British gay punk porn BUKKAKE FOR THE HOLIDAYS

British gay punk porn BUKKAKE FOR THE HOLIDAYS
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There was a ring at the doorbell.

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I had just sat down and turned on the TV to watch the news, a cold beer on the table. I was a bit annoyed as I was looking forward to a quiet evening and maybe a film.

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I got up and went to the front door. I opened the door and there stood in front of me was Molly, wearing just a short thin cotton dress and flip-flops. With the sun behind her the dress was just about see through and I could clearly make out her little panties. Her blond hair fell down over her shoulders in scraggy waves. "Hi Mr Peterson.

Jay and I were playing ball in the garden and I'm afraid the ball went into your garden. Please can I get it back?" She was looking up at me with those beautiful little girl eyes, almost fluttering her eyelashes.

I had seen them playing. I seemed to spend a lot more time in my back bedroom since the show they'd put on a week ago.

Looking at this pretty little girl, so cute and innocent looking, but knowing what she did with her dad and brother, my cock stirred in my baggy shorts. "Erm, yes, of course.

Come on through." I was finding it really difficult to speak. Stepping aside she came in and I closed the door. We walked through the lounge and I opened the patio doors so she could go into my garden and retrieve the small football. Was it my imagination or did she really have to bend over like that to pick up the ball, giving me a clear view of her ass clad in the pink panties.

She stayed bent over for a moment and glanced back at me with a wicked grin on her face. My cock started to harden, I couldn't stop it.

As she came back into the house she said "Sorry about that Mr Peterson." She looked right at my crotch, licked her lips and grinned. She looked up at me then reached out her hand and placed it on the noticable bulge in my shorts, slowly rubbing my cock.

I just stood there like a tailor's dummy and let her. I couldn't move. Encouraged by me not complaining, she knelt down in front of me. Her hand slipped up the leg of my shorts and stroked up my thigh right to my cock.

Finally finding my voice I said "Molly you really shouldn't be doing this. I think you ought to go home." "Oh, it's all right. Daddy said I could if you were OK about it." And with that she withdrew her hand, grabbed hold of the legs of my shorts on either side and slid them down. My cock sprang up as it was released from the confinement of the shorts. "Wow, you're even bigger than my dad." I guess I was a little longer but also a bit thicker, from what I had seen in the summerhouse last week.

She wrapped her hands around the shaft and started to wank me slowly. I could see the precum already glistening on the tip. Her tongue flicked out and lapped it up. Then she opened her mouth and sank it down over the head. I couldn't help myself and groaned out loud. She was sucking me as deep as she could, her hands still working on the shaft.

I knew I wouldn't last long and thought I ought to warn her. "I'm going to cum in a minute, Molly." "Mmm mmm," was all she could say as she sucked and wanked me harder. My balls were churning and when she took hold of them with one hand and started to massage them as well I was a goner. My cock swelled and went harder than I could ever remember and Molly must have know what was about to happen as she pulled back a bit so just the head was in her mouth, her tongue working round and round.

The first shot was immense flooding her mouth but she just swallowed and continued sucking, slurping, licking, massaging. I came again and again and she just kept going and swallowing until I was completely drained. As I started to soften she let got of me and looked up with a satisfied grin on her pretty face. "Thank you Mr Peterson, that was fun." She leaned forward and licked one last drop leaking from the tip of my cock.

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"Thank you!" Was all I could say. She stood up. "Look what's happened." She put one leg up on the coffee table and lifted her dress. Her panties had a very obvious and very large wet spot between her legs. "That made me really wet.

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Would you like to taste me?" Moving over to the sofa, she sat with her bum on the very edge and lifted her legs up, holding them up and wide open with her hands behind her knees. How could I resist. I knelt in front of her and put my face right in her crotch. Inhaling deeply the wonderful sweet, spicy, sexy smell of an aroused young girl was intoxicating. I licked at the crotch of her panties, only just tasting her juices through the material. Pulling the material to one side I saw her beautiful pussy for the first time, in fact the first little girl pussy I had ever seen.

It was perfect, pink, delicate, the thinnest of lips being pulled open by her arousal and her position. The tip of my tongue flicked at her little pussy. She wriggled. I licked up a down that slit, not quite reaching her clit. She was moaning quietly. I licked up to her clit and sucked on the tiny nub. She immediately started humping against my face.

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I went to remove her panties and she lifted her bottom of the sofa to help me, releasing her legs so I could slide them all the way off, before returning to her previous position, wide open for my easy access. Grabbing hold of her thighs I was pulling her towards me as I licked up and down that delicious slit, sucking and licking and nibbling on her clit at the top of each stroke.

Using one finger I started to probe her pussy.


She pulled back slightly and with a hint of panic in her voice said "Don't go inside me there, daddy said I mustn't be broken yet. Go lower." I knew what she meant. Her pussy was leaking her sweet juices and mixing with my saliva, dribbling down between her ass cheeks. My finger rubbed down to her ass and pushed gently against her puckered hole, all the while licking her pussy and paying particular attention to her clit.

With all that wetness my finger pushed into her ass smoothly. The feeling of this 9-year-old's sphincter gripping against my finger was incredible. I noticed I was hard again. I had been concentrating so much on her I hadn't realised how excited I had become in the process.

My finger was sliding in and out of her ass, I was licking and sucking for all I was worth. She was moaning and groaning and gasping and panting. "I'm cumming, oh God I'm cumming," she yelled.

And with that she went over the edge and wailed and shrieked, I could feel her ass pulsing around my finger, her hips shaking uncontrollably.

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She pushed me away. "Stop, please," she begged and I let her go, she jumped as my finger left her ass and it was like she had another little wave of orgasm. After a couple of minutes of recovery Molly said "That was excellent.


I've only done this sort of thing with daddy and Jay. That was brilliant." She stood up and grabbed the football and her panties, not bothering to put them back on.

"I must get back. I want to tell daddy and Jay how much fun we had. Thank you again." And with that she was heading for the door.

I grabbed my shorts and quickly pulled them on in case someone was in the street, not very likely but I couldn't take the chance of this little girl leaving my house with her panties in her hand and me standing there naked from the waist down with a hard-on.

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I opened the door to let her out. "Oh, by the way," she said as she stepped through the door, "Daddy said to say we are having a barbecue tomorrow evening and would you like to come? We're having burgers and sausages and corn and stuff and I guess there'll be beer for you and daddy." "I'd love to, please thank him for me." I couldn't think what else to say.

With that she skipped off down the path and waved to me as she headed up to her house next door. In a couple of minutes I could hear noises from the back garden next door.

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I shot up to the back bedroom to see the three of them sat on the grass. Molly was sat cross legged, her panties discarded beside her and must have been giving Jack and Jay and wonderful view of her pussy. She was talking excitedly pointing and making gestures of size and what she did and what I did.

Jay was grinning and rubbing his cock through his shorts. Jack looked up to the window I was stood at. I froze. He grinned at me, gave me a thumbs up and waved. My God what was happening. "See you tomorrow," Jack shouted.