Insatiable gay stud receiving lip service

Insatiable gay stud receiving lip service
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[It's back! I was unsure about continuing this story, but I had too many requests not to keep it going. I love talking to my fans, especially ladies, and trading some dirty talk.] The looks were plentiful and varied as Danielle and I entered school on that Monday.

Not many had known anything more than we were spending a little bit more time together in class, but now here we were, hand in hand, entering school. A few girls, dangerously close to dress code, fell into a hushed silence as we passed. Some guys that I knew exchanged high fives and laughter. This was pretty much my first taste of a school relationship, and I liked it so far. It wasn't a normal relationship by any means yet. There was still the somewhat complicated matter with Hailey.

She still wasn't fully at peace with the fact that she'd never do anything with me again, and if I was to be completely honest, I wasn't either. I had a great situation on my hands, but I was a young guy with raging hormones and I was a little greedy. Lucky for me, Danielle knew the entire situation at this point (well, except maybe the cheer party), and seemed to be okay with easing into the transition.

I didn't picture a massive blowup if Hailey and I couldn't resist each other's company on the rare occasion. But things had to get more under control, if for no other reason than to be fair. Danielle and I went our separate ways for class and rejoined each other's company at lunch. I bought us some candy to share afterwards and she gave me a kiss in return. Pretty good trade in my books.

The day wore on until final period, the one that Danielle and I had together. We did our best to keep things on a low enough level as to not incite a riot from our friends in class. Some knew but we weren't going to make a big deal of things. Class dragged on, but eventually ended, and we made our way home together. This time I didn't need to ask. I just followed Danielle home and into her house, which seemed to be assumed.

Hailey had beaten us home and was apparently in the pool, as splashing could be heard from the backyard. We looked out the window and saw Hailey with a friend. It was a little far to tell, but it appeared it might have been one of the girls from the party.

The two were jumping around in their bikinis, and I found it difficult to look away. "Ignoring her homework as usual," Danielle scolded. "All play for that girl." "She gon' learn today," I responded quietly, without thinking. "I'm sorry?" Danielle said, half hearing and confused. "You know," I said, trying to catch myself. "She's going to, you know, learn…whatever her homework is…today.

She'll do it eventually." "She better," Danielle said. "She has to keep her grades up to stay on that cheer team now." Danielle and I worked on some homework for a little while.

Hailey and her friend were still in the pool. "Why don't we take a break and join them?" I asked Danielle. She paused briefly. "Sure, we've gotten a lot done," she smiled.

"I think you left your swim trunks here.

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Let's go change in my room." Danielle flashed me a cute smile and led me up to her room. "Here you go," she laughed and tossed my trunks at my head. Quickly she threw off her shorts and shirt, leaving herself in just lingerie as she pulled her bikini out of her drawer. She removed her bra and briefly showed me her perky breasts before tying on her bikini top.

She did the same tease job with her bottoms and laughed as I had to struggle changing into my bathing suit with my erection in the way. "You can't go outside like that in front of company," Danielle winked seductively and kissed my neck before leaving the room. "Oh, yeah, that helps," I laughed, slowly following behind until the blood flow died down. "Look who it is!" Hailey said joyfully as Danielle and I walked outside.

She faked interest in her sister before giving me a hug, our bodies pressing together. From the closer view, I saw that the brunette in question was Melanie, the shy but playful girl I fucked during the party. "Hey!" she smiled and gave me a hug. "You know her?" Danielle asked quizzically. "Yeah," I said shortly. "I met her briefly when Hailey had everyone over last weekend." Danielle shrugged and I let out a small breath. Hailey and Melanie made a pretty irresistible grouping and I wondered how this would go.

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"Well, let's jump back in!" Hailey said, full of energy as always. The four of us jumped back into the pool and some splashing around ensued. I briefly looked around and became temporarily lost in thought as I remembered back to just a couple of weeks ago when I hardly knew this family. Now, here I was again, with three gorgeous girls in bikinis, and I had already been inside all of them.

"So you're on the team then too?" Danielle asked Melanie, offering to get to know her a bit. "Yeah, I joined just a few weeks before Hailey," she smiled, a little reservedly. "Hope you're all keeping her in line," Danielle laughed, and Melanie offered a laugh in return. "My back kind of hurts," I said, shrugging my shoulders a little. "I think I'll go in the hot tub for a bit." I got out of the pool and into the jacuzzi area.

Danielle quickly joined me, wanting to be around me more than the girls. "Always so relaxing in here," she smiled across from me as the jets massaged her back.

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In the pool area, I could see Hailey and Melanie whispering back and forth, constantly giggling and often looking over in my direction.

After a few minutes they made their way over towards the hot tub and got in. "Yeah, practice has been killer," Hailey said, taking up a jet next to me.


"I need to work on some sore spots," Melanie offered, taking a seat on the other side of me. Danielle didn't seem to mind that the two girls were flanking me, as she leaned back and enjoyed the warmth. "How dumb were the Kardashians last night?" Hailey said to Melanie. "I know!" Melanie responded. "So stupid. I don't know why I watch that crap but it's too entertaining not to." Danielle joined in the conversation a bit, and the three girls were soon talking and laughing.

With the jets constantly blowing across the surface of the water, I couldn't tell what was about to happen. But I soon felt a hand on my stomach, and before long, it dipped into my trunks. It was coming from Hailey's side and her brief but unquestioning glance towards me told me to be cool. Hailey was low enough in the hot tub that you couldn't tell what she was doing, as she managed to pull my now hard cock out of my trunks and into the open water.

She slowly started to pump it up and down, and I decided to go with it, leaning back as if just relaxing. A few seconds later, a second hand grabbed my shaft, and I wondered if Hailey had added another. I looked over towards her and saw her position was unchanged, and looked over to see Melanie's bashful look as her small hand played with my cock.

This must have been what the two had planned in the pool before joining us. I had to give them credit they were great at planning ways to get me off without getting caught. They still easily kept up the conversation about stupid television shows as they worked me together.

Hailey's hand pumped my shaft up and down while Melanie tried to work the sensitive underside top of my head.

Soon, as if they had it worked out as well, the two hands switched, and now Hailey worked the top.

Hailey seemed to be a little better at it, sliding her fingers against the tip and down across the large vein. As my orgasm slowly started to build, and my cock stiffened more and more, I wondered if they planned on taking me all the way. I quickly got the answer, as my stiffening cock seemed to give them more incentive, and both went faster.

I kept as in control as possible as my cock shot off cum through the water. Hailey gave me a brief sexy look and Melanie tried to as well as they slowed their stroking, letting all of my cum flow out.

The jets quickly washed away all of the evidence, and their hands left. Well, that's going in the right direction, I thought to myself. A hand job is certainly much tamer than what we've been doing. Maybe this will be an easy transition.

The four of us eventually got out of the water and dried off. I quickly changed back into my clothes, but the three girls were still in their bikinis when I got back.

"Let's play some video games!" Hailey yelled and invited everyone up into her room. Hailey's room wasn't that big, and the bed was the main portion of the room. The television was in front of the small portion of the bed, and the bed was high enough to obstruct the sides from view.

Hailey's mind was always working, and she let her sister take a spot in front of the bed, centered in front of the television, before she took up the rest of the room in front of the bed, forcing me off to one of the sides. I sat down and only my head popped over the side of the bed and I smiled at Danielle and Hailey, indicating I was okay with the spot. Melanie took an area next to me and we looked up to the game. It was a racing game and Hailey quickly rolled through the options.

"Alright, first it's me and you sis, and the loser has to give up the controller," she said confidently. "You're going down!" Danielle laughed.

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Hailey went to the option and changed the standard three lap race to the maximum thirty laps. "Are you crazy?" Danielle asked. "This will take forever!" "Scared to lose?" Hailey challenged.

"Fuck that, you're mine," Danielle let up her inquiry and got her game face on. Hailey just laughed in response and let the race start. I had to admit, I was pretty curious as to why Hailey chose to make the race so long. I had played the game many times, and that length was usual reserved for the last race of the night and it did take a long time. But the race started, and the two of them trash talked each other and had one hundred percent attention on the screen.

Nothing seemed to be done without devilish intentions when it came to Hailey, and this was apparently no different. As Danielle and Hailey went at it, Melanie's hand covered my crotch against my shorts.

She looked at me with a seductive look that I wasn't aware she had in her and whispered in my ear: "I asked Hailey for help.

I haven't been able to get your cock out of my mind since the party. I need it again." I looked at her a little wide eyed, but didn't stop her as she pulled my shorts and boxers down enough to let my cock spring out. If Danielle decided to look back, all she would see would be my face, which I kept on the screen when I wasn't looking at Melanie.

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She bent over and took my cock into her mouth until she had me fully erect again. This wasn't going to be easy, but it seemed as though Melanie was adjusting herself to fuck me. Her so called shy nature had faded and flashed me her perky breasts out of her bikini top, before turning around. She got low enough that she was out of the sight and got into the reverse cowgirl position. Before I could even think of whether or not this was something I should consider, Melanie pulled her bikini bottoms aside and was easing the tip of my cock between her waiting pussy lips.

I felt my cock push her pussy walls apart, much as I did a few nights previously, as her warm wetness engulfed me.

She grabbed one of Hailey's nearby pieces of clothing, which just happened to be a pair of panties, and put it in her mouth to stifle herself. The scene of Melanie with Hailey's panties in her mouth just added to the unbelievable scene unfolding. Soon enough, Melanie was doing enough to push up and down on my cock without letting the noise become audible. "I'm destroying you sis!" Danielle said to her sister, lost in the game. Meanwhile, Melanie had caught onto just how distracted Danielle was, and turned to face me now.

She rode me, not wild enough to be noticed, but enough to feel good for both of us. Her breasts bounced in front of my face and I couldn't stop myself from sucking on her nipples. Melanie took the panties out and kissed me. I felt noticeable vibrations coming from her throat and echoing into my mouth as we kissed.

I played with her bouncing breasts in my hands and I felt her pussy start to coat me in wetness and squeeze me tighter. That was shortly followed by extra vibrations from Melanie and we had to keep our mouths locked against each other to keep her quiet. "I'm about to win!" Danielle said as the race neared its conclusion. Melanie wasn't satisfied though. "I need to feel your cum inside me," Melanie whispered as quietly as she could into my ear. I knew our time was limited and I put her hand on my balls, which she started to massage.

She looked worried that we wouldn't finish in time, as the big race wound down, and she rode me as much as she could without giving things away. Her worried look turned into a triumphant grin as she felt my cock stiffen and swell inside her. "Yes!


I knew you'd cum in me" she cheered quietly into my ear and bit down on my lobe as my cock started to rocket thick shots of hot cum deep into Melanie's pussy. I gripped the carpet hard in lieu of grunting and felt as each shot of cum sent another wave of pleasure through me. Melanie's eyes seemed to be in the back of her head in pleasure and she bit down hard on the underwear again.

I watched her tight body ripple in front of me and my hands roamed her petite frame as my seed flooded her pussy. She reluctantly got off of my cock and I watched the cum spill from her pussy. She pushed her bikini bottoms back over and the idea that her pussy was dripping my cum into her bottoms turned me on more.

I readjusted my clothes and climbed onto the bed now. "Ha! I told you," Danielle stood up in victory. "I beat your ass!" she grinned and jumped, her perky breasts bouncing in her bikini top. "Yeah, yeah, I'll get you next time sis," Hailey said and looked over to me with a knowing smile. "Who gets to lose to me next?!" Danielle asked confidently, looking at me. "Uh, I don't think that would be a good idea for us," I laughed in response. Danielle protested a little before Melanie yelled, "I can totally take you!

I have to avenge my friend over here," she said, looking at Hailey. "Fine, fine," it doesn't matter Danielle said. "I'll beat everyone!" It didn't even occur to her, in all of her victorious glory, to change the lap total, and Danielle started up the game against Melanie.

"Oh fuck, I didn't change the length," Danielle said. "Should probably restart." "No way!" Melanie called out. "You're not wussing out of this one." That was enough to get Danielle's competitiveness up again and she started up the race, trading trash talk with Melanie this time. Hailey quickly led me off the bed and back over to the side, out of sight.

"So, what do you think of my plan?" she grinned and whispered at me. "If only you tried this hard at school work," I teased her. "These plans are diabolical." "What can I say," she whispered still. "When I have the right motivation, I make things happen." With that, she followed the same script that Melanie did, and pulled my shorts down. My spent cock was limp, and she frowned playfully down at it.

She pulled her bikini top off and pushed her breasts in my face. As she did that, she reached down and rubbed my cock head, adding just enough friction. Maybe I just had an extra soft spot for this girl, but she had me hard again shortly. "That's a good boy," she whispered and licked my ear. She took a look back and saw that Danielle was as entrenched in combat as ever and nodded back to me. She was braver than Melanie, and pulled her bikini bottoms completely off. She crawled back onto me and cooed into my ear, "I know you love my little pussy.

You always fill me so deep. I think you hit my cervix last time." As she dirty talked me, she was already mounting me and slid down my shaft. My cock impaled her tight pussy and slid deep inside as she dropped down. She grabbed the same pair of loose underwear and jammed it into her mouth, before starting to ride me hard. Occasionally, she would slow down and make herself look normal enough to look over at the video game scene, and never returned looking worried.

Hailey was growing to know my body, and massaged my balls passionately as she rode me.


Sometimes she slowed down and let her finger trail over my big vein, feeling her own juices spread all over it. Feeling confident about her noise level, Hailey allowed herself to rub her clit as she rode me, which quickly sent her into an orgasm, squirting some juices onto me and contracting her pussy around my length.

"You're better than my sister," Danielle said the race waned on. Hailey slowed and looked over at the game before continuing her ride. Hailey knew we didn't have as much time as she wanted so she went into a dirty talk spree while stimulating me as best she could. "Don't be afraid to make a big mess inside me you stud. I don't mind. I know you're technically my sister's, but don't you want to fill up her little sister's pussy with your seed? I've taken so much of your cum, but I want more!

Please, give me everything you have. It's so warm and feels so good inside me." She let her throat vibrate against me in a low moan as she finished talking. She knew she had accomplished her goal as she felt my cock swell inside her. As I was close, she dropped down as much as she could, and the first shot of my cum blasted against her cervix, followed by more ropes that quickly flooded her tight pussy.

She purred in my ear and moaned as I filled her more and more, squeezing every last drop out of me. Hailey gave me a big, long kiss before getting off me. I watched some cum ooze out, before she, too, put her bottoms back on.

I pictured her purposefully walking around in her bikini the rest of the day, feeling my cum in and against her pussy. "Undefeated!" Danielle shouted as she narrowly passed Melanie at the last minute.

"I'm just too good at this game." She looked back and I was ready, looking as though I had been following along the whole time. "You want a piece of this next?" Danielle shot me a fierce look. "Absolutely" I laughed. "But not in this game. You're way too good at this game. And it's getting late." She laughed and nodded. "I'll take you on some other time." I gave Hailey and Melanie a quick hug and left the room with Danielle.

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"I better get home before your parents get back." "Yeah, you'll have to meet them soon," she said. "Yeah, I will," I smiled. I gave her a long, passionate kiss and left. … As the night wore on and I finished my remaining homework, I got a text from Danielle. "I want you. Please sneak over and I'll get you inside." Without a response, I snuck out of the back, and quickly made my way over to her house. I texted her as I arrived and went towards where her window was. She opened it and said in a somewhat hushed tone, "There's a ladder in the bushes by the pool." I nodded and grabbed it, propping it up against her window.

It was a little low, but would certainly get us close enough. I climbed up to the very top and Danielle offered me a hand to help me up the last little bit. I maneuvered myself inside and smiled at her.

She was dressed in a sexy black lace nighty that must have been from Victoria Secret. No words were exchanged, just an embrace and a long kiss. As the kiss continued, we alternated stripping clothes off of one another, until we were both naked. She walked over and locked her door, just in case, and hopped onto her bed. She lay back, completely naked and wide open for the taking.

I quickly climbed onto her bed and didn't have the patience for much foreplay. Even though I had gotten my fun in today, I hadn't had much with Danielle recently and was turned on both physically and mentally.

She seemed to want things just as bad because as I started to position myself, she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me in closer, nearly forcing my cock in by accident. Finally, I adjusted to the right mark and thrusted into her tight, soaking wet pussy. She re-wrapped her legs around me, locking my cock deep inside her, and would only let me out just enough to gain enough force to shove myself back inside her.

"Fuck. My. Fucking. Pussy," she said breathlessly as I fucked her hard. I bent my head down and started to suck on her nipples, slowing her bouncing breasts in front of me. Her nipples were erect and her skin was full of goose bumps, and I could feel the passion heat off of her body. My tongue flicked across her rock hard nipples, and the only thing stopping her from screaming was the company in the house.

I grabbed her ass cheeks up off the bed and used the extra angle to hit her g-spot with my cock. This helped her reach orgasm, as her firm, tight body rippled in contractions and her pussy spasmed around me.

Her whole body shook and her orgasm didn't seem to let up as her legs were still around me, never wanting me to leave. I leaned in and started to kiss her. First our lips brushed together and then our tongues danced together. She sucked on my bottom lip and whimpered as my cock satisfied her in every way possible. I rubbed her clit and she moaned furiously into our kiss and her body shook uncontrollably. She was in a near constant state of orgasm, and the passion exuding from our love making was beginning to overwhelm me.

Electricity shot up my spine and I goose bumps racked my body too as I took in the amazing feeling of my bare cock rubbing against her deepest pussy walls. Our passionate kissing continued as my cock started to stiffen inside her. Both of our eyes opened as this happened, and I gave her a look of a near apology that I was there during a moment I never wanted to end.

She only responded with a huge grin and brought me back for more kissing. She reached down and felt my rock hard cock as it slid out of her and shot me a sex crazed look as I shoved it back into her again and again. Our kiss never broke as I finally hit my climax, blasting multiple huge ropes of hot cum into Danielle's tight waiting pussy, followed up by another series of slower but thick cum filled streams. As we both came down from our high, it seemed impossible to leave.

We lay there together and fell asleep in her bed.