Bukkake Cosplay Sammlung Vol 2 5 5 japanischen unzensierte bukkake

Bukkake Cosplay Sammlung Vol  2 5 5 japanischen unzensierte bukkake
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The next morning, Tom walked into the kitchen. He went straight to the coffee pot and poured a cup. He was very quiet.WELL! say something, I said to him. I am sorry about last night. he replyed. Sorry about what?

I asked. You know the dog thing. Dont be sorry, I said. I really enjoyed it. I did notice that, he added. My pussy has never been that hot. I only wish you had taped the whole night, I would love to have watched just how hot I looked doing those dogs. I said to him. Trust me Dottie, you were hot. Do you think we could do that again when I get back next weekend? Tom asked. We will. I told him. What we do in our house is our business, you can take bets on the fact we will do it again.

I added. I knew you were really into it. He replied. Yes, Yes I was, and again remember, I said for you to be careful what you ask for too. I added. I knowwhere are you going with that? Tom asked.

I was the one who wanted you to let a dog fuck you. He said. That wasnt all you said you wanted. I smiled. What else did I say? He asked. We will get into that when your hunting trip is over. I said to him. Fuck! Tom replied, the guys will be here shortly too. Tom was getting ready to go on a week long hunting trip, as his five poker buddies pulled into the drive way. He was loading up some of his dogs, when his buddies came in to raid my coffee pot.

I smiled at them and put on another pot, while the men made small talk to me. I had on a long terry cloth robe with nothing on under it. The men were undressing me with their eyes as I walked around the kitchen. I could feel their eyes on me. I grinned to myself, and thought wait til poker night. I am going to fuck all of you. I was thinking to myself. I went into the dining room, not needing anything.

I walked to the china cabinet and bent down letting the robe fall open exposing my shaved pussy. I slowly closed the robe not letting the men wise to the fact, I had done it on purpose.

Tom came back into the house to say good bye. Its Monday, we will be back Sunday afternoon. Tom told me. Ok, I replyed. are you guys playing cards that night? I asked. Why? Tom asked. Well dumb ass, I thought I would have the beer cold and something for all of you to eat when you get here.

Sorry hon! he said.

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Why dont you people just go hunting, I have a house to clean, and I dont need a bunch of dumb asses in my way. I added. Ok, Tom replied. Behave yourself we will see you Sunday. Oh I will, I smiled at him. I will be a very good wife. I laughed, as they walked out the door.

All day long, I kept thinking of my night of dog cock. My pussy was wet, just at the thought of those wonderful dogs in the yard. I wanted a lot more of the dirty nasty sex I had last night. Tom really didnt know just how sexually awake I was now. I not only wanted to fuck, I needed to fuck. Its what he said he wanted. The way I was feeling now, the nastier the sex the better, or I should say the more I wanted. I will show that son of a bitch husband of mine what a little spice is.

If he wants his buddies to bang me, I think I need a little practice. I smiled. We have been married for three years, and now he wants some extra excitement, well so fucking be it.

Its Monday, I have no classes for the next two months, I have a yard full of male dog cocks. My husband is gone for a week. I am a very happy, very horny house wife. What more could my hot little cunt want? DICKS. Lots and Lots of hard throbbing dicks.

Thats what. I said out loud. I took off my robe, and put on a very short jean skirt, with a low cut tit high tee shirt. I started cleaning the house, as to get that out of the way. I didnt want to have to do anything later, but fuck.

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I opened up all the shades to let the sun shine in. As I cleaned I just kept thinking about the dogs. Jesus, I just cant quit thinking about sucking and fucking the hounds in the yard.

As I cleaned the living room, I hadnt noticed the mailman sitting in his jeep, watching me. The way I cleaned changed a bit, once I did notice him though. He is a nice looking guy, a couple of years older than me.

Blond hair, about 5ft 10in tall, very nice build. I smiled and wondered how long he had been watching me. The back of the couch was facing the big bay window. If I bend over the back of the couch, he will see my bare cunt under my skirt. I said to myself. I turned my back to the window and grinned.

I never let on that I had seen him watching me. Walking over to the couch I bent over running the sweeper, between the couch and the window. I knew he could see my tits under my shirt. I made sure of that. I love this, I am flashing my mailman. I kept working behind the couch, trying not to give away what I was really doing.

I bent over the back of the couch, letting my skirt rise up my naked ass. My bare cunt was now exposed in the window.

I spread my legs slightly so the lips of my wet cunt could part. I turned my head so I could see if the mailman was getting an eye full, He was.I stood and eased down the couch not adjusting my skirt.

My ass was staring at him as I bent over the couch again. My pussy was very hot and wet from the excitement of a stranger watching me. It was all I could do to controll myself. I wanted to wave him in and fuck him to death. I stood up and walked into the other room, I peeked out of another window to see what he was doing. He had his cock out playing with it.

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I couldnt see his dick, but I knew what he was doing with it. I walked back to the couch and bent over it again, I wanted to give the man a view to jack off too.

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My juices were flowing and running down my long legs. Shit my cunt was hot, I liked this, flashing a stranger. God I loved this sexual freedom. I want people to see my naked cunt. I will show a lot of guys my sweet pussy. I also want guys to see me fucking my husbands dogs too. I said to myself. I heard the jeep pull away from the driveway, I smiled, he will be back.

As I stood up, I turned towards the window. I took off my shirt, and pulled down my skirt. FUCK MEI yelled. There wasnt anyone there to hear me.

I laughed. I walked my naked ass to the back door and opened it. Two large walker hounds shot into the kitchen. Good boys, I said to them. Mommy wants some cock. I added. I called the hounds into the den, and sat down between them. I stroked their covered cocks, my cunt burned with lust. Their cocks grew larger in my hands.

God I am in heaven I said out loud. Mommy wants both your cocks, I told the dogs. Mommy needs a doggie gang bang. Both dogs massive cocks were fully exposed, they throbbed in my hands. The hounds had knots as big as base balls. God I need this, Mommy needs this. I leaned over and put my lips over one of the dogs cock, while jacking the other dog off. I love the taste of dog cock. I sucked one then the other. Mommy loves nasty dog sex, I told the dogs. Mommy is a dog slut.

A nasty dog slut. I rolled one of the hounds on his back. I stood over his large body, holding his dog meat by the knot. I lowered my cunt to meet the red pointed tip of his cock. Pressing my cunt down around the shaft. GOD YESSSSS, OH GOD YESSSSS, MOMMY NEEDS COCK. I yelled, as my cunt kissed his knot. I wiggled my cunt around until it swallowed his large knot. OH BABY YESSSSSS.

I moaned loudly. FUCK YOUR MOMMYS CUNT. I added. The dog was thrusting up fucking my full pussy. IM CUMMMMMMMMMMMINGGGGGGGGG. FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I yelled. as wave, after waveof cum drained out of me. I called the other dog to me, and rolled him on his side. Good boy, I said to him.

Moms going to suck your beautiful cock. My mouth was watering and wanting to taste dog dick. I flicked my tongue at the tip of his red spear, I worked my tongue lightly down one side and up the other. SHIT, IM CUMMING, OH GOD I AM CUMMMMMMMMINGGGG. I screamed, as the dog in my cunt shot his load deep in me. YES, YES, FUCK MOM, FUCK YOUR MOMMY GOOD. I yelled again. God the only thing missing is to have someone watching me, fuck that several watching me is what I want.

I took the other dog deep down my throat. The animal was now fucking my wanting mouth. My cunt exploded again as the hound under me emptied the last drop of his cum in me. My pussy is so hot, I sucked the other dog madly. Yes, I moaned as the dog I was sucking started cumming in my mouth. I swallowed all of the tasty liquid I moaned as I sucked down the last drop of his sweet cum.

I pulled my dog cum filled cunt off the other dog, quickly I turned to the animal and started sucking my cum off his cock. Again my nasty pussy gushed more of my cum to the floor. The dogs juices mixed with mine tasted wonderful as I licked it off the floor. After licking up the cum from the floor, I turned and started sucking the dogs hot cock again.

I pulled my lips from his drained cock. My eyes were fixed on his beautiful shaft. I looked up at the hounds eyes. Boy, mom would really love it if you would fill my mouth with hot piss. Mom would drink it all down. I smiled at the dog.

SHIT, what am I saying!. Now I want to drink piss too. What is happening to me? God now I want some hot piss to wash down the dog cum. But he didnt. This dog was through, his cock pulling back into his sheath. I layed my face down in another pool of doggie cum I had leaked onto the floor. I lapped it up, cleaning the cum from the floor. I layed there collecting myself, my cunt really wanted more dog cock. It was getting dark now, so I stood up and walked to the kitchen.

I noticed some movement outside the living room window, I walked to the spare bedroom so I could see out without being seen.

The mailmans jeep was parked off to the side of the driveway. My cunt was a blaze again. I wasnt sure just how much of the sex with the other two dogs he had seen. But, I knew that he was going to see all of the one I was about to do. I wanted him to see my hot body and my nasty dog fucking cunt.

I let on as if I hadnt seen the jeep. I walked back to the kitchen naked, and let my two fuck buddies out. I called in another. I knew which window the mailman was at, he was at the side of the house where the dining room was. From there he could look into the den and get a real good look at me and the hound. I cant believe this, 24 hours ago I was a once a week sex kind of girl. Now just look at me.

The big hound was standing in the middle of the den, he watched me as I walked towards him. I moved my naked body over the dogs back. I leaned down rubbing my tits and my wey cunt on the dogs fur. The short hair on the dogs back felt great on my bare cunt. Then I got down on all fours with the animal. I glanced toward the window to make sure I was being seen by the mailman. I moved around the dog, smelling him like the dog bitch that I am.

I moved around to the dogs ass, and pressed my nose to his asshole. I then tilted my head to tickls his balls with my tongue. I saw the mailman dropping his pants, and letting his 8 inch cock out into the night air As the man stroked his cock, I began stroking the sheath covered dog cock. SHIT, my cunt was on fire, I have never in my life been this excited. I thought to myself. The hounds cock was fully extended now, the dogs cock was much bigger than the mans cock was.

I leaned under the dogs belly, and rubbed the pointed cock over my lips and my flush face. Giving the man a good view of my sweet face, and the dogs cock.

The dogs precum made my face glisten in the light of the room. I eased my body further under the dog to rub his cock over my round tits. I needed him fucking me. If I had known fucking dogs would make me this hot, I would have done it a long time ago. I needed his cock now. I raised my cunt in the air to meet the red meat of the hound.

I rubbed the tip over the opening of my wet pussy. My cunt lips were swollen, FUCK MEEEEE, FUCK MY CUNT. I screamed. FUCK YOUR MOMMY. I yelled again, as the hound lunged forward hard, driving his pointed cock deep into my drenched cunt.

I froze my cunt in the air, the dog was fucking me so wildly, I didnt want him to slip out of me. FUCK MEEEEEEEEE, GOD DAMN FUCK MY CUNTTTTTTTTT, I screamed. I glanced over at the window, my eyes mostly shut, and saw the man jerking his dick.

FUCK ME BOY, I moved my cunt farther down the shaft. GOD I WANT THE KNOT, I yelled. I had my ass proped up with my hands, I wrapped my long legs around the dogs hind legs, and pulled him all the way in my cunt. YES BOY GOD YES, KNOT MEEEEE, KNOT MY CUNT. FUCK YOUR MOMMY GOOD. The dog cum exploded into my cunt, I felt the hot liquod oozing out of me. YES GOD YES IM CUMMMMMMMMMING, I screamed.

I looked at the window, the mailman was shooting his cum on my porch, I smiled, as the hound dismounted, his cock made a loud pop as he pulled it from my cunt.

The mailman hadnt seen me get off the floor. He was still emptying his cum on the porch. I grabbed a pistol from the end table, I walked outside gun in hand stark naked. FREEZE, I yelled, to the man. He didnt move a muscle.

What the fuck do you think you are doing. I asked. The man said nothing, he was fixed on the gun. He started fumbling with his cock, trying to put it away. DONT put that cock away just yet. I snapped. You got what you wanted, now you peeping tom basturd, you will give me what I want.

All the color had gone from the mans face. I guess he thought I was going to shoot off his dick or something. He was scared nearly to death. I walked infront of him, his cock was very limp, and was of no real use. I got down on my knees in front of his limp cock, and looked up at him. I put the gun to his balls.

Did you enjoy my dog fuck show? I asked. Yes, He managed to say. Did you like watching me suck his cock? Yes I did. He replied. Did it really turn you on when he was fucking my cunt?Yes, Yes it did, I have never seen anything that hot, he added. Well now that I gave you a little show, you can give me a little something.

I told him. Whats that mam? he asked. I am going to put your cock in my mouth, then I want you to fill it with your hot piss. I cant do that!!!! he said. Shut up you little chicken shit basturd.

You will piss in my mouth or I will shoot off your balls. Do you here me? Yes yes I hear and I will, God please dont use that gun. He was shaking. I need you to piss my mouth. I want to taste it. I told him. I put his cock into my mouth, and looked up into his eyes.

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My eyes were begging for it. It took him a bit to get his water going, here it comes the man said. He filled my mouth quickly, I swallowed the golden juice quickly. I couldnt swallow it all, he pissed my face and hair. My pussy was gushing cum out by what seemed like gallons. The warm piss ran down my tits, and belly, as the golden liquid touched my clit, I screamed. YES, MORE, PISS MORE. GOD I NEED IT FILL ME WITH HOT PISS, I yelled.

I sucked his cock down my throat getting the last drop of the hot juice. I have been wanting that all day. I told him. What a perfect way to end a nasty day, I added. I got off my knees and thanked the man, who was about in shock.

I have a favor to ask. I told the man. Anything!! What is it? He asked. Do you have a few friends who would want to watch me and the dogs?

I asked.

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FUCK YES, he answered. Then use me after?? I asked again. GOD DAMN YES, just tell me how many you want. He stated. I dont care how many or how old!!!!!

Just as long as they know from the start that this is by invation only. I dont want guys just showing up. Or I will use this pistol, I laughed. When would you want to do this?

He asked me. Soon, my husband wont be back until Sunday, I want to pull a train very soon. How about tomorrow night? The man asked. If you can get it lined up that quick you bet. Thats great. I told him. And you dont care how many or how old or young?? NO, I want to be watched then used. I shot back. When I deliver your mail tomorrow, I can tell you how many I have lined up. He said.

What time tomorrow night?? He asked. Early, I want to start early, say 6 pm. Then we have all night. I added. Great, he said. I want to thank you for the hottest show I have ever seen, He told me. Your welcome. I answered. See you tomorrow, he said as he turned and walked down the stairs. I turned and took my piss soaked body to the shower. God I cant wait til tomorrow, I said to myself.