Man fuck cure twink free video and gay black boys young have sex Sexy

Man fuck cure twink free video and gay black boys young have sex Sexy
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As I have already written before, I have been very lucky to have met some great guys who loved to fuck and fist me, after chatting to someone the other day, reminded me of a couple of guys I met some time ago.

Dave lived alone, and I met him one night, he was some 20 years younger than me and well built, once naked his cock was a good 8 inch's with a slight bend in it.

He loved fucking me doggy and in all kinds of weird positions, which suited me well, then with little effort his fist slid in and I again enjoyed a great anal orgasm, after some 3 hours of good fun, he rewarded me with a nice bum full of his juicy cum, as I left he asked when could we meet again, asap was my reply.

During the week I spoke to another guy Rod, who also wanted to meet and was available only on the same night I was going to see Dave again, a phone call later and a 3 some was set up at Dave's place. I was running a few minutes late, seeing Rod for the first time with Dave was a nice surprise, he also was some 10 years younger than me, and good looking, as my mouth devoured Dave's cock, Rod got the idea I was keen to play, soon we all stripped and the fun began.

Going from one cock to the other, my mouth found a difference between them, Dave's 8 inches long and bent, Rod's nearly as long but straight, maybe a bit thicker, but both good cocks, so with little fuzz, I slid Dave's willing cock in my warm brown hole, for the beginning of a great nights fun, with a sniff of my poppers, the first of many anal orgasm raced thought my body, as Rod cock filled my mouth, Dave happy to fuck me for some 15 minutes or more, before offering my arse to Rod to fuck, my mouth swallowing Dave's cock while he rested.

Rod then also took his time fucking me fast for some time, then returning his cock to my mouth while Dave took his place fucking me, each guys cock was slightly different, the angles speed and how it hit my g spot all added to a great fuck, not once did they slow down, fucking flat out, then swapping ends, my butt now becoming super sensitive, as anal orgasms ripped though me.

It was probably an hour and half later when they slowed a bit, both needing to rest, so with little fuss, I got them to lay legs entwined, cocks together and slid them both in deep, riding them for some time, before Dave wanted more, as I slipped of their cock's, Dave's fist found my wet hole and went right in, Rod in awe as Dave fisted me deep, then I told Dave to push his cock in with his fist, Rod let out a low moan of disbelief, as Dave began to enter my tight butt.

Both now fully home Dave once more fucked me.

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Rod's cock was hard, so I told Dave to let him take his place fucking me, while he left his fist in and wank Rod inside me. Rod slowly eased his cock in, Dave playing with him inside my arse, as both began to enjoy their new found fun, I loved the feeling as they stayed inside me for some time, and then Dave came around once more filling my mouth with his cock as Rod began to fuck harder and faster than before.

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It was nearly 3 hours before Rod's cock began to swell inside my well used butt and his cum shot out, filling me to over flowing, Dave watched as Rod's cock slipped out, and I swung around sucking him dry, my butt filled with man meat as Dave began his final fuck for the night, I was still sucking Rod's cock dry when once more I felt the warmth of Dave's sticky white cum fill my butt, he loved leaving his cock in me until he went soft, then as he pulled out, My mouth once more enjoyed the taste of cum and anal juices.

Both guys wanted to meet again, so a meet for the following Friday night was set up, I went home happy and just a bit sore, but looking forward to next week. As planned on Friday, I arrived around 7 pm, both guys naked and sucking one another cocks in a 69, my clothes hit the floor before the door shut, and the fun began.

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Much like the last time, both guys tag teamed me, fucking me flat out, and then swapping ends to rest, while I sucked them, also like before both cocks gave me a different feeling, as my anal orgasms rang out. I was in bliss as the guys fucked then fisted me endlessly for another 2 hours. Then with Dave lying down and Rod behind, they dP me but this time they were in control, my butt took both cocks fully.

They worked together, fucking & fisting, either with a fist and cock in me or their fist and the others cock. Either way was great, as my hole was expanded fully between them. At one time I was lying on Rod's cock, when Dave fisted me from behind with him, I kept them busy.

Not slowing at all, several times, I got them to dp me; I love the cock on cock feeling inside my tight butt.

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Both guys stayed hard as my mouth or butt took them, then Rod blew a nice hot load in me, but with some mouth work, his cock grew to full size once more and he set about fucking my butt, Dave had stayed hard, and both continued to tag team me for an hour or more again. As time went on, and they had fully used my butt and mouth, they set about filling my arse with cum, with Rod under me; Dave shoved his cock in deep, both working up a good speed as their orgasm began.


It was so nice feeling them set one another off, knowing I had taken 3 loads of hot cum from these guys and kept them happy for some 4 hours or more was a great way to end the night. I must admit, on the drive home my butt was still tingling, and gave me some great feelings, but when I went to bed, and told my wife about the nights fun, and she told me about her fun with her lover too, she had met him at the motel they used often, this week she too had been gangbanged again by him and his mates, 7 or 8 guys at least she reckoned.


we carried on fucking for another hour or so, her arse taking my cum, then she fucked me with my 12 inch dildo, setting of heaps of anal orgasms for me, I'm always super hory when she tells me about her group fucks.

We lay talking, but I had to go and sit in our pool for a few minutes to cool my arse off and stop the tingling, so I could get off to sleep.

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Sue laughed as I got back into bed, saying, how I was such an anal slut. No arguments from me,