Stockinged ebony tgirl jerking bbc and cums

Stockinged ebony tgirl jerking bbc and cums
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Part 2 of 3. I gathered the drinks and returned to my office to find this beauty still standing there with a super sexy smile and her stunning firm body looking even hotter.

I gave her the water and sat on the small sofa and she sat on my chair and we began to chat about the party. I asked her if she was going with her boyfriend? She looked sad and said they had split over 8 weeks ago, I asked why they had split and she looked at me and said "Mr. D I really like you and your like one of the family" and I replied "sure Abi I think the world of you" she continued "em, well, he was, I'm too embarrassed to say", I said "don't be embarrassed Abi you can tell me anything and I'll never tell anyone." She looked up again and said "I trust you Mr.

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D so please don't tell" I shook my head and she continued "we had only been going out for 2 weeks and all he was interested in was sex and as I wouldn't let him even touch me he finished it and called me all sorts of stuff, I want to wait until I know the person before I do it for the first time". My heart raced and my eyes widened as I thought about her young virgin body and my cock began to throb once again. I moved forward to the edge of the sofa so that I was about a foot from her legs and looked straight at her and said "Abi, you are a stunning looking young woman and will find someone special that you can be with and make love" she smiled nervously and blushed "do you real think I'm stunning?

I replied "of course you are and if I was younger" I stopped and she smiled "I know you're right but all the boys I know just want to rush everything and don't know what they're doing" she continued "my friend went with an older guy and she said he knew all sorts of things and she had the best time of her life." She was blushing and said "I cant believe I'm telling you this" I said "no, its good to be open and its true older men do have the experience" I continued "when I was 16, 17 I was the same as all the other boys" we both laughed and she leaned forward and stood up her nipples where hard and she looked nervous.

I got up too and said "listen, you will find someone but at 17 you don't need to rush anything, if a guy can't wait for a stunning woman like you then he's not worth it." Abi looked at me smiled and said "you're so nice Mr. D" as she moved in to hug me she cuddled me around my waist tightly pressing her body against mine with my throbbing cock pressing against her tight stomach. I cuddled her and kissed to top of her head and said "thanks Abi am glad to help." Still cuddling she looked up at me with red hot lustful eyes and I could resist no longer.

I moved my head down and kissed her forehead, she closed her eyes as I kissed her eyelid she gasped and held me tight moving her body side to side rubbing against my cock.

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I kissed her cheek then her hot lips, she responded and we began kissing passionately. I stopped and said "we shouldn't be doing this" but she just moved into me and we began kissing more passionately. Our hands where moving over each others body and I began kissing down her neck and she quivered and moaned with delight. I cupped her breasts caressing and kissing them over her top feeling her hard nipples and listening to her gasps of pleasure.

I slowly worked my hands under her top and peeled it off revealing the greatest breasts I'd seen in many years. Her beautiful breasts where perfect and her nipples where hard as I slowly traced my fingers over them and lowered my head down to lick, nibble and suck on them.

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Her breathing increased as she moaned with pleasure every time I touched her and her body wriggled with delight. I returned to kissing her and she whispered "will you make love to me please" I looked deep into her eyes and said "you are stunning and I want you so badly" I sat on the sofa again and kissing down her stomach I slowly slipped off her dance wear and almost exploded when I saw her sweet shaved virgin pussy.

She stood there naked her firm young body was so perfect and I could not believe that I was doing this to such an amazing looking young woman. Her panties where very wet and I could see her throbbing lips wet with juices and as I caressed her firm dancers legs, kissing and licking up she quivered and moaned with utter pleasure.


I worked up her thighs, moving my fingers up close to her wet pussy while continuing kissing, licking her firm thighs, at that point I sat her down on my chair spread her legs and moved up her inner thighs caressing, kissing as I neared her soaking wet pussy I could smell the sweet aroma and knew she would cum in no time at all. I began to caress her outer lips and she moaned loader and arched her back.

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I opened her lips up to reveal her inner lips and pulsating clit that was soaking wet and waiting to be devoured. I ran my fingers slowly but firmly over her inner lips and clit and once again she moaned, arching her back and pressing down on my fingers.

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I took her clit in my fingers and began to caress slowly and firmly and with every caress her body quivered more, her moaning and breathing became more rapid. I increased the pace and began to lick, suck and nibble on her gushing clit as I knew it was only a matter of seconds before she would cum.

I continued working my magic on the sweet, soaking, shaved, virgin pussy as I slipped my finger just inside her inner lips. With that her body began to shake, her pussy tightened and she grabbed my head before letting out the most amazing moan of sheer wonderful pleasure as she came all over my fingers, in my mouth, over my face and chair. She cried out "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, oh fuck I'm cumming." I continued and she was breathing frantically, her body shaking uncontrollably as she came again.

Her sweet tight virgin body had lost all control as she blurted out "I'm going to explode, oh my god, oh my god I love you." I was rock hard and leaking so much I thought I'd came myself in all the excitement. She was still quivering and trying to catch her breath as I moved up her stomach kissing her as I did.


I kissed and caressed her perfect young breasts and then moved up to her neck and face. I was almost standing up in front of her and as we began to kiss, her tongue licked my lips and around my face where she had earlier exploded over me and I knew she could taste herself. She looked at me and said "I thought I was going to die, my whole body was shaking and I couldn't breath, but that was the best feeling ever and you're the best. We kissed and I said that she was the most amazing woman that I have ever seen then we kissed passionately again.

I stood up straight and she looked up at me with her beautiful lust filled eyes and said "I want you inside me, make love to me, be my first, make love to me." She reached out her hands and began rubbing my throbbing cock over my jeans and again I thought I was going to explode.

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She then loosened my belt and buttons while kissing my cock over my jeans, she took down my jeans and proceeded straight for my cock with her mouth, taking it firmly over my wet pants she licked, nibble and sucked on it and again I was ready to explode.

She took her small hands and removed my pants revealing my wet throbbing rock hard cock. She was in awe (not because I'm so big, about 7") but because it was the first one she had seen for real.

She began stroking it with both hands cupping my balls and licking my wet pre-cum head. She gazed up at me and said "I've never done this before, I've only seen it in a porno." I told her to take her time and I would guide her, before I knew it and with little guidance she was sucking and nibbling me like a seasoned pro. I was beginning to quiver and could feel my cum build up ready to explode, she was sucking and stroking me cock while cupping and caressing my balls.

"Am I doing it right, does it feel good?" she said I could hardly breathe let alone speak so I just nodding and let out a whimper. I gathered myself and told her to take me in her mouth which she did and I began to fuck her beautiful virgin mouth with my rock hard cock. She gagged a few times as I pushed deeper but there was no stopping me and as I began to lose control and cum I said "I cumming, take everything baby" and with that I shot load after load into her mouth and as she gagged I held her head giving her no option but to swallow everything.

As I slowed down my cock was still pulsating as she began milking me to get every last drop. I was standing in front of this perfect virgin 17 year old woman, her mouth and stomach full of my cum.

She gazed up at me and said "you taste so good, I want more and I want it forever, make love to me, make love to me, be my first" no matter what she was saying I was agreeing and picked her up and carried her up to my bed. Part 3, the finale. We arrived that the bedroom.