Cherie deville lehrt sie nicht Stieftochter

Cherie deville lehrt sie nicht Stieftochter
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Ryu Hayabusa was in the process of destroying the final set of barriers that were shielding the nascent super soldier project, and the clone storage areas. The dangerous project most likely initiated by the secretive schemer Donovan could be a massive threat to world stability, as it seemed certain groups were already making orders for these super soldiers.

Momiji went with Ryu as support, who assisted the independent kunoichi and long-time ally in eliminating the security forces that were guarding the equipment used to further the process of creating the clones that Donovan seemed so obsessed with. Together, they took down guards, often in determined and brutal, yet also elegant ways- frequently involving the breaking of bones and vertebrae of their targets.

Ryu noticed that Momiji seemed to enjoy finishing these men off, but had no idea of her true thought process. The dark-haired female had experienced the pleasure of undercover missions where she had to be intimate with her targets, a couple of times. The combination of sexual acts and close-range assassination had produced immense arousal in the kunoichi. Thus, she couldn't shake off the idea- the temptation to triumph over Ryu Hayabusa, and kill him in an erotic fashion. Very soon, she would get her chance.

She watches Ryu as he destroys the last barrier and then starts helping him take out the numerous machinery and lab works keeping the clones alive in their animation chambers. Once the deed is done, she stands behind him and clears her throat, "Ryu. There is one more thing I need to do. " Ryu had no idea what would this be. Slightly puzzled, he turns towards her.

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"And that would be?" The leader of the Hayabusa clan looked at the darkly dressed ninja, while wondering about what she meant by her last words. With a quick movement, she kicks Ryu in the body, making him double over in pain as he clutched his stomach, before grabbing his head and turning him over. Excited, Momiji pulls Ryu's body backwards as he slumps down to his knees, and then wraps her legs around his head in a standing reverse head scissor.

With a small adjustment, she jumps and slams him down to the ground onto his back and keeps her legs tight around his neck and head, laying out along him as she moans and squeezes, "I want to take over your clan, Ryu. Defeating and killing strong men turns me on. Ever since my first assassination of a man in bed." Ryu had been totally taken by surprise by the attack, and ultimately unable to prevent the kunoichi from trapping him in a rather provocative hold.

However, a part of his mind was focused on what she said. Kunoichi were supposed to train their mind and body rigorously, in order to excel at combat and stealth. This included control over natural instincts. Did some of Momiji's missions cause her to lose this self-restraint completely?

Ryu tried to grab a knife holstered in his gear, by the leg.

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But his movements didn't feel as swift as before- hypoxia was coming in. Momiji grabs a hold of his hands, pulling them to the side and gripping his neck tighter and wiggling her hips deeper against his face.

Her moans soft and deep as she presses her pussy into his features, "But I'm not going to kill you without some enjoyment.

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If you want, I'll let you taste my pussy and my orgasm." Already with blurred vision and confused, Ryu struggles somewhat, before groaning in desperation- he was unable to get out of the deadly hold. His tongue comes out, but it's almost an involuntary action, as he feels dryness and constriction in his throat. "Come on, enjoy yourself. Let the last thing you taste by my delicious pussy. You could do worse for a last meal, right?", she moans happily, grinding along his mouth and features as her pussy gets wetter and drips her juices into his mouth to help him wet his tongue, "I'll break your neck soon, right when I orgasm.

Timing it just right can extend my orgasm for minutes… Ohhh…I can't wait…" The squeeze was doing its thing, and certain parts of Ryu's brain began to shut down, leading to changes in his actions.

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Groaning, He licks at Momiji's leather-covered crotch, and from this, his cock twitches a bit, right when his arms fall down. Noticing this, Momiji smiles and uses one hand to pull down a zipper in the part of her black leather suit that covered her crotch, exposing a wet pussy underneath. She had no underwear, and planned for all this to happen, wanting him to have access to her folds before killing him.

"Oh yes, yes! Dig that tongue into my pussy! ˝ With a long moan her legs grip tighter and start to roll his neck slowly, not breaking his neck yet but stressing his bones painfully.

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As the neck twisting causes pain, Ryu almost passes out, causing his tongue to roll around uncontrollably. He can feel paralysis and death coming soon, but is powerless to stop it. The upwards roll of the tongue is actually what causes the paralysis to set in, as the jolt of pleasure makes the kunoichi twist her hips, but relatively lightly.

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Her gasp was full of delight, and her pleasure further increased upon seeing Ryu's legs, and whole body spasm, followed by a desperate groan. His legs weren't even moving, anymore! This nearly made Momiji cum right there on the spot- the display of her very own skill in destroying anatomy. Was it mercy, or cruelty that made her decide on her next course of action, nobody would know for sure. Not even her.

However, she did it impulsively. Getting up briefly, she stood over a paralyzed Ryu, and turned around to face him, before sitting down on his chest to reapply the headscissors, as tight as before. This way, he could eat her out easier. "Look at me, Ryu, look at my face and body", the kunoichi spoke in an aroused tone while pulling down a zipper underneath her cleavage, in order to free her perky breasts from their leathery confinement, so that Ryu could watch her knead them.

"…and eat me outttt…" she ordered huskily, grinding her crotch into the ninja's face. The male is beaten, and mentally broken, too. While his hard-on grown from looking at the gorgeous body of his future executioner, he uses his tongue like a living vibrator, motivated by the gushing of juices that reduce the dryness caused by the reduced air supply. Feeling the rush of dominance, Momiji asks Ryu a simple question, which was also a means of humiliation: "Who is the leader of the Dragon clan?" "You are.Momiji…" For his response, the ninja earned a smile, and a moan from the deadly dark-haired beauty, while both of her hands massaged her breasts.

Ryu's reply and the subsequent resumption of deep, fast cunnilingus leave no doubt in Momiji's mind. She has conquered another man- a strong man. Her former ally and maybe at some point, even a friend, would get this delightful show of Momiji's body in honour of all that, but he had to die.

For Momiji was stronger, faster and better. She wanted to cum, and his neck would be the trigger. Hearing his verbal submission and feeling the fantastic tongue-work made her moans louder, her body shaking in pleasure causing her to spasm in delight.


She grips his neck tighter and feels the time has come. Ryu's eyes begin to flicker, as his tongue begins to act erratically. Momiji bites her lower lip, and then. CRRRRACK! Her powerful thighs twist his neck, snapping the bones while she floods his face with her juices. Her wonderful orgasm comes upon her as she gasps, seeing Ryu's body turn completely go limp, and then immediately screams in heavenly pleasure. Ryu can hear those orgasmic sounds very briefly, as his world fades to black, following a painful jolt that went through him, after that hard, forceful twist and snap that destroyed the rest of the vertebrae.

She grinds slow and deep, enjoying the feeling of him dying between her legs and the electric wave of her blissful orgasm washing over her. His death has magical properties, seemingly, as Momiji's orgasm goes on, while she gains strength, herself. By slaying a dragon, she became the dragoness. Thus, she coils her legs around Ryu's skull harder, groaning as her juices gush. She wills the skull to crack, and it does.

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Once, and she gasps. Then a big one follows another smaller crack. Blood pours out of Ryu's nose and ears. She didn't initially believe it was possible, but she was doing it: crushing a man's skull with her legs. "Y-YESSS!

crrrack YES! squish OHHH YESSSSS!" Momiji craved more, and went on to snap his spine and limbs, in a power-drunken orgasm that lasted for half an hour.


Spent, but happier than ever before in life, she left, after setting up the facility to go ablaze.