Camille Black Has Her Pussy Used Up

Camille Black Has Her Pussy Used Up
568 Likes 2033 Viewed If you haven't met sally yet, I urge you to read my first encounter with her above. 5'4", 110 pounds, perfect, firm, full C breasts, slightly longer than shoulder length wavy brown hair, and ass that would have you salivating at your first glance.

It was as if someone had taken the perfect super model and shrunk her to a petite 5'4". We didn't drink much, so opportunities for some sleepy fun were few and far between. On her 18th birthday we had a nice dinner with family and her and her mom polished off a bottle of wine.

She was definitely tipsy, but nothing like at my sisters house warming party. When we got home I could tell right away she was horny, I had hardly drank so I was virtually sober. She unbuttoned her bra and her perfect round tits popped out and stood still. Ahh, such perfection. She dropped her yoga pants to the floor and slid into bed beside me, I pushed my hand immediately under her panties and began to finger her clit.

No matter how hard I tried, vaginal orgasms were like a phantom in the night, we came so close some times, but could never get her to climax. I think it also had to do with her shyness and her inability to completely relax. Her clit was a different story, I could have that baby purring in minutes. Tonight was no different.

As I rubbed her clit I leaned over and we began to make out. Of all the women I had been with, none felt so right to kiss. Our rhytms matched, her breath literally never stank (even in the morning, I know, what the fuck?

Right?). Her pussy was oozing now as I slid my fingers down her slit and teased her holes.

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When shes soaking wet is exactly when I love to go and have a taste. I worked my way down the bed and stuffed my face into her slit slurping and sipping, then furiously thrashing her clit with my tongue. She thrusts her hips into the embrace of my mouth, begging for more attention on her clit.

The perfect teen tastes, well, perfect. I flipped her over and began pounding away doggy style, this is probably my favorite position, the depth that is achieved is enough to blow my mind, and my load. Within minutes I was ready, I whipped it out and she quickly turned over and opened her mouth, as is our custom.

She gobbled my entire load, paused for a second, then gulped. Being the good boyfriend, and seeing how it was her birthday after all, I went back down to finish her off.


A few minutes later she was writhing in ecstacy as she came. She was exhausted, fairly drunk, and finished. She quickly nodded off.

I got up and went to the kitchen, grabbed a drink, and puffed a joint. I was more of a night owl, and since I hardly drank I wasn't really tired. Half an hour passed when I remembered the house warming party and how amazing it had been to slowly, peacefully slide my cock inside of her and savor every single second of her pussies warm embrace of my cock. Instantly my cock stirred in my pants. I hadn't really thought about it much since that night, but just the quick thought had sent my heart pounding, my cock stirring and my mind racing.

Clearly, here was my second opportunity. Better yet, this time I knew what I was doing, and this time I knew she would be soaking wet from the get go since we had just had steamy sex not even an hour earlier. I was so excited, I finished my drink, and quickly went for the bed room. There she was sprawled out on the bed her left tit standing beautifully outside the covers.

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She was laying on her back, which didn't really work for me, so I slid into the bed as quietly and gently as possible hoping not to wake her.

Now I had to get her onto her side, so I could get to work. I put my hand on her hip and very lightly pushed on her hip while sliding my whole body towards her. Voila, it worked! She quickly rolled onto her right side, mumbled some stuff incoherently and was right back to sleep.

I figured since she had made some sound, I was best not to dive right in, didn't wanna ruin the chance. I waited 15 minutes and it felt like an eternity. I could feel the butterflies of excitement well up inside me as I thought about what I was about to do. Nervously I ran my hand up her perfect, flat, swimsuit model stomach, and up to amazing tits. I caressed them, then played with her nipples gently not wanting to stir her. Then I worked my hand down her frame and up onto her juicy ass.

Pausing for a moment to savor the soft, juicy cheek of her ass, the butterflies got heavier I was so nervous. I didn't want anything to go wrong. I knew it was time to go for the kill, so I slowly moved my hand down from her ass cheek and onto her pussy. What the hell I quickly panicked, fuck, I thought she would be soaking wet still!

An hour ago she was basically a water fountain and now, as dry as the Sahara. What the fuck am I going to do, I thought to myself. The idea of grabbing sex lube and rubbing it on her pussy did cross my mind, but I worried, what if she wakes up, finds herself covered in lube, there's no debating what was going on at that point.

I brought my hand up to my mouth and gathered as much saliva as possible, then gobbed it onto my thumb. I figured my thumb got me in once, surely it will again. And at least saliva could be excused as her own wet juices.

After lubing my thumb I placed my left hand onto her left ass cheek (closest to the bed) then gently rested my thumb on her slit. Perfect, I thought.

Step one complete. I moved it slowly back and forth trying to lube her tight gap as best as possible. I moved my thumb towards her hole but I could tell it just wasn't ready. So I pulled my hand back up to my mouth and again slobbered on my thumb. I placed my hand back on her left cheek and rested my thumb safely on her slit. I could really feel the lube now. Over the course of about 15 minutes I slowly moved back and forth, up and down her slit getting her used to the feeling of the contact, as well as getting her pussy ready for penetration.

Finally, I gently slid the tip of my thumb into her hole. After a half hour or so of waiting and working, this got me ramped right up.

I felt my cock begin to pulse and pound. The butterflies returned, and my heart beat quickened. Ever so gently I very slowly slid my thumb inside of her.

Ah ha that was step one, and it was fully complete now. Her warm, tight pussy was gripping my thumb like It was holding on for dear life. I breathed deeply smelling the always sweet scent of her hair. Moonlight shot in through the blinds illuminating her adorable, innocent face and her left tit. I was approaching heaven again, I knew it. I let my thumb sit inside of her for at least 5 minutes, at this point it was not just my saliva providing lube but her own pussy juice was coating my thumb.

I gingerly slid my thumb out a bit, then back in to make sure I was in the clear. As minutes passed I got bolder and bolder, taking my thumb out further then pushing it in deeper. I was bottomed out inside of her, as far in as my thumb could go. I knew it was time for the first real test, so I pulled my thumb completely outside of her golden pussy and then slammed it back in, not forcefully, but with intention to be sure she was asleep and that my thumb wasn't bothering her.

Knowing from the first time that angle of attack is key, I pulled her entire lower body back towards me to provide a better angle for my now throbbing, raging cock. My cock knew we were knocking on heavens door, and soon he would be writhing in ecstasy.

I grabbed my cock and rested it between her lips, letting my cock head tickle her clit. I moved my cock up and down to intentionally play with her clit, hoping to get her pussy juice flowing a bit.

When I couldn't take it any more I positioned my cock head over her entrance, and rocked my hips forward, pushing past her tight, now wet, pink lips.

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Ahhhhhh there it was again, heaven. I cannot explain how amazing that first push is, after all the time of preparation, waiting, with a hard cock being patient not to wake her, not to rush to fast in the excitement. The first time that tight, teen pussy grabs onto your cock and wraps it in a warm embrace is like nothing else I've ever experienced.

As usual I knew I had to savor it, I took a deep breath, caressed her amazing tits, and felt the sensation of her pussies death grip on my knob. Heaven. I ran my hands up and down from her tits down to her ass, admiring every part of her stunning hour-glass frame. I took a deep breath, and then pushed ever so slightly my cock further in.

A couple inches in I could feel the interior ribbing of her pussy caressing my cock. Ahhh the ecstasy. It's these moments that we miss when we're mindlessly pounding away inside of a pussy.

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We miss the suction, the grip of a tight teen pussy stroking our cock with every inch. I pulled back till my tip was literally wedged in between her lips right on the edge of her opening, then thrust back in several inches. Everything was now perfectly lubed, and going mint.

I worked slowly back, then slowly further in, slowly back, then slowly further in. Finally, the second best feeling next to the first push, that moment when she is full of my cock. I felt my cock brush up against her cervix and I knew I had arrived.

I reached across her side, cupped her beautiful perky tit in my hand, gently squeezed, pushed my elbow down onto her hips and pulled her whole body closer. I thrust my hips forward pounding the last tiny little bit so she was entirely full. I flexed my raging cock inside of her tightening her pussies death grip on my cock, feeling every little rib inside of her pussy squeeze on my cock. Heaven, and still she was sound asleep.

Not much beats having your raging cock inside a literally picture perfect teen. Buried balls deep inside of her warm, wet, hole.


Every single flex of my cock feels like her pussy is squeezing the life out of it. I had to take a break to avoid from painting her cervix with my white paint. I took a few deep breathes, and continued to caress her tits, then her hips, then her ass, all the while flexing my cock every once in awhile to feel her grip around it.

As my brother would always say "Kill me now, I am happy." I slid back a couple inches, preparing to start pumping. This was the scariest part, if anything would wake her it would be me mindlessly pumping away with the hardest cock I'd had in months. I could feel my veins it was so engorged. I pushed my hips forward sliding my cock back up to her cervix.

Oh my god, the feeling was better than heaven. I slid further out yet, and then back in, pausing while balls deep to flex my cock and feel the tight grip of her warm glove around my cock. Soon I found myself in a rhythm, withdrawing a few inches and pounding right back in, my heart was racing, my hands sweating, and my balls aching to pump her full.

As I approached the point of no return, I wasn't satisfied with the roughly half hour of time I had had so far inside of her, but knowing that I was going to blow my load, I quickly ripped my cock out of her and held it firmly in my hand, away from her body, so as not to wake her with my rod rubbing her leg.

I was so close to cumming, I had to focus my mind elsewhere for a minute or two to let the rush subside. A couple minutes later I was calm again, and ready for more. I positioned my head on her lips and with one quick thrust pushed past her tight lips and back inside of her, feeling the ribbed texture of her pussy slide down my cock.

Kill me now I kept thinking. Thrust after thrust, I slowly but consistently pushed in and out of her pussy and soon I was ready to cum again, so I once again ripped my cock out right on the edge of blowing my load deep inside of her.

I paused, breathed, and relaxed for a minute. Again, I nuzzled my cock head on her lips and thrust forward. That feeling of going from the open air, past tight lips, and into the halls of paradise was unmatched. I knew I had to keep trying it. I pulled my cock all the way out again, and pushed past her lips. The feeling was intense! I was focusing on shallow thrusts now, pulling my cock right out, then pushing it past the tight lips, in only an inch or two, then right back out.

I had a good pace going now, thrusting through her tight door one after another until finally I couldn't take it anymore. I buried my cock as deep inside of her as I could, and as custom would dictate, I reached across her and cupped her breast in my hand, buried my face in her hair and let out a soft grunt as I let loose the largest load of cum I had ever felt my balls expel. Blast after blast, pulse after pulse, I could feel my cum covering the entire inside of her pussy.

Kill me now I thought again. I really savored the end of this one, allowing a full ten minutes to pass with my cock still inside of her slowly shrinking. I was completely shocked, she wasn't as drunk as last time, and she hadn't stirred once this time. I felt invincible. Maybe it was because of the hard pounding I had given her before hand, maybe that loosened her up.

Whatever it was, it worked. Finally my dick shrunk completely and slid itself out of her. I could feel a stream of my cum exit her hole with my cock. I reached for my foot to pull my sock off, used the sock to wipe my cock and then started to wipe her up as best I could.

I gently nuzzled her pussy lips open with the side of my hand and put my sock between her lips for a minute, soaking up as much goo as I could then threw it into the corner of the room.

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I got up, grabbed a drink and lit a smoke. As I puffed on the smoke I couldn't help but relive the experience. Every bit of it amazing. Like the greatest gift I could give myself. Just thinking about it stirred the monster in my pants.

I quickly put my smoke out and went back to the bedroom and snuggled up beside her again. Sliding my hand down to her pussy I gently parted her lips and slid my finger inside of her. Ah the amazing feeling of a warm, wet, pussy around my finger. I slid it out and brushed her clit then moved my hand down to her ass hole. I rubbed my finger slowly around her ass hole and then back inside of her lips, re-lubing and then returning to her ass hole.

We'd tried anal several times, but she wasn't much of a fan, her trouble relaxing made it more painful than it should have been. What she does enjoy is when I lick her ass hole, or rub circles around it with my finger. This drives her wild, especially if either of us are also playing with her clit. I rubbed circles around her ass hole and then ever so lightly pushed the tip of my finger onto the hole. I could feel the hole give way slightly and then I continued my circles. It was fucking glorious!

Here I was after spending an hour going at my own pace, savoring every single inch I pumped inside of this perfect teen, and now I was fingering her welcoming ass hole using a combination of my cum and her pussy juice. Feeling like I had done well enough, and eager to leave more exploration for next time I gave her another quick clean up, and did my best to fall asleep. I woke the next morning as she moaned and rolled over. "Good morning boo." I said with a smile. "Hey babe, mmm I had a good sleep." she replied.

"I know" I said, "You slept like a log, passed right out after sex, I got up and smoked a joint, you didn't even notice." She got up and went to the bathroom, then crawled back into bed and snuggled up tight against me, with her breasts pressed tight against my side and my chest, looked up towards me with a smile and gave me a warm kiss.

"We had sex last night, didn't we?" She asked. "Yah of course, it was great, but you were a little tipsy. I was a good man though, and after I came I did finish you off nicely. Perhaps that's why you slept so well" I winked and smiled. "You came in my mouth like usual though, yea?" "Yes of course sweety." I panicked.

"Weird, cause there's a bit of cum on my leg you must have cum a bit inside me before you went in my mouth." "Must have!" I quickly stammered.