Kinky home porn with homosexual studs

Kinky home porn with homosexual studs
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I woke up, checked the clock. 3:00 am. Suddenly everything came rolling back to me, being locked up in the school reading the note, all leading up to my encounter with nacarssa and camellia. I looked around, the girls clothes were all still there! They were running around somewhere completely naked!

But surprising that didn't turn me on, at least not physically, guess the darn thing was still a little worn out. i looked around some more, and couldn't find my clothes!


I cant believe it, the girls took them, they were going to make me go around naked! I quickly stood up, and walked over to a note on the door, it read " cum find us!" Great, playing naked hide and seek with two girls, except i have to be naked too.

I didn't really enjoy being naked, these girls were just toying with me. As walked along the lockers i really couldn't believe what had happened to me, i really didn't see it coming, despite the sighs. I saw that nacarssas locker was still open i looked at the note again there were parts that i hadn't read yet the next line read " i know!


God if i ever get the chance, i will at least give him a blojob! "just a blowjob? I would have sex with him so many times my pussy would over flow!" ( which it did ) i put the note back and continued walking, i stopped and went into the principles office to search for them, but all i found was a paper, it read "at the end of second quarter, this school is to be closed indefinitely, demolition will not be preformed, instead, in two years the school will be up for sale to any school district, or even businesses." i couldn't believe this either!

Now i get to live my life having sex with two girls for two years! As i walked out of the principles office, i stopped. I saw the huge rack, the always uncombed, long hair of camellia, she gave a naughty smile, and quickly ran around the corner. I ran after her but as soon as i looked around the corner, she was gone.

I had to think for a moment, what is the sexyest place in the school that they would go? And then it hit me, i was staring right at it, sex ed. I ran over and peaked in the window, and i was shocked there were two more girls in there and they were all having an orgy! I recognized them, it was jackie and savanna. Jackie was black and had long scraggily black hair, and had a face that even with a blank expression seemed to be begging While it said " fuck me".

Savanna savanna had red, smooth, long hair and a cute face that was always smiling and covered with freckles, even now she was smiling, but a naughty smile that said " i want you cum and i want it now!"jackie was in the center, they were all lying on the floor,she was fingering nacarrsa on the side while she eat camellias pussy, and she was scissoring with nacarssa I have to admit the whole interracial lesbian orgy was really turning me on.

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Wondering weather or not that made me raccist or not ( please dont comment about that) some Thing else turned me on even more, the thought of me having interracial sex with four girls. ( dont comment about that either) I quickly opened the door and was met by four naughty smiles.

" hey jack, we found these two lesbos kissing in here" said camellia they all giggled. They all stood up and walked over, we were all standing up and they were hudled around me and were kissing me, they seemed to want it slow this time.

(apparently so did some of the readers who commented) i knew savanna was sex crazy, she was always the one to start talking about sex in class.

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The lips of ther pussy were still closed but were being intentshaly being rubbed against the base of my cock. still taking it slow, i kissed girl after girl on the forehead and rubbed savannas boobs around, we did this for several more minites. Before the sex crazy savanna, forced my cock in her pussy she slowly rubbed it back and forth, up and down it really slow she didnt get faster just kept the same gradual speed.


Savanna lifted her head and kissed me on the mouth and began a feirce battle Between our tongues. Savanna was tired of this apparently, because she started slowly geting faster and faster. Jackie and nacarrsa were kissing her boobs, still hudled around me, camellia started rubbing her boobs up and down my back, besides me, savanna seemed to be the center of attention.

Savanna had just had enough, she jumped in speed and was kissing my chest, camellia sat down and started licking my ass.

Nacarssa and jackie were kissing my cheeks, the ones on my face, my butt cheeks are for camellia, she was kissing them so hard i bet she would fight over them. Camellia got a little mad and forced all the girls to rotate to she was in front of me.

She didnt get any cock last time and if she didnt get any this time she would probly just push all the others away she did the same as savanna Just not as fast, savanna had wide and feirce hips.

She would have sex again and again.

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But when camellia kissed me it was Magical. For an 30 minutes we kissed and rotated, all the girls got Some cum.

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All there pussys over flowed with cum, i lost count of how many positions we were in. Savanna shouted i love you over and over again, i didn't really phase me i climaxed both on and in her over 12 times, she was the most sex hungry girl of the all. This time we didn't pass out.

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Instead we all went into the girls shower room. There was some kissing, but no real sex. Me and savanna went to check on how much food was in the freezer, while jackie, nacarssa, and camellia spent there time vandalizing the whole school running around naked, savanna was so persistent to come along, i think she wanted a "private"session.

I used the all access key to open the freezer door, and we were quickly met with a breeze of cold air. We walked through the freezer there was "racks" of food. " there most be three years of food down here" " hey savanna, while we were, you know, you kept saying i love you" she gave me a smile " well maybe i do." i had always like the three of them nacarssa, camellia, and savanna.

I used to like jackie but i found out she didnt like me; liking a lot of different girls gives me a wide field of oppertunity. If it had to be savanna shes just as good as any of them.

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" well mabye i like you too" i said " well mabye i really want to kiss you" " and mabye i want to kiss you too" In one swift motion, i backed up against the wall and she pushed me against it. We kissed and kissed for what seemed like hours, she started pressing her waist against mine in a rapid motion, i almost cumed right there.

Soon she Was undoing my belt and had started doing me she sucked Slowly and then started speeding up. I couldnt belive how hard it was for me to cum, Savanna has such a sexy way of doing everything, especially me. Right as i was about to cum she took my cock out pointed at her boobs and looked up and gave me a naughty smile, and then, you guessed it, release. We cleaned up, and walked down the hall sharing few laughs. We soon found the rest, they had decided to put on some cloths, except only their panties.

They ran around boobs bouncing in the air. Hard to believe that im going to spend the next two years having sex with four girls. The next few hours We went around vandillizeing everything in our path.

Anyone else who comes in here is going have a tough time finding something of there own to write, and theres not even any space. Thanks for reading, in a day or so im going to post part 3 After that i will be referring to the parts as days And will be skipping a few days at a time.also sorry about the tital mix up i wasnt planning for two more girls in the story

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