FatherCrush Daughterly Needs Bonnie Grey

FatherCrush Daughterly Needs Bonnie Grey
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Hi guys. This is a rewrite of a story I had published here in 2012. This is an attempt of finishing it, taking over where it stopped in 2015 after I am done rewriting. It has re-checked and better English, additional scenes and lines, probably heading to a totally new experience altogether, as I took in consideration all the evaluation and comments I received back then.

So, if you're new to this, please, don't go looking for the old ones that are still up, as it may ruin your reading. Some things will probably change. Thank you. Here are some considerations: - Even having good normal sex scenes and romance, this story is about rape, slavery and whatever possibility comes with it.

- All the characters follows the stipulated by the site, being older than 18 years old. ***WARNING*** What follows is a fictional rape story, not made to offend anyone. If you feel offended by slavery, raping, humiliation or torture of any kind, please, quit reading. Cheers, A2O ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter III With Erica still sitting on my lap, I spent some time explaining the rules she had to follow and they were pretty simple; I'd be watching her every move from the camera system and she was free to do whatever she wanted down there, at the basement.

She had her own room with a bed, a nightstand, a dressing table and a wardrobe empty on purpose as, for now, I wanted her to stay naked. Whenever I talked to her through the sound system and warned her that I was coming, she would take her pill and, when I arrived, she should stand still near the entrance to the basement with her back to the door, wearing her blindfold.

I also told her about all the stuff in the bathroom, things that she would check as soon as I had left and she could take her blindfold off. I had bought her all I could think of feminine hygiene, so I instructed her to keep herself absolutely clean and tidy all the time and explained her what was an enema, encouraging her to wash her insides with the shower-head when I eventually tell her to clean up her bowels.

She reacted as if it was an impossible thing, an alien thing, and it was obvious that she felt very humiliated. I was so captivated by the way she was squirming that I decided to go further, so I also instructed her to get used putting her fingers on her behind while washing herself, to make sure that it was clean.

I made it very clear that, if I found something unpleasant when exploring her tight little ass, she would regret it deeply. She whimpered when I said I would be using her tiny hole soon, but I didn't care, actually I was loving how desperate she was getting and the way her perfect lower lip trembled. To finish, I told her about the red emergency button on the wall which she should press only if something really bad was happening to her.

It would send me a signal and I would contact her through the sound system, to check up on her. I took the chance to warn her not to even think about killing herself because, if it succeeded, her father would pay the price what worked very well due to her reaction, even if they were in some sort of hate/love relationship and, if it failed, she would wake up in hell itself. Nevertheless, the medicine cabinet was locked with a password padlock.

She would have to push the button and convince me to give her the numbers if she wanted to poison herself. The less I worried about these kinds of things, more fun I'd have with her.

Saturday morning, after a good night of sleep and while I ate breakfast, I was spending a good time watching on my TV that cutest little thing, nude and locked up in my basement, using the small cabinet with food, the microwave and the mini fridge to make herself a breakfast, when I received a calling which I already expected.

"Hello." "Hi, Chace, good morning." Gabrielle sounded worried on the other side of the line. "Did I wake you?" "No, I was exercising. What gives me the pleasure of hearing your lovely voice so early in the morning?" "Nothing good, actually. I'm calling to tell you that Mr. Klavenko's daughter is missing," she informed me using that urgent and worried tone reserved for bad news. Show time. "Missing?" "Yes, she wasn't home when he got back from the meeting with you." "And who informed you that?" "Mr.

Klavenko himself. He probably thinks you can help him somehow." Gabrielle left the phrase unfinished on purpose. "And so do you, right?" I asked seriously. "I'm not pressuring you or something, you're my boss, but it would be. Good, you know." One date promise and she's already asking me to do things, who'd tell.

To her luck, or mine, I was already expecting to "help" him out. Maybe I could even take advantage of that. "Gabrielle, you know I do things expecting rewards, always." "Chace, the man lost his daughter." "I don't expect anything from him.

Do you remember that thing we did a day before New Year 's Eve?" In other words, do you remember the day I fucked that perfect round ass of yours? "You can't be serious." She was baffled, obviously taken by surprise. "Why, doesn't a good boy deserve a reward?

I'll help Klavenko as best as I can, then you think about it." "Geez, Chace." And her good-mood tone made it clear that I had won what I wanted. No better way to finish a date than fucking the most beautiful ass you had ever seen, right?

Before heading back to town, I used the sound system to tell Erica that I'd be meeting her again this afternoon and that she had the morning to herself.

It was all a big act, the way I talked to the chief of police and the desolated Mr. Klavenko. I'd be desolated too if I had lost the chance to look at that gorgeous petite body and those red and perfect little lips around my cock. Speaking of which, I'd certainly try her mouth today. Back to the acting, I answered all the questions made to me, conspicuously defining my alibi that I was on one of my warehouses solving a problem while the poor Klavenko's daughter was kidnapped.

I also told Klavenko that my resources were his to help him and that his job was secure no matter how much time this problem could take to be solved, even to spend some time with his daughter as soon as she's found what wasn't happening, of course.

Soon after that, I called Roy to check if everything was settled and when he gave me his positive, that we had no witnesses and that we had our personal into that, I called Gabrielle telling specifically what to do, which investigator to hire to help the police and how much money we should spend on publicity, trying to find the girl. She seemed really satisfied with me.

"Still busy, Chace?" She used her soft and sexy voice I knew so well, the tone that said 'Anything I say like this means you fucking me'. "Yeah babe. Family business. I'll make it up to you on Monday, I promise." I answered with mixed feelings.

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Part of me wanting to enjoy my win already, the other telling me to be confident that making her wait was for the best. Especially when I had a very pleasurable afternoon awaiting for me. "Ok, then. I'll miss you." She said awkwardly. That was completely new, Gabrielle expressing herself openly like that. However, as awkward as it sounded for me too, I said it back. "I'll miss you too, babe. See ya." On my way back to my little fortress, I couldn't stop thinking about her, so I stepped hard on the gas, making my Mercedes devour the road voraciously.

I had to bury myself on that young and tight little cunt as fast as I could, or I'd go back to Gabrielle so horny that I'd certainly screw up everything.

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Soon as I got there I ignored Bob, the guard, I ignored Beast and I just rushed into the house as fast as I could, turning on the camera system. She curled up on her bed yet. I turned on the sound system and put the girl to test: "Erica, I'm coming for you in fifteen minutes," she cringed, stood up and ran to the bathroom to open the mirror over the sink and take her pill.

Then she brushed her hair while sobbing, sprayed some perfume on her neck and after ten minutes had passed, she was already waiting near the door with her blindfold in hand.

When the fifteen minutes had passed my voice sounded loudly on the basement again, "To the door Erica." When I opened it, there she was; her back was turned to me, white skin glowing beneath the fluorescent lights, her silky dark brown hair falling in waves and covering her back entirely, almost reaching that small and heart shaped ass.

She trembled with her blindfold in place, her thighs close to each other and her arms crossed over her breasts. She was a little bent forward and trembling in fear. When I noticed that, my blood started to boil in my veins and I wanted to be inside her already. I walked slowly the three steps that separated us and then I hugged her from behind.

Erica's body shivered against mine and she cringed. "Shh. Calm down, babe. Relax your arms and rest your back on my chest." She took her time, struggling within herself to overcome her fear and follow my order. I didn't want to put too much pressure on her already, so I waited. Eventually she managed to stand erect and then Erika leaned her back on my chest, so I wrapped my arms around her, holding her from beneath her beautiful breasts.

She was terrified. "Slept well?" I asked. "N-no." She answered with her soft voice failing, a little hoarse for all that screaming yesterday. "Being honest. That's good." I sniffled her scent, the tip of my nose sliding up her neck, nuzzling, making her shiver.

"Is your little pussy sore?" She sighed and tilted her head, probably in shame, "Yes, i-it is." She was sobbing again. "Save your tears sweetheart, cause we are getting even rougher today." Erika cried even more.

I started groping her, first fondling her flat belly and then up to her pert breasts, which I squeezed and then pinched both her nipples, rejoicing on her shivers and her little whimpers. I slowly snaked one hand up to her neck and one hand down between her legs. I gripped on her throat at the same time I cupped her young pussy. She gasped and, when I started rubbing the mound of her young entrance with my fingers, circling around her clit, she tried to curl up, putting her hands on top of mine.

Her ass inadvertently rubbing my crotch. I tightened the grip on her throat, "Let go. This is my pussy now. You're mine and the faster you understand that, the faster you'll learn how to make things easier for you." I spread her lips so my index finger could sink into her pussy.

She gasped hard and stiffened all over, but her hands fell to her sides. I started moving my finger in and out of her, then I had to force in a second one, as her pussy wasn't nearly wet enough. It made her wince in pain. "Aaaugh!" She groaned and gasped, leaning back her head. Her little hand spread in tension, fingers apart and she arched her back as I gathered speed, finger fucking her. "Uh-Uh-Uh-Ah-Agh-Augh." Twenty seconds of this, her breathe fast and her groans getting longer and.

My fingers were getting wet. "Ooh. Look at this, you're getting wet for me!" I whispered on her ear, still moving inside of her, feeling her vaginal walls pressing my two fingers, when I suddenly took them off and reached for her mouth, "Here, suck them for me." She hesitantly opened her little mouth, her red and full lips shivering. I put my fingers in and she closed her mouth on them, sucking slowly and awkwardly, tears running down her cheeks, coughing from sobbing or from disgust, I couldn't say.

"Good girl, you're a good girl. See, we can understand each other. You've been doing it perfectly today and I'll reward you for that. I was going to fuck you as soon as I got here, as dry as you were. Now you are wet and ready for me." I said taking my fingers out of her mouth and, with my arms still wrapped around her, I carried her to bed. She was so easy to lift and I loved that, only enhanced the notion that I was ravaging something so delicate, so tender.

"Here, on your knees." I helped the blind girl get on all fours and then lay her upper body on the bed, butt in the air, crotch completely visible. "Okay, now spread your legs for me babe, don't hesitate." And she obeyed, slightly spreading her legs, "Open them more, baby girl." She sobbed loudly, but at the speed her shaking legs allowed, she spread enough for me to have a really good sight of her little cunt.

I was starting to think that I had enslaved the wrong girl. She was getting it already, being a total submissive, while I expected struggle and fight.

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Also, she was so absurdly beautiful, seemed so pristine, that it would be a shame to spoil that too soon. I knew that, as soon as I carried her to the chamber, it wouldn't matter how submissive she could be, I'd have my fun with her screaming any way. Kneeling behind her, I unzipped my pants and held my cock in hand, hard as a rock, and started rubbing its tip slowly on her pussy. Erica whimpered and trembled all over, but she kept her arms folded under her body and her head lying on the mattress.

I felt the little moist she was producing and I thought about the difference from yesterday, when she was absolutely dry and I was able to start humping her due to her virginal blood. Now she reacted to stimulation. I couldn't decide if it was good or bad news yet. However, when she felt the bulbous red head of my cock spreading her petals open again, Erika gasped and groaned with that hurt and hoarse but soft voice either way, I could see her little hands clawing the sheets as if her life depended on that.

"AAUGH!" Erika groaned loudly when I pushed the head and the first inch in, squeezing hardly through the initial resistance of her little pussy, then it slid more than halfway in at once and I could feel her hot and damn tight insides. Her opening squeezed me so much that she made me groan. "Ohh. Fuck, Erika. Your pussy is out of this world." Then she wailed, all of a sudden, her hoarse, broken voice failing, while I started fucking her damn tight young pussy; "Pl--se.

P-please. Aaah. Just try not to h-hurt me, I'm begging you. Ga-ahhh. I'm already y-yours. Don't h-rt me. Pl--se." Fuck, her crying, humiliated tone, made me even harder. She was admitting her submissiveness, my dominance over her, but imploring me to have pity on her.

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That was almost as good as struggling and fighting. Actually, that could be even better. I grabbed her by the hair, like a ponytail, close to her scalp, and yanked her head in a way I could partially see her face. Then I took it out slowly, her flesh trying to hold me in so tightly that she gasped when the head of my dick popped out of her.

I watched Erika relax a little bit, three seconds, just so I could thrust all I could inside of her again in a single pierce, her pink little entrance stretching all at once to accommodate my girth, letting only an inch out. The girl flinched and gasped a shrill sound, her face contorted in a soundless scream for a moment and her arms contracted, her clawed fingers pulling the sheet out of the bed.

Then I withdrew my member and roughly plunged it all into her again, mercilessly, until I felt there was no more room inside of her to fill. Actually, I felt like I had distended her insides a little, an inch or so too much for her, forcing the head of my cock against her cervix.

Then, she screamed. "AAAAAAAAAAAAUGH!! AAAAAUGH! O-OH GOD NOO! NOOOO!!!" I started pounding her fiercely, fucking roughly, never taking too much out of her pussy before shoving it completely in again. Erika went on screaming like crazy, at the same rhythm of my thrusting.

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"AAauGH-AAAUGH-GUuUH-GuaAAH-G-GODD-AAAaauGH!!!" She tried to escape the punishment by crawling up the bed, trying to avoid my dick from getting so deep inside of her. Nevertheless, I held her thin waist firmly, pounded deeply inside of her and then slapped her tiny little butt with all the strength I had, what made her contract her muscles at the same time as my dick punched the entrance of her womb.

"Don't move!!!" "YAAAAAAUUUUUGGGHHH!!" She gave me a last and long heart-wrenching scream, while the bloody red stamp of my hand appeared on her right butt cheek. After that, she could only utter guttural noises and broken, chocked groans, amidst her heaving respiration. I kept humping her, in and out of that tight little entrance, her pussy gripping me so tightly that I could see again its petals coming outside a little every time I moved out, just to plunge it in again. I was loving that, the way her tiny butt fitted on my hips every time her sweet little cunt swallowed me entirely.

Her pussy was hot and wet no matter what. Her tiny body completely contracted, rigid, while she endured my assault. Again, I couldn't hold it for too long, as her squeezing and soft insides gripping my dick like that made me crazy. I came inside of her a lot earlier than I'd like, I lot earlier than any other pussy would make me. "Aaaahhhhrrr. Fuck! Fuck!" I cummed like crazy, groaning loudly, while completely buried inside of her, still moving in and out slowly, still pushing it in deep.

They I laid on top of her back, letting my whole weight fall over her as I relieved myself directly into her womb. Letting it all go. Erica wasn't moving, just trembling. Her breath was irregular, heavy, and soft moans, hurtful moans, escaped her parted and trembling lips while she silently sobbed.

I rolled to the side to let her breathe and just looked at her, watched her stay in shock, in that numb and almost catatonic state, while I caressed her hair. The red printed mark of my hand vivid on her right pale butt cheek. She wasn't reacting to anything, any longer. That's what I was talking about.

That frail creature was mine to use, to savor her perfect little body. But she wasn't what I expected; I wasn't feeling how I expected.

I should to be fucking her ass right now, just after fucking her senseless. I was meant to spend the day using that beautiful little body of hers for any atrocity that came to mind. Torture her, stretch her, pierce her, use her tight little entrances until they were no more than gaping holes but, instead, I was there, lying on my side hearing her breathe and the way her moans lacked sound she had screamed her voice out.

I wouldn't be able to rape her to the point of waste her body, at least not for now. I couldn't figure why. I slid my thumb across her tear moist and lightly freckled cheeks, than outlined with my finger her trembling and full red lower lip.

She kept still, just breathing, trying to moan and trembling. I was thrilled for having her, but I wasn't fulfilled. I was starting to feel that couldn't be completely myself with her either, it would be wasteful to break her like that. I was trying to figure what to do, but before I made any decision about her I would try using the chamber, of course. Taking her in my arms, I unlocked and entered the solid wooden door to the right of the sex room, to my own dungeon.

The air there was cooler and the scent of wood and leather was all around the place. Crossing the polished wooden room, filled with devices, apparatus of all kinds, the St. Andrew's Cross on one side and a gibbet cage hanging from the ceiling at the other corner of the room, the pillory, the wooden horse my personal favorite and some others. I placed her over the central table, lying on her back and apparently she knew better not to move or try to get up, she just laid still and trembling, while I tied her spread eagled to the table using its corner rings to buckle her ankles and wrists, but I didn't spread her too wide.

I let it loose so she could be a little comfortable, for a change. Torture now wouldn't be related to pain, so as quickly as she got there, the more fun it would be for me. She sobbed softly and tried again, "Pl—se." But her voice failed at the middle of the word. "Don't tempt me little girl, just calm down and try to savor it, its the best advice I have for you," I said while noticing the little streaming line of cum and a little blood oozing from her tiny slit, its lips reddened and a little swollen.

I came for my clips, clamps, pegs and forceps drawer, resisting bravely from taking the clover clamps and taking two adjustable nipple clamps instead, then heading back to the table. Taking her right breast in my hand, I started mauling it, squeezing it tightly while deep in my thoughts. It was smooth, beautiful and delicate.

The thought that I could simply take a big needle and trespass it side to side, watching her agonize, started to flood my mind. But she tilted her face to me and groaned softly. I instantly knew why I declined from the idea in my mind. It was enough. To a girl like her, so young and so untouched, that was enough. The fact that she was so unexperienced and pristine would just add me some steps on the ladder, since what mattered to me was intensity.

Soon the impact of lighter stuff would fade and I would escalate. It would be a matter of time. Therefore, I finally decided that, even if I was marveled by the mere picture in my mind, of the effects that real punishment, real torture, would have on this girl, it wasn't time to push forward like that.

Erika couldn't be the target of my most primal urges yet, my inherent sadism or I would destroy that little girl and regret immensely losing such an awesome toy.

Seeing her trembling, the pink nub of her nipple hardening between my fingers and her freckled cheeks turning red, the little I could see of her face showing her agonizing expectation. She had potential to keep me entertained just from watching her experience simpler things and some hidden part of me, deep inside, wanted to let her get it; the chance to learn how to enjoy all of this.

While slowly attaching the not so tight clamp on her nipple and watching the girl gritting her teeth, listening to the hoarse and lovely groan she made, I decided two things: I would explore her further and differently while slowly breaking her, destroying her not yet found limits, but keeping her perfect little body as undamaged as I could. I'd find another one.

Another girl. One of those fully lived and attractive young women, one that would knew exactly what I was doing to her and how off-limits that would be. Then I'd have the reaction I wanted, a woman experiencing the extreme, the intended pain, knowing that I was breaking her as an option. Not some sort of angel-like creature learning sex to be like this.

"W-What." Erika asked with her broken voice when she felt the pinch in her nipple, back to the shivering that was lost for a few minutes. "Just a nipple clamp," I said massaging her other breast while I admired her reaction, her mouth slightly open, her trembling, the way her chest moved while she breathe. It was beautiful to watch. "Be honest, it's not hurting that bad, is it?" She took a moment, taking a deep breath, then answering with her failing voice, "N- it s not." "Good girl.

Keep being honest with me and we will get along just fine," I said while closing the second clamp, now on her left nipple. "A-Ah." Erica groaned softly soon as the clamp pinched her pink nub, while I leaned over her, bending my face really close to hers, enough to kiss.

"I'm being really nice to you, you know. I could be using a clamp that would make you lose your mind as soon as its teeth sunk on your nipples." "---nks. Thanks." She whispered and the first word didn't completely came out, then she struggled to make the second one sound clearly, rising her tone for it. I could notice that she was being honest; she was really thanking me, as I didn't ask her anything. I changed my mind again.

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I would not torture her now, even if it was a light torture. Erica needed to know about pleasure. She needed to know of those things that made we all act like animals, "Girl, did you ever had an orgasm?" I asked her.

"I—I d-n't know," she whispered, a little afraid, a little insecure. I'd bet she wondered where I was going with this and it was understandable. "You don't know what an orgasm is?" I asked grinning and she hesitantly shook her head. Holy fuck, that was awesome. "I'll introduce you to it. Right now. And you can thank me later." After I said that I headed to the toy drawer, taking a pot of lube, the yellow dildo, a 6" vibrator with a medium girth, the most reasonable one I had, and the Hitachi wand.

When I came back I caressed her white porcelain thighs and delighted myself on the sight of her shivering, she was so fucking sensitive! "An orgasm is the apex of sex. The higher point.


That point when I normally burst inside of you. You can feel that way too," I was saying while lubing the dildo and grinning, watching her pay attention to what I was saying, her face turned to me even if she couldn't see me. "I'll insert something in you. You don't have to worry, I'll not hurt you, so you can relax. When I'm going to hurt you, I'll tell you, so you can trust me." "Ok," she whispered, and it sounded like she was consenting it.

Something that would have made me furious, as I was in charge there, but instead, my dick throbbed hard. Rubbing the tip of the yellow dildo on her violated tiny slit, I rejoiced a little on her squirming, her pelvis tilting down as an unaware mechanism to try to avoid the pain. I put my hand on her lower belly to make her still and slowly inserted the dildo, watching the pink lips of her pussy resist, then stretch and swallow the toy. "Urgh!." She gasped in a lovely way, as startled as always, and gave me two or three more moans as I pushed it slowly in, moving back and forth gently.

Even being fucked roughly for two days in a row, she still had the most beautiful little pussy I had ever seen. When I carefully inserted the last inch of it inside her, she winced and whimpered, expecting that I would push it deeper inside and end up touching her cervix, I'd bet on that.

I went on and let only a small bit of it out to handle it. The yellow one was short, it wouldn't hurt her the way my dick did, so I removed my hand from her belly and I kept moving it in and out for a while, showing her that even if it was deeply buried inside of her, I wasn't passing that point. "O-Ohh." Erica moaned. She moaned! An ashamed, but lovely, little moan. Like she had forgotten where she was for a brief moment. I tried not to fix my thoughts on that little detail and turned the vibrator on.

Erica gasped in surprise and squirmed in her restraints. "Does it feel bad?" I asked her, maliciously. "N-No it fe-ls awkward," she said panting, her head tilting forward and her little hands closed in fists. "You'll get used to it eventually. Actually, if you're able to relax, you'll start to love it.

But I'll push you a little. Hold tight because that will be really intense," I said turning on the Hitachi wand and spreading the upper part of her pussy a little, where I could finally get a good view of that little and swollen pink nub.

I bent myself and kissed it then sucked on it. "W-What!? Augh! Ahhh." Erica groaned and squirmed, surprised by my mouth down there, but nothing compared to her reaction when I pressed the bulbous and vibrating head of the Hitachi wand on her tiny little clit. "AAAA----!!!" Seconds later she started what would have been a big, sharp and loud groan, but her throat failed and her mouth just formed a silent scream, her body tensing up.

Until I started to move it, rubbing and pressing it hard against her most sensitive spot, the other vibrator also buzzing inside of her. "Guuuuh! O-Oh m--- Argh!" She managed to shriek and struggle within her restraints. As I had let the buckles loose, comfortable, her struggle was making my life difficult.

So I decided to test her. Test how submissive and how disciplined she could be, wishing that I was wrong and that she was just a common girl that would lost herself in that sweet agony and I could punish her, maybe leaving another big red mark or tightening the clamps. But at the same time I wished I was right and that she could prove herself to be different.

Wishing that Klavenko had screwed her up so badly that he turned her into a luxury puppet, that she would simply listen to me saying "Stop squirming" while having her recently deflowered pussy assaulted by two vibrators, one in high speed being rubbed, pressed, right on her clit and just stop. .And she did. She laid her back on the table, her delicate body stirred and almost convulsing but no more thrashing.

Her heavy breath and her incoming convulsions making her clamped breasts bounce, her little hands closed tightly, her toes curling in tension. I held her nape and kissed her forehead, "Come sweetheart, come for your master" I said holding her head on my shoulder and rubbing the Hitachi wand up and down, up and down over her little clit, until her fast and forced first orgasm struck her, starting to make her have strong spasms and gasp furiously.

"Guuh! Uhhhh! HUUUH! UUUUUUGH!!" She came violently, forcing her beautiful face on my shoulder, her legs shaking and her pelvis rocking frantically, trying to escape the vibrator. I switched the Hitachi off then the yellow vibrator, but leaving it inside of her. She relaxed, trying to recover her breath while I caressed her hair.

"So, how was it?" I asked after giving her a moment to come back to earth. She turned her blushing and moist face to me, following the sound of my voice, like she was trying to look at me, forgetting about the blindfold "I. I d-did--" Erica tried to answer but she was completely voiceless now. "It's ok, babe. You don't need to talk. Did you like it?" She shyly nodded and I kissed her in the mouth. She reacted awkwardly, obviously not knowing what to do and I had patience, moving my lips over hers and forcing passage with my tongue to her mouth, while stroking the hair of her forehead.

Soon she understood what I expected from her and she opened her mouth, leaving me free to explore, what I did avidly. Then I stopped for a moment, "Follow my lead, learn how it is done." I said and kissed her again. Erica tried to mimic my movements, slowly getting rhythm and when she started to relax, I slowly started to pull the yellow dildo out of her.

"Muuugh." She groaned in my mouth and stopped kissing. "Don't stop, little girl. Keep kissing or I'll make you come again." That was a real threat, judging by the way she looked tired. She wouldn't want that. I went back to kissing her while she did the same, trying to ignore me slowly moving the dildo in and out her sensitized pussy, bit-by-bit taking it out of her. She resisted bravely and it looked like she was starting to enjoy kissing me, even though she was clearly exhausted.

I kept it that way for a while. Suddenly I took the clamp off her right nipple. "Huuuuh!" She groaned inside my mouth but, trembling, did her best to keep kissing.

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Just to fail miserably when I took her reddened nipple between my thumb and my index finger and started softly pinching it, twisting it. "HHHHMMMMMMGGGHHH!" She groaned, and stopped kissing, gasping when she noticed that I was pulling the clamp out of her left nipple.


I tried to kiss her again at the exact moment it roughly and slowly slipped off her nipple. She cringed and cried and, between her sobs, I could see that she tried to say "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." "It's ok, babe," I answered, "You're safe now, no more hurting today, only pleasure." When I pressed the Hitachi on her clit again and turned it on, she shuddered and tensed like she had received a shock.

At first she begged for mercy, mumbling things. "N-Ah. Ah-Ah. Au-urr.Ooouuhhh. P-Pl-ase! P-Pleas-N-o-- Guuuurrrr! GGGGUUUUH!PLEEEA-PLEEEAAASE!!! GUUUUUHHH!" But soon she was engulfed in a series of intense orgasms that would let me mesmerized enough to lose reason. I stopped for only 15 seconds while plunging the yellow dildo back in her soaked little pussy again and then restarted what was the most beautiful torture session of my life. That little petite body struggling, thrashing, agonizing in that non-stop wave of pleasure that was making her crazy.

She cringed, and then arched her back; always groaning loudly with what was left of her voice and no understandable word was uttered anymore. I enjoyed it all, using one hand to keep massaging her clit with the Hitachi wand while the other explored her, sometimes playing with her nipples, sometimes caressing her tear and drool wet face or holding her neck tightly and feeling her furious breathe. Her veins pulsating as if they were going to explode. At the second orgasm session, while coming for what I thought to be the fourth time in a row, she stopped breathing.

That caught me by surprise and, for the first time in a long, long time, I panicked. First I tried calling her, ordering her to calm down and breathe, it was useless.

Then I slapped her face, in a vain attempt of trying to get her back to her senses. It didn't work, she continued stretched there, her fingers and toes curled up and having a sequence of rough spasms. I threw the Hitachi away, took the yellow vibrator out of her soaked pussy and I shook her by the shoulders.

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I've already heard about girls dying this way. I couldn't even know if her eyes where open or closed, fuck! I removed the blindfold, seeing her beautiful face again after three days. Her eyes were closed. I removed the blindfold, seeing her beautiful face again in full after three days. Her eyes were closed.

"C'mon, stop that, girl!" I slapped her again vainly. I rushed to undo her restraints and took her in my lap feeling her body getting limp, yet she wasn't breathing.

I was starting to think that she just had a heart attack. "C'mon little girl, don't die," I whispered on her ear. Her pulse was getting slower, weaker. That was it, I had achieved what I needed at the beginning of this all, I had succumbed to my darkest side, ignored all the signs her body was giving me and I had killed her. Idiot. Maybe it wasn't too late for CPR. When I laid her on the table again, ready to try that last resort. She breathed. In a weak and almost imperceptive way, but she was breathing.

I sat on the table and took her in my arms again, holding her tight, caressing her back and snuggling her face on my neck.

Fuck, that was close. Erica left the table unconscious that night, after coming several times and letting a little pool of her juices on the table. She almost died in my hands, but she had achieved something that night that saved her life. She made the impossible, she made me pity her, for the broken, unconfident and submissive girl she was raised to be. She made me notice that even if I had her for only two days now, I'd miss her.

I wanted to have a girl in every way possible and although I couldn't be the sadistic beast I wanted to be, I was starting to think that she was the nearest possible of a girl that could make me really happy, really fulfilled. Almost losing Erica opened my eyes to what I really wanted and, at that moment, I wanted that little girl trembling and passed out in my lap.


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