Old Dirty Bastard Pussy Massage Fantasy

Old Dirty Bastard Pussy Massage Fantasy
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A PREQUEL TO 'TOO MUCH RED WINE' and RENE This my true account of living in the hinterland of St.Tropez, in the South of France, and before I met up with the beautiful Weimeraner, René.


It is purely an account of a lesbian, and her strait-laced, hetro, married woman. No, no doggie interest in this story. It is quite long but like my lovemaking, I like to take my time in trying to explain and entertain the reader&hellip.NO wham bam thank you ma'am for me. LOL, so please stay with it and I would love to hear your thoughts about my life here on the Mediterranean coast.

Enjoy. ]Living on my own, in a small village, in the hills behind St.Tropezin the South of France, I am carefree, happy, but get lonely from time to time. I am a 30yo lesbian, 5'8" tall, attractive and sexy (as I have been told by males and females alike.) I DO value my freedom of life style, and being my own person, LOVE to demonstrate this in various ways. A dis-regard of the fawning local chaps, hoping to get lucky, my over short skirts, and stocking-tops.

Tart that I am, and tease, but they love it and after a year here, now accept that I have none whatsoever interest in any of them sexually. So, I live quietly, work hard in my office, enjoy the local watering hole and café to eat, and then home to my large 10" dildo and a lesbian video or two.

Last month, I met over supper in the local café, an English couple who had moved into the outskirts of my village, and of course, we got chatting&hellip.OH how relaxing it is to speak English again in conversation.

Alison and Jim were in their 30s and although arriving here, Jim worked around France in his work as a consultant in the marine/yachting sector. They were good to chat to, and noticed that Jim was slyly interested in my short tartan kilt and socking tops on show, when I crossed my legs. We started to meet regularly for "aperitifs" and really got on very nicely.


Whenever Jim had to go off to work, Alison and myself continued to meet in the local café and drink or eat supper together. Alison is VERY strait-laced, prim and proper, and told me that she was embarrassed by catching her husband "ogling" my legs, or sometimes down my blouse, and that he had wondered if she would ever wear stockings, like Jenni?

This, from Alison, was her message to me to tone it down with her husband, but it was like a red rag to a bull, and I had to tell her directly, that I was lesbian, and had no thoughts of her husband. "Alison, you are more my type, than your husband" I told her, as she pushed away from me in her dining chair.

No more was said on the subject, BUT, I started to get aroused at Alison's child-like demeanour, and innocence. She blushed at the word "lesbian" and that aroused me. Heheee No more was said, and after a few more suppers with the two of them, jim announced that he was off again for ten days to St. Nazaire on the Atlantic coast, and hoped that Alison and me would keep in touch and to keep an eye on her and the house.

Two days later, we bumped into each other in the local convenience store, and agreed to have supper in the café the following evening. "Why not park here, and have an "apero" then walk down to the café from my house?" Splendid was the reply and the date was on. Poor Alison, as my predatory ways started to kick in.

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Alison arrived to have some rosé champagne, and did not know where to look as I bent over to pour her glass and my loose top must have exposed even more of my boobs than I had expected. "OOPS, sorry Alison, this top is a little looser than I thought, do excuse me". "OhI didn't notice, but it is smashing, if a little revealing when you bend over.Did you buy it locally?" "I bought it at the Saturday market in the centre of St.Tropez, which has some great bargains, if you are interested?" I replied as I sat down with my glass of bubbly, in my armchair opposite her.

Now I know that as I sat down and crossed my legs, she could not help to notice that my sheer black stockings were on show, and that during our chatting, my short tarten kilt would expose the tops and suspenders. We chatted away, and whenever, I looked away, I sensed Alison's eyes riveted to my skirt. Every time I looked back at her, Alison would pull down the hem of her summer dress to cover her knees&hellip.

maybe it was a hint that I was not taking! Another glass, and off we went, walking down to the local café, to be seated in a corner table away from the interested males around the bar. I managed to get a couple of glasses of red wine into Alison, with our tapas, before we called for the bill. It arrived with a complimentary glass of cognac, from Pierre, the owner. "Oh go on, Alison, we are here on a beautiful warm evening in the South of France, even Johnny Depp and his partner, Vanessa, have not refused a drink from le Patron" I said to her, as she was about to refuse more alcohol.

"It is my shout tonight", as I plucked the bill away and stood up to pay at the bar. Well, silly me, as I walked away from her, and knowing that she was watching me, I dropped the tab, and bent down to pick it off the tiled floor. Bending from the waist, I knew my short skit would rise up, to fully expose my stocking tops, and a very bare bum, except for a black thong which cut deeply into by butt cheeks. I did not hurry from this position, and could almost hear a gasp from my dinner companion.

Smiling naughtily to myself, I paid the bill, and returned to Alison, who seemed to be a little redder in the face than normal. "Excuse me please but I must go to the ladies room before we leave" she murmured, and went off, to meet me outside where I could light a roll-up cigarette. I did wonder why she could not wait to go to the toilet until we got back to my place. Hum I took her arm in a friendly way back to my house, giggling and enjoying the warm night air&hellip.I was sneakily enjoying my arm nudging against her breast as we walked, and chatted about how different it was to walking home in a London suburb.

Alison wanted a coffee on our return, but I poured her another glass of bubbly, as I went off to percolate the coffee. Coffee, cups and sugar on a tray was set down on the coffee table before her, and now Alison was staring at my tits trying to pop out of my top. "Sorry" I said again, and she replied that it was "not a problem", and then surprisingly mentioned that she wished that she had as nice "boobies" as mine. WOW&hellip.One small step for woman&hellip. I returned to my seat opposite, making sure to flash my bum to her again, and as soon as I sat down, Alison said that she noticed that I wasn't wearing any panties&hellip."Oops, I could not help to notice when you bent down in the café".

"Oh, I am, but they are quite small" I said blushingly. "I am sorry to embarrass you, but in that case they must be tineee?" she asked me.

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MMMMM "Well yes, see?" and with that I turned around and lifted my short kilt, exposing an impossibly tiny thong deep in my bum crack&hellip.and before she could turn away, I turned toward her, lifting the skirt to my waist, to reveal a strip which barely covered my mound and near to exposing my pussy to her.

"Ohhhhhh I say, they are very naughty, but how do you keep the thong in place?" she blushed, as I caught her staring at my almost bare pussy.

This was my chance&hellip.to move across to her to stand beside her and let her look closer. I talked to her on my way across saying that these amongst others were purchased in the Saturday market, and that although impossibly small, were very comfortable, and with the wonderful feeling of being nude under the skirt. "Gosh, I don't think Jim would like to see me in a thong like that, but wouldn't mind looking at you in it" she blurted out, and to avoid farther confusion turned to take another sip of champagne.

"Golly, Jenni, I think I am a bit tiddly, but I would love you to go with me to the next market and just look at what is on offer, and you say that they are comfortable, as well as wickedly naughty?" "They are, wait here and finish your glass before the coffee" I told her before getting up and walking upstairs to my bedroom.

I felt her eyes glued to my bum cheeks as I took each step, and peeked at the top, that she was almost flat along the sofa to watch my legs all the way to the upper landing. Within seconds, and a minor adjustment to my thong, I returned to the salon, with a plastic bag which I handed to Alison, who was now in an upright position, but knees parted, and her light dress ridden up to expose her thighs. "A present for my supper guest" and handed her the package.

Taking it she peered through the plastic, and burst into giggles as she saw a very small bright red thong. Holding her present in both hands to tear it open, Alison threw herself back along the sofa, giggling like a schoolgirl, and kicking her legs into the air.

OH the view was lovely&hellip.her white knickers showing the dark triangle of her bush, whilst she was unaware of such exposure as she tore the plastic wrapping with her teeth to free her new found red thong.

"BUT, dear Alison, look what you are wearing, not at all old-maid bloomers, and very lovely with the lacey front" I giggled at her, while I held her dress firmly above her waistso that she could not escape my lecherous gaze.

Surprisingly, although she closed her thighs, she allowed me to continue looking at her mound while she opened the package, to hold in the air, her first thong.

"This is very naughty and the it is gorgeous, but it looks so uncomfortable to wear?" "Well, no time like the present" I began breathlessly, and hooked my fingers around the waistband of her knickers.

"Yes, lets" as Alison lifted her bum off the sofa to allow me to slip her panties down over her feet. She raised both knees to her chest to slip the small thong over her feet, and allowing me to gaze at her hairy bush and crack, as she was unaware of what she was exposing to me.

Sliding the thong up her legs, she pulled them high up onto her hips and adjusted the string between her bum cheeks. Alison rose unsteadily to her feet in front of me, and as her frock fell back down, wiggled her hips in saying that it was lovely up her butt crack, but the front was a bit uncomfortable. I told her to stay still, so we could check.

Wow, Alison volunteered to lift the skirt to expose again her pantied cunt. The thong was pulled up too tight and the front of the thong had disappeared between her pussy lips, and her lovely pubic hair easing out either side of the material. "Oh Alison, look, it is too tight here and let me adjust it to make it how it should be worn" I said to her, trying to sound like a professional sales lady, giving out a business-like advice.

Holding her dress up to her chin and trying to look down, she saw me run my fingers into her thong, nudging against her pubic hair and pussy lips, up between her legs and around to slip the back into a better position in her bum cheeks.

Patting the front again, and saying that everything "below" was covered, she surprised me again, by turning around and sticking her bum out towards me to ask what I thought. I said that it looked terrific and, "what a lovely bum you have, very lickable." Giggling again, she thanked me and asked again if she could check my thong once again.

"Sure, be my guest" I said again, and this time sneakily undid my kilt and let it fall to the floor.

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Alison's eyes widened as she took in my thin black suspender-belt, and stockings, pulled up to nestle under my bum, and BARE PUSSY. Of course my 'adjustment' I made before coming back down with Alison's present, was to remove my panties, leaving me "going commando". "Oh, you are not wearing it. It is a bit of a shock to me, but is so 'fruity' and I am blushing a little at your 'bareness',Jenni".

"Sorry Alison but I feel more comfortable not wearing them in my own home" Alison finally looked up at me but when our eyes locked, she quickly returned her gaze to below my skirt, she continued to examine me.

Then to my surprise (and delight) she put out her hands to hold my hips, and run her fingers down over my stocking tops and then up again, whilst she told me. " I love your suspender-belt and stockings, but I have never dared tried them.

I once tried hold-ups, but Jim hated them so I have stuck to wearing tights. These look so good to wear, and even to me, it was a little bit of a turn-on when you accidently revealed them to me, and more than a little naughty to reveal them again without your knickers.

"Oh"…&hellip.she whispered, I have just realized that you are shaved, erm&hellip.down there. It looks so smooth." The back of one hand moved to my bald pussy, and stroked my skin, "VERY smooth indeed", and there was a pause, a heavy breath on my bare mound, and a loud sigh escaped Alison's lips as her fingers moved around to hold my bum cheeks, as she pulled my mound onto her cheek, moving her cheek up and down against my skin.

Her fingers tightened around my bum cheeks as her lips brushed against my bare pubes I could feel her warm breath tickling my pussy, as she let out the sigh "Ohhhhhh, Jenni" "Ahhhhhhhhhhh" I replied, as her tongue immediately snaked out to lick my crack, up and down, wetting me with her nose bumping against my clit. I, of course held her face tight against my pussy, and slowly moved my hips in time with her wicked tongue and mouth. SOOOOOO delicious as it was unexpected, and therefore so much more sensual to me, but my knees began to buckle, and I had to sit down beside her on my sofa.

Before my bum hit the cool leather, Alison whispered, "Jenni, please kiss me". MY pleasure, I thought as our lips softly touched, parted a little, then touching again a little harder this time.


As my hand went to hold the back of her head, to hold her lips against mine, her mouth opened and she pushed hard against my chin. We continued whilst my hands were caressing her neck and back, and when I slid my fingers around to brush against her boobs, Alison pressed harder to me, and her tongue snaked between my lips and started to roll around my mouth.

I was now able to swop tongues with her and caress and cup her nice tits with my eager fingers. Alison was now breathing more heavily and moaned when my fingers flicked and held onto of her nipples. "YESSSSSSS" she hissed, "harder", and as I squeezed one nipple then across to the other, she gasped and pushed her hands into my loose top to fondle my 34c's. She pushed her entire body against mine, still drilling her tongue between my lips, and slid my top up to expose my now hard nipples.

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With our lips glued together, I tried to free her lovely tits, but her frock could not allow it, being our bodies were pressed hard against each other. "WAIT" she cried out, and she sat up, legs straddling mine, and whipped her dress over her head, and threw herself back down onto me, breasts squashing together, and lips mashing together.

Alison was rubbing her torso against mine and she squirmed even more when my hands gripped her bum cheeks, and pulled on the string of her throng, knowing that the material across her mound would be sliding across her clit. "Ohhhh shit, pardon my language" she gasped as she felt her clit being massaged buy her newly acquired thong, as she lifted up and came back down to me with her lips attached to my nipples.

God, this was heaven, as now I could wriggle under her and have access to her pussy. She bit into my boobs as my fingers crept under her thong and found her vagina&hellip.no,…… her now wet cunt! Slipping and sliding my fingers along her crack, whilst she more fervently squeezed, licked suckled and pulled on my boobs, I invaded her pussy with one long finger, before quickly pushing the second deep inside her now sopping pussy.

The palm of my hand bumping and sliding against her clit had Alison getting lost in a paroxysm of lust and writhing on top of me on the large comfortable sofa. Moaning with hot lust, Alison sat up and asked me, "Ohhh, Jenni, this is unbelievable, and I have never wanted nor imagined these feelings with another woman. Maybe it is wrong of me, and never in my mundane, middle-class housewife life, had I ever, ever, thought I could do these things with another woman, but……… can I put my fingers inside you, and……&hellip.

taste you, PLEASE?" "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, dearest Alison, I can think of nothing lovelier, and when you are ready, could I put my tongue on you as well?" "OH YEAHHHHH, pleeeease, I want that now" cried Alison, and immediately turned to offer me her thighs, pubis, bum and cunt, while she lowered both her head and lips to my bare pussy, lowered her hips so that she pushed her slit onto my wanting mouth.

Oh Lordy, we 69'ed at a furious pace, and each wanting to devour and invade the other so passionately, until Alison, groaning and mumbling, finally shouted out my name and started to orgasm.

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An growing passion, until, she was close, I tapped her anus with my forefinger, and this seemed to push her completely over the edge into a full-blown explosive orgasm. Shuddering with my lips locked to her clit, she slumped on top of me, as I gently lapped at her juices, and stroked her back and buttocks. "Oh Jenni, I am so sorry for that. I have never imagined that I could ever do these things with another woman.

Please forgive me, and I feel ashamed&hellip.I love my Jim very much and to betray him like this, in the arms of such a friend as you. I blame it on all the drink……I should never have succumbed to such a strange desire" I shuffled her around and she snuggled her head into my shoulder, bodies still beautifully pressed together. My hands gently around her,stroking her shoulders, and her bum. "Shhhhhhhhhoooosh", as I tried to reassure her, "was that not just beautiful, and erotic, passionate and private, between friends?

You, are a lovely passionate friend, and will always remain so." With that, I gently kissed her again, and as I held her face close to mine, she said that she could smell her pussy juices in my fingers…&hellip."Sorry" she said.

"Noooo, it is lovely", and I wiped my cum-soaked fingers across her lips. It took a moment, but her mouth moved, her lips opened slightly, and her tongue ran across my fingers, until she again sighed, and swallowed all of my fingers into her mouth, sucking and drinking her own juices.

"This is so indecent, Jenni. Me licking my own quim juices off your fingers, but lying so close to you is very……naughty. I never imagined that I could ever do anything like this" "Please taste it again, Alison, Lie back and enjoy the sensation and sensuality of it." In saying that I gently inserted two long fingers into her sopping pussy, then trailed them up over her stomach into her waiting mouth.

"God, I am so horny for that taste" as my fingers moved down to thrust deep into my own cunt, and plunged them deep between her lips. "Oh, Jenni, I love the taste of you as well, I don't know how I will ever carry on without stuffing my fingers in my pussy, then lick clean my juices or…………&hellip." As she was whispering this to me, I interrupted her by taking one of her hands and pushing two, or three, fingers deep between my open thighs and then brought them back up, to wet her nose, chin, then down her throat to lick and suck my long fingers.

Alison almost gagged on my fingers but kept slurping and drinking my cunt juices, until she seemed to swoon, as she held me close and lay back in a faint.

She certainly was now in no fit state to get back to her own house, so I put my arms around her and took her upstairs to my bed, undressed her, and threw myself and the light duvet over her. Alison only murmured pleasure as I snuggled down below the duvet, head between her open thighs and engulfed her "quim" as she called it, Tasting her, swallowing her juices, and fucking her with my long tongue. She may not be aware in the morning, that I licked the crack from clit to anus, and then poked my tongue deep into her arsehole as it opened up in her dreams, or imagination.

As she went to sleep, I spooned in behind her; one arm around her shoulders and on hand caressing her bum. As I drifted off to sleep, I remember my forefinger tapping her anus, and as Alison murmured in her sleep, pushed he bum back onto my hand. I fell into a deep sleep with my index finger sliding in past her tight sphincter, and deep into her bowels.

"Ohhhhh" I heard her sleepily whisper, as she tightened her buttocks to trap my finger in her anus, as we both fell unconscious. I awoke by the sun streaming in, and a very warm feeling in my pubes. I slowly opened my eyes and my consciousness by realizing that my pussy was being investigated. Legs fully parted, I looked under the duvet, to see Alison head deeply immersed in my crotch, lapping at me with her fingers spreading my labia, and tongue licking deep into my love tunnel.

"Hello, good morning, Alison, are you enjoying me as much as I am adoring your tongue and fingers?" "Ohh,sorry Jenni, but I had such a night of erotic dreams, and waking up with your finger deep in my butt, wanted to see the close-up of a vagina, as I have never been brave ebough, to look at mine&hellip.

I was brought up to think that it was only dirty girls who did that sort of thing. "Not for a young woman like you Alison." "MMMM well carry on, and do you like what you see, and taste? "It is so……&hellip. exciting and has my quim tingling, to open your pussy like that is beautiful. You got wetter as my fingers inspected you, and I have been having a tasting session to test the difference between your juices and mine&hellip. sooooooo delicious both of them.

I will never be thirsty again heheee.

And to wake with a slender finger embedded in my bottom, at first disgusted me, because the bottom was always a taboo subject, and dirty, but holding you finger there, and pushing back on it so it was fully embedded up my bum, I humped your finger as I stroked my clit, and had the most "wondrous" cum.

I was afraid that I might wake you and find me enjoying your fingers&hellip.sorry". Oh dearest Alison, I am so delighted and loving to you, please do anything you wish with me&hellip.and please ask if you desire anything you want for me? Heheee" So, thus, we spent a good part of the morning trying all sorts of things together, until Alison had to get home to prepare everything for Jim's arrival back on the early flight in the morning.

I did help her on with her new red thong again, which did take about forty minutes, and as she walked down my path, she stopped, hitched up her dress, and fully bent over, revealing her lovely bum&hellip.

and a very tiny strip of material dissecting her cheeks. With a giggle, and a wave, Alison skipped away, with the promise to take me to St. Tropez market and search out a few items for her wardrobe. There are more adventures with Alison if you want to read?. Tell me please JENNI xxx

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