Lonely horny babe searches for pleasure

Lonely horny babe searches for pleasure
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I was fascinated by a girl at school, she was 16 and had this dog called Randy. She always seemed to stay a bit aloof from most us other girls but I just liked the look of her as she had something about her that fascinated me. The others said she was a snob.

I tried hard to make friends and after a while she warmed to me and we became a friend of sorts. One day we were sitting on a park bench just chatting and her dog came up to me and put his muzzle under my skirt and between my legs and sniffed me and seemed to like what he could smell. I sort of put on a bit of an act and said naughty dog, I am not a puppy. Sandra said I am sorry he does that and it embarrasses me.

He even sniffs boys crutches. I said I was flattered, fancy a dog doing that, pity it wasn't a boy. She said it is a boy dog. I giggled and said I wonder what he was thinking.


She said he likes the smell of us. I have to watch out if we are out because he likes to do it to me and other girls. It can be a bit embarrassing. If he is about and I am in my bedroom getting dressed he wants to lick me there.

I said fantastic, do you ever let him. She said are you serious, would you let him. I said there are some days I would let it do more than that. I said I have seen things on the net where girls let a dog do things to them.

She said is that true. I said I can give you the addresses if you like not only dogs but donkeys and horses too. She said do you like looking at that stuff. I said sometimes. She said I wouldn't mind. On the way home we called at her place and I showed her the sights on the net and she was really fascinated. After a while she said have you ever done anything with a boy.

I said twice. Did you like it she asked. The first time was a bit painful but I ended up having fun and the second time was fantastic, I knew what to do and what to expect then. I said how about you. She said can you keep a secret. I said for sure. She said I havnt had any experiences with boys, but Randy has licked me a few times and I have tried to get him to have sex with me but I couldn't get his cock into me, I tried it in my bum but it wouldn't go.

I said how cool. She said I have masturbated him a few times and made him cum and he loves me doing that and just lays there and lets me. Then she said hang on a minute. She went to the door and called Randy and he came to her immediately. His tail was wagging madly and she said he thinks he is going to get something. You wanted him to sniff you, would you let him now. I said sure, and I lifted my skirt and he put his muzzle next to me and sniffed my pants and wagged his tail even harder.

I said can I see if he will lick me. Hell she said you work fast. If you want to. I slipped my pants down and Sandra looked at me and said you shave do you.

I said the boys like it like this. Then Randy was getting excited and he came over to me and sniffed and immediately licked me there. It felt awesome. His rough tongue was licking all the wetness off my slit, and there was plenty there as I had got wet in the park and even more so looking at the girls and the animals on the PC. I opened my legs even further to let him have a real go at me. He stopped for a moment and looked at Sandra as if to say am I ok doing this.

She said he is enjoying that, how about you. I said it is unreal; I couldn't imagine enjoying it as much as I am. Boys lick me but it never like this.

This is far better. Then I said show me how to masturbate him and I will have a go. She got him and rolled him over, but I think he was more interested in licking me but as soon as she started to wank him he lay back and let her. His cock was longer than I imagined and then there was this big bilge at the end of it.

I said what is that.

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She said its his knot, when he fucks another dog that goes in to her and stops his cum from leaking out of the bitch. They stay like that for a while before it subsides and he takes it out. It can be quite funny because after he cums she wants to get him out and he cant and they hop around joined up, it looks funny.

I asked her how do you get dogs for him to fuck. She said a dog can smell another dog on heat for miles and they all go and see if they can fuck her. There is a bitch dog a couple of blocks away and Randy know when she is on heat from here. If she can get out she had four or five male dogs do her one after the other.


Like a gang bang. When a dogs on heat evidently every dog around knows. I don't know who the father of the dogs are afterwards, they get rid of them. I said shit when I am ovulating that is the time I want it most too, but it's the time I wont do it. I don't want to get pregnant, even though I am on the pill. She said are you does it make a difference. It stops me getting pregnant but I have only done it twice so I am still a bit careful.

By now Randy was enjoying me wanking him and after a few minutes he came and his cum spurted out all over my hand and his tummy, it was just like boys cum only lots more of it. I let go when it had all come out and said where can I wash my hands as they were covered in dog cum. It also smelled stronger than boys cum.

By the time I got back Randy was finishing licking all the cum off him and the floor. He was licking up his own cum. Sandra says that's the best bit I don't have to clean up after he cums. After that he seemed happy and I was still walking around with no pants on and I lifted my skirt and he came and sniffed and licked all my cunt juice off me that I made while I wanked him.

When it was all gone he stopped and left. Sandra said that was fantastic, I never realise other girls would do that, it was great. You will have to come over again. I said I would like that maybe we can get him to fuck us. Sandra said would you. I said I would try. Great she said, maybe in a day or so.

I said you give me the word and I will be over, tell me at school and we can come here straight afterwards. Three days later Sandra said can you come over this afternoon, I will have the house to myself until 9. The two of walked together to her house and when we got there Randy welcomed me like and old friend, he had no idea what he was in for two girls to fuck. Sandra was excited and said who wants to be first.

I said I will- you know what to do and can help him and me get it in. I want it in my cunt not my bum. She said lets see what we can do. Randy was going from her to me sniffing our cunts. We both took our bottoms off, she said leave the tops on because his paws may scratch us, She said I tried it once in the nude and he scratched my back trying to get his cock up my bum. I bent down on all fours now I know why its called doggy when I do this with boys.

Sandra led him to me and I had to laugh, she put socks on his feet so he wouldn't scratch us. She got got him on my back with his front legs around my waist. His cock was hanging down and she held it and put it right next to my cunt and Randy did the rest, he knew what to do and he gripped me with his legs around my waist and pushed his cock into me and with a bit of help from Sandra and it went into me.

He started straight away, I could not believe it, I was being fucked by a dog and I could feel his paws around my waist and him pumping his cock into me.

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It felt better than a boy and he was going really fast. Then I could feel this thing against my cunt and he wiggled and pushed and suddenly there was this big bulge inside me he had got his knot into me somehow.

Sandra was watching and said I don't know how he does it but it just went in. Once it was in it seemed to grow and get really tight but he still kept fucking me with it in there but it didn't seem to move like his cock did. I could feel his cock really fucking me the head of his cock is really pointed not like a boy, and I could really feel that really working up and down the walls of my cunt.

I was enjoying it but he was pretty vigorous in the way he was fucking me. He wasn't a big dog but he had a lot of strength as he fucked me. He really pushed himself into me hard and his knot thing stopped him coming out when he came back before pushing into me again.

He had his back legs on carpet so he got plenty of push when he went in. He had his front paws around my waist and he was grabbing me with them.

I was surprised how fast he fucked me too, much faster than boys. It even felt good it was so big in me. Another thing was his hair I could feel his hair sort of all rough on my bum as he fucked me.

Possibly the fact his knot was inside me too made it feel like I had a huge thing in me. He fucked me for quite a few minutes my guess was about 5 minutes, maybe less, but I was getting exhausted because he was pushing and going so hard and fast and with his knot inside me and he was rocking me and I was getting tired as I had to push back all the time to keep him inside me. I learned later I needn't of bothered.

Then he slowed down and sort of growled and I could feel this huge flood of his cum inside me. Sandra said he is cumming I can tell by the way he is holding his head and he ahas slowed down.

I didn't need to be told he was cumming in me. There was far more cum than any boy had ever put in me and with the knot in me it couldn't get out and I could feel my insides filling up with his cum. It was a weird feeling. He whined a bit like somebody moaning he had enjoyed fucking me evidently. I thought now he has cum he will pull out of me.

He didn't he just kept everything inside me. Then he began to try and pull out of me and every time he did it pulled my whole body back. His knot couldn't come out of me. I could really feel the size of his knot inside me now and being all swollen it was stopping it from coming out. He just hung onto me but didn't pump his cock he just held me with his front legs and tried to push back.

I decided it was all I wanted and tried to move off him. He wasn't going to let me and each time I moved forward so did he and it seemed that his cock or the knot was jammed inside me.

Sandra said you will have to wait until it softens up a bit. I have heard that when they fuck another dog the knot keeps the cum in the bitch until it gets into her properly and makes her pregnant. I said shit how long does it take. She said I don't know I have never done it yet. I have just heard that you cant get it out until the dog is ready.

I stopped moving and just knelt there. It was strange; I could feel his body on my back and his hair against my bare bum.

It was a bit rough and tickling a bit. Sandra was watching and said I hope its not too much longer I want him to fuck me too you looked fantastic doing it with him. I was just beginning to worry about how long he had been inside me and suddenly it popped out and I could feel this flood of his cum running down my legs as his cock came out. There was cum everywhere it was dripping out of me and making a puddle on the floor.

Then Randy came around and began to lick it up like he did before. I stood up and more cum flowed out of me and down my legs. I said shit he must have cum a bucket full in me I have never seen so much cum. Sandra was fascinated and said how did you like it, was it as good as with boys.

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I said it was unlike anything I have ever experienced, not like boys and not like anything I have put inside me. I have put bigger things than his cock up me but nothing as big as his knot. It was weird, I sort of like it, but I am not sure. I don't know if I would be in a hurry to do it again. Sandra said well I want to now, I wonder how long he will take.

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I said why not get down and see what he does. She got down on all fours and called him and he sniffed her cunt and climbed up on her like he did with me. I helped her and the dog get themselves positioned and held his cock and guided it into her.

He did exactly the same to her as he did to me. He fucked her for a minute then I saw him doing what he did to me, he wriggled and pushed and suddenly the knot was inside her. It happened so fast I nearly missed it going in. Sandra said shit I know what you mean his knot feels huge in there.

But I can still feel his cock fucking me like you, I can feel the head of it slipping up and down, it feels big too. I don't know what a boy feels like but his is bigger than most of the boys cocks I have seen. I said well I have had two cocks in me and they didn't seem to be as big as Randys. It is the knot that was really big, how about you. She said it feels huge and like you, his cock is fucking me and the knot is just sort of jammed just inside me.

Randy was fucking her almost exactly as he fucked me. It took him a bit longer than it took him to cum with me but Sandra seemed to be enjoying it a bit more than me and it wasn't as uncomfortable in her as it was in me it seemed.

She was certainly enjoying being fucked by her dog. The he growled and I could tell by looking at his head he was cumming, it was like the boys when they cum. He did the same and filled her with cum and waited with his knot firmly in her cunt. He didn't move and neither did she, she was telling me how it felt and how she could feel his hot cum filling her insides and the knot stopping it coming out.

He didn't seem to take as long this time, but I had been anxious about it not coming out and it may have seemed longer but Sandra was happy to wait for him to pull it out. Then the same thing happened, he pulled the knot and his cock out and a gush of doggy cum flooded out of her and down her legs onto the floor. Oh Christ she said that was good, it was my first doggy fuck too. I will do that again any time I can with him, I loved it.

Randy didn't lick it up immediately but waited for a while and then started to. I said did you cum, it didn't look like it. She said no I was enjoying the sensation that much I didn't think about it really. Next time I will try and see if I can, how about you she asked me. I said no, I was getting worried about how big his knot was and how tight it was inside me, I didn't give cumming much thought, I was just letting him fuck me and experiencing the fact I was being fucked by a dog.

I liked it but I would only say it was 6 out of 10 as far as fucking was concerned. Maybe next time when I know what is going to happen I might enjoy it more. You don't get fucked by a dog every day and that knot inside you feels weird. Maybe next time I might cum and that will make a difference. Sandra said did you cum when you were fucked by the boys. I said the first time no the second time yes. But I did it twice with the second guy and it was on the second time I did, because he lasted longer.

Sandra said well I want to try next time and see what its like. I said if its ok I want to try again too. I liked it but I think in future I might like it more now I know what to expect. Sandra said I think we should clean up I don't know about you but I stink and I am a mess. I said me too. Sandra said undress and we can have a shower. The both of us were naked and I said she had nice tits. We got into the shower together and she asked me if I would like to soap her up.

I did and rubbed my soapy hands all over her and slipped a finger into her cunt and said I was washing her out, but in fact I wanted to finger her cunt and let her know that was something else I wouldn't mind doing with her, like fingering her off.

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I also played with her tits as they are a bit bigger than mine. Then she did the same for me and fingered me also and asked me if I liked it. I responded by kissing her.

She resisted a bit at first then we hugged our bodies together and kissed like lovers. After we had finished pashing, I said I wouldn't mind taking that a bit further next time. She said me either. Next time we can play together and then let Randy fuck us again. I said I think I would enjoy that. She said I am sure we will we kissed again and then got dressed and Randy by now had finished licking up his cum that had come out of us and licked his cock and balls clean. Here were two very satisfied people and one satisfied dog, well he seemed to be.

That was the beginning of a very happy relationship between two girls and one dog that we both shared. Sandra had him fuck her a lot more than me as she had him at home. I did it with Randy about once or twice a week. Sandra and I had a lot of girl/girl sex together apart from Randy as we could get together in places we couldn't do it with her dog and enjoy having girl sex together. She was a very good and willing partner. We never had boys while we had each other and Randy.

I dont think Randy was true to us - I had a feeling he still liked female dogs too.