Morocha culona cachando como una loca

Morocha culona cachando como una loca
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She picked up her journal, the one she had kept ever since she had learned about adult life, and as she turned the page she smiled as the memories came flooding back to her as she recalled the pleasure and knowledge they gave her. She smiled as she saw the entry, 'Operation Probe & Protect Advance Party, Eilat, Israel,' then added in another pen, 'met Ziva again today, she hasn't changed.' ***** Julie stood leaning on the railings looking down onto the busy shopping square, her long brown hair was loose around her face and her blue eyes were concealed by large dark glasses.

She felt the dampness in her silk camisole top beneath her linen trouser suit and noticed the jacket had become undone and fallen open. Glancing down she chuckled to herself thinking perhaps she should have worn a bra, as her hard nipples were clearly visible through the damp material.

Quickly she closed the jacket again despite the heat to conceal the Glock and shoulder holster she had collected from the Embassy earlier after landing in Israel that morning. From her elevated position Julie studied the hordes of people moving around below like some insane ballet when she caught a brief hint of a perfume that she knew instantly.

Her thought was confirmed moments later when she felt the breasts of the woman who had slipped behind her being pressed into her back. Then Julie felt the hot breath on her neck and a husky female voice spoke softly in her ear, "I remember you." Julie felt an instant dampness spring between her legs, which wasn't from the heat of the sun, as she closed her eyes, her thoughts were catapulted back nearly 10 years to when she was just 25.

******* The compact woman stood bouncing gently on the balls of her feet in front of a stunned group of combat veterans who had just watched one of their own be put to the floor in a few moves. "And that," she said in her Israeli accent 'Is the power of Krav Maga.

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It takes the best of many martial arts and turns them into a deadly close quarters combat technique. Over the next two weeks we will work on a one to one ratio and give at least the basics." She carried on as she walked along the line, "Of course you have to watch how much of our excellent beer & food you partake, though some seem to have forgotten this already," poking one large man in the tummy playfully.

Stopping before Julie she looked her up and down before saying, "And as you are the only little girl in amongst these old women, I guess you will be mine." Then leaning forward so only Julie could hear whispered, "And you will become my little bitch," before standing back and issuing a command in Hebrew as they split into pairs. Julie kept her face serene and studied the Israeli drill sergeant carefully, the name Ziva was sewn on a flash patch above one breast of the skin-tight tee shirt she wore showing her sports bra under.

Julie estimated that she was maybe 5 years her senior putting her at just under 30. Ziva was a couple of inches shorter than Julie, but stockier so they were about matched in weight at around 120lb. Ziva's black hair was drawn into a single ponytail high on the crown of her head and her dark green eyes glittered as the studied Julie's classic martial art stance. "So," said Ziva, her eyes glittering, "Are you ready to run home to your mummy crying because the nasty Jewish lady made you her bitch?" Julie didn't move, "Good," laughed Ziva, "It would seem you know some things including not to rush in," then studying the lack of emotion on Julie's face went on, "Also the importance of keeping your temper as well." Julie smiled serenely then pantomimed looking around, though never talking her eyes of Ziva before she said in a soft voice, "Sorry I can't see this Lady you refer to." The speed of the attack surprised Julie and before she could move back she found herself on the floor trying to catch her breath from the elbow to her solar plexus.

"Rule number one," said Ziva smiling down at her, "Everything is a weapon and everything will attack you." Over the next few hours the two women would spar, then Ziva would stop, show the move in slow motion, and then start again. By the end of the session, when the klaxon had sounded the end of the day, the two women walked to the ladies showers with high respect for each other and the beginnings of a friendship.

Ziva stripped as they chattered revealing a toned body with a few old scars that Julie asked about. As Julie stripped Ziva bent and twisted, describing the combat that had caused a particular cut or even bullet hole.

In the shower under the hot water Ziva openly looked at Julie and said"Not many marks on you, though a few new bruises," reaching out and touching the large bruise forming on Julie's ribs.

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Then moving closer and looking Julie in the eyes moved her fingers up and traced across Julie's breasts and nipples, "At least these beauties aren't bruised," she murmured. Then letting out a soft 'tsssk' she touched the bruise on Julie's hip and said softly, "I am sorry for that one, I hope you aren't too bruised, maybe I should check." With that Ziva moved her fingers from Julie's hip and traced down to her pubic area stopping to comment, "Totally shaved I see, do your boyfriends .

or girlfriends like that?" stressing the word girlfriends inquisitively. "They all seem to like it," said Julie putting emphasis on the word all. "Maybe my girlfriends would prefer if I shaved my bush," Ziva said with the same emphasis on the word girlfriend and looked down towards her trimmed but still bushy pubic region. "It looks cute," giggled Julie, "Like a little animal that needs petting," and with that stretched out a hand to gently stroke Ziva's pubic hair and worked towards her pussy lips.

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Ziva moaned softly and opened her legs to allow Julie's finger to slip inside as she did the same to Julie who had parted her legs as well. As the two women bent to kiss each other a discrete cough from the other side of the shower caused them to move quickly apart. "I was just checking for bruises," said Ziva blusteringly. "Of course Sergeant," said the newcomer trying to keep the amusement from her voice. Later as they were drying off and getting dressed Ziva turned to Julie and said, "Where are you staying?" and after Julie told her the hotel she was in on her own as the men were in barracks, Ziva went on, "I know the area well, perhaps I could buy you dinner and show you around.

Shall I meet you in your bar at 19:30?" The loud knocking on her bedroom door jerked Julie out of a deep sleep and wrapping the towel round herself leapt to the door. Standing in the doorway was Ziva dressed in jeans and a white blouse tied under her boobs, with a small rucksack over her shoulder.

"Oh my god," blurted out Julie in a panic, "What time is it? I must have fallen asleep, I am so sorry Ziva." "Hush," said Ziva pushing Julie gently back into the room, "When you weren't downstairs by eight o'clock I found out what room you were in and came up to check." Then she adopted a mock stern face and looked at Julie and said, "Of course trooper Cooke being late on parade is a serious offence," "Sorry sergeant," replied Julie standing to attention.

"I think a full kit inspection is called for," replied Ziva, "And this is not standard issue," as she undid the towel and let it fall to the floor leaving Julie standing naked. "Sorry sergeant, ready to receive punishment duty." Julie said as she stood to attention. "We are very old fashioned in the Israeli army," Ziva said, "Your punishment is 1,000 lashes," pausing before she went on, "Of my tongue on your pussy." With that Ziva planted a huge kiss on Julie's mouth, their tongues entwined as they kissed while they removed Ziva's clothes together, never breaking their kiss.

Naked the two women rolled around the bed, their hands and mouths touching every part of each other's bodies. Julie slid down Ziva's body kissing every inch of flesh until her head reached Ziva's nether regions but before she could feast on Ziva's pussy she was pulled and guided so they were in a 69 position on their sides.

As Julie leaned in to taste Ziva she felt Ziva's tongue dart over her clit and with a moan Julie returned the move. As Julie inserted a finger into Ziva, she would do the same to Julie and then when she added a second to Julie's pussy, Julie did the same to her. It was like a game of follow the leader, with the leader being swapped over and over. They wrestled on the bed for what seemed like hours, Ziva on top grinding her pussy into Julie's mouth as she bent and licked Julie's pussy, before they would switch positions and Julie would be on top.

Then Julie would squirm and move to lie between Ziva's legs and with fingers and tongue drove Ziva to an earth shattering orgasm.

Hardly had they caught their breath before Ziva would be between Julie's thighs sending her into bouts of orgasms. As they lay resting in each other's arms kissing softly then touching each other's nipples, Ziva suddenly leapt to her feet exclaiming, "Oh my I nearly forgot I have a gift for you," and started to rummage in her backpack. Julie sat up in bed and watched Ziva's ass jiggle wonderfully as she rummaged naked in her pack, then Julie giggled and clapped her hands as Ziva stepped into the strap on harness she had in her bag.

Parading round the room waving it about Ziva asked, "Do you like my mighty weapon?" before giggling and admiring herself in the mirror as the nine inch dildo jutted out and wobbled like a real cock. Ziva noticed in the reflection, and spun round, to see Julie had moved to all fours and positioned herself at the edge of the bed, her ass high in the air.

Reaching between her legs Julie brazenly parted her puffy wet pussy lips with both hands and said in a husky voice, "Time for bayonet practise sergeant, do your worse." Ziva needed no second invitation and standing behind Julie found she was at the perfect height for the dildo and Julie's pussy to line up. Julie's fingers of one hand left her pussy and searched blindly for the dildo, and finding it, she guided it to her soaking pussy moaning with pleasure as Ziva inserted it in one continual measured movement.

Once fully home Ziva leant forward and kissed Julie on the back of her neck and whispered one word, "Mine." Then standing upright on the soles of her feet she started to fuck Julie, slowly at first then increasing in speed.

As Ziva fucked Julie would orgasm but Ziva was relentless driving her on and on sending waves of pleasure through her. As Julie shouted in climax Ziva would slow making little movements then long slow strokes before building to a rapid pace again. Then pulling right out for a moment Ziva stood up on her tiptoes so the dildo was pressed against Julie's anal star. Pushing slowly but non-stop Ziva buried the dildo into Julie ass loving the way Julie continued to orgasm. Finally the two women fell asleep, waking in the morning as the first rays of early sunlight entered the room.

Ziva glanced at her watch then gently shook Julie awake, "We only have three hours before we need to be in class" she said. Julie raised an eyebrow quizzically as the camp was 30 minutes away at the most, Ziva went on, "Well if we are quick we should have enough time," when Julie asked for what Ziva replied, "For me to make you cum a million more times," and pushed Julie's thighs apart and buried her head into her pussy.

Over the next two weeks the women established a pattern of working out during the day, grabbing a quick bite to eat, before fucking until the early hours of the morning. One night as the moon was shining through the open window and the sweat was drying on their bodies from another frenzied bout of lovemaking, Julie was resting her head on Ziva's shoulder idly playing with Ziva's pussy hair, when Ziva spoke softly.

"Love is an overused word, and they say that true love is not something here and now, but if you are remembered kindly, as it is through those memories that you remain alive and therefore loved." The two women paused thinking on the words before kissing gently and then drifting off to sleep in each other's arms.

At the end of the two weeks Julie was standing on the tarmac waiting to board the military plane to Cyprus when a jeep pulled to a halt. Ziva stepped out in full dress uniform, her eyes clad in wrap around shades, her medal ribbons and paratrooper's wings gleaming on her neatly pressed uniform. The troop, Julie included snapped to attention as Ziva complimented them on their dedication and effort and how well they had done.

She then walked down the line shaking each man by the hand, when she got to Julie she shook her hand as they had said there private goodbyes a few hours earlier in Julie's hotel bed.

As they shook hands Julie felt the folded piece of paper being palmed, which she took without a flicker. As the plane banked and climbed away from Israel below Julie slowly unfolded the piece of paper and a tear rolled down her cheek as she read 'I will always remember you, Z.' ***** Coming back to the present Julie didn't turn round as she murmured softly "Ziva," and smiled.

"So what have you seen?" Ziva asked quietly in her soft voice. "The woman with a baby in a pram, yet she never checks the baby, a man who is painting the same section of wall over and over, and a religious man saying his prayers yet never turns the pages of his open prayer book." Julie said before going on without moving her eyes, "And the sniper on the roof of the hotel needs to watch his reflective flash, unless he is trying to tell me he loves me in morse code." Ziva roared with laughter as she said, "You are truly as good as they say you are.

I hoped it was you when I saw your name on the list of who was coming, then when I saw your picture I knew my prayers had been answered." With that Ziva slipped a note into Julie's jacket pocket before vanishing into the crowd before Julie turned round. Later back at the hotel Julie read the note that just had an address and the time 19:00 with 'If you can stay awake that is', added in brackets after.

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Chuckling to herself Julie phoned reception and explained her requirements before stripping for a shower. Julie had chosen her outfit with care, the denim shorts were faded and frayed round the bottoms and she wore a camisole top that was neutral coloured material, she hadn't bothered with any underwear as she doubted, well at least hoped, it wouldn't be required. Into the small hessian messenger bag she wore across her chest she put the Glock, her room card, purse and a local network mobile phone she had acquired earlier.

When she got to reception the concierge handed her a set of keys and a crash helmet and walking outside she spotted the small moped that was hers that matched the hundreds of others buzzing round the town. That was the main advantage of her outfit gave her was that as she donned the helmet and dark glasses she blended into the rest of the population and effectively became invisible. Julie had memorised the route to the address she had been given and drove confidently enjoying the rush of air across her body and the whistles she got as she whizzed past pedestrians.

Eventually Julie found the address and out of habit circled the area seeing that the villa was effectively a walled square with the only opening to the outside world being a huge wooden door.

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Julie parked the bike on the hard standing along the front then removed her helmet, shook her hair free of tangles and pressed the bell. Ziva answered the door dressed in silk harem pants that were elasticated at the ankle and the waist with a matching silk top.

When there was no air movement both were shapeless, yet a slight breeze would plaster them to her body like a second skin.

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Ziva invited Julie in by stepping back and giving a wave of her hand and as Julie entered she inhaled Ziva's heady perfume bringing many memories flooding back. Ziva closed the door before gripping either side of Julie's face and kissing her long and hard with huge passion. "Ten years is far too long young lady," Ziva huffed before breaking the kiss and moving deeper into the villa. As Julie followed she realised the villa was much more impressive than the exterior indicated.

It was in fact a walled courtyard with myriad of rooms all the way round the outside facing into a paved veranda that surrounded the centre piece of a swimming pool that was reflecting the last rays of the setting sun.

"Nice" whistled Julie "Sergeant's pay must be good." "Major," laughed Ziva, "And yeah it's not bad I guess. Myself and Ivanka like it and it's very discrete and secure." "Ivanka?" Julie repeated the name trying to keep any disappointment from her voice.

"Yes," laughed Ziva, "We have lived together for 4 years now, though of course we are very discrete and to the outside world we are just two friends sharing a place." Julie glanced around the reception room, following Ziva through a set of double doors and out onto the veranda next to the pool.

As Ziva handed Julie a glass of wine she saw the look on Julie's face and smiled as she said, "Ivanka isn't here right now, so let eat," waving her hand to a wrought iron dining table laden with an array of cold dishes. The two women ate and drank, catching up on the last 10 years and Julie was sure she caught a look of disappointment in Ziva's eye when she mentioned her marriage to a man, then a smile when Julie mentioned divorce but the slight sexy frown returned when Julie mentioned her current living arrangements.


"Me & JJ are happy," Julie said, "What he doesn't know about can never hurt him, and he has no idea of my past." "And now a swim I think to refresh the mind and body." Ziva said standing and before Julie could mention she had no swimming costume Ziva had pulled her top over her head, stepped out of her pants and naked dived into the pool.

Shrugging Julie lifted her top over her head and saw Ziva staring at her with eyes that burned with lust. Julie looked at her and ran a thumb over each nipple in turn making them hard. As Julie unbuttoned the denim shorts and slid them over her hips Ziva whistled softly, "Your body is as beautiful as I remember, and your pussy still shaved." Julie slowly walked down the steps that were in the corner of the pool giving Ziva plenty of time to feast her eyes on her body and pausing just before her pussy was covered, she ran a finger along her own pussy lips then licked her own finger.

When Julie had fully entered the water Ziva moved to her and embraced and kissed her, their tongues darting into each other's mouths as their hands ran over each other's bodies re-familiarising themselves with every curve and plane. Moving to the slightly shallower end where the water only reached their waists, Ziva lifted Julie out of the water and stood between Julie's knees.

Parting them Ziva looked at Julie and sighed, "I have waited so long to taste you again." and with that buried her head between Julie thighs. Julie sighed with pleasure and contentment as Ziva's experienced tongue delved and probed every nook and cranny of her inner folds.

As Ziva found her clit with her lips Julie lifted her feet and planted them sole down with knees bent lifting her hips off the still warm tiles to meet Ziva's mouth. As Julie's orgasm built she closed her eyes and as Ziva nipped her clit with her teeth she started to finger fuck Julie hard with 2 stiff fingers that curled to find Julie's g spot.

As Julie screamed in orgasm her eyes opened to see a tall willowy blonde, her hair pulled into a tight plait, was standing totally naked with her legs apart looking down.

A big smile plastered on her face. "Hi, what a wonderful show." she said in a strong Russian accent, "I am Ivanka, and you must be the Julie that Ziva told me about on the phone." Julie looked at the pretty Slavic face and guessed she was about 25 and was pleased to see there wasn't going to be a scene which was confirmed as Ivanka squatted with a knee either side of Julie's head. "Lick me" Ivanka ordered and Julie opened her mouth as Ivanka started to grind her pussy onto Julie's face.

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As Julie probed and licked Ivanka, Ziva did the same to Julie, until with a loud cry in Russian Ivanka flooded into Julie's mouth. Ziva climbed from the pool and kissed Ivanka hello who licked Ziva's face tasting Julie's juices, "Mmmm she tastes good" Ivanka murmured"I will feast on her cunt later but now I have the gift we talked about." Ziva's eye shone with excitement as Ivanka led them both by the hand to a couple of day beds near the open patio doors leading to the main bedroom.

On the table between the beds were two strap ons, one slightly larger than the other, and a tube of gel. Ivanka stepped into the harness of the smaller one and positioned the dildo so it rested comfortably as Ziva dropped to her knees and started to suck it like it was a real cock.

"You must help." Ivanka said indicating the bigger strap on, "Together we will fuck our Ziva as her heart desires." Julie stepped into the harness and adjusted the buckles as she watched Ziva stop sucking and start to liberally coat Ivanka's strap on with gel. As she did the two exchanged words in what sounded to Julie like Hebrew but she wasn't sure.

Ziva then looked at Ivanka shyly but with love and devotion written all over her face. Ivanka smiled and nodded in encouragement before Ziva quietly said. "Ivanka wants me to tell you that I wish to ride your strap on while she uses hers as well." Ivanka grabbed Ziva's hair and twisting it she barked in Russian for Ziva to speak clearly. In a voice laden with lust Ziva husked, "Please let me fuck my cunt on your strap on while Ivanka fucks my slutty ass with hers." Julie watched Ziva's face and could see she was so turned on she was already close to orgasming.

Julie lay on her back holding the strap on upright as Ziva straddled her, Ziva was so wet she was literally dripping onto Julie's thighs as she held her pussy lips open with one hand while using the other to guide the dildo home.


Ziva let out a long drawn out moan of pleasure as the nine inches sank all the way in. Julie could see Ivanka get behind Ziva and put a hand on her back to push her forward so that Ziva and Julie's breasts were pressed together and the two women kissed open mouthed.

Ziva groaned into Julie's mouth as Ivanka drove the dildo into Ziva's ass and pressed her breasts against Ziva's back so her face was close to Julie's. "My baby loves to be doubled fucked don't you?" said Ivanka to Ziva as she twitched her hips making the dildos touch inside Ziva.

Ziva groaned her agreement as Ivanka went on, "We don't get that much opportunity so we are both so glad you came, now we must make her cum," laughing at her own joke. Ivanka grabbed a big handful of Ziva's hair and pulling her head back began to ride her roughly sawing the dildo in and out of Ziva's ass.

Julie could tell by the way Ziva was already in the throws of climax that she liked it a little rough so she jerked her hips up hard making Ziva groan as the dildo drove in. Julie then bent her head and clamped her teeth on one of Ziva's nipples which caused Ziva to shout in climax.

"Yes yes that's it," Ivanka cried, "Let's fuck her to heaven and back," doubling her efforts on Ziva's ass. Eventually Ziva almost passed out and then untangling themselves and leaving he strap ons abandoned the three staggered to the huge bed and collapsed in sleep.

The sun was threatening to rise when Julie unentwined herself gently from the two sleeping women and found her clothes. Dressing quickly she searched in her bag and finding paper & pen wrote a note that she left beside the bed. Taking one last look and smiling as the pair looked so happy in each other's arms Julie slipped out of the door and rode away on the scooter.

Ziva came awake at the sound of the scooter driving away as the early pre dawn glow peeked through the curtains. Seeing the note on the bedside table Ziva saw it was old and a bit tattered and had been folded so many times the creases were starting to part the paper. A lump caught in Ziva's throat as she read her own handwriting 'I will always remember you Z' and turning it over saw 'And I will always remember you as well. J xxx.'