Indian girl getting fingered by her client

Indian girl getting fingered by her client
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Frankie and HIs Gurl by Julee Linn [email protected] When I was fifteen, I had a friend named Frankie who lived across the street. Frankie was a couple months shy of his thirteenth brithday. He was a little stocky and still sported some baby fat. He hard dark, curly hair.

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I was taller and very slender, almost frail. I had dark blond hair, and it was longish and fine. Every so often, Frankie would smile mischievously and say, "You're pretty." I just smirked and took this as some preadolescent silliness and let it ride. I had been called cute once or twice, but never 'pretty'.

Naturally one of the subjects he had a growing curiosity about was sex. One Tuesday evening, we were alone in his bedroom looking through some of his dad's porno magazines. They weren't the typical Penthouse or Playboy magazines, but cheaper more hard-core stuff showing explicit pictures of naked women, leaving nothing to the imagination, mostly motorcycle sluts and that sort of thing.

My parents didn't have that kind of magazine around, so I managed to get off with catalogs that had lingerie sections showing women modeling underwear. Being sexual with a female still seemed a far off experience for me - I didn't mingle a lot in school -- so I fantasized about what seemed more realistic: stealing a girl's panties after she'd just worn them and putting them on. But I didn't have a sister and wasn't bold enough to do that to a neighbor, so that went on the back burner, too.

I just looked at the catalogs and masturbated. After Frankie and I were halfway through the second crumpled magazine, Frankie suddenly asked me if I jacked off.

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This wouldn't have made me so embarrassed if he had never told me I was 'pretty', but because I knew he just might have some kind of an underlying attraction for me, this kind of talk made me nervous. I guess I was afraid Frankie had some sort of pre-adolescent sexual confusion that made him view me as a kind of girl substitute.

So I just nodded and said, "Yeah, I jack off," and turned the next page. "Can you make white stuff?" he asked, his face almost in mine. I nodded. "Yeah." I gulped because of the direction the conversation was going, and because privately a part of me wanted to go there, too.

Only three days before, I had been at my bedroom window and I saw Frankie sitting on his front porch wearing nothing but short-shorts and sandals and found myself staring at his smooth olive skin and the contour of his features.

For a fleeting moment, I wished I could see him totally naked. "How do you do it so something comes out?" he said, whispering now. "Like this?" He made a motion with his hand near his crotch as if masturbating. "Well, something like that," I replied. "Can you show me?" I grinned and blushed, shook my head. "I don't know, Frankie. You have to wait until you're a little older. You can't force it. Pretty soon it will happen." We went back to looking at naked women.

After a couple minutes, Frankie asked me, "Could you show me how a guy and a girl do it?" "Do what?" "You know, have sex?" "Well," I said. "The guy lies down on the woman and sticks his penis inside her. I told you that." "Then what?" "They move together and he shoots inside her." Frankie's excitement was growing. "Show me." "What do you mean show you? How can I show you?" "Like if I was the girl, what would you do?" He wanted me to demonstrate copulation.

For some reason, even though I had thought of Frankie in almost a sexual way last Saturday, there was nothing arousing about what he was asking me to do. And in spite of those few 'pretty' remarks he'd made about me, I concluded that his curiosity about sex tonight was that and nothing more. What's more, we were both fully clothed, wearing jeans, so I didn't think much of it.

It would be merely clinical. So I had him lay down on his bed and I lay on top of him, rubbing my pelvic area against his in small mechanical thrusting motions.

I could feel the small erection under his pants, and I felt a twinge of guilt having liked it a little. I'm sure he liked it too.

But we tried not to let on to each other we did.

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We both stopped before it went too far, and I didn't let on that I was aroused. That was the end of it. He went out to ride his bike and I went home. Not long after that, on a rainy Saturday afternoon, we were looking at magazines and he asked me to do it again. This time I had no illusions I was teaching him anything new, I just wanted to do it for some reason.

The feeling was building up faster this time, and so was the guilt, so I stopped after a few seconds, and Frankie seemed disappointed. "Why'd you stop?" he said. I just shrugged, hoping the red on my face didn't show. Then Frankie sidled up next to me and whispered nervously in my ear, "Wanna' whack off together?" I hesitated, but thought why not, there would be no contact there, and I was feeling horny.

I said OK. We unzipped our pants and took our penises out through our zippers. His was short but wide, his glans pink, like a rosy mushroom. We stroked ourselves watching each other while leaning back on the bed for a minute or two. Suddenly, Frankie said, "Can I play with yours?" His words came like a pleasant jolt.

I was nervous, but horny, so I nodded. He took mine in his hand. A rush went through me; I had never been touched there by anyone else before. He pulled gently on it a few times, then gave it little strokes outward.

It instantly rose and became stiff. "Touch mine," he whispered eagerly. His was little and not quite erect at first, but it rapidly swelled and stiffened in my hand. The skin was downy and sleek.

We fondled each other for a moment and then began stroking each other. He fisted mine while I stroked his with my thumb and three of my fingers. At first I thought I wouldn't be able to cum doing it in front of someone else.

But I was turned on by his soft hand and by seeing his own excitement grow as he pumped himself and stared down at my penis in his hand. This time a climax was just around the corner! Then of all things at all times, we were startled by the voice of Frankie's mother calling us down for dinner.

Huffing, we stopped and quickly pulled up our pants zipped them. We were alone in my room once after that, but too timid to start anything as long as anyone else was in the house.

We both silently knew we had to be home alone. A week later, Frankie's parents went out for their anniversary dinner and dancing. Minutes after they left I came over to his house.

We hadn't planned anything, so I wasn't sure it was still on his mind. But after a half hour of watching boring TV, he finally signaled his intentions by briefly touching me between my legs and giving me a faintred-faced smile.

"C'mon upstairs," he said. We raced up the stairs to his room. This time we lowered our pants down over our knees, and I could see more of him than I ever did before. I didn't think I could ever be attracted to a boy's privates, but I was.

His pouch was small and almost flat against the base of his lower abdomen. His member was flaccid and swaddled in foreskin. Though wider than before, it still seemed pristine and innocent looking. We fondled and stroked each other. Frankie's quickly stiffened and eagerly shed its layer of foreskin.


He moved closer and fluttered the velvety tip of his chanterelle-like tumescence over and around my organs. Each light touch sent a tingling sensation throughout my groin. After a minute we got bolder and brought our genitals together, randomly poking and teasing and exploring each other's forbidden regions. It was new and exciting. We were gasping.

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We pressed closer. Our sleek members glided together, and our pelvises met. A fire started down there and soon spread between my legs, and then burned up through my stomach. As if we knew what we wanted, we both went to the edge of the bed and sat beside each other. We pulled our pants down to our ankles. He opened his smooth legs and guided me to lie forward onto him. My heart went wild as I lay over him, and it felt so good as my genitals and loins reveled in his.

I moved very slowly and in short thrusts against him. At first, I tried to keep my penis pressed on his, but it slipped off to one side. I finally had to settle for letting it lodge in the crevice between his genitals and his leg, The skin of his small erection was slick, and his little pouch so soft. I stopped before reaching orgasm because I knew how I really wanted to be when I did.

I reclined on the bed's edge. Frankie climbed on top of me and put his dick on mine. In short but hard thrusts, he rubbed against me. I lay still and held my breath.


I was too shy to want to orgasm, but I was pinned beneath him and held hostage to his warm flesh and great feeling knob.

He held me while I lay supine beneath him, and his embrace grew steadily stronger, as did the feeling between my legs. The urge grew in a flash and was so strong I that I came in three squirts while he kept rubbing against me. When he stopped he asked me if he could rub some of the white stuff on himself. I let him smear my silky white cum on his sex organs. He started on me again with his quick thrusts.

He kept going faster, grunting as he struggled to climax.

Finally, he seized up, arching his back. His tummy fluttered. I found myself smiling that I had helped him reach climax. It was the closest thing to an orgasm he would get for now, being still too young to discharge semen. I thought about that experience almost every day after that. But nothing happened between us until about three weeks later, when were swimming in the above ground pool at his house and his parents were not home from work yet.

We were alone in the pool and talking about girls and sex and what it would be like again. We both acknowledged we had gotten stiff, but of course had to check it out for ourselves.

We started fondling each other and stealing quick teasing embraces with our trunks down. His skin felt slippery against me under the water.

That was enough to propel us up to his room and pull off our trunks in a big hurry. It was the first time we were completely unclothed together, and the first time we were alone in his house. His slightly chubby abdomen curved down to his pubic area, which was white in contrast to the tan on the rest of his body. The sides of his underbelly tapered to a curvy V-shape at the bottom of which dangled his budding privates.

They glowed with a youthful sheen. There was fuzz around the firm scrotum. His member, no longer stiff and not much more than a button from the cold water of the pool, made him look chaste and all but gender neutral. Looking into my eyes, Frankie finally stepped closer, and his member began to rise.

I just stood still, steeped in mounting anticipation. He did most of the exploring at first, gently running his growing penis under mine, up my hard shaft, to its head, then back down, rubbing the side of his against the side of mine. During al this, I got stiff, my cock pointing to my chin.

I responded in kind, toying with his taut sack with my tip and frolicking in its childlike sleekness. Then he gripped my buttocks and pressed his erection into the more supple flesh between my testicles, and began making short little thrusts. He drew me closer until our bodies came together, his dick resting between my legs, just under my sack where it grew warm.

His lap skin was so fresh from the water. We swiveled slowly against each other, our breaths deep and revealing. The inside of my legs grew hot, made even hotter by the burning from his.


We stopped, and I fondled his erection. It was wider and longer than last time. It seemed darker, too. It curved upward, and the tip pointed nearly straight to the ceiling. Then Frankie suddenly went to his closet. He pulled out something hidden in the bottom corner. He came back carrying a girl's bikini panty in one hand and a bra in the other. The panty was rosy pink, and the bra was beige.

"They're Karen's," he said. Karen was his cousin who was staying with his family for the summer. "I found them in the hamper." "You going to wear those?" I said. "They're too tight for me. You're more her size," He handed them to me and they felt like clouds in my hand. Frankie's cousin was sixteen and pretty, tall and slender, and these things had chafed against her most intimate, private areas. Just the thought made my heart race.

I heard my voice crack so shrilly. "You sure it's.okay?" His breath quickened as he gaped at me. "Put 'em on," he said impatiently. Flushed, I put my arms through the straps of the soft, shiny bra and lined it up over my nipples.

It still smelled of Karen's heavenly scent. While struggling with the hooks in back, Frankie gently gyrated his hard penis against my behind.

His panting warmed my shoulder blades. He finally got the woman's garment snapped in place but kept stirring lightly against me. The bra was a little loose, but it fit. It tender coolness sent shivers down the sides of my body. Frankie handed me the panty again.

It was dainty and trimmed with lace and was so soft and delicate to the touch. So feminine. "C'mon, hurry up," he said.

He seemed as excited as I was. But I was feeling as shy as I was aroused by the thought of wearing it. "I'll wear just the bra this time," I said, handing it back to him. Frankie was anxious. "Why?" "I don't know." "Please," Frankie said. I sat on the edge of his bed and, my face feeling flushed. I lifted my feet and Frankie pulled the bikini on me. I became so stiff it almost ached. It popped out from under the scanty crotch, but I covered it again.

It was so sensual against my skin I could barely quell a moan. I sat slowly back down on the bed's edge, my hands resting close to my maiden hips. I wished I could make love to myself.

I looked at my long, slender legs and knew what I needed, but I was too shy to say at first. My mouth went dry. "Do you have any of.her stockings?" Frankie was looking at me and playing with himself. "Sure," he said. He left and came back with a purple satin camisole that he put on me. He also had a pair of Karen's dark nylons that he gave to me. I was nervous putting on the stockings at first; once again it was something taboo. The second one was much easier as I rolled it from the toe on up to my thigh.

The nylons had elastic bands and stayed up by themselves. I closed my eyes and indulged in it all. I was inspired in new exotic ways by the sheer caress of the nylons and the loving touch of the panty and bra, and the way the camisole wafted lovingly against my stomach and waist.

I stood and looked in his dresser mirror, posing from both front and side.


I was lanky and just wide enough in the hips, and with my long, lithe neck and delicate facial traits I made quite a seductive girl. I was turned on both by the feeling of the female attire and by what I saw in that mirror - a pretty girl who I wanted to rush to and embrace.

The intrigue was enhanced by the fragrant scent of Karen's bra and camisole. I saw my reflection shiver with arousal. Frankie stood in front of me, playing with his erection and breathing heavily. "You look pretty," he said and sat down next to me. He kissed me on the cheek, close to my lips, and rolled onto the bed on his back.

Still feeling funny, I lay down beside him. Instead of hanging off the edge with our feet dangling like before, we were both all the way on the bed this time. His thigh brushed against mine, and he fondled me between my legs, through the panty while still stroking his cock with his other hand.

I sighed with my arms on the pillow behind me. I was so eerie. I felt fragile and passive, overtaken by my feminine side. I wanted to be a girl to Frankie. With eager breath, Frankie got on his knees in front of me and patted the inside of my thigh, gesturing me to spread my legs. They fanned apart eagerly. Then Frankie sprawled over me, propped up on his forearms, and wiggled the tip of his hard organ against me through the panty while giving me brief, impetuous kisses on and around my lips.

I writhed beneath him, and I sensed how much it stirred him even more. His breaths were quick and uneven, and I could feel his knobby thing swell as he finally poked it under the silky panty. He stopped long enough to pull one side of the panty off my leg and left the other side draped around my thigh.

I remained passive and coy, with my eyes closed, my palms open up, and my arms at my side. Suddenly, I heard him searching for something in the shelf behind the bed. Then I felt something waxy and scented touch my lip. Frankie was putting lipstick on me.

I found myself more into all this and parted my lips to help him. He also had a compact with rouge, which he used on my cheeks. When he finished he put the mirror from the compact in front of me. I had tempting cherry lips and sassy cheeks. With my less than long light brown hair, I looked like an erotic, waif-like junior miss with a sort of a tomboy edge. This boy-to-girl coupling agreed with us, although just minutes ago I had been prudish about wearing the lingerie.

We smiled at each other, having found our true roles. "You're pretty," he whispered. I smiled and lay my head back down. I closed my eyes and wriggled seductively.

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We both breathed heavier, and Frankie's cheeks turned almost as red as mine. He crawled atop me and lifted the hem of my slip, and, his hands shaking with excitement. He began stroking my nipples through the bra. After that he wet his index finger and made little circles between my legs.

Then he lowered his midsection down near mine. He reached between us and arranged his hard penis so that it rested near my own, in the crevice between my leg and scrotum. It felt like a burning poker. Then he splayed his body over me, so that the warmth of our stomachs and hips united. Frankie kissed me on the lips. The kiss was long and hard and more skillful than before.

He began stroking my breasts. His lips still on mine, he began his thrusts, this time more brisk than ever before. He writhed and twisted and gasped as I caressed his hips and buttocks. Winded, he ended the long kiss and rested his cheek against mine. As if steeped in female hormones, I whimpered meekly. His driving thrusts became more vigorous. His high-pitched grunts grew louder, in time with the rhythm of his sweaty cock.

I could almost smell his pubescent hunger mingle with the fragrance from Karen's borrowed garments. I felt Frankie's youthful virility fuse with the bygone virgin deep inside of me. That 'girl' inside me was burning her way to the surface. In my imagination I fancied 'her' shaping and swelling the contour of my breasts to fill my bra, smoothing the mound between my graceful legs, and puffing open the orifice that would welcome Frankie's young shank. I wished somehow he could reach down between our moist bodies and ease his plump little organ inside me.

Frankie's humping got harder and faster. His body felt so good against mine. Torrents of pleasure surged through and over me. I wrapped my legs around him and brushed gently against his haunches with my stocking-clad ankles. I dug my teeth into the back of my clenched hand but could not silence myself. We both cried out, he with a horny boy's groans and I with a shameless girl's moans.

He reached under the back of my slip and clutched me and pressed strenuously against me with all his might. His body bucked and spasmed. Warm, silky fluid seeped gently between my legs. It was Frankie's first true ejaculation. Frankie let out an intense orgasmic moan, as if wailing with both anger and male pride.

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He lifted himself long enough to look at the little mess he had made on me and cried, "I did it. I did it!" He moved his erection directly on mine, proudly coating me with the semen still oozing from his young man's tool.

I whined in soft tones and wriggled my hips beneath him while he gazed at me with awe. Soon, an orgasm began welling up deep inside me, and sperm surged up my shaft so fast I could almost hear it. I finally exploded, and gobs of silky cream spurted forth, soaking his snow-white organs and tawny belly.

He kept heaving against me while he silenced my girlish shrieks with a long, slow kiss. We kept going, until a sticky froth built up between us and Frankie was out of breath. We just lay there still and breathing hard until minutes later the need arose in us again.

I mounted him with my legs fanned apart and straddled his wet loins. We both came again, this time at the same instant. It was heavenly. It wasn't until a few weeks later, at his parents' camp, that we it again. We came back from the lake and Frankie's parents had left with friends for the day. Frankie had developed.

His member was larger and more staminate. The ripened sack under it was swollen and buff. The hairs around it were thicker and darker. He did my eyelids and makeup, guided by one of Karen's teen magazines. He had me put on a pair of clip-on hoop earrings he found, and dabbed my body with perfumed talc. He brushed my hair down and had me put on a pink nightie of Karen's, a waist-length see-through peignoir with a matching thong.

I did things I never dreamed I'd do. I wrapped my lips around his penis until it rose and got hard in my mouth. When he mounted me, I writhed gently beneath him and stroked his back and neck with patient sensuality.

It's now years later. I dress occasionally as a female, and I must say I'm fairly sexy looking. Now and then when I get dressed to be with other males and even females, I love it. But I still think of Frankie and my first time. The End [email protected]