Sweet nerdy redhead on cam

Sweet nerdy redhead on cam
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This happened a couple months ago so it's completely true&hellip. enjoy! My name is Zeke and I'm 13 now.

I play soccer and basketball and I surf. I have blonde hair with brown eyes and a tall muscular-skinny body. I was at my beach-house in Virginia Beach this summer with the rest of my family and a couple of my friends families.

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Me and my friends Jak and Alec had been surfing all day and hanging out on the beach with our girlfriends. All the surfing made Jak Alec and I real sore. The rest of our families decided to go out to eat that night, but we decided that we were to tired and needed to bathe. We all went to my beach house (because it's the biggest) and took our baths. There were two bath-tubs so Jak and Alec took theirs first since they were the guests.

I just sat in my room while Alec was taking a bath in my room, and jak was taking one in the guest bathroom. (We took luke-warm baths instead of showers because surfing makes your legs and abbs sore so standing for a long time hurts pretty bad.) Anyway, Jak and Alec finished about the same time so I went to my bathroom.

They both came out in towels because they didn't bring any clothes with them. Jak had scrapes on his chest from where he bailed out of a wave and Alec had sand scrapes on his left leg.

I closed my door a stripped naked. I turned to see a scrape from my hip to the down to the bottom outside of my butt. Other than that I was good. I turned on the water and relaxed in the tub. I started to think about my girlfriend, Natalie, which gave me soft boner. I played with it a little bit, but I was to tired to jack-off.

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After I washed my hair and my boner had gone down, Jak busts through the door,he was only wearing his shorts and no shirt cause it was hot that night. "Dude!!!" I yelled. "Sorry, but you need to come down stairs." "why? What's downstairs?" "You'll see just get dressed " I I got out of the tub and Jak handed me my clothes. He was staring right at my soft dick, but I didn't care, he had seen it before.

I dry off and take the clothes. "K, get dressed and hurry up." I put on my boxers and my deodorant. I slipped on some AE khaki shorts with a purple v-neck Hurley shirt and spiked my hair like I always do. I then hurried down stairs to see Alec and Jak putting on their shirts and messing with their hair.

"Let's go guys", Jak said. "Where are we going anyway", I said. "To Natalie's place" When I heard those words I almost jazzed in my pants. Natalie had asked us over to her house for the night. As we walked down the sidewalk Jak and Alec started laughing.

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"20 bucks for the first one to have sex" Alec whispered. "Deal"said Jak and I. We reached her house in a couple of minutes. We rang the doorbell.

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"hey guy's, so great ya'll could come". It was Megan, Alec's girlfriend. We walked into the huge house. We sat on the couch and drank smoothies, played games and talked for about an hour. "God dammit", said Alec, "it's hot tonight." "ya'll wanna take a swim?" said Natalie. "Heck yah", I said eagerly wanting to get her back into that small bikini she was in earlier that day.

"Awesome, my brother has some board shorts in his room that ya'll can put on, we will meet you at the beach." Jak Alec and I ran upstairs to her brother's room and stripped naked. " I want the pink ones!" said Jak.

We went into her brother's closet and stole 3 of his sand shorts so that we didn't have to get our boxers wet. Alec was trying to keep from getting a boner while he was standing there in the room naked thinking about Megan. We slipped on the sand and board shorts and ran outside to the beach. Natalie was wearing that small, pink bikini that I love so much. Megan was wearing a white bikini and Paige, (Jak's new girlfriend) was wearing a sexy blue and white bikini.

We ran into the water and swam around and played for about 30 minutes. Occasionally, you would see a couple duck under water to kiss. Nat and I did it most often. It started to get really dark so we decided to go in for the night. "Thanks a lot you guys," I said. "We had a great time." I gave her a sloppy kiss on the lips followed by a hug. "Ya, me to," said Alec doing the same thing to Megan. Jak gave Paige a big hug not a kiss because they hadn't been together for long.

"Well," said Nat, "I'll be needing those clothes back" " Oh, right," I said, "We'll be down in a sec'." "Or maybe I could help you get them off", Nat said. That was one of the sexiest things I had ever heard. "K then," I started to make out with her while she slid the board shorts off me.

After the shorts fell down, Alec and Jak and their girlfriends were doing the same thing. We ran up to Nat's mom and dad's room to their master bed. All three couples were lying in the bed making out with each other. " Why don't you guys gor to Nat's room and Jak and Paige can go to the guest room," I suggested. They left the bed and went to there own rooms.

Natalie got up and went inot the bathroom, I followed. I was just about getting hard under the sand-shorts.

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She grabbed a bottle of lotion and went back to the bed. She stopped right before it and turned around to kiss me. I picked her up and laid her on the bed face down with me straddling her I unstrapped her bikini top and lifted her up to grab it and throw it aside.

She turned over to show the most beautiful set of boobs that I had ever seen. She grabbed under my arms and pulled herself up so that her boobs were against my chest. I laid her back down and stood up on my knees. She put her fingers into my sand-shorts and pulled them down, revealing my 6 inch rock hard dick with my ball hugged up tight against me. She started to lick my penis and put her hands around my butt-cheeks squeezing them ever so slightly.

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I moaned with pleasure as she licked my penis. She wrapped her tongue around the head of it all the way down to the brown scar on my shaft from where I had been circumcised when I was younger, (no I'm not Jewish). Her fingers slowly move into my anus as she tried to finger me. I whipered to her, "Lick my balls". She put my balls in her mouth and licked them. My balls are very sensitive to that and that is one of my favorites. I could feel my balls go from hugged up agianst me so tight I thought they were gonna fall out, to them being loose and dropped in her mouth.

I pulled her awayand picked her up onto her feet. I slowly pulled down the bottom of her bikini, revealing her her shaved, soft pussy. I could tell it was shaved because she had some faint red spots on her from the razor.

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She then reached over to thee bed-side tabled drawer opened up a box of her dad's condoms. They were the original Trojans. Anyway, she got one out that was a little big for me but she put it on me anyway. She put it on my head and then tried to push it over with her mouth. Once she got to where she could touch my dirty blonde pubes with her nose she started to gag. I pulled my hips back and pulled the rest down. Rubbed her privates a little then turned over and stuck her butt in the air.

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I grabbed my penis and put it at the edge of her vagina. "Just close your eyes and relax", I said. I then procede to push gently into her hole. She moaned right when I got in just a little. I grabbed her by the hips and slowly and gently pushed my penis up her vagina. My penis when extremely hard tends to curve the slightest bit to the left, you can't notice it that much at all.

When I went to the doctor for a check-up once, he saw it and said that it is completely normal for boys in puberty and actually makes sex more pleasurable because it rubs the sensitive part of our penis against the sensitive part of the wall in the girls vagina.

Anyway, I continued to push rhythmically. We both moaned quietly. I felt a dry orgasm coming. I had heard stuff about boys around my age having sex and fainting from the orgasms. But I had a condom on so I was able to keep going.

She whisperd to herself, "Oh Zeke, oh Zeke, go deeper. I pushed my penis into her as far as it would gocovering my pubic hairs in her wet vaginal juices. I felt myself getting ready to cum. "Uh&hellip.Uh," I started making quiet sex noises and then I felt cum come up through the back of penis and into the condom which held it all at the top because it was a little to big for my adolescent dick. "Oh my god Zeke," She gasped. She then turned around and started grabbing at the condom.


I knew what she wanted. I carefully slid it off and poured the cum into her mouth. She licked every last drop of cum I had made. She got up and we made out for a minute. My penis had began to go down. "I want some more cum, Zeke." She said. I laid her on her back and laid on top of her. I put my penis flat so that the top was against my stomach and the bottom against her back.

I then proceeded to hump her moving my body up and down her back which made my whole body twitch.


This is a position that boys use to masturbate in there beds. But, instead of rubbing against sheets, a girls back. Part 2 will be here very soon, like the next day after this comes out. Don't read my first story about the campout its really bad and I hate that kid now.