Ebony Slut Sucking On Her Toy

Ebony Slut Sucking On Her Toy
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My name is Michael Jacobs, I am 17 years old and a junior in high school.

I live pretty normal teenage life. I have friends, family, all that. I'm pretty decent looking, 6'0 on the dot, blonde hair, bright blue eyes, nice teeth, and I keep myself well kept. Lately I've been wanting to go to school earlier so I can workout before school, because I'm a bit bigger, at 240 pounds.

But I hear a lot that I dont look like I weigh that much, and its a confidence boost. But the thing that sets me apart from most of my peers, is I like men. Not just, any kind of man, or boy for that matter.

I like older, hairy, matured men. When there's a man that fits that description pretty well, I cant help but think of what I'd want to do with them. At my school, there are more guy teachers rather than girl teachers, so, I do "look" and see if they're attractive to me. Sure, there are a couple who are pretty good looking, but there's one in particular who I have a big crush on.

He's my science teacher, his name is Mr. Baiter. Yes, we all crack on him, calling him "Master Baiter" and stupid stuff like that. Let me tell you, for an older man, he is so gorgeous. He's around 6'2-6'3 tall, really muscular, and I dont mean the "skinny" muscular, I mean the big, really built kind of muscular. He has short grey hair, with some patches of lighter hair, nice teeth, and some really pretty grey eyes. He has a goatee (which just turns me on more), and he's hairy head to toe.

The thing that is probably most attractive to me, is his arms. I'd love to feel his strong arms around my body, embracing me, arousing me.


But anyways. One day during our class, as he was teaching, one of my class-mates made a joke in regards to his last name. He's pretty lenient, and has a pretty good sense of humor. "Ah, so you like to talk about masturbating huh?" he asked and turned around to look at the student, who just idiotically nodded. "Ya know, they call me the master for a reason" as he stepped forward towards his desk, folding his arms in front of his chest. "Damn." I thought to myself as I was staring at his arms, looking at him flex his muscles.

He must have caught me staring at him, because he quickly turned to me and said "Hey Mike," I looked right into his eyes "Do you masturbate too?" then chuckled.

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This caught me off guard, all I could manage to get as my face flushed with embarrassment was "Uh." As people started to laugh, he said to them "Why is this such a touchy subject?

We all know we all do it, it's natural!" This immediately calmed me down, and I let out a sigh of relief. I looked up and I saw him smile and wink at me. "Thanks" I thought, as I half-smiled, and chuckled. Throughout the rest of the school-day, I couldn't help but just thinking about him asking me that.

I don't know why, but hearing those words come out of his mouth turned me on so much. It's so weird to hear a teacher, or pretty much any adult say that kind of stuff.

Later when I got home, I did all of my normal stuff. I did my homework and ate, showered and played video games until I decided I should probably sleep. Except tonight when I was trying to sleep, I kept thinking of him asking me that question. "Do you masturbate too?" just kept playing in my head.

and I started to get really turned on. Before I knew it, I realized I had a huge erection. At first I was just rubbing it through my pants, but then I realized it wouldn't just go away. I slid my pants and underwear off, gripped it and began to stroke it. I had a pretty nice sized cock, around 7 inches, and fairly thick. As I was stroking my cock, I just imagined him, and his big arms holding me as he kissed me, and teased me.

The whole scene kept going in my head, until I felt I was about to cum. I started to breathe heavily, and I noticed myself letting out small grunt. Finally, I came. Load after load kept coming, and I couldnt believe this much was coming out this time.

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This was the best orgasm I had ever had, and after I was all cleaned up, I slowly drifted to sleep. When I woke up the next morning, I was hard again. But I didn't want to jack off, have to take a shower, go to the school to workout, then take another shower. So, I just got up and peed. I put on some athletic shorts, and a tank-top. Then I grabbed my bag, some body wash, and some clothes for school. I didnt know if we had to be at the gym by a certain time, because today was the first day I had been going to workout.

So, when I got there it was around 6:30. School didn't start until 8:30, so I had plenty of time. But when I got to the gym, you won't guess who was in there. Yup, Mr. Baiter. I became really nervous as I opened the door to the gym. " Hey Mike!" He said as I walked in. " I didn't know you worked out?" "I usually don't, but I'm gonna start today." I grabbed my stomach and jokingly shook it. He chuckled, then replied "You're not fat at all, you can't weigh more than 190." "Nah, I'm close to 240, Mr.

Baiter." "Before or after school, you don't have to call me that. Call me Tyler. But theres no way you are that heavy!" "Yeah. I hear that a lot." as I put my stuff down and walked over to the treadmill. "Well, then you must have a lot of muscle!" He chuckled, and I did too.

As we both went about working out, I looked at what he was wearing. He was wearing some shorts, and a cut-off tee-shirt. Without noticing, I started to become hard. Wearing athletic shorts, it was probably noticeable, so I decided I should be done.

As I grabbed my bag and started to leave, he says "Wait, before you leave come help me." "Yeah?" I said without turning around. "I need you to spot me, I'm about to bench." "Sure." As I walked over to him and stood over the bar, I helped him get the bar up. After he had began benching, I realized I was still kind of hard.

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"Shit! There's no way he didn't see my bulge!" I quickly covered it up, hoping he didn't see it. I looked back at him to see if he was almost done, because he'd pushed it completely up a couple times. When I looked at him, once again I just noticed his arms, flexing as he was benching this huge weight. "Come on, I'm done." And I grabbed the bar and helped him set it back down. He sat up and said "Thanks bud." Then winked at me.

I smiled and nodded, and hurried to the door so I could shower. I got to the locker room, and checked my phone.

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It was only 7:06, so I knew I didn't really have to hurry. I stripped down, grabbed my body wash and headed to the shower. As the hot water began hitting my body, I really started to relax.

"Now is a perfect time to jack-off." I thought. I sat down and let the water hit me as I started to fondle myself, making myself become hard.

When I was fully hard, I put some wash on my hand and began to lather my cock. My hand glided very easily up and down on my throbbing dick. I must have been doing this for around 10 minutes, and I found myself nowhere near cumming, so I stopped. When I opened my eyes back up, I looked around and saw Mr. Baiter. right there. Staring at me. How long has he been there?!

I didn't even hear him or anything! "Uh.

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hi sir." I sheepishly said as I stood back up. "Well Mike, I guess you do masturbate." He smiled and coolly leaned against the wall. He wasn't naked yet, but he was in nothing else but his underwear.

"Haha, yeah I do." I was so embarrassed. I just slowly turned and faced the wall, and began to wash myself. Did he watch because he liked it? Is he grossed out now? Questions like that kept running through my head. He had began to shower too, but he was faced away from me. I kept glancing, and looking at his body. He has a nice ass. and strong legs too. God damn this man is sexy. Then, he turned around directly towards me, as if he knew I was watching him. He didn't look at me, but I knew this was on purpose.

He was rubbing soap all over his hairy chest, and lathering his body. But the only thing I had been staring at was his cock. His huge, thick cock. It had to be over 7 inches long, while it was soft. As I was staring, once again as if he knew I was staring, he did something that caught me off guard.

He looked me straight in the eyes and began to play with his cock. "You like what you see, Mike?" He said.

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I just nodded at him. " Come here," He said seductively. As I came up to him, he grabbed me and pulled to his body. "You like this?" He asked almost too gently.

"Yes sir." I replied as I put my hand on his chest, feeling his muscles. Then, he grabbed the back of my head, and pulled me towards his face. He kissed me long and hard, and after awhile of holding our kiss, I slid my tongue in his mouth. His goatee kept tickling my face, but I loved it so much. I broke our kiss and looked him straight in the eyes and asked " How did you know?" He chuckled and replied " I saw how red your face was when I asked you if you masturbated. I was a kid too and I know how I would have reacted to that question if it was someone I fancied that asked.

Also, when you helped me in the gym, I saw your bulge." He smiled. I smiled back and said "Well I guess I'm glad you did." Then I began to kiss him again, and slid my hand down to his cock and grabbed it. I was shocked at how thick it was. "Damn Mr. Baiter!" He just grinned and said "Thank you." I slowly began to stroke it, and became so aroused I think my cock was doing all of my thinking.

He had been holding me, but by this time his hands were on my ass cheeks. As I started to kiss down his neck, I felt him squeeze my ass. "What do you want to do to me, sir?" I looked up at him. "Nothing that you don't want to do" He said softly.

From this I could tell he was a gentle man, which made this so much better. "I want to do this." I said as sunk to my knees. I grabbed the base of his cock, and slowly began kissing the tip of his huge cock. He started to breathe heavier, then I started to put the head in my mouth. The taste was so foreign, but so good.

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Then I realized I was tasting pre-cum. As I began to slide his cock into my mouth, he started to run his fingers through my hair, and grip. I reached down and grabbed his balls, and began to play with them too.

I didn't know how much farther down I could go on his cock, so I started to retreat my head. I began to put the head in again, swirling my tongue around it, tasting it.

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I decided to try to go as far I could this time, so I began pushing his cock down my throat again. About halfway I stopped to catch my breath, then started to take more in. As I inched and inched closer to the base, it was getting harder and harder to breathe, but I didn't care. I just kept putting more in and swirling my tongue all around it.

Finally, I came to the base of his cock, with my nose in his pubes. I looked up at him, and all I saw was pure lust in his eyes. After holding his cock in my throat for a few seconds, I began to take it out again.

But this time, I didnt take it all the way out, and I just began to bob my head up and down his massive dick. After a few minutes of this, he started to thrust himself, and was moaning too.


I knew he was close to cumming, so I started going deeper with each time. "Ohhh" he grunted, and then thrust his cock all the way in my throat. I felt several sprays hit my throat, and as I began to take it out, he was still cumming. I just kept swallowing all of it, loving the taste.

For about 10 seconds, I held his head in my mouth, sucking all of the juices out of it I could. I finally stood back up and said to him "How was that sir?" "I've never had a better blowjob in my life. good job son." And then we kissed again, holding each-others bodies, in a state of pure bliss.

More to come.