Ältere Frauen 1

Ältere Frauen 1
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This is my first story to post. I've written erotica before, but not of this nature. This is a fictional story but one that a lot of guys have probably thought about. You could tell how cold it was outside when she came in. She dropped her jacket on the couch and started pulling her sweatshirt over her head as she walked toward the fireplace.

She didn't appear to really care that her shirt was also coming up as she peeled off her sweater, showing her smooth stomach and moving up to her bra. She must have been too cold to notice. She kept pulling up on her sweater. Her lacy bra came into view and then her cleavage. For being 14, she had nice cleavage already, being proud that she had bigger tits than her older sister.

They were a small B cup at least, but looked bigger on her slim body. She often walked around the house in a bra and shorts or just a t-shirt with no bra or pants. It's hard to act nonchalant about it, but it drove me crazy sometimes seeing her young, lithe body parade around like she didn't care who saw. After her father left, she must have felt more freedom with a new man in the house.

That would be me. I'm in my 30's and have been living with her mom for the past year or so.

That must have been why she pulled both her sweater and shirt off in front of me. I wasn't a stranger anymore. Once the sweater was off, she turned around to see what I was doing, giving me a full view, almost showing off. Her small nipples were obvious in the thin lace of her bra, making two small bumps. "Uh, dear, you need to put your shirt back on" I suggested to her. "Huh?" she replied, looking down at her bare chest. "Oh wow, I didn't even notice." She bent over to pickup her sweater and I got a good view of her young breasts as her bra loosened.

I could almost see a hint of nipple. She stood up and put her t-shirt back on and walked over to where I was standing my the kitchen. "Are you warm?" she asked as she wrapped her arms around me, giving me a hug. "Oh yes, you're warm, you feel good" she said. I could feel her firm breasts and hard nipples thru her t-shirt. Her slim body pressed into me as I wrapped my arms around her to give her a hug.

Normally, she give a quick hug then walked off. This time, she held on. "Mmmm. Can I keep hugging you until I warm up a bit?" she asked. "Sure" I agreed. I was happy to warm her up, moving my hands slowly up and down her back, rubbing her lightly. After a few minutes, I asked her if she was still cold.

"I'm feeling better, but still kind of cold. Can we move the couch and get under the blanket to warm up?" she asked. "Uh, sure, I guess so" I hesitated. Was this a good idea? Watching her parade around half-naked was one thing, but snuggling under a blanket was approaching a boundary that I didn't want to cross.


Dropping to the couch, I grabbed the blanket and waited for her to sit down. She did, right onto my lap, sitting sideways with her shoulder to my chin.

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She grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around us, pulling her legs in tight and wiggling her butt on my lap to get comfortable. I was frozen in place, realizing that this might not be a good idea. Hugging my soon-to-be step-daughter was one thing. Sitting on the couch under a blanket was too intimate, especially if anyone else was home to see. Her sister was at basketball practice and her mom was taking night classes for law school. That left us home alone like most week nights. "Thank you for warming me up" she said gratefully.

"Now I understand what Mom means when she says you're great to warm up with and cuddle with". "You're welcome, I'm glad I could help" I tried to reply cooly. We stared at the fire for a bit. I was trying to focus on something other than this girl in my lap. Baseball, Rosie O'Donnell, anything to take my mind away from what my dick was thinking.


Suddenly, she leaped up from my lap and headed toward her bedroom. "My pants are wet from outside, I'm going to change real quick. Don't move!" she insisted as she rounded the corner. I sat there, a little surprised yet relieved that she had gotten up. But that was soon to change. She came back wearing think sleeping pants and a tank top that was a little too revealing to be worn without arousing every man in site. "Great" I thought to myself. "Is she TRYING to tease me??" "I change into something different that will allow more body heat through" she explained.

"Just like you say, the best way to warm someone up is with body heat and preferably very little clothing." When you teach someone things like this, you never expect it to turn out this way!

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She came back to the couch, but this time she sat on my lap like normal, pushing me legs apart a bit so she could get warmer between my legs. She pulled the blanket and laid her head on my shoulder again.

"You can put your arms around me if you want" she said. "It will help me warm up quicker, won't it?" "Yeah, probably" I replied as I slid my arms under hers, wrapping around her slim belly, my arms going all the way around and resting on each opposite hip. "That's nice" she said, putting her arms over mine and pulling them up a bit. I guess she closed her eyes and relaxed, I could feel her body start to go soft and her breathing slowed. At least someone was relaxed, I was thinking. My heartbeat wasn't slowing down!

It didn't take long for her to notice. She turned her head towards me. Cheek-to-cheek she asked "Are you OK? I can feel your heart beating, it's racing". "No, I'm feeling fine. That's how I keep warm, my heart beats faster than yours" I joked. "Really?" she asked. "How can I make my heart beat faster so I can get warm?" "I don't know, dear.

Think of something that you like or excites you" I suggested. "Hmmm" was her reply as she pondered my solution. A few seconds later, she pulled my arms closer to her, moving them up her body until they were under her firm boobs. She tensed a little and sucked in a short breath. "Be careful" I warned her. "You need to watch where you put my arms". "They are fine, I don't mind" she said. "I like them there." Then she moved them up a little higher, slowly moving them up over the bottom curve of her boobs.

I noticed that something was different.

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I didn't feel any underwire or bra. Just soft, warm skin, separated by a thin white tank top. Why hadn't I noticed this before? What I was noticing is that she was moving my arms slowing over her boobs until I could feel her small nipples on my forearm. She moved them slowly up another inch until my arms were over her nipples. She squeezed a bit and shuddered, pushing her chest out against my arms. "Wow, I'm feeling warm now" she said.

"You are great to cuddle with". My heart was beating even faster now, wondering what she had in mind and what her plan was. Was she just being a na? young teenager, or was she exploring the adult world around her that she so longs to be a part of? She kept squeezing my arms against her boobs. After a few minutes, she released her squeeze and pushed them down toward her lap.

I was relieved, thinking it was time to return to normal. But I was wrong and was about to get a glimpse of what was going on inside her mind. "My upper body is nice and warm, but my legs are still kind of cold" she confessed. "Can you rub my legs and warm them up? Please?? What could I do? I didn't think it was right, but I also had a hard time saying no. Just rub the outside of her legs, that's it.

No way of getting into trouble that way, is there. She let go of my arms and grabbed my hands in hers, moving them down her belly and onto her thighs. She guided my hands with hers, rubbing the tops of her thighs and the outsides, moving slowly with light pressure.

"Honey, I don't think we should be doing this" I told her.


"Most people would call this "bad touch" and I could get into a lot of trouble if the wrong people found out." "It's OK. I am asking you to rub my legs to keep me warm" she reassured me.

"There's nothing wrong with trying to get warm, is there?" "No, I guess not. If you're OK with it, then that is what's important." I said, going along with her theory. "Good, because I'm already feeling warmer" she said as she moved her cheek against mine and started guiding my hands down the insides of her thighs.

"I'm feeling warm in places that make me feel good" she confided in a slight whisper. "Sometimes I get warm in these places when I take a shower and the massaging water hits me here" she explained as she moved my hands up her thighs toward her crotch. Her breathing started to quicken as her hips moved up away from my lap toward my hands.

"Jesus Christ!" I thought.

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"Where will she stop???" She made me think she was just teasing when she moved my hands off her thighs and onto her hips. Her breathing slowed and she relaxed her body, her butt settling onto my lap again.

"Are you warmer now?" I asked, hoping to persuade her that she could go to her room now. "You can get up if you want to" I continued.

"Oh, I'm definitely feeling warmer all over now" she confirmed. "What about you?" "I was actually going to get up and go take a hot shower to warm up my feet if you didn't mind" I said, again trying to divert any wrong actions that could lead to my demise. "Really?" she asked, disappointed. "I was hoping we could cuddle for a little longer.

I was starting to really get warm." "OK, but just for a few minutes, then I need to get up. OK?" I pleaded. "OK, sure. That's fine." she answered. “I'll try to warm up as much as I can before you have to get up." With that said, she took my hands off her hips and turned up the heat a few notches by putting my hands onto her boobs.

"When I hold my boobs, I get a warm feeling inside" she again confided to me. "It also makes my nipples hard and makes my pussy tingle." What did she just say to me?? If she was looking to shock me, she succeeded. I didn't know what to say or do, and my hesitation and silence must have given her more resolve to get what she wanted.

She started moving my hands around her boobs, caressing her nipples with my palms, squeezing my hands to squeeze her boobs. Her hips started gyrating slowly on my lap, her hips again pushing out. She turned her cheek and I could see the smile on her face. "Anna, what are you doing?" I finally croaked. "You shouldn't be doing this with me." I pleaded. "It's OK.

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You just said that if it's OK with me, then it's OK with you." She was right and had me cornered. Did I unconsciously leave that door open hoping she'd want to walk through it?

"I like feeling your hands on me, they are so big and warm.

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Much bigger and stronger than mine. Please don't stop, it feels too good." She took one of my right hand off of her boob, holding my left hand in place. She slid my right hand down her stomach toward her bottom. She didn't stop at the top of her pants, she continued to move my hand over her mons, just above her pussy.

"This is where it's all warm and tingly" she said. She must have noticed that I was getting warm and tingly too, as my dick was growing in my pants, pushing up against her butt as she slowly moved it in circles, keeping my hand on her mons, pushing down against my slowing growing hard-on. "Anna, stop. This is enough, you can't tease a guy like this" I warned her.

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"This is what we keep telling you, that you have to be careful with doing things that turn on the boys." "Really? You want me to stop?" she asked. She took my right hand and moved it back up to her boob, moving it around and teasing her nipple. "I don't think you want to stop." She challenged. And she was right.

"OK" I replied and exhaled heavily. "You are right, part of me doesn't want to stop, but I have to. You're my daughter, I can't do this to you." I explained as I pulled my hands away from her boobs. "You're not doing anything to me, you're doing something with me" she whined. "I'm sorry, Anna. I can't. I have to get up and take a shower now".

I put my hands on her hips, picked her up and set her to the side. "Besides, your mother will be home in a couple of hours, she'd kill me if she saw what we were doing." She looked at me with a look of hurt and disappointment, like a little girl who didn't get a puppy for Christmas. "But I told you it was OK. It made me feel good. Why do we have to stop?" she asked softly. "Because we have to. It's not right, it's dangerous, it's risky, and did I mention I could get in big trouble?

It's not worth it." I tried to explain to her. "Fine. I guess I can't change your mind." She pouted. "No, you can't and shouldn't." I said as I turned and walked toward my bathroom. "Wow, that really could have gone wrong" I thought to myself. "She really wanted me to continue rubbing her body.

Where would it have stopped?" I pulled my shirt off and slipped out of my pants and socks, trying to get the feel of her out of my mind and make my dick relax. I turned on the hot water and dropped my boxers on the floor, thinking I needed some alone time to take care of my newly developed hard-on. I stepped into the shower and let the water fall over my body, my heart still racing and my dick still throbbing. I stood there for a while, trying to think about baseball and hairy women when I noticed some noise coming from outside the shower.

I opened my eyes in time to see Anna pull back the shower curtain and step into the shower with me. She was totally naked. She smiled at me as she pulled the curtain closed. She was beautiful, sexy, gorgeous. Desirable. I stared at her, watching her nipples harden, seeing a few drops of water glisten on her young boobs. "Are you going to share the hot water?" she asked as she reached out and put her hands on my chest.

I still couldn't move, The only thing with motion was my dick as it started swelling again, moving up and out toward this young vixen. "Well, I thought I felt something big and hard." She commented as she moved her hand down my body.

"So this is what happens when a guy gets excited." Her hand reached under my dick and slid gently up to the tip, squeezing gently, cupping the head in her hand. She kept smiling and moved her other hand around my back as she moved in closer. She put her hand on my butt and pulled me to her, the head of my wet dick hitting her just below her belly button and sliding up her stomach. She let go of my hardness and moved her hand down to my balls.

She cupped them like she was weighing them, holding them together. I moaned and put my hands around her shoulders, pulling her into me.

Here she was, not quite an adult woman, but not a child anymore. She was craving attention and she knew how to get it. "Do I turn you on?" she asked? "Or do you always have a hard-on in the shower?" she giggled. "Sexy girls always turn me on, Anna. You're really wanting to go through with this, you really want this to happen?" I asked.

"Yes, I really want this. I've heard Mom say how much of a wonderful lover you are. I hear all the other girls at school say how boys our age are horrible lovers and just want to bang and come. I want to be made love to, not just fucked." She explained to me. My mind was racing, what was I going to do?

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This teenage girl wanted me to make love to her. And I had a feeling things would turn out bad if I said no to her. "Honey, I can't think of anything else I want to do right now. You are so gorgeous right now, you're making me crazy! Do you understand what you're asking of me?" "Yes, I've wanted this for a long time. I've lied awake at night in my bed, playing with my nipples, feeling my pussy get wet. When I put my finger in my pussy, I imagine it is you.

I want to know what it's like for someone else to touch me, to love me, to kiss me, to lick me and make me come." she cried out. I pulled her head to my chest and hugged her tight. She hugged me back, squeezing tightly, her head under my chin, our bodies sticking together under the steam and hot water.

"I love you, Pappa. Please make love to me" she pleaded. "I love you too, Anna." I replied. I was about to let her go when I heard the front door open and 2 female voices down the hall. "We're home!" her mother called out. "Class let out early, isn't that great???"