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Sweeties ride fellas anal hole with oversized strap ons and splatter love juice monstercock and squi
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It was bad enough that Sarah was standing directly in front of Tommy, but now she was asking what he's been up to with her daughter. This is not how he wanted Sarah to find out about them.

This was definitely going to make things harder to explain to her than he thought it would be. The situation would have been a lot easier right now, if there had been a big storm last night, but there wasn't one. Plus, with Amanda upstairs calling him back to bed didn't make it any better.

"So Tommy, are you going to explain what's been going on between you and my daughter? Don't you dare tell me nothings been happening between the two of you! I'm not that stupid.

Shit I walk in the door and she isn't sleeping on the couch and don't tell me the storm bothered her. That storm was the night I left. Then I hear her calling you from upstairs, wanting you to come back to bed!" "Sarah I, we, we can explain." Poor Tommy was starting to stutter. The best he could remember, he has never been so scared in his life. "Tommy, are you coming back up? Who's at the door?" Amanda asked.

"Amanda you might want to come down here." Tommy yelled up to her. Both Tommy and Sarah could here Amanda get out of bed and head for the stairs. She pretty much hopped all the way down the stairs until she got to the bottom landing.

Then she froze in her tracks. "Mom, what are you doing here? You're not supposed to be here till tonight." Amanda's legs about buckled under her at noticing her mom standing in the living room with Tommy. "Alright then, I'll explain why I'm already here. I gave the airline my number and asked them to contact me if a seat on an earlier flight became available.

Lucky for me one did. I was going to call and let you know but I thought I would surprise you." Sarah said to them. Neither Tommy nor Amanda moved from where they were standing. Both of them wanted to say something but couldn't get the words to come out. They could see that Sarah had pretty much figured out what has been happening while she was gone. Amanda turned and started to head back up stairs to go and put some shorts on but didn't even make it half way when her mom said.

"If you're going up stairs to put some more clothes on don't even bother. I'm already certain that Tommy has seen it all. So just get down here so all of us can talk." Amanda came back down the stairs and went over to the couch and sat down. She was feeling very uncomfortable wearing just the little bit of clothing she had on in front of Tommy and her mom. She didn't understand why because she has wore less clothes in front of her mom, and well, all of you know how much she has or hasn't worn in front of Tommy.

She figured it was because they were all in the same room together. She tried to relax but it wasn't easy. Tommy went and sat on the other end of the couch but Sarah chased him over next to Amanda. All of them sat there for what seemed like hours until Amanda started talking. "Mom I'm sorry if I've hurt and disappointed you.

I would never do anything intentionally to hurt you. You know that." Amanda was almost crying. Sarah looked at Tommy. She could see he was scared and was probably hoping it was all a dream and that he would wake up soon.

But that wasn't going to happen. "So Tommy, what do you have to say for your self? I bet you're just thrilled to have been able to get a 16 yr old in bed. You probably think your Mr. Hot Shit for doing that don't you." "No Sarah I don't think that. I would never think anything like that.

Your daughter has to be one of the most loving and caring women I have ever met. I never intended for this to happen. I'm sure you think I'm some kind of perv but I'm not.

Please believe me." "Mom he's telling the truth. If I wouldn't have done what I did none of this probably would ever have happened. If your thinking that he took advantage of me, well he didn't." Amanda was pretty much pleading with her mom to believe her.

"So what you're saying is that this is your fault." "Yes Mom it's my fault." Amanda sat there and told her mom about everything that had happened out at the pool that first night in complete detail.

She was surprised that her mom wanted to know about everything that they have done in the last several days. Amanda was shocked when her mom wanted complete details from both of them. What Amanda didn't know was that her mom was starting to get very wet from hearing all the explicit details of everything Tommy and Amanda had been doing. All of a sudden Sarah started to laugh which had Tommy and Amanda wondering what she was laughing about.

"Mom what's so funny? Why are you laughing?" This was worrying Amanda. She didn't see any reason for her mom to be laughing. This was supposed to be a very serious conversation.

"I need to apologize to the both of you. First, if you're wondering if I'm going to call the cops and have you thrown in jail, well you're wrong. That's not going to happen. I'm not mad at either of you.

Actually this is kind of what I was hoping would happen." Amanda was sitting there with her mouth open. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. Why would her mom want this to happen? Nothing right now made any sense to Amanda except for her love for Tommy. Then she asked her mom. "What do you mean you were hoping that this would happen?" Tommy was also confused about what he had just heard. I really didn't make any sense to him either.

He was starting to think Sarah might be a little nuts or something. "Mom, what are you talking about? I'm like really confused right now." Sarah smiled at her daughter and said. "Amanda, you know how I get those feelings about people and you know that I'm hardly ever wrong about these things." "Yes mom, I know. Wait. So what you're saying is that you had one of those feeling that Tommy and I were going to sleep together.

Is that what you're saying?" "No, what I'm saying is that I knew he was the one for you. I kind of had a feeling that you two would sleep together but I wasn't sure.


I'm not saying that I wanted the both of you to sleep together. Actually I was hoping that you wouldn't but it did happen so there is nothing that can be done about that. I'm just glad you're on birth control. I really don't want to be a grandma just yet even though it would be cool." Amanda and Tommy sat there and looked at each other and then at Sarah. This was nothing they would have ever expected to hear.

"So, from what the both of you have told me, I would say that the sex between the both of you is good." "Oh no mom it's great." Amanda said more enthusiastically than she intended to. She started to blush a very deep red. "Don't be embarrassed baby. I'm happy for you that the sex between the both of you is great. That's the way it should be." Tommy looked at Sarah and wasn't sure of what to say.

He was trying to soak everything in that she had already told them, but for some reason he had this feeling that there was more to all of this than she was letting onto.

To Tommy, it almost sounded like she was relieved that everything was turning out the way she felt it would. "Sarah, is there something wrong?" Tommy asked her. "Why are you asking me that? Do you think something is wrong?" Amanda started to notice it also. Something just wasn't right. "What are you not telling us mom. You're hiding something." Sarah couldn't stop looking from Tommy to Amanda without grinning. "Alright I'll tell you.

The main reason that I'm not mad at you for sleeping with my daughter is well I haven't been a good girl either." "Spit it out mom. What did you do?" "Well I've been seeing someone without you knowing it. I'm surprised you haven't figured it out by now.

Amanda, you know him." Amanda sat there thinking about who it could be. "Is it Johnny next door?" "Nope, it's not him." "Brian." "Nope, not him either." "Don't tell me it's that guy that has boobs and wears women's clothes." "Hell no, yuck, you must have lost your mind little girl to think that." You could almost see Sarah's skin crawl at the thought of that.

Tommy looked at both of them with a look of bewilderment. "You don't want to know Tommy." Amanda told him. "Well I know it's not me." Tommy said. "Come on mom. Tell me.

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I don't know who it could be." Amanda was starting to get aggravated. "Ok.


Who's been coming around the apartment a lot for the last several months?" She asked Amanda. All of a sudden Amanda's eyes went wide and her mouth dropped open. This was one person that Amanda never would have thought it would be. "Are you saying it's Eric? You've got to be joking mom. You're seeing my friend Eric. Holy shit mom!" Sarah sat there and shook her head yes, that that was the one she's been seeing.

She wasn't sure if Amanda was mad or just totally surprised. "Ok. I'm feeling a little left out. Who is she talking about?" Tommy asked Amanda. "Eric is a friend of mine.

He lives in one of the other buildings down from us. You would have seen him at my birthday party but he was out of town with his family." Amanda finally remembered something.

She turned and looked at her mom. She was having trouble grasping the fact that her mom has been seeing her friend who is actually younger than her. "Mom you do realize how old he is. Don't you?" "Yes I do. Amanda this wasn't anything that I planned. It's not something that I wanted to happen." "How did this start mom." Amanda asked with a somewhat caring tone to her voice. "Well, remember the day some of your friends came over and we had that cook out on the back porch." "Yeah I remember that.

What about it?" "Well not you or any of your friends realized he wasn't out there anymore. You thought he went home.

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Well actually, he didn't. He was inside with me. I had to go to the bathroom and when I walked in there Eric was standing there stroking himself and calling out my name at the same time.

He about fell over when he realized I was standing in there with him. He never heard me open or even close the door so I pretty much startled him.

When he turned around, I got a good look at his cock, I started to get excited." "Mom, how can you get excited about something like that? He can't be very big. Probably four inches I bet." Amanda was holding her hand up with her thumb and pointer finger spread about four inches apart.

"If you saw what I saw Amanda you would have felt the same way I did. It wasn't four inches; it was a little over eight inches long and about two inches thick. When I saw his cock I knew I just had to have it even if it meant that I had to rape him." Tommy was starting to wonder if he should leave and let them finish this conversation. But before he could even move Amanda grabbed his hand. It was like she knew what he was getting ready to do and had no intention of letting him do it. "So your telling me mom that Eric has an eight inch dick." "Yes sweetie." Sarah closed her eye and leaned her head back like she was reliving that day in her mind.

Right then Amanda knew right away what her mom was thinking about. "Well when he stopped stroking his cock and started to pull his shorts up I stopped him. I wasn't letting that cock get away without me getting a taste of it. I leaned him against the wall and swallow all eight inches. All the way down to his balls. Mmmmmm. It tasted so good." The whole time Sarah was telling this she was sitting against the back of the couch with her eyes closed.

She didn't realize she was also pinching one of her nipples through the tank top she was wearing. She went right back to telling how it all happened without ever lowering her hand. "I could tell that this was the first time he had ever had his cock sucked.

I knew right away he wasn't going to last very long but it was easy to see, and hear, that he was totally enjoying having his cock in my mouth. He just leaned against the wall and enjoyed this new sensation that he was feeling. I started to here his moaning get a little louder." Amanda couldn't believe what was happening. She was starting to get wet from listening to her mom talk about what she did to Eric.

She looked over at Tommy and noticed that it was also affecting him also. You could already see a slight bulge in his shorts. "When I realized that he was getting ready to cum I took off my bikini top. I wanted his cum on my tits and also in my mouth.

Eric never noticed what I had done until I took his cock out of my mouth. That was when he looked down and noticed my bare breasts in front of him. Just the sight of them made him loose all control." Amanda noticed her mom unbutton her shorts and then slid her hand inside them. "Wow my mom is touching her pussy right in front of me. I don't even think she realizes that she is even touching herself." Amanda thought to herself. She continued to listen as her mom continued with her story. "Eric started stroking his cock again.

This time it was a lot faster. He was ready to cum, and cum he did. He shot several large loads on my tits and then I shoved him back into my mouth. I wanted what ever was left.

I could feel his whole body start to tremble as I sucked the last of his cum out of his cock. Damn it tasted so good.

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Mmmmm." Sarah didn't realize anything that she was doing. By this time she had completely stripped and was sucking on one of her nipples and had two fingers shoved in her pussy. She was starting to moan louder.

Tommy and Amanda couldn't believe this. Amanda was shocked by the way her mom was acting right now but she was so turned on by it also that she had the crotch of her panties pulled to the side and was rubbing her clit like there was no tomorrow. She wasn't sure if it was from her moms' story or from watching her mom pleasure herself right in front of her. Amanda looked over at Tommy who was rubbing his cock through his shorts.

She figured that if her mom is going to be naked then they should also. Amanda stood up and proceeded to slowly unbutton the shirt that she was wearing. That immediately caught Tommy's attention. But it didn't catch it completely.

She could see that Tommy wasn't sure of which way to look. Amanda could see that he was enjoying watching her mom but at the same time he desperately wanted to watch her undress also. It didn't bother her that he also wanted to watch her mom. It kind of excited her.

Once her shirt was off and she was standing there in just her panties she turned around away from Tommy, and proceeded to slowly wiggle out of them. The farther down they went, the more she bent over. She took a quick look at Tommy and noticed that he had his cock out of his shorts. It was already at full attention and he was slowly stroking it. Now his attention was more towards her than to her mom. She could here her mom moaning even more now. Amanda bent back up and proceeded to get Tommy's shorts off of him.

She didn't even have them completely off of him before his cock was in her mouth. She could here Tommy moan while she slowly sucked the head of his cock and ran her tongue in complete circles around it. She figured that he was just too damned turned on from watching her mom fingering herself in front of them and also from Amanda sucking his cock in front of her mom.

Tommy couldn't believe anything that was happening. In his mind he kept saying to himself that there was no way this was happening. It had to be impossible. Sarah didn't even notice anything that Tommy and Amanda were doing. She was in her own little world at the point. She continued her story while still fingering her pussy.

"When Eric was done cumming on my tits, and I had sucked all of his cum I could out of his cock, I sat up on the counter and spread my legs, giving Eric a perfect view of my completely shaved pussy.

He stood there staring at it with his mouth open. I watched as he licked his lips. I wanted that tongue on, and in my pussy. I called for him to come to me. Slowly Eric walked over to me. Never once, did he take his eyes off of my pussy. When he was directly in front of me I pulled him down till he was eye level with my crotch.

Gently I pulled his mouth towards it. I could hear him breathe in my womanly scent and then let out a moan when he exhales. When his breathe hit my clit, it sent a shiver through my whole body." Tommy wanted to try that with Amanda so he pulled her off of his cock and sat her up on the couch with her legs spread wide.

He leaned down and lightly blew on her pussy and clit. He knew she was extremely wet and that it would make it feel even colder. He breathed in that wonderful scent and then very slowly blew onto her clit. He felt her whole body shake when he did that. Amanda wasn't prepared for that. The feeling of Tommy blowing on her clit sent a shiver up her spine. She made a little noise that was kind of like a gurgling squeak.

She opened her eyes and noticed that her mom was watching them and for some strange reason it didn't bother Amanda. It actually excited her more. Amanda reached up and squeezed one of her nipples between her thumb and finger. Her nipples appeared to be harder than they usually were. She could feel Tommy start to lick, her pussy so she just closed her eyes and leaned her head back.

She wasn't aware of anything or anyone else. The only sensation for her was Tommy's tongue on her pussy. She reached down and held Tommy by the hair. She knew he wasn't going to go anywhere but she enjoyed having a hold of his hair. Plus with Amanda having a good hold of his hair she knew that his tongue didn't have a chance to leave her clit till she had cum.

Tommy knew right then Amanda wasn't going to let his tongue leave her pussy. She had her fingers so tangled up in his hair that he half expected to have to cut it to get loose. Every time he would run his tongue over her clit she would pull his head down and thrust her hips up at the same time.

On the next thrust of her hips, Tommy shoved his tongue inside her as deep as he could get it. That right there caused Amanda to squeeze her thighs together around Tommy's head. Amanda was so close to her orgasm that she was having trouble keeping herself under control. With every thrust of Tommy's tongue into her and the sight of watching her mom on the other end of the couch was just too much for her.

She could hear her mom start moaning louder. Amanda looked down at her moms hands. They were moving really fast over her clit that she was sure she was going to give herself friction burn.

Then her mom started screaming. "Oh shit. Oh yes. Damn I'm getting ready to cum. Oh yes watch your dirty mom cum in front of you.


I want both of you to watch me cum. Let him up so he can watch you dirty mom cum. Oh yes Amanda I know your close. Please cum with me. I want to see the ecstasy on your face from Tommy eating that beautiful pussy." Amanda's mom was right about her daughter. She was close. She hated to do it but she released her hold on Tommy and let him come back up to sit on the couch between Sarah and Amanda.

She had noticed that when he went and sat down that he was stroking his hard cock. Amanda continued to play with her pussy while she continued to watch her mom. She noticed that her mom was doing the same thing. Both of them looked like they were in a race to see who would cum first. Tommy was enjoying the site that was on either side of him so much that he was close to cumming also. The more he heard the girls moan the closer he was to cumming. Tommy watched as both mother and daughter pleasured there selves in complete synchronicity.

Both girls were so in tune with each other that you would have thought that you were looking at a mirrored image of each other. Tommy started to feel his balls tighten up. He was doing everything he could to hold back, but the sight of these two beautiful women getting their selves off, with just there hands, was more than he could take.

With a long grunt he started shoot into the air. He didn't pay any attention to were it went.

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He wasn't expecting what happened next. Both girls lost complete control when Tommy started to cum. Within just a few seconds after Tommy shot the first steam of cum into the air, both girls let loose. Amanda and Sarah started screaming and shaking all over. They both had their heads tipped back as far as they could go, with only the whites of their eyes showing.

Their heads jerked back down and their eyes went back to normal because the next thing they knew, both girls were getting hit all over their bodies by the other ones cum. Tommy just sat there amazed at what was happening. There he was, sitting in the middle of his couch, with a beautiful girl on either side of him and their pussy's shooting cum across him and splashing on each other. That right there made him cum again. This was one of the best sites Tommy had ever seen.

This was something he wanted to be a part of. Being a one man audience just wasn't cutting it. Tommy leaned forward right in front of both streams to the point of having the line of fire blocked enough that the girls were no longer soaking each other.

Both girls finally came down from their erotic high and just laid there on the couch trying to catch there breathe. They felt exhausted but somehow also refreshed. They could see all of there cum dripping off of Tommy, from his head to his waist. Amanda leaned up and pulled Tommy down to kiss him. She could taste her cum and her moms also, all over Tommy's mouth. She loved how the mixture of cum from her mom and herself tasted. She started licking it off of Tommy's body.

Then Amanda stopped kissing him and looked around Tommy towards her mom and said. "Hey mom, you should come up here and see how we taste together. It's just wonderful." Sarah got an evil smile on her face but then asked Amanda.

"Are you sure that's ok with Tommy? Both of you have already said that you don't want to be with anyone else and I don't want to ruin that between you too." "Well Tommy, what do you think?

Is that ok with you?" Tommy wasn't sure what to say. With everything that had already happened this morning he was really curious as to what might happen next. When he looked at Amanda he could see this look on her face that said she really wanted this to happen. He thought about it for a bit then asked Amanda how she felt about it.

"The way I see it Tommy, this isn't like we are having sex with someone we don't know or what ever. This is my mom so I figure we could include her sometimes in our little play sessions.

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So if it doesn't bother you, then I say lets have some fun. I know you thought about fucking my mom when you first met her. I watched you while you were checking out her ass when she was running back to the apartment." "You were watching out the upstairs window.

Weren't you?" Tommy asked. "Yes Tommy I was watching. I wanted to see what your reaction was going to be when she asked if I could stay over here. So, have you decided? It looks like my mom is getting a little anxious on the other end of the couch." Tommy looked over at Sarah. She was wiggling all over the place and was already rubbing her pussy again. The whole time her eyes were directed at his cock. "Well since its ok with Amanda then its ok with me.

But if all three of us are going to have some fun together then maybe we should just go upstairs where we can be more comfortable." If Tommy only knew what Sarah was planning. To be continued&hellip. Please leave comments and if you would, please rate my story. You can also e-mail me at: [email protected]