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Penetrado en el ba ntilde_o
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Passion Wednesday, November 09, 2011 12:08 AM I remember the day I met Haley. I was at work, standing behind the counter, waiting for the rep from a supplier to come in. Keeping busy as normal, watching some people go by the front window. Thinking nothing of it when I looked to see this gorgeous brunette walking by the window, heading into our store. Suddenly, I felt a rush of energy run through, a spark of electricity.

Not sure of who she was, possibly a customer, someone we had not seen in the store before. When the door opened and she walked in, she smiled, the most beautiful smile. Her eyes, a soft, warm brown, she was tall, brunette with long thick hair, an amazing body. As she walked closer, the spark between us was undeniable. As she stepped to the counter, smiling, locking eyes with me, she reached her hand to me and introduced herself, "Hi, I'm Haley, I'm here for a business meeting". She was a business rep for a company our business ordered from I thought, holy shit, no wonder they sell so much product to us business's.

Trying to keep myself on track, I introduced myself back and offered her some coffee or something to drink. As we shook hands, holding for a minute, I was stunned, taking her warm soft hand into mine, I told her it was a pleasure meeting her.

Strange thing was, her and I had never met, but as I looked at her and she looked at me, it was like we had known each other for thousands of years. The electricity was intense and obvious to us both. As the day progressed, Haley and I went over forms, some new order items, codes etc. Seeing her next to me, mm, she smelled so good and her body of a goddess, she was tall, a perfect round ass "which I caught a glimpse of her thong a couple times", she had a slim build with firm C cup breasts, long thick brown hair, eyes that seemed to look right inside you with intensity.

I noticed a few times as we sat at the business meeting table, she kept looking at me. Almost staring. When I would look at her, she wouldn't look away, but look deeper into my eyes and smile. It took everything I had to not pull her in for a passionate kiss. But the looks between us, seemed of two lost old friends, seeing each other, unsure if it really them, or someone else. As I write this, I miss her beautiful eyes looking at me, how sweet she was to me and how loving her touch was, her soft warm kisses.

Mm, such wonderful memories. So as the day continued on, and the time to close up came around.

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Haley asked if I could help her move some things to her car, props, bags of samples, etc. Heavy stuff for sure. As I loaded her car, she asked if I knew of a place in town to stay the night, since where we were was pretty far from the larger city. Her and I had to work on some more things in the morning before she headed back to the main warehouse, so staying local would work better time wise. Knowing the town well and some of the people, I told her I did know of a nice hotel near by, with nice owners and was very clean.

After closing up, Haley followed me over. I helped Haley get her luggage from her car, then walked her in and chatted with my friend. Getting her a great deal on a really nice room. She was thankful and asked if I wanted to look at the small samples again, since there were a couple I really liked, and asked if I wanted one for myself. Agreeing, we headed to her room. Now, at this point, I never thought anything would occur. As much as I would have liked that, her and I are both married.

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I was excited though that I was getting one of the samples since they were kick ass items. When we got to the room, I put her stuff down and we sat down, discussing the day some. At this point, all I know is, I am in this hotel room and I realize, I am with this gorgeous brunette, just the two of us, my mind was racing. As she pulls her shoes off, she tells me how bad her feet and back hurt from work. I said with all the driving she does, plus the heavy lifting, it was no wonder.

I couldn't imagine being in a car as much as her, driving such long distances. So as she pulled out the samples, I offered as a thank you, if she wanted me to, I am good at massages and that I wouldn't mind rubbing her back and feet for her. I about kicked myself, thinking, what the hell are you doing.

With my wife at home, thinking I am working late and here I am offering a massage to this gorgeous brunette. Haley said she would love a massage, grinning and telling me first, pick something you want from the samples. After picking something, Haley leaned in and hugged me, thanking me for being so sweet to her that day. She said no one ever helps her with her bags, not even her husband.

Holding up my end, I told Haley to get comfortable onto the bed for her massage. As she laid down, I couldn't help but stare as she moved onto the bed, doggie style, with her ass up, then laying on her tummy. That ass was so hot, so firm and round, could feel my cock getting hard just looking and having naughty thoughts. I started the massage at her feet, rubbing them slow and deep, while running my other hand over her calf muscles. Since her pants were still on, I couldn't massage more of her legs, so I decided to work on her back after about twenty minutes of working on her feet, relaxing her really good.

Straddling over her, pushing my hands deep into her back muscles, massaging her so slow and deep. Haley purred, telling me she loved it.

Haley said how good it felt, but she wanted to feel my hands on her skin. She asked if I minded her taking her shirt off, but leaving her bra on.

I was already turned on, being around her all day, smelling her sweet smell, seeing her breasts sway as she showed me samples all day. When she asked about her shirt, I about ripped it off of her in one swift motion. She giggled because my response was slow and proceeded in disrobing. All I knew is, everything else, became a blur, time, marriage, work, everything seemed to fail existence when she took her shirt off. Her skin was so soft, he back was dotted with small freckles here and there.

Her hair was pulled up, showing her neck. Suddenly, as my hands roamed over her soft skin, I unclasped her bra. I thought Haley would be unsure at first, but then relax as my hands ran across her back smoothly, massaging her sore muscles deep with my strong hands. But she said ty, that was uncomfortable all day, glad to finally have it off. I could feel her skin getting hotter with my touch. She purred some more, literally like a kitty loving getting petted, telling me how good it felt having my hands on her body.

As she purred, I leaned in, kissing her neck, then slowly down her back. She pushed to my lips with her neck for more.

Loving this, she reached back to my head pulling me to her. Haley tasted so good. I kissed slowly down her back, nibbling a couple times here and there.

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By this point, I was rock hard, but trying to keep somewhat cool. Unsure of how far this would go, I reached lower, running my hands down her back, running my finger tips into her pants waist. Haley pushed her ass up, then she reached down, unbuttoning her pants for me.

As I peeled them down her firm delicious ass, I could see her black thong disappearing between her ass cheeks. Fuck I thought, that is one sweet ass, mm mm mm, yummy. I told her how nice of an ass she had and spanked it lightly. Haley liked that and asked for another.

I spanked her a couple times, making a light red hand print one time. She seemed to really enjoy the harder slap on her ass. Naughty girl I thought to myself. I told her I would massage her ass, since she has to sit on it in the car all day for work. She giggled some as my hands caressed her ass cheeks, but her giggles turned to purring real quick. Oh my she had the hottest ass. As I massaged her, I could see her pink asshole peaking out as I worked her cheeks with my hands. I just wanted to dive in, but I kept control best I could.

I worked my hands over her lower back as well, massaging her, but slowly my hands went lower and lower. Haley pushed back against my touch when my thumb brushed her asshole, then her pussy. I knelt next to her, whispered in her ear that I was so horny for her and that all day, I wanted her. With that, she said she felt the same. I could feel how powerful our connection was and asked her if she felt that electricity between us.

As she agreed, my fingers peeled her panties to the side. Haley moaned as my finger slipped over her dripping wet pussy, then slowly, I slid my finger into her. She felt amazing, she was so wet. As I knelt next to her, my finger in Haley's hot tight pussy, I pulled my cock from my pants, stroking it. Haley looked over and said "oh my". She liked what she was looking at.

As I fingered her, I stroked my cock, pumping up and down my thick shaft. I couldn't believe I was fingering her. Seeing her under me, her ass up, her pussy pulsing around my fingers. Not being able to resist, I leaned in, kissing down her back to her ass.

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Haley gripped the sheets of the bed tight as my tongue passed over her pretty pink asshole. Haley told me she had never had anyone do that. Moaning out to me, telling me she loved how that felt and that her husband wouldn't even eat her pussy, let alone her ass.

All I could think while slipping my tongue into her ass, spreading it open and tongue fucking her, was what a fool he is. Seeing that sweet ass, spread with her thong pulled over, was just incredibly hot.

This went on for about 45 min, I licked her asshole, then fingered her ass while I sucked her sweet pussy, turning her over, taking her clit into my mouth. Haley lost it, she was loving having my mouth on her sweet pussy. Looking up at her, I was so turned on seeing this gorgeous brunette enjoying my mouth on her, the feeling of my touch and kisses.

I wanted more, so much more and I know she did as well. But realizing the time, I told Haley I would need to go soon, or my wife would be mad that I was home so late. Haley wrapped her hand around my cock, looking up at me, she pumped my cock hard and fast. Haley said it was only fair if she returned the loving I had given her, taking my cock deep into her mouth. I almost came, her mouth was so hot.

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Haley sucked me deep, taking my entire length, gagging a little, then pulling back, rolling her tongue over the head. Haley sucked so hard, I could feel my cum pulling up from my balls inside, it was incredible. Not being able to hold back, Haley pulled my cock from her mouth, pumping it until all my cum shot out over her lips, cheeks, and down her chin onto her tits.

She looked so naughty covered with my hot cum. Before I left the hotel room, Haley kissed me deep, looking into my eyes, I pulled her in close. It felt so good being with her, near her, touching her and feeling her touch, looking into her beautiful eyes. I didn't want to leave, I just wanted to hold herkiss her all night, to feel her next to me. But we both knew it had to stop for the night and I had to go.


With one more passionate kiss and hug, I headed home. On my way, I thought about how I must have smelled, my face and lips, my fingers, I bet they smelled like her sweet pussy juice and her asshole.

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She tasted and smelled so good, better then any other woman I had been with. When I arrived home, I walked into the house. It seemed no one was home and when I did find my wife, she was doing her usual, nothing sitting on her ass.

Nothing out of the ordinary. So when I came in, I kissed her and said I was off to take a shower. I loved it, she never noticed I had just kissed her with the lips that had been firmly planted on Haley's sweet pussy, ass and lips just thirty minutes prior.

In the shower, I thought about what had happened and still couldn't believe it. My cock was so hard as I stood under the hot water, thinking of her sucking it, how good it felt when she rolled her tongue over my swollen head.

I stroked it, pumping up and down my swollen thick shaft. It didn't take me long before I lost it and came hard. It seemed like a gallon of cum shot from my cock. Thoughts of Haley taking my last load of cum on her face, mm, fuck she was a naughty girl.

All that night I could barely sleep. Thoughts of her, thoughts of how we looked at each other the day we were at the store. Why was it so intense, where did that spark come from, how was it that I felt as if I knew her so well and for so long. As these questions rolled through my head, I couldn't help but wanting more of her. I wanted to feel her close to me again, I wanted to feel her pussy taking my cock deep inside her as we kiss, so many thoughts of her. Next thing I knew, it was almost time for work again.

I guess after getting a little sleep, I awoke the next morning, got ready for work and headed out. As I was almost to work Haley called me on my cell phone.

Her soft voice was so nice to hear. Haley asked me if I wanted to bring breakfast and come hang out with her a little before I got to work.

She was leaving that day, so if I wanted to see her alone, this was the time I thought. Agreeing, I picked up some breakfast and headed over to the hotel. Haley answered the door, fully dressed, bags packed for her trip back. I came in, unsure if I should try to kiss her, hug her, or what. In my mind I thought, well maybe last night was just a lust thing and it happened, not happening again kind of thing.

While I stood there unsure, she leaned in, hugging me, the she kissed me.


Her tongue was so soft and she melted when our lips met. Just her kisses were indescribable. After minute of kissing and petting, we sat down to eat. As we sat and got ready to eat, Haley told me she couldn't sleep last night and what we had done was so hot, she ended up playing a good part of the night.

Hearing this, I forgot I even had food and asked her how she played. With toys, fingers or both? Haley giggled, shy at first.

She put her food down, Haley looked at me and told me she fingered her pussy hard and deep thinking about my cock, wishing it was me inside her.

She told me she had played with her asshole as well, thinking of how my tongue felt inside her. I couldn't believe it. She was still so hot for me, as much as I was for her. I stood up, leaned in to her and pulled her in for a kiss.

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Haley was breathing heavy, with passion, wanting more and more. Her hands touching my shaved head felt so good. I took Haley's hands, moving us to the bed. I told her about how I had stroked my cock in the shower thinking about her sucking it. Haley loved hearing this and told me it was her pleasure and that the feeling of my long thick cock in her mouth felt so good.

Haley said she had never had such a big cock before and loved feeling it, sucking it, stroking it, and now she said, I want it inside me, deep inside me said as she kissed me. Haley unbuttoned her pants, pulling them down and told me she was so wet, taking my hand and placing it over her pussy.

She told me to feel them, I am soaking wet for you naughty man. Giggling, she said she couldn't help herself with me, the feeling was too strong to deny. She looked so hot, pants half down to her knees, her sweet pussy bare for me to see. My cock was solid as a rock. As I pulled my cock from my pants, Haley reached down, playing with her pussy. What a site to see, mm, she looked so hot playing, spreading her lips some showing her glistening wet slit and her swollen clit.

She looked so sexy. Suddenly, my cell phone rang. It was my ringer for work. Haley told me I should get it so no one suspects anything.

Agreeing, but not wanting to, I answered it. Of course I thought, what timing. It was my business neighbor, someone had tried to pry a door open at the store and I needed to make a police report. Haley said to me that it was okay and she hoped all would be alright at the store. Pulling her in for a deep passionate kiss, Haley put her fingers to my lips, pushing them into my mouth.

Grinning as her pussy juice covered fingers went into my mouth. Mm, she tasted so yummy. Haley then told me she needed to see a client in the town not far from us the next day and it may possible for her to stay in my town that night. But she was unsure and would let me know when she came into my store today. When I got to work, the police were there already to take the report. The door was pretty damaged, but not bad.

Being a gun store, we had good door security set up prior, so they were unable to make entry. As I was finishing up with the officer, my cell phone rang. Looking at it, I noticed it was Haley. Excusing myself from the officer, I answered with a "Hello gorgeous".

Haley loved this and asked if I would be able to help her move her stuff to another hotel in awhile, so she could stay in town one more night. Excited and nervous, I agreed. She said she would be in to see me soon as well, so we could work on paperwork of course.

All day at work was brutal, flirting back and forth, kissing here and there when we could. I just wanted to spend all the time with her and close the damn store. But, as time went on, it got closer to close and we did have fun. Haley left, going out to do some other things needed in town.


With a kiss, she left. Knowing in awhile, I would be with her, alone again, had me excited. Then I thought, this time will be different, because this time I would be filling her tight pussy full of my cock. As my mind drifted, I could feel my cock getting hard.

Forgetting for a minute that I was at work, I had to snap back to reality. Good thing, at that moment a customer came in. When closing time came, I had already called and told my wife I would be home late. All was good. I called Haley, letting her know I was on my way to help her. I could tell by the tone in her voice she was excited as well as nervous.

When I arrived at the hotel, she had her bags ready. When she opened the door, she gave me a huge hug, telling me she had missed me.

We kissed again, then I mentioned about knowing each other at some point again. We agreed, it was like we had known each other, at some point, some where, another life time, whatever, it was just intense. Every time we touched, kissed, hugged, anything, even looked into each others eyes, it was electric.

After a few minutes in the hotel, we headed to the one she had made reservations in for that night. It was a much nicer hotel. When we got to her room, me bringing her bags in for her, plus one with some samples, she opened the door for me, thanking me for being such a gentlemen.

I was thrown off, since compliments at home are far and few. It was nice. For the first time, ever in my life, I felt appreciated, loved, I felt passion, romance, the electricity of, well I guess what one would explain as, love at first site. Whatever it was, I was lost in it and it felt wonderful.

After getting in the room, we settled to the bed, kissing passionately. I was holding her close to me, looking into her beautiful eyes. I wasted no time, I pulled her shirt up, taking it off of her, exposing her bra, which quickly came off as well. I kissed her beautiful firm breasts and nipples… she was so sexy. While I leaned in to kiss her neck, running my finger tips around her hard nipples, softly caressing her breasts, lightly pinching them one at a time.

Haley purred softly, telling me she was so hot and so turned on for me. She was flustered and arched her back when my lips took her nipples, one at a time, slowly running my tongue around them.

It felt so good having her nipples in my mouth, against my tongue. Mm, just thinking of her now while writing this, makes my cock so hard. The thoughts of her laid out on the bed, glowing in the soft light of the room. Just amazing. When I moved down slowly, kissing down her firm tummy, nibbling here and there, I unbuttoned her pants. Haley looked down at me, biting her lip softly as I pulled her pants off. As she laid there in just her sheer black panties, I kissed her thighs, caressing her with my hands as well, reaching up to run my finger tips slowly along the underside of her breasts.

She was loving this, the kisses, the touching, all of which she had said she never got at home. All of which I loved doing, but someone at home didn't want. So here we were, enjoying each other so much and loving every second of it. When my fingers passed over her panty covered pussy, I could feel how wet and slick she was.

I couldn't believe it. I pushed my finger firmly to her slit, lightly moving it in a circular motion and at that point I could truly feel how soaked she was.

My finger was wet, slick with her pussy juices. Haley giggled some, then said she had been so wet, she had to change panties two times that day. I was so turned on by her, I peeled those pretty panties off of her and leaned in, smelling her shaved pussy, then passing the tip of my tongue over her clit. Haley moaned, then told me how fucking good it felt. Oo, I liked the tone she had gotten and decided to nibble on her inner thighs, biting some, spreading her legs wider. Haley said she loved the feeling of me taking control.

As I slipped one of my fingers into her pussy, Haley's phone rang. Without stopping, she told me to be quiet, it was her husband. I was not sure if I should keep fingering her and sucking her clit, but then I thought, how fun, her hubby on the phone, Haley trying to keep it together while I devoured her pussy.

Mm, I did just that. I sucked her clit hard, Haley reached down, pulling me into her pussy. She was barely able to carry on a conversation with her husband. She said at one point, "honey nothings wrong, I am just tired and need some sleep, plus the wine I had has me buzzed some". Finally after a couple minutes, she let him go and told me what a dirty fucker I am. I couldn't believe my ears as she told me how hot that was being eaten out while she talked to her husband.

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All the whilehe knew nothing. With this, Haley pushed me back, to where I was now on my knees on the bed next to her. Haley repositioned herself and pulled my cock free. She told me again how much she loved it and how fucking big it is. As her lips parted, my cock slipping in to her mouth, Haley moaned on my cock as my fingers slipped into her pussy again. As my fingers fucked her harder and deeper, Haley sucked harder and deeper. We had perfect rhythm together.

Not being able to take it, she told me she wanted me to fuck her. I told her I didn't have a condom, and she told me to fuck her, she demanded that after us both being married for more then 10yrs each already, we were good, plus she was on the pill. She said we deserved a moment together. Kissing her, feeling that spark, no more thinking was involved after that. When I moved over her, pulling her legs up, seeing her soaking wet pussy ready for my cock.

I placed my swollen head at her hole. Haley gasped as my cock entered her. Her pussy was amazing, she felt so good taking me inside her. As I looked down, I could see her white pussy cream covering my shaft. Inch by inch I filled her so deep and inch by inch the creamier my cock was with her juices. Haley was loving this, telling me over and over how fucking good it felt having my cock inside her as she demanded more. I picked up my pace, pumping my cock inside her deeper and harder.

Haley pulled me down to her, so we were face to face. As we kissed, I buried my cock inside her balls deep. She was so wet I could hear her wet pussy taking my shaft deep inside her. Haley moaned loud into my mouth as our tongues played. I could feel I had filled her pussy completely and she was so wet. As I fucked her deep, I reached down and grasped her ass, so I could go deeper. She wrapped her legs around me and when my hand took her ass cheek, I could feel her asshole, her ass cheeks, me, the bed, everything was all wet.

I realized she had been squirting on me. Feeling her juices flow all over my cock and balls, I slipped a finger into her asshole, driving her wild.

She begged for more, begged me to fucking fuck her good and hard. Doing as I was told and asked, I fucked, with long deep hard strokes, then slow, deep, so so deep strokes, teasing her. The more I teased her, the closer I got to cumming. Haley's pussy was so tight, when I would tease her with the head of my cock, she would squeeze her pussy muscles. Finally, while kissing her, I pulled away, looking her in the eyes I told her I was going to cum.

Haley told me to cum in her, on her, whatever, she just wanted to feel my hot cum. Her dirty talk took me over the edge and I decided to pull out, slapping her pussy lightly with my cock as it spewed huge loads of hot cum all over her, all the way up to her face, her tits, fuck I came so hard.

When my orgasm subsided, I looked down at Haley and I couldn't believe how much cum was on her. It was so hot seeing her naked body under me, glistening with sweat and loads of hot cum.

I leaned in, kissed her deep, we stayed together for about thirty more minutes just looking into each others eyes, kissing, caressing each other, playing with each others hands. It was like being in love, maybe even young, first time lust, but with such power and energy. I still have never known anything else of the same level. When I got my self together to head home. We hugged, holding each other as if we would never see each other again. It felt so good, but sucked, not knowing if that was it.

I kissed Haley, telling her we would see each other again, I am sure, at least I hoped. With that and a few more kisses, we parted ways. I did see Haley after that, but that will be another story some other time. So, to be continued.