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Yo jalandomela masturbandome me jerking
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Alan was unloading the supplies from his SUV and bringing them into his cabin. He called it a cabin but it was much more than the name implied. It had originally been meant to be the club house for a lake side development. It was to be about twenty two bedroom cabins around the lake. Only the club house and two cabins had been built when the developer went broke and had to sell off the lake and the fifty acres surrounding it.

Alan had originally bought one of the cabin sites for a vacation home. His father in law had bought the other but he and his wife were killed in a boating accident and Alan and his wife inherited his entire estate which was considerable.

Alan bought out the entire property from the bankruptcy sale when the developer went under. A year later, Alan's wife and child died in childbirth. Alan found himself alone and with enough money at the age of twenty four that he didn't need to work at a regular job.

He remodeled the club house into a home with four bedrooms, three baths, living room, dining room, kitchen, and recreation room.

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The master bedroom was at one end of the building and the other bedrooms were at the other end for privacy reasons. The master suite had its own bath room and there was another for the other bedrooms. The third bath was off the recreation room. When Alan was growing up it was a tradition for he and all of his cousins to get together at the annual family reunion and play cards while the parents, aunts and uncles socialized separately.

Fewer of the family members got to the reunion in the past several years but the cousins still tried to get together at least once a year to have their game and catch up on how their lives were going.

This year Alan had invited them all to his "cabin" for the get together. As Alan unloaded the supplies he started to get excited to see everyone. It was the first time he was able to show off his new home. He had a dock built with a boat house and he had purchased a few canoes and row boats to use on the lake. He also had fishing gear for those that wanted to fish.

He didn't expect anyone to arrive until the next day so he was just putting the finishing touches on his preparations when a car drove up his road and pulled up to his house.

Alan looked out and was surprised to see Trina and Josie get out of the car and walk in the door. He threw his arms around them and they exchanged hugs and kisses. "I didn't expect to see you until tomorrow." Trina replied, "David was having trouble with his car and had to try to get it fixed so I swung by and picked up Josie and came ahead.

We thought we would surprise you." "Well, mission accomplished. I am surprised and I am very glad you are here. Come on in and let me give you the grand tour." Alan showed off his new home and helped them bring in their bags. "Since you are the first two here, you get first pick of rooms. Just make your selves at home." As the girls were getting settled in Alan was thinking how much they had grown in the past year.

Trina was 19 and Josie was 17 now and they were both becoming beautiful young women. Trina was 5'6" and brunette with C cup breasts that poked up and said hello.

He could see her nipples through the green tank top she wore in spite of the attempt of her bra to hold them in.

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Her blue shorts looked as if they had been painted on her firm round bottom. Her legs were smooth and tanned and looked long enough to wrap around you twice in spite of her short stature.

Josie was blonde and had firm B cup breasts on her 5'4" frame. Alan swore she did not wear a bra under the yellow halter top she wore. She wore jeans that hugged her round little hips. Josie was a perky little thing and Alan could not remember ever seeing her when she was not smiling. She was perpetually up to something and Alan knew that, no matter how prepared he was she would do something to liven up the gathering.

Trina was more sultry and prone to flirting shamelessly with everyone. She teased men and women alike. Alan always thought she was just studying everyone to see their reactions. After they got unpacked Alan asked if they wanted to go swimming. The girls thought that was a great idea and hurried to change into their swim suits.

Alan changed to his trunks and walked down to the dock and set up some lawn chairs and lounges. He soon saw the girls walking out to the lake in two of the tiniest bikinis he had ever seen.

They displayed more than they covered. Alan waited until they got close and yelled out, "Last one in has to do dishes tonight." With that, he ran and dove off the end of the dock. He laughed as the girls scrambled to win the race to the water. Trina had a one step advantage and as she jumped from the dock, Josie managed to grab the bottoms of Trina's bikini. When Trina came to the surface, Josie was standing on the dock laughing with the bikini bottoms in her upraised hand.

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Alan laughed so hard he almost swallowed water as he floated nearby. "Hey cuz, look what I have," Josie taunted. "Give them back," Trina yelled. "Come and get them." "I can't with Alan here." "Afraid he will see your little tushie?

I think he would like that. Would you like to see her naked bottom Alan?" Alan replied, "Don't get me into this.

I have enough trouble controlling myself with what you are showing already, let alone naked." "Please give them back." "No, I think I will use them to wash the dishes tonight," Josie replied. "If you give them back I will do the dishes tonight." "All week," Josie replied. "Okay, all week." With that, Josie jumped in and returned Trina's bottoms. They spent the next hour splashing and dunking each other until Alan decided he needed to go in to start dinner.

As he climbed out onto the dock he had to be sure he kept his back to the lake so the girls wouldn't see the 8" boner he had tenting out his trunks. He hurried to the house and jumped into his shower and cranked off a huge load of cum onto the wall as he thought of the nearly naked cousins he was swimming with.

He couldn't help but picture their bouncing breasts and the way their bottoms crept up into the crack of their ass. He changed into shorts and a tee shirt and went to the kitchen to begin preparing dinner. Shortly after he began the two cousins came in laughing and talking. They wandered into the kitchen still wearing their bikinis with towels draped around their necks.

"What's for dinner handsome?" "Chicken parmesan, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy." "Can I help with anything?" "Sure Trina you can start on the salad" "How about me," Josie asked? "You can set the table and then both of you put some clothes on before I jump your bones," Alan laughed. Trina walked up and whispered in his ear, "Promises, promises." Alan blushed as the two girls ran to the back to grab a quick shower and get dressed. After dinner, Alan and Josie went to the rec room and picked out a movie while Trina finished the dishes.

As they sat waiting for Trina, they talked about what was going on in their lives. Josie asked, "How are you doing now that you are alone? I know that loosing Karen and the baby was rough. Have you been seeing anyone since then?" "No, I've tried to keep busy. It's still hard but I just go from day to day." "You need to get out and find a good woman to take care of you." "I can take care of myself pretty well.

I can cook and clean and do laundry and all of that stuff." "That isn't what I meant by taking care of you. I mean sex. You can't do without that for too long without going crazy." "Who says I'm not already crazy?" About then Trina came in and Alan started the movie. They watched the film and chit chatted. When the movie was finished, the girls were yawning and Alan hurried them off to bed. It had been a long day and he also went to bed and slept soundly.

The next day after breakfast his phone rang and it was his cousin Mark, Josie's brother. He told Alan that he was going to stay and help David get his car running and wouldn't be coming up today. He promised that if they got it running soon enough they would come up later.

Josie said, "Mark would rather have his head under the hood of a car than eat. He thinks helping David work on a car is a vacation." Just before lunch, another car pulled up and Alan's sister Ashley got out.

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Alan walked out to greet her and she gave him a big hug and kiss. "It's good to see you sis.

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How have you been?" "I'm okay but I'm really happy to be here. This is perfect timing for me." Just then the other two girls ran out and hugged and kissed and generally overwhelmed Ashley with their greeting. They all went inside and the three girls gathered in the living room and began to get caught up while Alan brought in Ashley's bags and took them to her room.

He then began to get something ready for lunch. He fired up the grill on the patio and started getting things set up while the girls gossiped. Trina and Josie decided to take a swim before lunch and went to change. In a few minutes they ran past and down to the lake. Ashley wandered out to join Alan by the grill. "So what's wrong sis?

I know that look and something is bothering you. Tell big brother all about it." "You could always tell couldn't you? Gary and I broke up a couple of weeks ago and I'm having a hard time with it. I found out he was sleeping with someone else. I guess she was just younger and prettier than me." Alan wrapped his arms around Ashley and held her against his chest with her head on his shoulder. "She may be younger but no one is prettier than my little sis. He must be stupid to let someone like you go." "Thanks big brother but it still hurts." "You are here now in the arms of someone that will love you forever so just forget him for now and let me and your cousins take care of you." Ashley held on to her brother and he felt his shirt get wet with her tears.

When she was cried out he kissed her on the forehead and told her to get the tray of meat from the kitchen so he could start cooking. Trina and Josie ran back to the patio and Alan told them what Ashley had said. "Don't worry cuz; by the time we all leave, she won't even remember his name.

We have a plan." "Josie, you always have a plan. I never know what you are up to next." "I'm just going to kill two birds with one stone big guy." Ashley came out with the tray and they each picked what they wanted to grill and while Alan did the cooking, the girls fixed a salad and heated some beans. Trina brought out drinks for everyone and they had a picnic on the patio.

They sat around and talked and joked with each other. Alan noticed that Trina would seem to rub against him a little more often than was normal considering there was plenty of space for her to walk around. She pressed her breast against him when she reached for something and smiled when she got a reaction. Alan was sure that she knew she was causing the swelling in his shorts.

By the time the sun was going down, Alan thought he would have to make a trip to his room to relieve himself before he got a case of the blue balls. He excused himself and as he was closing the door he could hear giggling from Josie.


"Trina, that isn't very nice to tease our favorite cousin like that. It's funny but not nice." "I know," said Ashley.

"Did you see that boner he was trying to hide? You shouldn't pick on my brother like that Trina." Trina replied, "Would you rather I picked on you? I bet I could get you horny too." "That wouldn't take much since it has been weeks since I have gotten any." "Maybe we should take care of that cuz." Josie laughed as she saw Ashley's face turn red.

"I think you hit a soft spot Trina.

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Be careful what you start." They all gathered in the rec room that evening and Trina suggested they have their traditional card game. Alan got the cards and they gathered around the game table. "What do you all want to play?" Ashley said poker and they agreed. Alan gave them all chips and they played for about an hour when Josie suggested they up the stakes. "Let's play strip poker." Trina said, "I'll second that, all in favor." Three hands went up and Alan knew he had been out voted.

The first hand Trina lost and removed her shoe. With each hand different losers removed shoes and socks. It became a bit more interesting as shirts and pants began to fall to the floor. It got to the point where Ashley was down to her bra and panties.

Trina had just lost her bra and was down to her panties. Josie still had her shorts, bra and panties and Alan had his shorts and boxers. Alan was enjoying the sight of Trina's C cup titties and his cock was getting harder as the night went on. The next hand Ashley lost her bra and she blushed as she removed it and exposed her perfect C/D cup tits to the table. Alan was the next loser and his shorts hit the floor but since he was sitting, he didn't really expose much.

When Josie lost her shorts, she asked, "We all know where this is going. When we are naked, what happens next?" Trina said, "I don't know about you two girls but I really want Alan to fuck me until I pass out. I am so horny I can barely stand it." Josie said, "I think Alan should fuck all of us." Alan protested, "Even my sister?" Josie countered with, "Especially your sister.


You haven't been laid in a very long time and Ashley really needs to have someone make love to her that really loves her." Ashley turned bright red but her nipples became swollen and rock hard as her breathing rate increased. Trina finally said, "Okay girls high card gets to fuck Alan first." Josie said, "Only you and me Trina. Ashley needs to sleep with her brother tonight so they can be alone one on one." Josie drew a ten and Trina drew a jack.

"Goodie, come on Alan," she cried and taking him by the hand she pulled him to the sofa. She sat and pulled his boxers down and his steel hard cock almost hit her in the face. Trina grabbed it and marveled at his size. "I love a big cock but I think this is the biggest I have had so far." With that she licked him from his scrotum to the tip of his shaft. He groaned as her tongue licked at the hole in the end just before she wrapped her lips around the head and sucked him into her mouth.

She took him just a few inches in as she looked up at his face. She drew back and then took him deeper. She began to pump his throbbing cock deeper into her mouth until she had almost all of him.

He felt his cock hit the back of her throat as she sucked and licked him. "I'm going to cum if you keep doing that," he said. Trina released him and lay back with her one leg over the back of the sofa and the other on the floor.

Alan dropped to his knees and dropped his face to her crotch. He inhaled her musky scent and slipped his tongue into her slit. He licked from bottom to top and back again he sucked and nibbled at her lips as his hands reached up to cradle her breasts. He pinched at her nipples and licked deep into her love canal. Trina began to writhe and moan as he worked her over. He finally pushed two fingers into her cunt and sucked her clit between his lips.

He battered her clit with his tongue and as he pinched her nipple, she plunged into a massive orgasm. She spasmed and bounced as she came and he licked deeply into her cunt capturing her cum and scooping it down his throat. As she recovered he moved up and placed the tip of his cock at the entrance of her love canal and slowly pushed into her until his balls slapped against her ass. Trina shuddered as Alan began to pump his meat pole faster and harder with every stroke and Trina was in almost continuous orgasm.

Her head rocked back and forth and she pulled his lips to hers as she cried out. She sucked his tongue into her mouth and met it with hers. Alan brought his hands to cradle her breasts and he moved his mouth to nip at her nipples. When her cunt walls rippled and squeezed his cock with her final orgasm he finally released his cum deep into her cunt. He pumped load after load into her until it was leaking out around his cock and her cum joined it to leave puddles of joy juice on the sofa as their bodies collapsed together.

Josie and Ashley were speechless after watching the way Alan overwhelmed Trina and created the great passion that left her so completely satisfied. Josie said, "Oh god, I almost came just watching you. I hope you left something for me Alan." Alan smiled over at Josie and said, "If you give me a few minutes I think I can do better.

That was my first time in a long time so I may have been a bit too fast." Trina pulled herself up and threw her arms around Alan's neck and said, "Alan, if you were any better you would have killed me. Thank you." "It looks like we made quite a mess on the sofa. Maybe we should find somewhere else to do this." They went to Josie's room but Ashley did not follow.

Alan had Josie lay back and he lay beside her. He caressed her breasts and kissed her. He worked his way down her body using his hands and mouth to stimulate Josie. By the time he reached her lower abdomen she was begging him to eat her pussy. He finally relented and plunged his tongue between the lips of her pussy he sucked and nibbled on them.

He caressed her breasts with one hand as he used the other to drive into her cunt. His tongue teased and tortured her clit as he sucked her girl juice that squirted from her cunt.

Her orgasm was so powerful she almost bucked Alan off the bed. He crawled up her body until his throbbing cock came to the entrance of her pussy.

He rubbed the tip up and down her sopping slit to lubricate his cock before sliding it into the hot wet interior of her love canal. He plunged deep into Josie and pumped in and out harder and faster and then slower. He alternated the speed and depth of his strokes as Josie had had three more orgasms.

As she had her final orgasm he was overcome with his own. He pumped his cum into her cunt.

Load after load shot up and out of his shaft filling her cunt to overflowing. Josie's cunt squirted against his groin soaking both of them. Alan finally fell to her side and as they recovered he fell asleep.

He woke up about a half hour later and crept out of the bed. Josie was still asleep and he pulled a blanket over her and left the room. Alan stopped in the kitchen to get a bottle of water before making his way to the master suite. He walked into the shower to clean himself off before finding his way to his bed.

Ashley was in the bed asleep with the covers pulled up to her neck. Alan slid under the covers and watched his sister sleep for a long time thinking about this strange situation he had found himself in. He had already fucked his two cousins and was contemplating fucking his twenty year old sister. Before he came to any conclusions he fell asleep. Alan woke up a few hours later when he realized that his sister was lying against him, her head on his shoulder and one leg across his thigh.

One of her arms was across his chest and he was suddenly aware that she was naked. Alan's right arm was trapped under Ashley and the back of his hand was under her pussy. Alan smiled and closed his eyes and went back to sleep feeling more comfortable than he had since his wife had shared his bed so long ago.

Alan was dreaming that his cock was being sucked by a warm wet mouth. As he came fully awake he realized it was not a dream. He lifted the covers and looked down to see his sister's head bobbing up and down on his cock. Ashley released him and looking up into his eyes she said, "Good morning.

I wondered how long it would take to wake you up. Do you mind if I continue?" Without waiting for a reply she licked the length of his shaft and swirled her tongue around the head of his thick throbbing cock.

She once again took it deep into her mouth and drove him all the way down into her throat as she sucked. She alternated shallow rapid strokes using her tongue to wrap around his shaft with deep throat plunges taking all of his 8" cock into her mouth. Alan warned her that if she continued he was going to cum. Ashley released long enough to say, "That's the idea." Before swallowing him again and tugging at his balls with her hand.

Alan could not hold back any longer and he unloaded his cum in the mouth of his sister. She swallowed every drop and kept him in her mouth until the last drop was sucked from his shaft and his cock began to shrink. As Ashley released him she crawled up and laid her head on his chest. "Thank you Ash that was the best blowjob I have ever had. You have a real talent. " "I wanted to do that for my big brother. When I woke up this morning I realized that you have always been there for me when I needed anything.

You never criticized me for making bad decisions even when you could have said 'I told you so.' I love my big brother." "I love my little sister too. I will always be here for you." "Will you do something for me big brother?" "Just name it Ash." She pushed herself up so she could look into his eyes and asked, "Will you make love to me?" Alan gently rolled Ashley to her back and kissed her lips softly.

His lips lingered on hers as his love for her poured out. Their kisses began to get more demanding and passionate as their tongues began to spar and explore each other. Alan's hands explored Ashley's body the felt her flat stomach and her sides up her rib cage and down to her hip. He brought his fingers across her abdomen and slowly up until they found their way between her breasts.

As he sucked and nibbled at her lips his fingers touched the base of her throat and ran softly across tracing the length of her collar bone. Alan kissed her chin and her nose. He kissed her face and over to her ear. He took her ear lobe between his teeth and lightly bit her. His lips sucked at the hollow behind her ear and down her neck. His lips found her collar bone and his tongue followed the path his fingers had traced moments before. He kissed down between her breasts and across the bottom of her ribs.

Alan's lips and tongue circled her breasts and he sucked at the mounds closer and closer to her rock hard puffy nipples. Alan drew back and leaned up on one elbow so he could look down at Ashley. He wanted to be able to watch her face as he took his hand and using only the palm of his hand he very lightly brushed just the tip of her nipples.

He used a circular motion that was whisper soft. Ashley's eyes rolled back into her head as she had her first orgasm of the morning. Her whole body quivered as her juices began to flow from her pussy without ever being touched.

The touch of his palm at the tip of her nipple was like lightning shooting through her body. As she spasmed and shook, he leaned in and took her other nipple between his lips and sucked it into his mouth where his teeth gently grazed it and his tongue flicked it back and forth.

Ashley cried out, "Oh Alan, I… I… Oh my god… I love you." Alan moved his mouth down and his tongue dove into her navel and traced a path down to the side of her pubic mound. His tongue flicked at the place where her thigh joined her groin. He traced down to her taint where he sucked at her while holding her legs up and apart. His tongue found her rosebud pucker and bathed it around and around before moving back up and following her slit up pushing her lips apart and lapping up the sweet juices that flowed from her pussy.

His lips finally found her clit and he kissed it and hummed against it as his fingers dove into her love canal finding her g spot. Ashley was once again driven over the edge with another orgasm and she pulled his head against her pussy as her legs clamped together. He was trapped between her smooth thighs until she began to recover.

He continued to lap up her girl juice until she pushed his face away and pulled him up so she could kiss his lips. She could taste herself on his lips and licked her juice from his face. "I need you in me now baby," was all she could say. Alan placed the tip of his cock at the entrance of her sloppy wet pussy and drove in slowly and steadily until his full length was buried in her cunt.

He pumped in and out of her alternating between slow and fast as she adjusted to the girth of his fat cock. Ashley's pussy began to contract around his cock as her next orgasm approached. When it hit she cried out wordlessly and lifted him with her hips until only her heels and shoulders were on the bed. As she recovered and collapsed back he pumped faster again and then slow and hard and then soft. He pulled out until just the head of his cock was in her and then plunged the full length deeply into her.

He continued this for another twenty minutes until his cock was again massaged by the spasms of her cunt walls and he began to cum as he never had before. He spurted load after load into his sister's body as he lost control of his body and let his cock take over. His orgasm felt as if it would never end until at last it did. Alan fell away from Ashley's body and onto his side and then to his back. It was much later that he came around to find Ashley lying on his chest.

As he looked down at her she brought her lips to his in a tender kiss that was filled with emotion. Her eyes were filled with tears as her hand softly held his cheek against hers. They lay like that for a long time before Ashley got up and taking his hand pulled him into the bath room where she started the shower.

When the water was warm enough they entered and quietly washed each other, pausing only to share a kiss or just to hold each other for a while. When they got out they dried each other and Ashley put on Alan's robe. Alan put on a pair of shorts and a shirt and they went out into the living area. Trina and Josie were sitting in the dining room drinking coffee and talking as the two siblings came out.

"We thought you might sleep all day," said Trina. Alan only smiled as he went for a cup of coffee. Ashley disappeared into the bedroom she was given and she returned a short time later with her luggage.

She didn't stop; she just carried it back to the master suite. When she returned she had a smile on her face and asked if someone would get her a cup of coffee. "It looks like the two of you had a pleasant night. I hope that Alan is still willing to fuck his favorite cousins.

I really liked that dick of yours Alan. I was hoping to get a taste of it this morning." "Trina I just happened to save some for you. I think it will be at least a mouthful," teased Alan. "With a cock like yours I'm betting you have more than a mouthful for each of us." said Josie. Ashley spoke up saying, "The two of you can have as much of Alan as you can get during the day, but his cock is all mine, all night.

I have to tell you, no one has ever made me cum as hard or as often as my big brother did last night and again this morning." Alan replied, "Thank you ladies. If I knew there were three pussies as sweet as the three of you in the family, I would have been fucking you years ago." After breakfast the three went out to enjoy the sun and the girls decided to swim for a while.

Alan went back to the house to get some towels and when he returned he found all three of the females naked and playing in the water.

He sat on a chaise lounge to watch and before too long; Trina walked up to him and said she was ready for that mouthful he had promised. She pulled his shorts off and sank down on her knees. She held his cock up with one hand and began to lick the length of his shaft from his ass to the tip of his cock. She bathed it with her tongue until it was fully erect and sucked him into her mouth.

She worked up and down his shaft hitting the back of her throat and rubbing her tongue around the head and along the shaft. Alan took hold of her hair and thrust into her mouth pushing his cock deep into her.

He felt her swallow as the head of his engorged rod entered her throat and her nose was pressed against his abdomen. Trina plunged her fingers into her pussy and with the other hand she fingered her clit. Her juices were dripping to the ground and she hit her orgasm making her squeal. Alan felt the vibration on his cock and let loose with spurts of cum down Trina's throat. She choked on the first but recovered enough to swallow all of his next five loads that shot into her mouth.

A small stream of his cum dripped down her chin and she managed to catch it on her finger and suck it back into her mouth to swallow. "Alan your cum is so tasty you should bottle it and sell it." "It's not for sale, but you can have all the free samples you want," he laughed.

Trina got up and ran back down the dock and dove into the water to join her cousins. Alan lay back and closed his eyes to recover from the blowjob. He had almost fallen asleep when he felt someone approaching. The lounge moved a bit and Alan opened his eyes in time to see Josie's pussy settling over his face.

He brought his hands up to her thighs and guided her wet pussy down to meet his willing tongue. He heard her voice muffled by her thighs against her ears. "Eat my pussy cousin and let me suck that cock of yours. I want to feel you cum down my throat and I want to cum all over your face." With that she bent forward and took his cock into her mouth.

She sucked and licked it until it was hard again. Josie hummed as she gave him a blowjob and he reciprocated by humming against her clit as he pushed two fingers into her hungry cunt. He sucked her clit between his lips and flicked it with his tongue.

When he pulled his fingers from her snatch he ran the length of her slit with the flat of his tongue. Josie sucked him deep and fondled his balls in her hand. She ran the index finger of one hand into his ass hole up to the first knuckle. They continued to please each other for another ten minutes until Josie reached her orgasm and flooded Alan's face with her juices.

He drank as much as he could suck into his mouth and triggered his own eruption into the hot wet mouth of his cousin. She swallowed his cum as he pumped load after load into her. She didn't spill a drop and continued to suck his cock until it became soft and let it slip out of her mouth. She rolled off him and fell to the grass. Her breathing was erratic and she was unable to move for several minutes. Alan helped her to lie down on a lounge chair and she gave him a kiss and closed her eyes and fell asleep.

The rest of the week continued at the same pace. During the day they would eat, swim, play games or just sit and talk. Trina and Josie fucked and sucked Alan during the day and Ashley slept with him each night. They made love and cuddled until they fell asleep and resumed as soon as they awakened. At the end of the week the girls prepared to leave to return home and to their jobs. Trina and Josie loaded their luggage into their car and they promised to return when they could get away again.

As they left Alan and Ashley waved goodbye and Ashley followed Alan back into the house. "Alan, can I ask you something?" "I think you just did," he quipped. "No, I'm serious.

I have done a lot of thinking this week and I have an idea. I just want to run it by you to see if it makes any sense to you. Maybe I am just crazy. If you don't like the idea just tell me and I will forget it." "Okay, what is it." "Since I have broken up with Gary, I really don't have anything to keep me in that town.

I only work to have something to do. I really don't need the money because of our inheritance. I thought that if it's okay with you, I could move out here with you to help you take care of this place. It is pretty big for one person to take care of. And besides, I love my big brother and I am getting used to sleeping with you. I don't think I want to be away from you anymore. Is that crazy or do you think it might work?" "Sweetheart, I think that I would love to have you live with me.

I had forgotten how good it felt to have someone around to care for and to care for me. You can live here as long as you want to. Besides, I need someone to wash the dishes." Ashley poked him in the shoulder and said, "Listen buster, I'll wash but you have to dry." Ashley threw her arms around Alan's neck and kissed him. The kiss lasted for a long time and when she released him he saw tears running down her cheeks.

He picked her up and carried her to their bedroom and it was several hours later when they emerged to find something to eat. "I have to go back to clear things up at home and move everything but I will be back as soon as I can get everything squared away." Ashley left the next morning and Alan missed her as soon as she left the driveway.

He thought to himself, "I think life on Lake Tannin is going to be better from now on."