Bondage Anime Babe Gets The Fuck Machine

Bondage Anime Babe Gets The Fuck Machine
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My fanfuckingtastic weekend As with most of my stories. This is non fiction. (TRUE for those in Rosalinda) Yes it really happened. If I ever post fiction, I will make that perfectly clear up front.

I prefer writing non fiction. If this goes well and is well received I will write more. I am a VERY lucky man that has absolutely no problem getting all the sex I want from several women. So I have a lot of experiences to relay. Heck I play almost every weekend and often with someone new.

Guess you can call me a male slut. That's OK. I LOVE my life. Now my story: I had planed a Thursday night to Sunday evening camping trip. But plans change. A friend was suppose to come camping with me Thursday but she got stuck with an extra half shift at work. I had the camp trailer ready and was itching to go. My hormones were ready too. (bummer)So I was settling down for an internet porn date and a bottle of lotion when I checked some emails.

There was one there from a young woman who use to rent from me. She had to move when she and her husband divorced. I had tried to help her but she couldn't make rent. So she moved back home.

When she rented, she was always wearing nut busting sexy outfits around me. I never tried anything because of her marriage.


However one day she called and asked if she could come over and talk with me. She arrived in an unbelievable hot outfit. I couldn't quit staring. I have always wondered what her tiny tits looked like. (there very tiny) She was telling me about her problems and that she had filed for divorce that day and was scared. I hugged her and kissed her forehead and continued to listen. Finally she stopped talking and giggled at me.

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Asking me why I keep staring at her chest. I believe in total honestly and said: Because she is stunningly beautiful and she wears "rape me please" clothes. Making it impossible not to stare, dream and wonder. She said : "You like my non existing tits"?

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I informed her small tits are my favorite and I am insatiable for them. She said her tiny tits were why her soon to be ex was cheating. He wanted big ones. I called him a fool and told her I'd give my left arm to play with them. "Keep your arm. Just ask". "What" I thought. Oh, duuuu So I politely asked: "May I see your tits please?" Grinning, she pulled her shirt up around her neck. I reached out and lifted her bra up over them and just about died. They were perfect.

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Tanned with dark quarter sized aureola's and darker stiff nipples. Very tight and firm. I was speechless. I have seen thousands of tits in my life, but these were in the top 10. I cupped them, kneaded them and eventually dropped down and sucked them. I was in heaven. That was all that ever happened. She moved away. But kept in touch via emails. Flirting endlessly.

So Thursday night her email asked if I ever thought about "getting together"? I answered her back, "Come on out. Put your tits where my mouth is. I'll leave the door unlocked". I knew this was just us flirting and I was way to old to seriously interest her.

Heck, I have a daughter older than her. Eventually I went to bed and watched TV. About 10:30 a knock came at my door. Figuring a renter had locked themselves out, I threw on a robe and answered. There she stood in a long coat. I was stunned.

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She came in, shut the door, pushed me back onto the couch, dropped her coat and stood in a teddy with split top. So her nipples poked clear through her cups.

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She smiled an evil smile and said: "Time to put your mouth where my tits are". I stood, locked the door, took her hand, and lead her to my bedroom.

Where I laid her down and removed knee high leather boots. I started kissing her feet and slowly worked my way up, kissing her body through her teddy up to her lips. Bypassing her pussy and tits. I nibbled on her neck, licked her lips and started back down her chest. She was moaning and squirming. Wow, was she ever turned on. I stood, took my robe and underwear off as she crawled out of her teddy.


She looked at my hard cock and gasped. "My gosh, your huge". (I'm not huge, just 7 inches, but very thick, 7 1/2 inch girth.) She was seriously scared. She is about 5'2" and perhaps 100 lbs. So Harley (cocks nickname) was intimidating.

I took my time licking every inch of the front of her body and a lot of her back. Spending extra time with those PERFECT TITS. When I got to her pussy, there was an unusual but pleasant smell. I couldn't place it. I tasted no chemicals, so I ruled out perfume. I gave up trying to figure it out and started licking her lips feather light.

At the same time my hand was pressing down just above her pelvic bone intensifying her pleasure. She was pushing my head, shifting her hips and begging me to go down. But I was in control and wanted to build her libido more. Eventually I slid my tongue deep inside the tastiest pussy I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. There it was. Her sweet secret. She had a breath mint poked up inside her.

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What a cleaver idea. I spent at least 10 minuets there tell my neck was locked up and my jaw felt like TMJ. She had at least a dozen oralgasms. Especially the first one was earth shaking. I slid up her body as she was still thrashing from her last oralgasm. Without her suspecting it, I lined Harley up and slid about three inches into the tightest pussy of my life.

In fact I stopped to see if I had missed and gone into her ass, she was that tight. She put her hands on my solders, pushing. I was hurting her. So I backed out a bit and did the "shallow fuck".

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Taking my time. Every few strokes going in another half an inch. When I was half in I knelled upput her legs up beside her head and fucked her G spot. She exploded within 20 strokes. As she exploded, I sank the rest of the way in tell I was bottomed out. I still had an inch to go, but such be life. That was her limit. I went long and slow changing angles, up and down as well as sideways. She was in heaven. We fucked, then ate, fucked, then rested in my vibrating bed, fucked and watched TV and fucked again.

It was 3:35 when we stopped. We had screwed 5 times and I had one of the best fucks of my life. I told her I had a camping date coming at 6:00am so she probably ought not be here when she arrives. As she was dressing, getting ready to go, she said she had been with 21 men in her life. But tonight was the first time she felt thoroughly fucked and satisfied. (what a compliment).

We visited some more. It was sad hearing her tell me she felt like she was just a "pleasure cunt". As she didn't have the body guys wanted. So they just used her for her pussy.

That was soooo sad to me. A 30 year old beauty who felt that way. I told her we will be having a lot more fun in the near feature. She said: "we'll see". I'm not sure what that meant, but felt the time was not now to ask. I walked her to the door. Held her in a long bear hug, kissed her eyes and forehead goodby. For some reason that felt more right for the moment that kissing her lips.

Then back to bed for a couple desperately needed hours of sleep.