She is a hot brunette latina who jerks her cock off

She is a hot brunette latina who jerks her cock off
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I was taking a French class back in college with was 20 years ago. The instructor said that I was in jeopardy of failing his class. I was going to fail because I was not interested. We had a family gathering and my aunt Peg and Uncle Red were there. Aunt Peg was not really my aunt.

My aunt was early thirties and my uncle was in middle fifties. She was the rebound from by first aunt. I must say that my aunt was very hot and I could see the attraction for my uncle. She had redish brown hair with green eyes. She had a fantastic body. Anyway, I was telling her I was failing French and I needed this class to graduate.

She told me about a friend of hers that was a French teacher in high school. She said that she would contact her and she if she could tutor me.

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She said her name was Yvette. I got a call from Yvette and she stated that she would be more than happy to help me. I went over to Yvette house for my first lesson. She was around thirty with brown eyes, short brown hair.

She had a very attractive body. I never had a teacher than looked like her. She said that she was divorced about two years ago.

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The only thing that I could think of was what a jerk. The first lesson went terrible. I was not understanding and really did not care. This went on for the second, third and fourth lesson. During the fourth lesson, I was in a complete daze. The only thing that I could concentrate on were her breasts.

She caught me staring at them. I want to give you a quiz so I can see who far we have progressed. She gave the quiz and went for some water. She came back and placed her hand on my shoulder as she looked at quiz I had taken. I felt her soft touch of her hand and became hard immediately.

She smiled, it appears that we have a concentration problem here. I think that we need to refocus and we need a new plan of attack.

She suggested that we have another meeting on Friday evening at 8pm. I thought that was an time but what the hell. I came over and she dressed in a loose fitting blouse and a pair of tight shorts She took my hand and brought me over to the table where the books were layed out. She said to me, I believe your problem is you can't concentrate on the lessons.

I must have turned a bright red. She moved her chair next to mine. I was so nervous and I dropped the book on the floor. She leaned down to get the book and I saw her beautiful breasts. She smiled, let me see if I got your attention, she took her hand and rubbed it against by dick.


Yes I did, she said. Lets get all the anxiety out of you. She brought me over the couch, she took off my jeans and my boxers. She took her tongue and ran it from along my cock. She took her left hand and placed with my balls as that tongue went up and down.

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I then took off her blouse and took off her bra. I went for her panties and removed them. There was the golden palace with a small thin line of hair We went to bedroom and embraced. We started kissing passionately, as I started kissing her neck.


I worked my way down to her beautiful breasts. I took my tongue and played with her nipple and took my hand and messaged her pussy. She was very moist and moved on top of her and placed my cock inside of her. We moved as one and it was a fantastic experience. I exploded inside of her. I layed next to her warm body. Now she said, no more BS, come Monday there will nothing but complete study.

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By the end of the class, I got an "a". The instructor said that he never seen a complete change in a student. I called my aunt Peg and told her that I had got an A in the class.

She said that was fantastic. She said that my uncle was out of town on business and I should come over to celebrate. I went over to their house and much to my surprise, Yvette was there. Yvette was had on a yellow sun dress and my aunt had a shorts and a blouse which showed her large breasts.

My aunt suggested that we go to the backyard for some drinks. My aunt said, Yvette I don't know who you did it but you turned this boy around. Yvette smiled, he deserves all the credit and he is not a boy but a fine young man. I did not know what was going on but I had a very funny feeling.

I could not help trying to sneak a peek as Yvette crossed her legs in that dress. Everytime I needed a drink, my aunt would jump up and get it for me. She seemed to showcasing her ass for me. All of a sudden, it started to pour and we all got soaked. We went into the house and Aunt Peg said, let me throw these clothes in the drier for you guys. She said, Yvette I have a robe that I could give you and EdI can give one of your uncles robe, if I can find one. She walked into the back bedroom and she said that I could get changed.

I got undressed and realized that she did not give me anything to change into. I didn't have anything on when Aunt Peg walked in, She was only wrapped in a towel.

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I tried to cover myself up but she saw everything. She took the clothes,which I was covering myself with, and gave me a towel. She said that Yvette decided to take a shower. She laid down on the bed and told me lay next to her so that we could talk. She said that she saw me trying to look up Yvette's dress. If you are going to do that dear, you need to be a little less obvious. My aunt then said a bombshell, she does a beuatiful pussy, doesn't she? I looked at her in amazement. She said that her and Yvette were very good friends back in college as she winked at me.

There was now a rise beneath my towel. She said, I going to throw these in the drier and walked out of the room. She took off her towel as she walked away giving a full view of her ass. A minute later, Aunt Peg yelled for me to come into her room as she had a suprise for me to celebrate getting the "a". I went to my aunt's room and my mouth also dropped to the floor.

There was Yvette spread eagle with that beautiful pussy in my aunt stroking her lips with her fingers. She said you must gentley stroke the lips then she gave a soft kiss. Yvette said, I told you he is a young man. They laid me on the bed and both women played with cock. Yvette then shifted her attention as she lowered herself over my face. I licked every inch of that beautiful pussy.

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All her juices ran all over my face. As this was going on, my aunt was sucking my cock I could not help myself as I came all over my aunt's chest. I was so embarrassed. The women were laughing, don't be embarrassed. I aunt wiped me off with a towel and said that we will get him working again. Yvette leaned over to my aunt and started kissing her.

The women's bodies were embraced as one. Yvette then got off the bed and spread my aunts legs apart. She then started kissing her inner thighs.

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She worked her way up to her pussy. My aunt gave out soft moans at the beginning and then they got loader. I started kissing her breasts and playing with her nipples. I felt a hand playing with my cock which became hard again.

My aunt said, I told you we get it going again. You were right I said, now I want to give you something for getting me Yvette. I moved Yvette over and placed my cock inside my aunt. My aunt moaned and was beginning to shake. Yvette said, give to her faster and harder. I thrusted my cock inside of her as fast and as hard as I could. We both came together It was one French class that I will never forget.