Tattoo romi rain naked in the kitchen

Tattoo romi rain naked in the kitchen
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A single drop, then two darkened the stone path stretching through The crisp, humid air of a cloudy evening. David stared at particularly nothing towards the horizon, focusing to see whether it had been his imagination or if rain truly was descending down around him. The sound of a gust began to dance through the trees, followed by gentle patter of rain all around him.

His leisurely stroll home was turned into a brisk walk, clutching his bag and coat close. The rain never intensified, keeping to a soft drizzling flurry which caused the the forest beside him to glisten softly with accumulating water droplets. With the rain providing less of a threat then he had initially thought, David decided to take a momentary detour through the forest, stepping past the rusted green metal links separating man's civilization from the bosom of Mother Nature.

Man, this is really nice. It's not often I get the chance to take a moment and truly relax. He blissfully entertained his own mental zen, smiling gently as a few drawn breathes felt akin to ones of a new life. An audible sigh of pure serenity glided through the air, the ground still firm beneath his footsteps deeper in.

The rain began to slowly intensify, though the verdant canopy overhead provided sufficient cover. "I guess I can't stay out too long, wouldn't want to get caught in a downpour. Might even have more luck under the trees, I'm hardly getting a drop on me." He chuckled to himself, adding to the gentle cacophony of nature's symphony his own human tune.

Some minutes passed, and David looked around hesitantly at where he was. "Damn it, I should have been paying more attention at where I was going. Well I walked straight on so a simple about face would-" Sudden rustling broke David's focus and redirected his attention to what he believed to be the source of the sound, and kept his ears trained for anymore.

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At first, it was just the pitter patter of rain on the leaves and trunks of trees. Then more rustling though now he had seen movement to pair with the sound by a small open patch of forest ground. A wall of bushes shook gently, David leaning around to try to catch a glimpse of what he was looking at. The rustles were swift, but subtle.

Feeling less cautious as to what might be lurking, he slowly approached the noise. Maybe it's a rabbit or a cat playing around.


Oh I hope it's a kitten, I've always wanted an excuse to suddenly have to adopt a cat to save it then keep it. His footsteps, despite his earnest efforts, still crackled twigs and leaves under his weight. The rustling invariably continued, almost oblivious to his approach by what it seems. Coming to the edge of the bush and just barely making out the moving shape behind them, David leaned closer over the edge and whispered calmly.

"Hey, I'm not going to hurt you." David's eyes locked with a shimmering pair of deep amber eyes, pupils slanted and slim which stared back with just as much intensity. The eyes belonged to a young woman, easily around David's own age by the look of her mostly naked body crouched down by the bush's edge.

She was completely still, almost frozen and unresponsive. David felt the bone deep chill of a helpless prey crawl down his spine, though shock was soon overcome by an incredulous stare as the girl hunched down slowly unfurled a long, bushy tail with a bronze hue as intense as an autumn's peak, tipped by the snowy cap of white on it's end.

It waved precautiously, her fox like ears propping themselves tall and high on her head, largely triangular at their full spread and a softer orange then the tail with a black outline along it's edges. Awestruck, David's mind was overloaded with so many thoughts that it might as well have been a blur. He managed to mutter the first thing which he felt was his own emotions properly summarized.

"What the fuck.?" Her ears perked and twitched to his words, her body shifting towards him and revealing that what had been mistaken as nudity was simply a thin, soft toned layer of apricot fur which meshed into a frost white fur around her front, all of which had been thick enough to cover her nakedness thoroughly but not so much as to appear as a full coat.

Her back was indeed naked, shoulder blades protruding slightly as she kept on her knees and hands facing him, eye contact maintained constantly. Her face was a clear, almost pale color with soft brown dimples across her upper cheeks and a dainty little nose, all of which was framed within a full wavy set of marigold hair, falling down to the ends of her shoulders. The way the fur hugged along her curves left little to the imagination, and David couldn't help but break his gaze to see more.

Her hands were bare, with fur beginning at the wrist then continuing on through her arm unto her torso from either side and finishing in a similar manner around her neck; if this were any other circumstance, he would have believed her to simply be some sort of cosplayer getting into character through method acting. "So you're only going to exclaim a profanity and stare?" Another shock, as her lips moved and spoke words to him in a slightly snarled, defensive tone.

What little composition David had regained was once more broken, looking at her awestruck once more. The glint of foxlike teeth were flashed momentarily as she spoke, something which triggered an immediate thought in his mind.

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I don't think you can fake having teeth like those. "You're.still staring." Her voice had soothed only slightly, a tense rigidness prevalent in her spoken tone. The sound of her voice was surprisingly pure and sweet, like a soft lullaby being whispered into a child's ear despite it all. Her composure followed suit with her voice; her body relaxing a bit as she sat up, her tail now resting to her side. "I'm.uh I'm sorry it's just that this isn't a.possibility.

Like at all possible." David sheepishly replied, still trying his damnedest to process what was before him. She tilted her head to the side as her tail quivered around, her speech now a fully relaxed tone. "I understand. We mostly keep to ourselves because you guys tend to have the same reaction. Well that, and hunt." "Wait.what? I'm going to be saying that quite a bit so bear with me." She chuckled cynically a bit, rolling her eyes slightly.

"Just give it a second, breathe it in, and try to keep your eyes on mine. I assure you, what you're seeing is very real." His hands moved sporadically, unsure with what to do with them while he looked her over once more, to which she disapprovingly shook her head; Her thick tail came around to cover her bust and inner thigh.

"I should be surprised, but frankly my first time seeing a human I had that same dumbfounded look on my face. I guess I can't be too shocked." "Ok, ok I think I'm slowly getting used to this." "Sure you didn't want to throw in a picture too? Might help you remember me better." Her tone grew sly and cheeky, a slight smirk to follow along with it.

God, I can't help but be completely fucking stupefied at this.

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Just.what the fuck is this?! Ok I have too many questions which probably aren't going to get answers, and this is.a thing now. I guess? "Do you need a minute? Want to sit down?" She pat the space next to her, inching herself to the side so he could pass over the bushes without slamming into her. "Yeah.yeah I could use a moment." David forced his way past the thick bramble, his leg caught on a outcropping root.

He landed on his left knee, dropping his bag to the side so to stop from hitting the ground face first. "Ow fuck, damn bush." Picking himself up, he reached for the bag when the fox girl swooped in and pulled it away.

"Oh don't tell me this is some weirdly sexy plot to mug me, is it?" David said nervously chuckling at the realization of how possible that was. "I have little use for your stuff. Besides I'm hardly in a position to just bolt with your stuff in hand. Just wanted to see what you had in here." She began to slip away from the kiss, inching herself back, but David kept leaning on, trying to keep the kiss going without thinking about why she would suddenly start pulling away.

It wasn't until she purposefully pushed him back a nudge that she had a chance to explain. "I.I need a moment." She murmured on her breath, face flushing red, looking down to her tail and legs. His heart sank momentarily, his mind beginning to double take on his own actions. "Oh, oh God I'm sorry. I'm so sorry I thought that since-" A single finger pushed down on his lips, her playful smirk flashing as she started moving around him, taking the spot he had been in not 5 minutes ago.

"If you're returning the favor, I'm gonna be getting comfortable and lay get comfortable." She rested her back on the bush wall, propper her legs up and parted them, once more keeping the promised treasures behind a wall of orange fuzz.

She licked her chops before urging with her tail for David to come forth and take his turn. As David began to crawl towards her, she slowly withdrew the ginger curtains, and revealed a small, glistening slit of pure soft pink; hidden away by most of the fur on her body until viewed at this sensual angle.

She kept her legs open just enough to let David in, her tail now excitedly thrashing on the forest floor in heart-pounding anticipation. David laid upon his stomach, leaving his still erect member to embrace the cold dirt underneath him and was greeted with a strong scent of earth and sweet sex emanating in a warm air around her crotch.

The smell brought upon, aside from a swift tingle down to his own nether region, another clear thought. I've never done this before. Oh my god I have no idea what the fuck to do. Uhh what the hell would feel good?

Maybe if I just. Taking two of his fingers, David gently pressed them against the outer edges of her labia, and began to part them to the sides. Kanie quivered in antisipaiton, holding her hand to her mouth and biting down slightly, presumably in anticipation of what human techniques she was about to be ravaged by. Alright good start, though I can't just keep flapping her wings over and over till she climaxes; I'm going to have to put my tongue in there and just start licking.So far it looks like a human vagina, and so if she has a clit, it must be at the top.

Sure enough, at the top of her dripping mound was a small bulb, poking out from behind the curtains to greet the audience. David inched himself closer, Kanie constantly looking to him and every move he made, biting her lip in such sheer anticipation that she figured he must be doing so purposefully to tease her. With no possible way to screw this up, David bit the bullet and took the plunge.

He dabbed the wet tip of his tongue against the shimmering pink and slowly began to drag it up, snailing his way towards the clit. A gentle bitter taste stung the tip of his tongue, which while not wildly delicious, it was far from unpleasant. Kanie let out a stuttering moan, running her hand through David's hair as slowly as he was licking, pushing back on the leaves and branches as her body naturally began to arch.

David began to smile a bit, feeling pretty smug about his progress until he looked up and saw Kanie suddenly fall back, letting out a surprised yelp as she fell through the bush wall and onto her back.

David stopped and poked his head up to see her on her back, her face obscured by her sizeable and fantastic breasts, her tail fluffed up from the scare. "Wo, you alright?" David called out, to which she quickly leaned forward with a shocked but excited smile.

"Yeah. I think you weakened the bush on your turn." David chortled cynically and returned her retort with a smirk of his own, licking his lips in preparation for a continuation. "Technically that'd be your fault, Kanie. You didn't give me much choice with how you were handling me." she was pleasantly surprised, raising her eyebrow in approval.

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"Well then, gimme just a second to get a more better spot so you can go on." She whispered as she slid out from underneath his grasp, moving towards another patch of bush which, after a few testing pushes and satisfied to its integrity, reassumed her previous pose and thrashed her tail in excitement once more. "Oh please come here quick, before I just decide to take you myself." Her tone was sexually charged, almost dominating tone, her eyes glimmering with intense passion.

David obliged, and rolled over back in between her legs. His hands slid along her thighs, grabbing hold and pulling himself into her crotch, his hot breath so close it teased at the wetness of her slit. Her breathing deepened, and her tail swayed more to the side so as not to get in the way. Her hand ran through his hair once more, grabbing hold once she felt his tongue begin to slowly press onto her slit, dipping slightly in and ever so gently dragging itself up before coming to a stop just under her clit.

Then a swift and deep lick right on target, the bulb rubbing along the smooth flat surface of tongue until the tip flicked upwards ever so slightly.

A reverberating moan whispered out of Kanie, coming to rest her legs onto David's shoulders as he began a slow rhythm of dipping tongue, and flicking switch. Her enthusiastic squeals and whimpers emboldened David to press on, quickening his pace and further exploring her quivering sex. "Oh my fuck.!" She gasped out loud as she swerved her hips forward, slightly grinding on David's face and he focused on doing exactly what he was doing; no need to get creative with something that's so clearly working out.

Her grip on his head hurt, David wincing slightly at the tug of his hair as he tried to focus solely on the ecstasy he was giving her, and how well he was doing for a first time. Her body began shuddering, her feet digging into the ground as a sharp, loud moan riveted through her entire being, a warm dampness now dripping across David chin and onto the ground.

As her legs relaxed and dropped to his sides, he began to pull away. Kanie's legs held fast, keeping him in place as she looked down at him, panting and smirking.

" more, David. I need to cum one more time." Her eyes were glazed over, completely enthralled from the surge of sexual pleasure and thinking of little else but to further the gratification.

David felt rather intimidated by such an intense stare, only heightened by how her legs wrapped around him in a soft, smooth headlock. He slowly started back up, Kanie's moans quickly following suit as his tongue ran along the length of her slit, alternating between a quick pace and a deeper lick. "H-holy shit the tongue with the.shiiit." She mumbled incoherently before completely letting go of David, collapsing with her body sprawled about after falling to her side. She panted heavily with her whole body trembling, even down to her tail.

David retracted his tongue and ran his hand through his hair, patting down where she had grabbed him before in a futile effort to ease the ache. It's nothing to cry about, but she could have taken it easy with the grabbing. He looked her over as she recovered, and smirked slightly. He reached a hand out and began to touch her body curiously, feeling the softness of her fur along her stomach and thighs.

Almost petting her, he continued to run his hand over her body, going along the grain down to her legs. She feels so soft, so's almost dreamlike.

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It's almost definitely the fact that we just got each other to climax, but I.I think I'm gonna fall for her. His eyes kept looking on where his hand had come to a stop on her waist, stopping just at her breasts which heaved back and forth with her uneasy breathing.

Such supple curves covered just like the rest of her, but moving without restriction. David's fingers twiddled, craving to know what they felt like, how incredible they must feel on his fingers and palm. I've always been a man of the breast, and they are quite homely and full.fuck I really want to touch them. David leaned over and noticed that though her breathing had eased and normalized, she had fallen asleep as a result, her tail curling up onto her legs.

He held back the desire to voice how cute she looked asleep, and also to cop a feel. I can't do that now, it'd be too awkward to do while she sleeps, at least the first time. A sudden itch came to his left asscheek, David remembering that he was still naked from the waist down, and sufficiently crusted with dry dirt. He pat himself clean before slipping on his clothes, sighing at how he'd need a deeper clean at home regardless.

Oh, shit, home. I have to go home. I don't want to leave without saying goodbye.or at least knowing when I'll see her again. He kneeled down by the snoozing fox girl, gently nudging her awake."Kanie? Kanie wake up. You passed out after, well cumming." No response initially, though a few stern nudges forced her to softly growled and mumbled, curling up into a fetal position like pose.

"no.I'm too cozy." "Kanie I have to go home ." Kanie immediately awoke and darted up, looking almost startled at his words, staring into his eyes with immediate surprise. "Leave? Wait why do you want to leave? Didn't you have fun?" Smiling shyly whilst shaking his head, he ruffled her hair slightly as she kept giving him the same puzzled look. "I did, and I would love nothing more than to cuddle up with you here on the forest floor but I have to go home.

I have family waiting for me." Her ears drooped, her gaze dropping to the ground, her tone a melancholic and saddened pitch. "Oh.Right, you have to be somewhere. this goodbye?" She raised her eyes back up, looking to him with such large, shimmering eyes on the verge of tears, translucent amber shining behind the glare of her swells. "That's what I was hoping you'd tell me; whether or not I will see you again.

I want to see you again." David offered a reassuring smile, but it did little to sway her depressed state. She murmured under her breath, dropping her gaze once more. ".I'll be here tomorrow, if you want to come by here." " I don't know if I can come at the same hour though, Today was a spur of the moment type deal.

Since we can't really plan for a time-" Once more she stopped David mid sentence with her finger on his lips. She had begun to smile, albeit with a hint of melancholy behind them. "I can track your scent.

If you're around, I'll find my way to you. Just, don't go too far out from the forest. It's easier when your scent isn't lost among the smells of human civilization." David smiled and nodded, her finger withdrawing. He brought his hand to her cheek, Kanie nuzzling into it before kissing his palm.


"Don't forget to come by, David. Please." "I won't forget. I mean how could I, after what we did?" David chuckled a bit, her own chuckles following soon after as she held onto his hand as though it would have been the last time.

A soft whisper tickled his palm, her lips moving softly against it. "Oh, and I noticed you looking at my boobs while I slept." Oh for fuck's sake. "Well.shit you caught me. I couldn't help myself." David retorted, feeling slightly embarrassed and began to look away when she had another surprise quote for him.

"Do you want to touch them?" His gaze immediately shot back to her, her smile sleek and sly like a fox, her eyes slanted slightly with a hue of naughty intent. His cheeks flushed some more, though now of excitement as he let go of her cheek and Kanie sat up straight, perking her breasts up in all their rotund beauty.

David observed them with wide, mesmerized eyes, stupidly grinning to himself as he awkwardly reach out and grabbed both. Kanie let out a soft moan as David played with them, feeling them up and squeezing them slightly. "You're adorable, like a kid playing with a new toy." Kanie said with a grin, watching her breasts be fondled. David went so far as to cup them and rub the tops with his thumbs. Kanie began to pant softly, as gentle points began to harden on her breasts.

"At this rate, you're going to make me want to go again." Kanie said with a lustful whisper, licking her chops once more as her tailed began to wag happily. "As much as I would absolutely love that, I do still need to go. We can pick this up again another time. God they feel amazing too, like the fur isn't even there." "Heh, you sure don't seem like you're in a rush." Kanie smirked, enjoying herself almost as much as David was, but he knew she had a point.

He let them go, already missing the feeling of her body on his hands. He looked around before remembering about the bag he had brought with him, picking it up and throwing it over his shoulder.

Looking around, he put a finger to his chin and began to ponder. "Need help finding your way out?" Kanie peeped in from down under, looking up to him with amusement as her tail teased at his ankles.

"Maybe, but I think I got it. It's this way right? Just gotta keep moving towards-" "The other way, David." Kanie stated, holding back the urge to giggle incessantly at his poor sense of internal direction. David heeded her advice and laughed sheepishly, hurdling over the bushes and heading down a dirt path towards a large tree.

Taking a fresh, deep breath he began down the now obvious dirt path which would inevitably lead out of the forest. Each step he took, a growing pit of suspense began to gnaw at his insides; a feeling which screamed for him to turn around and have one last wave to her, and to have her image further burned into his memory.

Her beautiful smile, her almost sinful curves, and the not too subtle fact that she was apparently a mix between fox and human. He turned around to capture that last view before disappearing out of sight, some last words already in mind, but he saw only an empty clearing of forest, without a single sign of anything ever having been there. His eyes glanced about hoping to find some fleeting image of her scurrying deeper into the forest, but no such luck was had.

Smiling to himself, he clutched his bag and continued walking down the path, where a single drop, then two darkened the dirt path before a sudden downpour burst forth, a chaotic cacophony of rainfall hitting the leaves, plants, ground and thudding footsteps overturning the gentle sounds of nature's symphony. To be continued. (Thank you for reading. This story was written in full by BTL, with slight input from ATL.

Due to unforseen circumstances it is being posted prematurely, and may contain some errors.


If people enjoy this story, chapter 2 will follow once the circumstances are cleared.