Brunette Bree Haze Fingers Her Holes

Brunette Bree Haze Fingers Her Holes
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Kim lay in her bed, restless, unable to fall asleep. Her mind kept returning to earlier in the day, remembering how Ricks cock felt punishing her pussy, how the sensations and feelings drove her to madness as his amazingly thick dick opened and penetrated her.

The memory of her pussy flesh stretched, tortured, as he entered her fully and her inability to stop hunching, pressing into it even as she felt ripping was enough to addict her to his young cock.


She had never imagined she would respond to its long thickness as she had, nothing mattered while he was embedded deep within her body, his cock dominated her in every way as it forced her mind and body to submit to his will, to sate his every curiosity.

The pain of Ricks birth as he left her pussy had given Kim her life back, brought a return to normalcy in her life, but now, the sensations of his re-entering her womb and pounding her from within as he had as a growing fetus had taken that normalcy forever from her as he again inflicted pain in her pussy.

But this pain was like no other in the world, an addicting, wonderful pain that brought unbearable pleasure into her body, a pleasure so intense and gratifying she was forced to accept the fact she loved her son and not in a motherly way, loved fucking him, craved him now!

She knew she was addicted to the pleasure she had found with him. Even now, knowing he is just a few feet away, it seems an untolerable burden not to have him inside her. Her mind drifted back to the day that changed her life forever. Why had she went to wake Rick instead of sending Kenzie as she always had. She was running from an uncomfortable sexual conversation with her daughter only to become overwhelmed in a sexual act with her son.

If only she had sent Kenzie to wake Rick that morning as she always did, would Kenzie be the one laying in her bed craving his cock tonight? Would her daughter have been swept away as easily as she had been when confronted by his wavering stiff cock. Would they have found pleasure together instead, Kenzie experiencing the maddening pleasure of her brothers fat dick seemingly ripping her tight pussy to shreds as he instilled a life altering pleasure in her stricken pussy, a pleasure that would have their incestual act forever embedded in her mind and hopefully in her pussy.

Could the guilt and stigma of fucking her brother become just an enhancement to their sex, forced from her mind till it was buried deep in her pussy with his throbbing dick, consumed by the pleasure of the incestuous coupling of their bodies? But it wasn't Kenzie's life that changed that day it was her's. As she lay there wanting to feel her son in her arms again, she remembered Kenzie was downstairs on the couch.

The arousement slowly filling her became her courage and her thoughts had her entering her son's room and laying with him. The love of his dick combined with her love for him as her son had her craving that closeness.

Her thoughts of his cock pressing into her as they lay together, bodies hunching slowly, her feeling his thick cock nestled deep inside her as they fucked unrushed for hours, making love in his bed; Holding and kissing him as he penetrated her deeply, her pussy squeezing his dick as she orgasmed repeatedly as they fucked, tormented her incest craving mind.

The throbbing at her clit and the unbearable emptiness of her pussy fueled her courage to rise with the intention of having him in her again. She wondered if she could go to Rick's room and suck his fat dick hard and feel him opening her pussy once more without Kenzie awakening down on the couch.

That thought began a wild pulsing at her clit that caused her hand to go there and begin idly caressing herself. Her eyes closed and the actions of the earlier day began to flood her mind, bringing back the memory of the feel of her pussy stretched, full, streaming a chorus of pleasure from every punished nerve cell within her.

Tears formed in her eyes as she wondered if this craving would follow her to the end of her days, these memories would punish her for their incestuous coupling until she floundered in hell itself.

She knew it was futile to fight her feelings, one look at her son and her resolve would flee her and her craving would insure her failure. She rose, the need pulsing at her clit so strong that for a second her thighs squeezed so tightly she hesitated before being able to take a step. Donning her robe she went to make sure Kenzie was still on the couch. If so, then she could enter Rick's room and find heaven just once more before morning brought a return to their daily routine.

She quietly crept down the stairs and glanced towards the couch and her heart sank, it was bare. The craving in her pussy seemed to magnify knowing she couldn't have Rick's dick, she wanted to just sit down and hold her pussy and cry. Her mind raced, the yearning in her pussy crying out that if Kenzie were in her room asleep she wouldn't hear them.

The desperation she felt to have him in her again gave her the courage to take chances she knew that in a normal state of mind she would never attempt. Her pussy seemed to make all her decisions now. She crept back up the stairs and stopped at Rick's door, her hand reached for the knob, but her good senses told her to make sure Kenzie was asleep first. She went to Kenzie's door and placed her ear against it and listened.

She heard nothing so she quietly turned the doorknob and pressed it inward. For the second time she walked in on one of children in an aroused state. Kenzie was lying on her bed nude, hands at her pussy, caressing herself. Her eyes were closed as she obviously was mentally enjoying her sexual fantasy. Kim's gaze wandered over her young daughter's perfect body. Her breasts were round, firm, stomach so flat Kim felt jealousy creeping into her mind. Her abdomen slightly curved leading down to her neatly trimmed pussy.

Her mound was proud, her labia thin even though now swollen in arousement. The sight of her thin perfectly shaped thighs spread so wantonly filled Kim with a hunger that throbbed wildly. Kenzie's fingers delved into the pink flesh that glistened with wetness and Kim felt her throat constricting as a thirst for that wetness filled her. Her lips suddenly felt dry and she realized that her breathing had become quickened and that her arousement was like a heat that threatened to consume her.

She wanted her daughter, wanted to remove Kenzie's' fingers from that young pussy and instead press her tongue deep inside it and lick her till she flooded her mouth with the pleasure she felt. Kenzie's slight sighs and moans filled her with a need to hold her daughter and run her hands over her slim, fresh young body. She wanted to bring her alive, to fill her beautiful body with sensations that placed her in her own private pleasure heaven.

God what have I become Kim thought as she realized that now she was thinking of having lesbian sex with her 18 year old daughter. She stood there torn by the pulsing need in her body her daughter was causing and the obvious pleasure to be found on Rick's cock.

She slowly closed the door and stood there with her forehead pressed to the door and thought, I need to cum, to rid myself of these thoughts.

Her hand moved to grasp her pussy, fingers pressing inside her as the heel of her hand mashed her clit. Standing there she began an urgent fingering of her pussy, hand vibrating between her thighs.

She felt a desperation settling in her body as her thoughts again were on Kenzie's smooth skin and how she would taste. The arousement she hoped would free her of those thoughts, instead gave her the courage to act upon them well before the needed orgasm coursed through her.

Her hand twisted the doorknob once again and she silently entered her daughter's pleasure chamber. Kenzie was agitated, hands moving quickly, ass hunching as the sex acts in her mind brought her closer and closer to her orgasm. She was so beautiful in the throes of passion, her face twitching with each thrill her hands caused to course through her. She was committed to the incestual act she wished to partake of with her daughter and she allowed her robe to fall from her shoulders in a heap on the floor.

If only she had known Kenzie was between her mother's thighs in her mind she wouldn't be filled with fear and hesitating at joining her daughter in her pleasure filled world. Kim stood there breathing heavily, hand rubbing her clit hard as the sight before her had her arousement soaring, her craving for her daughter now becoming unbearable. It was then that Kenzie's eyes opened, just as her head was lifting in the first throes of orgasm and she froze.

At first she felt fear that her mother had caught her in a sex act and she lay there gasping as her body desperately craved release. Then her eyes rose and their gazes locked and her body responded to the heated desire she saw in her mother's eyes by tensing, her upper body lay back and her asscheeks squeezed tightly, thighs straightening as she fought the need to touch her clit with her mother watching. Then her gaze fell on her mothers hand moving wildly at her pussy and her orgasm became even more intense and she couldn't restrain from grabbing her clit and rubbing it hard.

"Oh god mom, oh god I'm cummin so good" Kenzie cried as she realized her mother was just as turned on as she was, not mad but aroused at the sight of her masturbating daughter. The realization that her mother was in fact joining her in mutual masturbation sent wild waves of orgasm coursing through her young body.

At the first signs of Kenzie's orgasm waning Kim lowered herself to the bed and lay beside her daughter and with her head propped on her hand began running her hand over Kenzie's perspiration soaked body while saying, "That was beautiful baby, I just wish the thoughts that gave you such pleasure had been of me." Kenzie felt uncomfortable lying naked beside her mothers nude body but her mom's hands felt good running over her skin so lightly.

She felt embarrassed by the fact that her thoughts had been of her mother but the desire she filled with as her gaze roamed her mother's nude body compelled her honesty. "Mom, I.I.I need to.don't think I'm gay or anything.but, she whispered softly, I was thinking of you mom, you're so beautiful, all my friends want to have sex with you, even some of the girls.

I know its wrong but I can't help myself. Every time I get horny I see you in my mind and remember how beautiful you are naked like now, and I get all hot and my pussy throbs and I begin thinking of us doing things and it makes me cum every time." Kim's cunt was flooding and her clit was pounding explosively at Kenzie's whispered revelation.

"What do we do together in your fantasy baby, that's so hot that you find me attractive in that way" she replied. "Really mom, you aren't mad or think I'm weird or anything for having those thoughts?" Kenzie said as she turned to face her mom. "No baby, in fact, I know I shouldn't say this but I have to confess because you've been so honest about your feelings; when I saw you masturbating I really wanted to join you and help you out, I had to touch myself I became so aroused and wanted you so badly." "No way, you're just saying that to make me feel good about myself mom" Kenzie said as she smiled at her mom.

Kim raised her right thigh and bent her knee opening her crotch and took Kenzies hand and placed it on her pussy and said, "Put your fingers in me baby and see how wet I am right now Kenzie, go on, you know you want to and I really want you to, honest" Kenzie felt her mothers smooth baby skin pussy beneath her hand and her breathing deepened and her clit was beginning to pulse strongly at her mother's suggestion.

She was right, she did want to, but she also knew that if she did, soon they would be making love and there would be no turning back, EVER! Her youthful hormones flooded her mind and body and her arousement soared quickly, consuming her with youthful curiosity and cravings that couldn't be denied. She squeezed her mom's pussy and thought, damn this feels good, I'm gonna shave my pussy too. "Your pussy is so smooth mom, I want to shave mine like yours", she managed to say as her fingers spread her moms labia.

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Already she felt the moistness that soaked her mom's pussy. She slid her middle finger down into the flooded hole of her mom's cunt and was amazed at the slick fluids that filled her. Another finger slid into the sloppy mess inside her mother and she felt her mom's pussy begin to move.

That excited Kenzie and she pressed a third finger into her mom's writhing pussy and her mom moaned and gripped her wrist and began hunching into her hand.

Her mom's pussy seemed open and gaped and she knew she had been fucking her brother just by that fact. Hmmm Kenzie thought, I wonder if Ricks cum is still in her pussy. Kim loved the feel of her daughters fingers moving inside her.

Even with three fingers in her she still wasn't opened like Ricks cock opened her and she yearned for that feeling again. The thought of Ricks dick had her arousement becoming pained and she moaned, "God baby, put more in my pussy, fill me up and show me what you dreamed of doing to me as you cum". Move over here in the middle of the bed mom. Kim did as she asked and spread her thighs widely, opening her pussy for her daughters view.

Kim felt slutty and throbbed in anticipation of her daughter pleasing her. "God you're so beautiful and sexy mom, even your pussy is beautiful! You make me so horny. Can I say it mom, can I say I want to eat your pussy, is that ok?" she asked as she knelt between Kim's thighs openly admiring her mother's body. Her words excited Kim, no other woman had ever told her that before and it sent thrills racing through her body to hear her daughter say she wanted her pussy.


Her breathing was becoming labored and she knew she wanted Kenzie every way a woman could take another woman. "Yes baby, you can say anything to me as long as its an expression of your true and honest feelings, anything.

It makes me hot knowing you want my pussy even though I'm your mom. And baby girl, I want to eat your pussy too, do you know what I want you to do to me right now sweetie?".Kim asked. "What mom, what do you want me to do?" Kenzie asked. "I want you to fist me baby, I want to feel your hand inside me fucking me hard and your mouth sucking my clit".Kim was lost to the incestuous cravings that filled her and the nastier and more degrading an act was the more it excited her to say it!

Kenzie looked at her mom's pussy and imagined her brothers huge cock embedded in it and glanced at her small hand and knew that her mom could take her fist if she took Ricks dick. Kenzie felt an excitement filling her like none before in her life. This wasn't a fantasy this was her mom asking her to fuck her pussy with her fist and as she lay down between her mothers open thighs the scent of her mom's arousement was strong, a musky odor that both intrigued her and filled her with a yearning to taste the source of her scent.

Kenzie's head lowered and her tongue extended to touch her mom's swollen bud lightly, causing her moms entire body to start, jerk hard. She heard her mom's plea, " Oh god yeah, show me how you made me cum in your mind baby, eat me like you did when you cum" Kenzie had always planned on her and her mom making sweet love before engaging in heated sex but her mom was already as far gone as she herself was and she couldn't wait to taste her first clit and pussy.

Her inner heat drove her as her mouth closed on her mom's clit and she began licking it wildly, sucking it hard as her mom cried out and hunched up strongly into her frenzied mouthing."Oh god yes, yes baby, oh fuck, fuck, eat it baby, eat momma's pussy, oh my god you're so good, so.o.oh.ohhhhhhhh god Kenzie I.I.I' fuck suck it, suck my clit hard.aaaiieeaaaRRGGGGHHHHH" Kim's eyes were pleading as her mouth begged, "Fuck me Kenzie, fuck me baby, I need you in me, Fist me honey, hurt my pussy.aaiieeeeeeeee" Kenzie was excited, driven by her mothers fierce orgasm as she sucked her clit and she pressed three fingers in her mothers swarmy cunt, then a fourth and finally, folding her thumb into her palm forced her entire hand into the gyrating wetness of her mothers vagina.

Kim was lost to the feelings her daughter provided her as she opened and flexed her fingers within her pussy. "Yes YES!" She screamed loudly, unable to restrain the emotions that flooded her as Kenzie began fucking her rapidly, ramming her fist deep in her mom's body. Kenzie felt her own pussy flooding with her excitement as her mom lost it, hunching uncontrollably into her rough fisting of her pussy.

She knew the extent of her mom's rapture when she moaned desperately, "Fuck me Rick, give it to me hard baby, oh god I love it!" This confirmed her belief that she had been fucking her brothers huge cock earlier in the night. It also made her feel bad that she was providing the pleasure and her mom was thinking of Rick fucking her. She couldn't believe the amount of cum that filled her mom's pussy and engulfed her hand in its warm moistness.

Her fist made loud slurping sounds as she fucked it in and out of her mom's body. Kim had come completely undone as her daughter provided her sensations similar to what her son had done earlier and she hunched uncontrollably, wildly, as waves of intense gripping orgasms coursed through every cell of her incestual body. Seeing how her mother responded to something large pistoning in her pussy had Kenzie curious as to how she had actually responded to Rick's cock. That had to be even hotter than this she thought.

Now that they both had experienced sex with their mother there was no reason to keep it hidden anymore, well except from their dad obviously. And maybe mom can help teach her how to manage to get Ricks big dick up inside her own horny pussy.

She smiled as her decision was made. Her mom was laying gasping for breath, her body finally stilled, so she withdrew her soaked arm from her pussy with a loud PLOP!

Kenzie knew by the look on her mother's face that now that her arousement was somewhat sated she was feeling regret and guilt at her actions. She left her to her thoughts as she rose and quickly walked from the room shutting the door behind her. She opened Ricks door and walked to his bedside and gazed at his flaccid cock as he lay there nude. Probably hoping mom would come in and fuck him again she thought as she knelt and stared mesmerized at his fat dick.

It was still huge even soft. She put her face close to it and his scent filled her nostrils and she could feel the heat radiating from it against her face. She felt intoxicated by his smell and having her mouth in such a close proximity to his dick it seemed to draw her lips to it. I have to do this she thought and she stuck her tongue out and licked his cock, tasted it, finding it not unpleasant at all.

She placed her hand on it and lifted it, felt its hefty weight as it hung in her fingers. She couldn't help herself and her mouth closed on his fat tip and she suckled it, her pussy screaming its emptiness as she did. She marveled at the feel of it swelling, lengthening in her fingers and filling her mouth completely.

Before long he was standing completely erect and she had to raise up on her knees to keep her mouth engaged to his fat tip.

She held him in her hands and her fingers wouldn't close around his thick girth. Her pussy felt so empty and her inner muscles kept clenching tightly. She wanted to feel his dick inside her so badly. Every time his dick jerked in her hands her clit throbbed and she could feel it swelling tightly. She had been nude many times but suddenly she FELT naked with her brother's dick throbbing in her hands. Her young body was alive with need and the blood flowing hotly through her body had each of her nerves aware and sensitive as even the coolness of the air seemed to caress and stimulate her.

She felt her mind fogging with lust. It was as if a veil of carnality cloaked her mind and concentrated her thoughts on the craving for her brothers dick.

She had never felt such intense desire before and the craving in her pussy encouraged her with a newfound daring. She rose and placed one foot on the other side of her brothers sleeping body opening her thighs widely and his dick rubbed against her pussy and its heat brought forth an instant reaction of holding it to her exposed clit. "Oh god that's so good" she moaned.

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She held his thick girth to her pussy and began hunching against it as pleasurable sensations roiled her entire body. God he's so hot and so huge she thought as her craving became unbearable.

She ran his fat tip along her vulva, feeling it separate them. Damn that feels so good she thought to herself as she felt his strained dick skin pressing hotly against her most intimate flesh. Then as she hunched along his tip it found her wet entrance and for the first time she felt a real man's dick forcing her open, her brother's dick.

Her breathing slowed, became deep and a burning sensation began streaming from her tortured flesh as her tight hole stretched to accommodate his immense dick. Tears formed in her eyes and frustration set in as the pain became to great for her to bear and when she suddenly lost her balance she fell to the floor alongside the bed.

She knelt there staring at her unattainable prize as her pussy clenched and she remembered the feel of his hot cock against her moist inner flesh. Her fingers found her clit as her thoughts were on the memory of his fat shaft as she hunched against it, the feel of his glans opening her, her craving desire that permeated her body as she strained to accept him and she cum.

Her orgasm was so intense it bent her to a fetal position, arms drawn in to her sides as strong shudders of need wracked her entire body, thighs clenching tightly eliciting a low moan from deep inside her body. She quivered and shook as her gaze fell on her brother's dick again.

Again she was drawn to suck it and as her lips closed on him she heard him say, " Damn mom aren't you afraid Kenzie will hear us?" Damn, that's the second time today I was giving pleasure and got called by the wrong name she thought to herself before replying, "Not mom big brother, it's sister pussy this time".

"What, oh my god Kenzie, what are you doing".he asked incredulously. "I'm getting your big dick hard so you can fuck your mommy again brother, she needs it bad and I want to watch!" "Are you serious Kenzie, how did you know about us, did you tell anybody?" "Nothing to worry about Rick, me and mom were just fucking and I decided I wanted to watch her take your big cock." "Y.Y.You and mom were.errrr fucking Kenzie?" he asked, again, incredulously!

"You don't think you own her delicious pussy do you brother, now shut up and come on" she said, as she grabbed him by the dick and began pulling him up. Rick was dumbfounded and thought he may be dreaming but his sister's hand on his dick felt eerily real as she walked towards her room with him in tow.

He kept tripping over her feet as she pulled him close to her by his hard cock and finally she let go and said, " Just come on ". She opened the door and found her mom idly rubbing her clit and she began to say, "Kenzie we should talk." when she saw Rick standing behind her with his dick hard and sticking stiffly straight out in front of him, a look of bewilderment etched on his face. Kim's jaw went slack and her mouth fell open and she looked at Rick for an explanation. He just turned his palms out and shrugged indicating he didn't know what was going on.

Kenzie took her brother's arm and walked him to the bed and said, "Mom I know you two are fucking and now that we are all one big happy family I want to show my appreciation to you for including me in your incestual fun by letting you enjoy Ricks dick openly without any fears right here at home while dads not here.

We all will have to keep this just between the three of us but I know we love each other enough to do that. Kim couldn't keep her eyes off Ricks dick and it was obvious she wanted him in her by the way her thighs kept clenching and relaxing, squeezing together in rhythm with her pulsing clit. "Oh, and before you two begin fucking like horny rabbits I want you both to know that I expect you, big brother, to fuck me with that big dick in the near future and I expect you, my mother, to show me enough love to help me manage to get his big cock in my eager pussy.

Are we all in agreement here?" Both Kim and Rick nodded in agreement before Kim's mouth found her son's dick and she began sucking him in earnest. Kenzie smiled and sat down in her stuffed chair and spread her thighs and began rolling her clit softly as she thought I'm gonna cum soo good watching this.

Kenzie watched and saw her mother's entire demeanor change as her lips slid over Ricks glans. No longer the caring mother, loving and concerned, she exhibited animalistic qualities. Her head twisted, rolled and animal sounds came from deep in her body as she sucked at his dick as if trying to suck his balls from his nutsack. Rick's gaze was on his sister's body as his mom sucked wildly on his cock. Kenzie was so beautiful just as their mother was and he wanted to fuck her badly, wanted to be the only guy to feel her pussy milking his dick.

Knowing she wanted him to fuck her was such a turn-on, he was having trouble keeping his mind on his mother's cock sucking. Every time he gazed into Kenzie's eyes he saw the desire she had bubbling inside her, the gleam as she looked at his dick and it was that stimulus that had him pulling his mother's head to his cock roughly, fucking her mouth, using her.

Kim was alive with excitement, knowing she could have her son's dick five days a week anytime he wasn't at school. Her excitement showed in her actions as she moaned around Rick's fat cock as he shoved it deep in her throat. Kenzie could see the bulge in her mom's throat as his dick penetrated her, fucked her throat and she heard her mom's choking and gurgling but she never tried to remove his dick and her hand never quit rubbing her clit as he fucked her mouth.

Kenzie remembered the taste and smell of her brothers dick and how she was drawn to suck him and knew what her mother was experiencing, the craving that kept her mouth sucking at him as he used her like a slut. She wanted him to use her like that and addict her to his dick as her mom was. She wanted to know the pleasure his dick could give her. She watched as her mother guided him to lay down on the bed and positioned her pussy over his huge dick.

She stood flat footed on the bed and begin lowering herself down to his dick when as an after thought she remembered Kenzie watching and turned to face her with her ass to Ricks face.

Her mother was perfect, everything about her screamed sex and seeing her holding her brother's dick as she pressed it into her pussy filled her with so many emotions. She loved both of them and seeing them together, imparting pleasure to each other was so profoundly arousing! Her mother's gaze was on Kenzies face as she felt herself opening to Ricks dick and her eyes pleaded for her daughter to understand the depth of her need, the craving that led her to take her son's dick into her craven body.

Kenzie wondered if her mom had experienced the same intense pain as she had the first time her pussy opened to Rick's huge dick? She watched in fascination and curiosity as her mothers lips pressed together and the determination she felt was etched onto her face as she forced her pussy downwards onto her son's upright cock.

Kim's eyes closed and her mouth opened in a deep moan that told of the pleasure she felt as his fat glans finally forced its way into her tightly gripping walls. Her loud moans and agitated hip rolling were evidence his fat tip had entered her, spread her pussy and was filling her. Her hands were on her knees, bent at the waist as she tried to force his cock deeper into her pussy and her face was contorted with the pain of his entry.

Each time she pressed her pussy into his cock her eyes closed, head tilted back and her upper body straightened as she allowed her weight to help drive his fat tip deeper into the need she felt. Each time her gaze fell on Kenzie it was plain to see that her mother was oblivious to her presence, nothing registered in her mind but the feel of his cock.

Extreme passion was written all over her face now and as Ricks dick opened and entered her more deeply her face displayed not only the pained pleasure she was enduring, but also the love she felt for her son's cock. The deeper her body settled on his cock the louder more insistent her moans became and the more rapid her hips rose and fell as her arousement took complete control of her actions.

Kenzie now knew where the term "dick crazed whore " came from. Her mom was exhibiting those qualities as she slammed her pussy down forcibly onto her brother's hard dick. Kim loved this, she could never get enough of this and she loved Kenzie for understanding her need and joining her in her debauchery.

Her gaze fell on Kenzie and she could see the desperate need in her daughters eyes and swore to herself to help her realize her dream of feeling her brothers dick fucking her sister pussy.

She watched Kenzie's chest rise and fall heavily, saw her fingers groping her pussy, pressing deep inside her as she watched her brothers cock slowly disappearing in her mother's bald pussy and she wanted to eat her so badly, to feel her daughter hunching her cumming pussy forcefully into her tongue. Kenzie saw her mothers gaze lower to her pussy and her tongue slide wetly over her lips and knew she wanted her, wanted to taste her pussy.

She felt a fog settling over her mind and taking control of her as she rose and went to her mom and stood before her on the bed. Kim smelled the odor of her daughters arousement and saw her swollen clit before her and was about to reach for her when Kenzie said, "lean back on Rick mom, I want to suck your clit." Kim was instantly at the edge of orgasm hearing her 18 year old daughter say she wanted to suck her clit as her son, Kenzie's brother, fucked his gargantuan cock into her pussy.

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Kim was entering another dimension of pleasure and emotions as she obeyed her daughter's command, laying back on her son's chest and allowing her legs to open, feet on the bed, knees bent, watching Kenzie lower herself between their open thighs.

Her mind seethed and felt melting at the carnalness of her situation. Her, until the other day a normal soccer mom type and now, a total slut, lying here with both her children driving her insane with sexual pleasure, inundated with her need of them. Even worse was the fact that she loved it, needed it to feel alive and whole! As Kenzie's tongue found her mother's swollen clit and laved it, pulled at it with her lips as Rick forced his dick deep in her pussy Kim screamed at the varied intense sensations flooding her body, "Oh god yes, fuck, fuck me hard, oh god you kids are killing your mother, do it, oh god it hurts, so I love you both, I really do, oh fuck.goddamn I.I.I'm.aiieeeeeeee suck it Kenzie.oh god baby you're so good, so fuckin good to me." Then as Rick entered her more deeply, ramming his cock into her pussy savagely."ArrgghhhHHHHhhYEAH.God you're so much better than your daddy.oh hurts it hurts so bad.fuck me.FUCK ME HARD BABY!

Kim's pussy was clenching her son's dick tightly, her hips lifting her pussy to her daughters avid sucking and licking when Rick said, "Tell her to lick my balls mom, damn that would be hot, fucking my mom and my big sister suckin my balls" Kim's head raised and her eyes met Kenzie's and she said, "Let it go baby, get nasty, lick your brother's dick and balls while he fucks your momma's pussy, lick my cum off your brothers dick.ohhhhhh god not again.fuck me Rick, get mad at momma's pussy baby, give it to me hard while your sister licks your dick and balls" Rick did, he began hammering his dick up into her forcefully, as quickly as his young muscular body would allow and Kim's body tensed so hard her entire body was vibrating from the intense waves his hammering sent coursing through every cell of her being.

And just when she knew she was about to die Kenzie's finger and thumb gripped her clit between them and she squeezed HARD and began rolling it briskly and Kim's mind exploded. The sudden jolt of intense pain and the voltage like thrills that combined in her clit had Kim's mouth open wide, eyes awed and open and she bolted upright and began hunching frantically, out of control completely, forcing Rick's dick up inside her as she hunched and ground. She was lost, unable to stop.

Her hands were on Kenzies shoulders bracing herself as her hips rose and fell in a quick blur, rising and then being slammed back down forcefully. Tears streamed down her face and she choked as she sobbed and her face was etched with pain but she couldn't stop. Her only respite was each time she'd cum her body would hold her pussy down to his dick and grind obscenely, hips making wide circles as she mashed her clit against his body and hunched into his huge dick. Kenzie watched in awe as her mother lost it completely.

Her own pussy was flooding and she hadn't even cum. What could she possibly be feeling that would do that to her, she looks totally insane, unable to stop fucking Ricks dick. She was afraid her mother was going to hurt herself, knock something loose inside her ramming all that big cock up her pussy like that.

The next time she cum Kenzie put her arms around her and kissed her mother. Her mom returned her kiss but she couldn't stop hunching on his dick. Her moans kept bubbling up in her throat as they kissed and the feel of her mom's lips had Kenzie breathing deep and rapid. When she finally broke their kiss her mom was moaning almost incoherently, "Oh god I love this, fuck, its so good, can't get enough, oh fuck, keep cummin and cummin, son's dick, motherfucker is so good.

Oh god I can't live without this. Oh god Kenzie baby, your brothers dick is so fucking enormous, so thick, long. Your daddy can never do this for me baby. Don't hate me baby, please, don't think I'm a slut. Rick is the only one, I swear baby! You'll see baby, you'll understand when you feel this inside you baby girl!" " I want it so bad mom, I don't want to be a good girl anymore.

I want to fuck Rick with you, feel him shoot his cum inside me.mmmm.I want that so badly, to feel his hot dick throbbing in my pussy and me making it cum inside me." A part of Kim wanted to tell her the horrors of young girls fucking, but that part of her was lost to Kenzie forever because she knew the cravings her daughter was feeling and knew how powerful they were. She also knew that her daughter had seen and sucked her brother's huge cock and that craving would never cease now, not even after she feels it pumping her sister pussy full of its scalding ball juice, especially after she's felt it pumping inside her, her whole birth canal feeling his dick expand and relax as his nuts spew his huge loads of cum along his shaft.

Kim can close her eyes and remember the feel of his hot dick expanding its entire length, his huge glans swelling, expanding and hurting her deepest spots and then those seething lumps racing from his balls like they were ejected from a belching volcano, searing her walls with their outward pressure and heat as they race to his tip and explode out into the cauldron of her fertile womb.

Kim knew that even if she lived to be a hundred that memory would forever excite and arouse her instantly. The mother in her said to beg her not to experience her brothers dick, but the woman in her that wanted her daughter to experience the most pleasure possible in her life demanded she help Kenzie force that monster brother cock up into her young fertile womb and listen to her daughters moans as it pumps her full of his brotherly love!

Kim's out of control excitement was abating and she began fucking Rick slowly, her hips rocking as she rubbed her clit against his body savoring the feel of his fat glans lodged deep inside her, pressuring her, stretching her as she fucks him.

Her hips lift and roll, making small circles as she enjoys the feel of his rock hard young dick stretching her entrance as it rotates within her body. She loves how her inner muscles are unable to squeeze him they are distended so much as he first enters her, but now she can grip him, squeeze him and milk his dick and make him moan at will. "Damn mom, you really know how to use your pussy on a guys dick.

I don't ever want to cum when you're fucking me mom. Do I fuck you good mom?". Rick asked his mother as he fucked up into her slowly, causing her to grimace with each upwards thrust of his hips.

"Oh god baby boy I could never describe how much I love your dick. Nobody, nobody, including your dad has ever made me crave his dick like I crave you son. My pussy and my heart is yours Rick, please don't abuse my heart and never stop abusing my pussy. I'm begging you, please don't ever break me and your dad up. I love him so much and he's a good man and if he found out how much I love fucking you it would devastate him.

Kenzie grinned at the irony of her mother saying how much she loved her dad while she was hunching her pussy down forcefully onto his son's dick. But she knew her mom did love her dad and she really did understand the circumstances that led to all this. Ever since that morning she could think of nothing except Ricks dick and her mom's pussy. No woman could resist Rick knowing he had a cock like he does, especially if they saw it hard and throbbing, spurting cum.

Hmmmm she was going to have to get her mom to tell her how Rick finally got his dick in her pussy the first time they fucked. Did they make love or just animal fuck. Kenzie was betting just animal fuck by the way they looked when they got home earlier. Rick rolled his mom onto her back and hoisted her legs and held them up with his arms as he placed his weight on his hands and began fucking her with a smooth rhythm, taking maybe a ten inch stroke and Kenzie watched her moms pussy gripping his fat cock as it pistoned within her.

God his dick is so huge, where does it all go inside moms pussy she thought?

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The sight of his cock stretching her hole was erotic. It was easy to tell by her mom's moans and the way her hips moved that she loved his dick filling her up. The longer he fucked her the more excited she seemed to get and her head flailed around and she shrieked loudly as he bottomed his dick in her pussy forcefully. She gripped his arms screaming he was killing her pussy and then begged him in the next breath to fuck her harder, not to ever stop and her hands would fall to his ass and her fingernails would dig into his asscheeks as she pulled him tightly into her pussy.

He savaged her pussy, her screams seemed to drive him to fuck her harder, faster and her head flailed continuously, her hips hunching uncontrollably and then her body lifting as she cum, her heels on his ass holding her quivering pussy to his hammering dick as she moaned her love of his big dick. Her gaze was riveted on her son's face as if in awe of the feelings he presented her as he fucked her incessantly.

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Kenzie could see the love her mother felt for Rick expressed in her eyes and etched on her face as he pressed his entire dick into her and ground slowly, allowing her to feel him in his entirety. Her hands would reach up and cup his face between them and she'd stare into his eyes until her arousement peaked and she'd cum and then her hands dropped to his arms and she lay there moaning, cumming for what seemed forever.

It was like seeing her son's face, knowing it was he that was inside her and how much she loved it just added to her excitement until it was unbearable and her body exploded in release over and over. Rick lay down completely on her and began fucking her slow but forcing his cock into her hard at the deepest point of his thrusts and her arms encircled him, legs lifting encircling his waist and ankles locked as her head lay in the cradle of his shoulder.

She was in heaven, the look on her face was one of complete satisfaction and she heard her brother whisper, "I love you mom, I really do. When I'm in your pussy I wish you weren't my mom!" Her mom answered."I know baby, I feel the same way Rick, you make me feel like no one in my life has.

I shouldn't say this but you have a right to know, I love you more than I love your dad, even though I don't want to, I do." Kenzie was shocked by her mother's words but not surprised after seeing the pleasure she found in her son's arms. Her mothers pleasure seemed to permeate her own body and mind as she watched them fuck. Her own breathing was becoming raspy and deeper as she watched her mothers ankles pulling at her brothers thighs as she lifted her pussy to his thrusts, holding herself to his deepest penetrations and grinding into his fat glans.

Her mom's movements were sensual, she was no longer fucking but making love to her son's cock. Their expression of love for each other had obviously added a new dimension to their sex.

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Kenzie wanted to join them but after hearing their words she felt like a third wheel on a bicycle. She must have had a dejected look on her face because her mom opened her eyes and glanced at her and got a look like, what's wrong, on her face?

"Come here baby" she said then. Kenzie went and lay beside them and her mom said, "Rick, roll over on your back baby." When her mom was atop of Rick she looked at Kenzie and said, " Now get astraddle your brothers face and let him eat your pussy while I fuck his big dick." "Really, you want to eat me Rick?

Kenzie was ecstatic at knowing her brother wanted to taste her pussy." "Hell yeah sis, I've wanted your pussy for years, didn't you know?" he replied. Kenzie was shaking with excitement as she straddled his face and lowered her pussy to his outstretched tongue. Her mom immediately began fondling her breasts, bending sharply to suckle her nipples and Kenzie was instantly aflame, her hand cupped her mother's head and Rick's tongue found her clit and she couldn't stifle the loud moan that escaped her.

" Oh damn I feel his tongue licking me mom, I'm so hot, I think I'm gonna cum already". "Don't ever hold back with me, or your brother baby, let it go, cum on your brothers tongue, can't you tell he wants to taste your sweet juices?" "Tongue her pussy Rick, let her feel it inside her hole, she wants to give you her cum!" Rick was so excited, his dick was jerking strongly inside his mom's pussy and his tongue pressed into his sisters flooded hole and began pressuring her slick walls as she began hunching down into his invading member.

Kim loved knowing how much it excited him to eat his sister's pussy and she also loved the way his dick jerked and swelled as he ate her. She couldn't stop her hips from hunching, gyrating on his dick as the sounds of his tongue slurping in her daughters pussy drove her, excited her and her mouth again found Kenzie's breasts and she sucked at them, licked her nipples and bit them gently.

Kenzie knew what drove her mother to lose control now, the unrelenting need to cum and cum to relieve the insane pressure that built inside her and threatened her sanity.

Kim felt her daughters body begin to tremble as, "Oh my god I'm cumming on a guys tongue, my brothers tongue.ohhhhhhhh.fuck it Rick, lick it.oh god please don't stop.c.c.cum.cummin so good. I love you all so much.oh FUCK.suck it Rick.oh my god he's sucking my clit.ohhhhhhhhhfuckkkkkkk!" Kim felt such a rush of love for her daughter as she cum for the first time with a man's tongue stuck in her cunt.

She took her head in her hands and kissed her, not a motherly peck but a passionate, soul wrenching kiss that had them both immersed in it as moans bubbled up in both their throats. Rick was hunching excitedly up into his mother's pussy as he sucked at the juice flowing from his sister's cunny. Kenzie must have been storing up cum for months as she hunched and hunched her juices onto his invading tongue Rick thought.

His entire face was wet with sister cum, her asscheeks and pussy were soaked and still she hunched and moaned crazily. Rick felt his mothers warm cum enveloping his dick as he thrust up hard into her bucking pussy and heard both their moans as he rabidly ate his sister's delicious fresh pussy. Knowing he was making them both cum excited and drove him and his tongue laved strongly up his sisters asscrack and over her puckered asshole, sucking at it, as Kenzie's loud moans and agitated hunching into his ass probing tongue crazed his mind.

His mouthing traveled from his sister's asshole to her clit relentlessly, his tongue wildly licking and lips sucking as Kenzie reached down and held her asscheeks spread for her anal delight.

His own hands were on his mom's hips as he fucked her savagely, ramming her body downward as he thrust up into her clenching cumming cunt.

The two women he loved most in the world were reduced to mindless sluts as he attacked them viciously with both ends of his young stamina filled body. He was their world as they held each other tightly, moaning, clenching each other's bodies as they seemed to cum continuously.

Kenzie thought her mind would explode when her brother sucked her asshole while pressing his tongue tip into it.

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She had never felt such mind bending displays of eroticism and it reduced her to a pleading begging slut and she loved it. "Oh god baby, he's killing my pussy, its so big and I love it so much!" Kim cried as she held her daughter's naked body against her own.

"I can't stop cummin mom, oh god he's suckin my asshole.aaiiieeeRRGGHHHHHHH.oh god Rick I love you.I love you.OH FUCK YEAH.DOIT.suck it baby suck it hard!" Around four in the morning Kim began to feel the toll of their lovemaking and the hours since she'd slept. Her craving for her son's dick was still alive and well but her body refused to act upon it even though her stud son had only cum twice after hours of fucking her.

Kenzie was sucking her brother's dick, actually adoring it with her mouth would be a more accurate statement and Rick was so excited he was using her as he had Kim, roughly, forcing into her throat and about to cum when Kenzie got frantic and began pushing him away, talking, but her words were mumbled around his dick.

Rick grabbed her hair and pulled her from his dick and asked, "What's wrong sis, I was about to cum, damn?" "I know you were and I want you to cum in my pussy, asshole". "You mean you want me to fuck you Kenz, you sure?" "No, that would hurt too much and I'd miss school.

I want you to jack off and right when you cum I want you to press your dick head tight in my pussy enough to open me up and shoot your cum in me. I've wanted to feel you cum in me ever since I saw you cum that morning with mom." " So you did see us and you lied to me didn't you?" "Yeah but it doesn't matter now, will you do it for me, I'll love you even more than I do now!" "What do you think mom, will she get pregnant or anything?" Rick asked his mom.

"Probably not but she can go to the school counselor and get a morning after pill just in case if she wants. Then we'll get her on some birth control soon." Kim replied. "Ok, I'll do it sis. Get on all fours here on the edge of the bed and spread your thighs until your pussy is even with my dick." Kim scooted down on the floor and took her son's cock in her mouth and began sucking him in earnest before stopping and saying, "Now remember, not in my mouth, in Kenzie's pussy!" Rick was enjoying every second of this as his mom sucked his cock so he could cum in his sisters pussy.

This was better than any fantasy he could ever imagine about the two of them. And he had imagined a lot about both while beating off. He watched as his mom stopped and leaned over and began licking Kenzies pussy and clit, wanting her to also be ready to cum when she felt Rick let loose. Kim alternate between the two of them until Rick began groaning, "Ok mom, I'm ready, tell me when." He stood there pumping his dick as Kim spread her daughters cheeks and said, "Here it comes baby".

Rick placed his tip right at Kenzies pussy and stroked it a few more times and then as he rammed it into her cuntlips he moaned and cried, "Oh god Kenzie, here it cums". And he thrust forward causing Kenzie to scream but then her voice lowered and her ass wiggled and she began pressing back into his cock as she moaned deeply. He gripped her hips and tried to force inside her but she was too tight and he just kept flooding her with forceful streams of watery cum. His cum was thin and shot forcefully from his tip giving Kenzie exactly what she wanted as she began shaking, cumming, pressing back into his cock until she had to scream from the pained pleasure she felt.

She felt his hot cum shooting inside her, scalding her pussy flesh repeatedly as his balls pumped her full and overflowing. She felt his ball juice being expelled from around his tightly placed tip and knew her pussy was full and she loved it.

Her shoulders slumped to the bed and she lay there moaning as her mom cleaned Ricks dick with her mouth. Then he casually said, "Good night mom, Kenzie, I gotta get some sleep", and walked out the door. Seeing Kenzie's pussy draining cum, Kim was drawn to squeeze her tongue into the soppy mess and begin licking and gathering her son's elixir, swallowing it as Kenzie became alive and her hips rolled, pressed rearward into her moms avidly sucking mouth.

Her tongue felt nasty but wonderful licking inside her cum filled pussy. Noises and sounds that would normally turn her off now just drove her pussy back into those slurpy, liquid sounds her mother was making as she ate her out eagerly.


Her mother licked her clean and brought three more orgasms from somewhere deep inside her as first she sucked her clit, then cleaned her inner pussy flesh and finally licked and sucked at her pouty asshole until she was face down on the bed, ass in the air holding her cheeks apart cumming intensely while feeling her mothers tongue actually inserted in her sensitive ring of nerve rich flesh, licking, driving her young inexperienced daughter to the brink of insanity while sating her own perverse desires for Kenzie's ass flesh!

Then she crawled up alongside her daughter and kissed her and told her, "I'll call and make an appointment tomorrow to get you birth control pills baby and then Friday we'll see about getting your brothers big cock up in your pussy so he can cum where you really want to feel it!" " I love you so much mom. Can we make love when I get home from school, just the two of us? I want to show you how much I really love you!" Kim's clit began throbbing at her daughter's words. She threw her leg over her daughters body and fell asleep rubbing her clit against the outcrop of Kenzie's hipbone.

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