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Lisa 30 year old petite Latino never married young woman. She is about 5' 5" without heels, wearing 4" stiletto heels, she is 5' 9". She is petite, her body is beautifully proportioned. In sunlight her dark slightly curled hair strangely alternated in color between rich brown and vibrant chestnut.

Her breasts are high and firm, not big enough to be affected by gravity, but the perfect size to occupy a man's hand. Her legs are long and slender, which gives her the appearance of being taller than her 5' 5" height.

Her general expressions are good-nature and engaging, and admirable are the way her dark eyes light up when she speaks about anything she is passionate about. It is with reluctance about men that she has dated, especially those men, she feels their only interest in her is becoming inappropriate. She fits into a category of 'sweet girl next door,' certainly not a experienced and seductive woman. For this reason, I find her irresistible.

I'm by comparison, well over 6 feet tall, and tower over Lisa when we happened to meet. My gray hair is short, intense green eyes. I have broad shoulders and a wide chest and my legs are toned, but when I'm in business attire, it is impossible to tell. Fifty five years old, I'm sophisticated, educated, very wealthy, divorced six times, and a player.

Unlike Lisa, I'm not personable. I'm the strong and silent and do not engage in lengthy social conversation. I'm standoffish, I always conduct myself respectfully and don't enjoy discussions which are not work-related.

Lisa finds me intriguing, but because of my serious disposition and age, I'm not a man, she would date. Lisa, unlike the other women in the news room, she isn't interested in pursuing a relationship with me.


Given my professionalism, she would have been surprised if she knew just how much I wanted her and that whenever she is near I watch her carefully.

After our meeting at the office, I asked Lisa to join me for dinner then continued working on the contracts. " Thank you for your invitation," She said. " I'm not good at receiving an invitation from a boss, but I'd like to accept." She said. " I will pick you up at your place." I said. " I think you're sexy. You tend to not say much, which tells me, you might be the shy type.

Maybe there's a tigress buried inside the kitten you appear to be." I said. My comment did more for her than any she had heard for a long time. It made her feel wanted, and appreciated for who she was, not how she looked. She became more intrigued with me. She found herself thinking of me while she masturbated.

She envisioned me having sex with her. Every time I'm in a meeting with her, she found herself more infatuated with me. Our working relationship over the next several days, begins to flourish. We begin exchanging emails frequently, as well as talking via instant messaging. I flirted with her when we were alone, including making sexual innuendoes out of random things. Lisa decides to take the initiative. " I want you. My panties are wet in anticipation of dinner later." She said in a instant message.

Here is this man who knew little about her, yet wants to be with her. Lisa wanted to be with me too, so she told me. She didn't just want to be with me; She wanted to experience being fucked by a older man. She had never dated a older man, she wanted to have my cock inside her.

Lisa can't remember ever wanting a older man so badly. She is afraid that being so open will scare me away, as most men fear sexually aggressive women. They can talk a big game, but when push comes to shove, they balk. She is alone in her apartment the morning of dinner later, but as she typed the words to me, she keeps glancing over her shoulder to make sure no one is around, though she knew nobody was there. My response came immediately, and I'm not subtle.

" I want to fuck you, Lisa. I want to make you feel things that you weren't aware that you could feel. I want to put my cock in every orifice of your ripe young body. I want to taste your pussy for hours, until you think you can't stand it anymore. I want to fuck you until you can't think. I want to come inside your sweet tight pussy.

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I want to fuck you in every room of your apartment. I want to take you when you're not expecting it, and force you to submit to me.

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I want to make you my personal fuck toy." She has never had a man say those dirty things to her, the words made her so hot. Her panties got soaked at the thought of me doing those things to her. Her body feels alive for the first time in months, her mind became consumed with thoughts of fucking a older man. This isn't her being a lonely young woman, seeking fulfillment from a man who could be her father. This is an introduction to primal lust that she has never experienced.

She wouldn't have known me if one of her supervisor's had not introduced her to me. I told her not to come into the tv station, to give me her address and I will come over and we can go to lunch later. She sent an IM immediately giving me her address. Her body is radiant with her thoughts of me being there soon, that thought washed over her, she suddenly became very uncertain.

There is a knock on the door, she hurriedly made her way over to the door and looks out the peep-hole. It is Mr. Malone. She smiles to herself as she caught sight of my green eyes. She is hesitant to unlock the door. She asked me to make myself comfortable and that she would be right back. She entered her bedroom to retrieve her blue blazer and slip on her navy blue heels. She turned for the door, I was now blocking her way. She couldn't believe the sight of me, 6'5" about 250 pounds with big arms and wide chest.

Her eyes dropped and she saw my 9" inch cock, which was rock hard. She opened her mouth to scream but I was upon her, muffling her scream.

I laughed aloud as she struggled uselessly in my enveloping arms. As she squirmed and struggled trying to get out of the unrelenting grasp, I snuggled up close and rubbed my naked body against her petite body.

She was tightly held with her back against my naked body. I shredded her blouse and skirt. She is only in her matching blue bra and panties, along with her navy blue pantyhose.

I then lifted her till her crotch was just above the level of my throbbing snake. I rolled onto my back with her lying on me so she could observe the 5" sticking out beyond the width of her body. She glanced down and shook with fear seeing the gruesome seething snake. Poisonous venom oozing from its head. I rolled back over and begin to strip the lovely beauty. The bra quickly snapped and her pantyhose shredded. " I'm going to be a nice guy and introduce you to my cock!" I smirked.

I stripped off the remnants of her pantyhose. Now the beautiful meteorologist was totally exposed to my eyes. No man had been allowed this pleasure as of yet. Like a spider on a fly, my body is upon its tender victim. What a contrasting sight it made. My large body totally enveloping Lisa's beautiful small body, with her trim arms and legs flailing about the attacking monster, trying desperately to free herself. Lisa feels my hands work their way up and down her body, groping her.

I cupped her tits and leaned over her to suck them, pushing her onto the bed as I fell upon her petite body, totally knocking the wind from her. As I did, my cock resting on her thigh, its heat burning her.

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I begin kissing her face, licking and biting every inch of skin. I nibbled her ears and licked my way down her neck, back over her small firm tits and down her belly. Lisa feebly kept striking me with her arms and legs. I enjoyed it even more when a beautiful young woman like this fought me, even more pleasurable when my pulsing cock made them scream. My hands then worked their way down her shapely legs. Lisa was totally exhausted from her fruitless fight and now paralyzed with fear, unable to move.

I lick my way down the soft body and couldn't resist her pretty feet. I licked and sucked each of her toes one at a time, tonguing her soft soles. I lick my way back up her calves to her thighs, painting them with my saliva. I grasp both feet and move forward, placing her feet around my oozing cock.

I held her feet and spread her legs wide, exposing her pussy, with her soft trimmed bush and small pussy in front of my face.

I stuck out my tongue and dived in. Lisa's whole body jerked as my tongue scored a perfect bulls eye, driving into her little cunt. I licked greedily at her pussy. She tasted fantastic. I licked her clit and dragged my tongue through her pubic hair.

Lisa is horrified at the feel of my mouth on her. No one has touched her pussy before much less done this to her. I'm drinking her like a man dying of thirst!

All she can do is sob and moan " No……stop.please stop! Please&hellip.please no&hellip.I……&hellip.I'm a virgin! I……&hellip.I've never been with a man…&hellip.I.&hellip.I cant' do this! Please stop……&hellip.please don't rape me!" Suddenly, Lisa's petite body arches up into my slobbering mouth. " Ohhhhhhh.………oh God……&hellip.nooooooo!" she moans not now she has never experienced an orgasm before.

After five minutes, I slide up her body and mount her, rubbing my wide thick cock head against her moistening slit. " Baby, this is why I'm here. You're my girl. I'm going to pluck your cherry! It's mine!" I position my cock at the opening of her cunt and yank back on her dark brown hair to force her face up to mine and kissed her deep on the mouth.

My mouth smelled and tasted funny. Lisa's eyes opened in horror as she realized she was tasting her own pussy juice on my mouth! She wanted to vomit. Suddenly, I thrust my hips forward.

Lisa's pussy is so tight and snug, even though so wet from the tongue bath, my first thrust managed only to allow entrance to my plum size cock head. Lisa gasps and screams into the devouring mouth as the pain is unbearable. I let out a grunt, grasping her slim hips with both hands and slam forward to push in a mere three inches. " Ohhhhhhhh.……ahhhhh&hellip.ohhhhhhh, Goddddddd!" came the muffled scream as the thick cock bumped against the tight resistance of her prized cherry.

I lifted my face, I wanted to hear her scream as I busted her precious cherry. " Arrgghhhhh…&hellip.aeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiii!" came the shrill pitched cry as I drew back and slam forward again and again, brutally tearing through the prized maidenhead.

Lisa's screams and sobs turning to bawling as I fucked her on her own bed. My big cock hurting her so bad as I rode her very hard, rocking her back and forth with the force of my long strokes. I lick her face relentlessly as I fuck her. " Ohhhh baby, the little Latino just got 'ruined' by my cock!" I tormented the crying beauty. She is helpless, mewling in pain and humiliation, thrashing around under me as she desperately tries to get away from the impaling prong. Even when she turned her face away from me, I simply ram my tongue into her ear.

I'm consuming her completely, violating her on her own bed. The bed that she has never allowed a man to sleep in. I slowly withdraw my pulsing cock till only the plum like head remained captured. I held the beauty's arms over her head as I lifted up some to gaze at my cock. I smiled with triumph as I saw my long cock coated with her blood.

With one hand behind the sobbing beauty's head, I lifted her head up so she could also see my snake coated in her virgin blood. She screams again in pain. Still holding onto her hips, I begin sliding in and out, like I was using her tight pussy to jack myself off.

Every time, I left two inches out of her pussy. I was slamming into her cervix. A few minutes later, I stop. I had her bottomed out on my cock, I'm holding her there. Then I start wiggling my hips in a circular motion as I'm pressing down on her hips. I'm trying to push through her cervix into her womb.

She is moaning in pain and muttering some sort of denial.

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Then suddenly, those last two inches slip into her tight pussy. She screams again, though there is definitely some pleasure mixed in this time. After ten minutes of being repeatedly fucked, she feels my body tense and she knew I was going to cum. I shove into her one last time, forcing every inch into her. I suddenly jerk wildly on top of her. Fear showed in her eyes " No, no……please…&hellip.please don't……I……I'll get pregnant!

No…………no.&hellip.please…&hellip.pull it out!" she pleaded. With a loud moan, I came. Lisa felt my cock explode inside her, pouring sperm into her like a fire hose. I came wave after wave, my cum mixing with her cherry juice spilling out of her cunt and down her ass, finally pooling onto the bed between her legs.

Lisa sobbing as my heavy body lay upon her. She feels so ashamed, first for losing her virginity to me but more so the way in which her body had responded on its own.

As she was being blasted by my hot baby making goo, " Ahhhhhhhh.Goddddddd……&hellip.oh Godddddddddd!" Lisa screams.

But the reason she had screamed was due to the unexpected and unwanted orgasm that hit her again.

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She responded by wrapping her arms around my shoulders and her long legs around my pumping ass. She arched up to meet my thrusts, as I spurt my hot baby-making goo deep into her fertile womb. She is ashamed of herself for having responded. I raise up off of her and pull out of her, I grab a pillow placing it next to her, " Roll over on top of the pillow.

Place the pillow under your hips, Lisa." I said. I pull her ass checks apart, I lick my finger then rub my wet finger on the rim of her ass hole. " I am going to fuck your ass hard. I am going to use the slightest amount of lube, only because I don't want to hurt myself. This will be painful but it is a lesson about who is in charge." She squirms, she can't help it. My words scare her. Again I chuckle. I press the tip of my cock against her ass, just pushing enough for her to feel the pressure.

She realizes as I push gently that this is going to be painful. I spank her hard and tell her that it excites me to see my bright red mark on her ass. I'm excited about the pain, she is about to receive.

I tell her to relax enough to take it, I grab her hair pull it hard and ask if she understands, she nods yes. I slap her other ass cheek. This whole time I have kept the head of my cock pushed up against her ass so she feels the painful pressure.

" Take it!" I growl. She tries to relax her ass so I can push in, she loosens it a little and I push deep inside of her until my balls are up against her pussy.


It hurts so bad, she feels like her ass is being torn. I push in hard, my cock is rock hard, there is no lube and she just wants it out. My cock is throbbing in her ass. Knowing that this excites me so much is humiliating. It hurts, every throb is a little more painful. She feels betrayed by her body, because it hurts and yet her pussy is still wet. As if I sense what she is thinking I reach down and roughly thrust two fingers into her pussy to see how wet she is.

I chuckle, she knows I have that look on my face that scares her. She shudders, as I slowly start to pull out, she gasps in relief and I slam my cock back in. More pain, again I keep it shoved in deep. A demonstration of your complete control. your dick is up my ass, and you are taking your pleasure. There is nothing even remotely about my pleasure.

You try to push it in deeper, grab my hips and try to pull me further on you. But there is no deeper. Again, you slowly start to pull out. You pull out beyond where you did the first time.

I start to feel hope, maybe you are pulling out to get more lube. You slam your cock back inside deep. I try to move away from the pain, but can't. You laugh, my face burns. You remove my blindfold. I look up and notice there is a mirror in front of me, you can see all the emotions and shame on my face. The tears start, I don't think it is possible but I can feel you grow even harder in my ass. You smile at me, and I am afraid. While looking in my eyes in the mirror, you so slowly start to pull out again.

I know what is coming and you can see the desperation in my eyes, I start saying no and begging you not to, your smile only gets bigger the instant before you give the hardest thrust into my tight ass. I scream. You hold it even longer as you look into my eyes. It finally occurs to me that you are not going to let up until I submit and look away. I do.

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You start thrusting a little quicker, not quite as deep and every thrust is a tiny bit less painfully. You grab my hips and pull me towards you with every thrust. The pain slowly turns to pleasure and I start trying to help with the thrusts. You tell me that I am being a good slut and maybe you will let me have an orgasm this weekend after all. You stiffen and cum in my ass, you cum long and hard. You lay on my back to recover. Three hours later, I was finally done. Having seeded the prim and proper meteorologist four times, I had spent all my pent-up lust for the latin beauty.

I lay on her for a few minutes, feeling her breathe and listening to her cry in shame. When I pull my drooling baby maker out, I smiled as the young Latin beauty curled up into the fetal position.

I have stolen her prized treasure. I dressed slowly, still looking her over, pleased with the sight of her tan body soiled with my cum as she lay on her blood stained sheets.

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Lisa was a very attractive Latin woman. I took Lisa's silk panties and stuffed them in my pocket as a souvenir. I lean over the trembling beauty to taunt her. I then left the sobbing beauty to herself, locking the door behind me as I left. The news broadcast the next night was without the star meteorologist, with a temporary replacement announcing that Lisa was out ill and anticipated back soon.

Thursday evening brought the same announcement. On Friday, the replacement announced that Lisa was starting to feel better and would return at the start of next week. The next Monday, I anxiously awaited the return of the lovely meteorologist. Lisa was obviously not her true buoyant self, looking pale and at times stumbling over her lines. But, as the days went on, the lovely meteorologist resumed her composure and her excellent ratings. On Friday, she was off and dressed in a robe, having gotten up to make breakfast for herself.

She was about to go back to bed for an hour when the doorbell rang. It was too early for anyone to come over. She carelessly opens the door without looking who was there. She gave a startled cry and tried to slam the door shut when she saw who it was. I move quickly, grabbing her by the arm and clamping a huge hand over her mouth. I kicked the door shut. With my left arm around her waist and right hand over her mouth, I smiled as she fought with all her might. I loved this beauty's fight as she flailed her arms and legs about, trying desperately to get away.

I easily carried her, heading to her bedroom. I taunted her " I'm going to breed you again in your bed!" The unmade bed is now occupied again. I kept my hand on her mouth and easily stripped off her robe and with one yank tore off her flimsy peach panties. " This is a nice big bed you've got here, Lisa! Nice and firm to fuck you on!" This was a new bed, as Lisa immediately threw out the bed from our first session, not wanting any memory of what took place on it. Lisa cried as my hand begins to caress her pink nipples, feeling them harden from the unwanted stimulation.

" I've been waiting for you to get back to work!" I spoke as I nuzzled her ear. It was such a disappointment as Lisa had expected her time off would have taken her far past the orgasms she had reached with me. After the frst three days masturbating, Lisa had closed her eyes and pretended that she was savagely being fucked again to orgasm.

Throughout the day, the brand new king-sized bed would stand up to its first true test. The headboard continuously pounded itself against the bedroom wall, threatening to break through it at times. Five loads of hot baby goo was deposited deep into her womb. Each time she bit into my shoulder as her legs tied themselfs around my twitching ass, humping back at me to drain me completely. A pillow served its purpose in muffling the screams when her virgin ass was torn apart.

Lisa continuously gagged and coughed after having to suck the oozing cock till it erupted in her virgin mouth. In the late afternoon, I looked down at the beautiful Latino as she lay lewdly spread on her bed, sobbing slightly with an arm pulled over her eyes. Her slim thighs splotched with dried white stains and her pubic hair matted in a mushy goo. I slowly got dressed, totally exhausted from the days events. Then I sat on the edge of the bed, leaned over to softly kiss the sobbing beauty.

Then I whispered in her ear " Think your masturbation will ever bring you off like I did, Lisa?" Slowly, Lisa's arm lowered from her eyes.

Biting down on her bottom lip, she slowly shook her head in response to my question. Just as I kissed her gently one last time, I was about to stand up and leave. But suddenly I felt Lisa's soft hand move on my leg making contact with my pants crotch. Up until now, I always had to force the young beauty to handle me unless it was her body responding uncontrollably during each orgasm. Now the small hand was on my pants, moving softly without me forcing her, stroking my thick but now limp cock.

Tears still welled in her eyes as she continued to bite down on her bottom lip, then she softly stammered " Please stay until Sunday morning when I will go back to work!" I was now in total shock but happily smiled " I will stay. I will certainly be here to stroke a hole with this big shaft!" I bent over to give her a deep kiss.

My tongue darting between her delicate lips, which always remained tightly closed, now opened willingly to allow my probing tongue. Her left hand moved to caress the back of mine, while her right hand pulled my zipper down and begins to pump the long shaft in her small fist. I was thrilled to now find her respond in such a manner.

When the kiss ended, I watched as the prim and proper Latino leaned over and begin to tongue my pulsing cock head. " Oh God, Lisa! You're going to make me cum!" I groaned. I gasped as I watched her suddenly take her mouth off my throbbing cock head. I couldn't believe the sight before me as the beautiful Latino stroked my cock stem with both hands.

" Ahhh.ahhhhhhhhh.I'm cominggggggggggggggg!" I groan as my cock exploded. The innocent Latino was a sight as the cum exploded all over her beautiful face. As the eruption simmered, Lisa rubbed the oozing cock head like a paint brush to cover her entire face with a coat of gooey cum.

Just as I was leaving the bedroom, I looked back to see Lisa smile at me, licking the cum from her lips. I returned two hours later, Lisa had gotten up showered, combed her hair and put on a lacy yellow bra and matching panties, concealed by her robe. Within five minutes, the bed was again being occupied.