Zu viel sperma im mund

Zu viel sperma im mund
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Batman And The Joker Sex Orgy Bruce Wayne was walking around downtown Gotham and 2AM when he saw the bat-signal in the sky. He quickly went off to meet Gordon. "What is it?" he said to Gordon. "The Joker." Gordon responded.

"He's at it again.


He just robbed Gotham City Bank." "Any leads?" "Nothing yet." Gordon said, as he turned around to look at Batman. He was gone. Bruce decided to go check out the bank to look for clues. It was all closed all closed off. He went into the bank and noticed a couple bills on the floor.

He picked one up and used his trusty scanner and found out there was a high level of nuclear radiation. "The Gotham Nuclear Power Plant" Bruce thought to himself. He ran outside and got into his batmobile and took off as fast and he could. It took him 10 minutes to get to the power plant. It had been abandoned for the last few years. It was completely empty and silent. Suddenly he heard a loud gunshot in the distance. He immediately ran off towards the shot.

Bang! Another one went off.

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It sounded like it was coming from the storage shed. Bang! Bruce kicked open the door, and there was The Joker surrounded with bags of money and 3 dead guys next to him. "What have you done?!" yelled Batman. "What needed to be done. These thieves almost got my caught in the bank due to their sloppy work." Replied The Joker.

"It was useless, you got caught anyway." "Is that so?" The Joker said with a laugh. And with that he through a smoke bomb down in front of Batman. Bruce was coughing and couldn't see anything. After the smoke faded a bit, The Joker hit him with a bat. Batman took out a small knife and stabbed The Joker in the leg. He took it out, put his hand against the wall and stabbed the knife as hard as he could through it. His hand was stuck against the wall.

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"AHHHHHH!!!" The Joker screamed. Batman took out another knife and stuck it in his other hand. The Joker couldn't move either of his hands. "Now what are you going to do?" said Batman. The Joker laughed. "You think you got me, but I'm always one step ahead of you. You see I have this place rigged. The entire place will go up in 10 minutes if I don't stop it, and I swallowed the detonator. We're going to die together!" Batman thought for a second. If the power plant blew up, it would take out half of Gotham, and contaminate the rest.

"I have an idea" he thought to himself. He pulled down The Joker's pants and took out his trusty bat-lube. He spread it on his gloves and proceeded to show his fingers in The Joker's ass.

"What the fuck?!" The Joker yelled. "You left my no choice." Batman said as his shoved his entire fist into his ass. "I need to get that detonator." He pushed even further. Wrist deep.


The Joker was screaming at first, but they turned into moans. His dick started to get hard. Batman was up to his mid arm at this point, and he saw The Jokers erect penis. He suddenly started to get horny.

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"What's that?" Batman said. "Nothing, shut up. You're the one with the fucking fist in my ass." Batman couldn't take his eyes off his luscious giant cock. It was bigger than he expected.

He couldn't help himself. He put his lips on it. "What are you doing?" The Joker said with a moan. "Let me know if you want me to stop." Batman said. The Joker said nothing. Batman proceeded to shove the cock down his throat. After a few minutes of sucking him off, The Joker's asshole clenched. "I'm gonna cum!" he moaned.

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And with that Batman felt The Joker's hot cum in his mouth, and at the same time his hand also felt something hot. It was diarrhea! "Ohhhh" moaned The Joker.

Batman quickly pulled his hand out of The Joker's asshole, and the shit just started pouring out of him, along with the detonator. "Hah!" said Batman. He turned it off.

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"I knew that a strong orgasm like that tenses up every muscle in the body, sometimes making people have diarrhea!" "You tricked me!" yelled The Joker. Batman proceeded to call Gordon to let him know where The Joker was.

"Want to know how I got these scars?" said The Joker. Batman just ignored him and left The Joker there with his hands pinned against the wall, covered in shit and cum waiting for Gordon to discover him.

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When Gordon finally got to the abandoned power plant, he went into the storage shed. He poked his head in, and immediately turned away in disgust.

Three dead bodies, and The Joker looking almost dead, hanging against the wall with shit everywhere. "What happened in here?" said Gordon. "Don't ask." said The Joker. Gordon took one of the knives out, then the other and The Joker immediately reached into his pocket and pulled out a smoke bomb.


The place went up in smoke, and The Joker limped away. Back at Wayne Manor, Bruce was laying in bed after a long night of crime fighting.

He was thinking about what just went down. He got hard, and he started stroking his dick slowly. Alfred walked in holding the shit covered bat suit and said "What exactly were you doing tonight?" Bruce just looked at Alfred and laughed. The End