest, you'll probably not like it but it is something I really want to do. I have to go out and get some things for that surprise. I want you do wait for my return exactly like this. I do not want you to move an inch from this table. Have you understood?" "Yes" "I want you to promise me that you will not move.

Promise me that you will stay bend over that table in this ready to fuck position until I tell you to move." "I promise." "You're a good girl." I had moved the table so that it was visible from the entrance of the apartment. After I dressed I went out to get some stuff. The last look I got from her when I left, lying on the table, her ass gaping slightly open and my cream running from her freshly used hole. That was exactly the view I wanted my guests to get.