Heather Deep gets creampie on quad in river jungle Trailer

Heather Deep gets creampie on quad in river jungle Trailer
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My name is Mark, 32, Light-Weight, Tan and muscular. My daughter Lilly, God.Just the thought of her makes me wanna shoot my load. She's beautiful.Perky breasts.tiny round ass.Might i add; she's 15. "Daddy." She says, interrupting my thoughts. "Can I go to the mall with my friends?" She continued standing straight up, hands behind her back if as a well-mannered child.

"Sure Sweetie, Be back at 7" "Thanks Daddy!" She squealed running off to the living room "And bring your phone i case I need to call you!" I yelled making sure she heard me. I sighed going back into my dream trance. I got up and went to the kitchen, Right as I was about to get a cup of coffee I heard a loud moan come from Lilly's room. I went to go "investigate." Oh My Lord, You wouldn't believe what i saw. Just on her TV I saw a guy pounding his massive dick inside some girl who looked to be 15.

I quickly took the DVD out and read the title. It read: "Fucking My Hot Daughter, Edition 3" Im guessing Lilly has been watching a few of them. I checked my phone and realized it was 7. "Fuck" I murmured as I heard the door unlock. I quickly shoved the DVD back in and ran stupidly back into my room. "Daddy im home!" She yelled setting a blue bag down. "Oh Hey.Hey Lilly" I Stammered. She grabbed the bag and said "Im gonna go take a shower" With a devilish yet sexy smirk that made a bulge erupt in my pants.

She looked me up and down but stared at my dick long and hard before running off to the shower. I was beginning to think my daughter--Lilly had something for me. My heart skipped a beat when she came in with a red fluffy bra and a strap that leads down to the matching red fluffy panties.

"Lilly what are--" She cut me off "Daddy I want you!!" She screamed in a low voice. She came closer and got on me. She felt my bulge tickle her and she kissed me passionately. I responded forcefully. She kissed me down to my neck and unbuttoned my shirt. She kissed me everywhere soft, As I was so sensitive; I shivered.

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She got down to my pants and unzipped it smiling seductively. I moaned as my 9" dick popped straight up.


"Mmm Oooh Daddy" She said in excitement giggling. She kissed the head of my penis and licked it as if it were an ice cream cone. I moaned which made her deep-throat me without warning.

"FUCK" I screamed she grinned and said "DADDY I CANT WAIT ANY LONGER I NEED YOUR DICK!!" She quickly sat on my dick. It slid in her pussy but I made it stop to say " Your a virgin right?" She blushed and said "Yes daddy, I've wanted you to be my first." I continued to slide my dick in.

"Just do it already!!!!" She screamed with anticipation. I slammed my dick into her breaking her hymen or "Popping her cherry." She furiously humped my dick faster and faster screaming with a mixture of pain AND pleasure.

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I moaned loud and slammed her on my dick holding onto her waist. "DADDY PLEASE FUCK ME HARDER OH PLEASE OH MY GOSH!!!


DADDY IM CUMMING!!!" She screamed "Me too!!" I said doing long hard strokes into her pussy. "OHHHHHHHHHHH" We yelled in unison, Cumming the biggest pile of cum I'd ever seen. She whimpered in pleasure. "Daddy can I sleep with you tonight?" She pleaded "No." She frowned and got up "You can sleep with me every night" I said before she left the room.

She ran back to the bed and snuggled with me.

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"I didn't give you any pleasure sweetie." She frowned then smiled "Its ok ill get my pleasure tomorrow night" She smirked, I liked her determine. I awoke before her and went downstairs to make breakfast. I made her waffles with whip cream and strawberries on it. She slumped downstairs. "Good morning angel" "Good morning daddy" She smiled and sat down, Still in her red-strap-matching outfit.

I placed her plate down on the table. She quickly ate, "Whats the rush sweetie?, Its Saturday." "Exactly I want more time with you.If you catch my breeze" We both laughed at what she said at the end. "Ok I will too" I winked. "Race Ya" She said running up the stairs. "HEY!! No fair you got a head-start!!" I said once she reached the top. She giggled and ran to her bathroom. I went to mine.

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We both took a shower for at least 10 minuets and got out at the same time. I put on some night clothes and she arrived in my room in a pink fluffy dress. I got a hard-on, "Time for my pleasure" She said winking. I got up and picked her up and set her on the bed, Starting; Kissing her and trailing down to the bottom of her dress pulling it up.

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Going back up to her chest i sucked her boobs. She moaned every now and then. I licked her nipples. I brushed my tongue up and down, and around in circles. I licked down her body to her pussy. I licked her brown patch of hair and her clit. "Oh my gosh daddy!!! Oh my gosh!" She screamed with a face that looked like she just had eaten a sour gumball. I licked in her slit and that just threw her over the edge. "OH MY GOSH" She repeated bucking like a wild animal. I flipped her over and probed my tongue in her asshole.

"Ohhh" She moaned slowing down from bucking. Thanks! Tell me what you think! Part 2? Yay or Naye?

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(Naye is no) :)