Hairy Asian Double Holes Penetration By Two Guys

Hairy Asian Double Holes Penetration By Two Guys
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She was running as fast as she could. All that illuminated her path was the moonlight overhead flowing through the tree branches above. The ground was soft, sticking to her with each step she took threatening to make her fall on her face.

Her heart was beating, but she had a runner's high; the endorphins took away the pain in her chest. The pursuer behind her was not in sight. Being on the trail would leave her out in the open, thus she ran into the heavily wooded area beside the trail, always keeping her eye on the original path so as not to lose her way. After what seemed like ten minutes of dashing through the forest, Tiffany had decided to rest beside a large tree that proved to shield her from sight in every direction but the one ahead of her.

As she caught her breath she thought, "How did she get here?" Only an hour ago, she was with her boyfriend, Jay, in the living room. Her parents were out, dining with wine and steak for their anniversary. Tiffany wanted her first time to be gentle and sensual, like in those coming-of-age flicks. However her boyfriend, unlike her, was experienced in sexual intercourse. With a petite, five-foot, one hundred and ten pound body, she was an adept gymnast at her high school.

Though she was a seventeen year old, her boyfriend was a twenty-three year old. He was six feet eight inches tall, weighing 180 pounds, and a self-proclaimed basketball star. One look at the couple and you would think he would impale the poor girl on his eight-inch cock.

That was the same idea Tiffany had stressed over. She was reluctant to even get to base one with the man. Then, being the person Jay was, he was hurried to get his meat into some new teenage pussy.

Now that they were alone Jay was as aggressive as ever. He picked her up by her waist with ease and threw her down on the sofa. He immediately followed to pull her jeans off revealing her pink cotton panties. "Wait a minute, Jay.

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Slow down," she said. He was in frenzy, ignoring her. His hands flash like lightening ripping off her cloths and his own.

Jay had a thing for petite girls. He knew this could be considered rape, to fuck a minor, but he had done it before. Once they were both naked, he finally too a minute to pause and look over the now naked teen before him.

"Oh, God, you're so cute," he said to her. With her shoulder length black hair, youthful face, and blue eyes, she looked to be Jay's dream girl. Only setback was her practically flat chest, which actually played to her advantage as a gymnast.


"Please, Jay, just be slow, ok?" she asked. "I'll try babe, but God, I mean you make me crazy." With that said, he pounced.

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Grabbing her by the ankles, he lifted her lefts overhead and rested his already erect cock on her stomach. It lay on her abdomen reaching from between her legs to a bit past her navel. "Oh God, Jay, I think I might have some second thoughts," she tried wiggling her feet free from his hands.

"Jay, please, let go of my feet." "Please, don't do this. I'm so fucking crazy about you right now," he pleaded. "Please, we can just start slow and if you decide to stop, I will without any hesitation.

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Okay, babe? Tiffany, sweetie, I swear." Anyone else would have seen right through his lie, but Tiffany wanted to believe him. "Okay," she said reluctantly. Jay placed his cock at her entrance. Without warning, he pushed in at full force, fucking her balls deep.


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Oh God, you ass!" she screamed. "I said gentle." Tears were watering from her eyes. She was already regretting her decision. It hurt badly, worsened by the fact that Jay was not the gentle type. "Jay, I want to stop," she said. But he didn't stop. He paid no attention. "Jay! Stop! Please! You promised!" "Shut the fuck up!" he yelled. The atmosphere changed a split second. This wasn't going to be what she wanted. She couldn't do anything but cry at that moment.

This man, this beast, was having his way with her. "How could I have been so idiotic?" was all she could think about, apart from the huge cock that was threatening to rip her apart from inside out. "Oh god, I love fucking your type," he said. "So naive." He was relentless. He leaned in, bending her legs until her ankles were beside her head.

The position enabled him to shove his meat deeper into her snatch. "That's why I love you gymnast girls," he laughed. "Easy access." His cock was jabbing her insides like a knife. Each second was hell. Every thrust sent his balls slapping her asshole and his cock head pushing against her insides. "Please! You're hurting me!" she cried. Unexpectedly, he paused.

For a split second she though he had gotten back his senses. That was until he pulled he off the sofa by her ankles and held her upside down with her shoulders resting on the ground.

"I would stop if I could, but you're so damn hot for you babe," he said. Like a jackhammer, he fucked her so rapidly she shook like a rag doll hanging loosing from his waist. One hand gripped tightly on her waist and the other supported her underside gripping her buttocks. Her legs, hanging beside him, shook violently due to the force of each impact.


Looking at the beautiful creature he was fucking, he reaches his climax. He blew his load inside her.


It was the longest orgasm he had ever had and the strongest as well. He could feel his cum filling her and filling her, but he kept cumming and cumming until cum spewed outward around his cock from vagina. When he finally stopped, he dropped her to the floor.

She was in too much pain to move. She lay on her back, cum oozing from her vagina to a pool within her thighs.

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Tiffany looked up at the man who had just ravaged her. He bent down, crouching in front of her with his junk in her face. With his h hands, he parted her lips. She was too tired to stop him as he inserted his cum-covered cock in her mouth.

It tasted bitter and a little salty. It made her stomach turn as he moved it from side to side inside her mouth as if brushing her teeth with his cock. When he was satisfied with the cleanliness of his penis, he withdrew it. It was then that she fell into a deep slumber. When she awoke, it was still dark, he parents were nowhere in sight, and there was a headless Jay beside her.

To Be Continued