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SKinny mature sucking a black dick
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Kitten Light caresses upon my shoulder blades. Soft lips, moving over my skin. The fans in room whirring realistically. My eyes snapped open, fear clouding my senses. I tried to lift myself on my elbows, only to find that I cannot. A solid mass of body is blocking my way, preventing me from moving much.

Large hands are pinning my wrists down. My body's automatic response is to struggle. "Calm down, Kitten, or I'll have to punish you." said a voice. Deadly calm. My body froze in hearing the words so close to my ear.

I shivered knowing that I was dressed only in underwear and a bra. My fear was amplified because I could not see my attacker. I concluded that it was still very much dark outside from the darkness of my own room. I didn't know what to do. I whispered, "Please, don't hurt me." There was no answer, and then a light chuckle which seemed to bring dread to my very marrow, "I shall give you pain, Kitten, but I shall also give you pleasure." I tried to control the fear in my voice, "Please, take whatever you want and go." Only a bit of laughter answered my plea.

Those soft lips dropped down to my shoulder blade, trailing upward. Lightly, they trailed up to my neck, and then to the hallow just beneath my left ear. I have to take a sudden in take of breath as his nails dig into the flesh of arms. He grinded his pelvis into my backside, letting me feel his growing erection.

As his body rubbed against mine, I could feel the warmth of his skin against mine.

I could feel the bulge of his arms, and biceps. I could feel his long legs, lined with thick bands of muscle. It didn't even occur to me that I should be begging for my life. "You're not struggling, that's good, Kitten." I felt him shift his body weight, and then his right arm felt its way down my body. His long fingers gently caressed my skin, leaving a trail of goose bumps.

My breath left me on a sharp hiss as I felt the blunt force of his teeth sinking into the tender flesh of my neck. His bite then turned erotic.


His lips kissed, and his tongued licked. Both moving in synch with his teeth, creating a delicious friction. An accidental sigh of pleasure escaped from my clouded mind. He laughed at my body's response. "Is my little Kitten enjoying what her Master is giving her?" I shook my head, trying to clear it.

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"Please, stop." I managed to whisper, "P-please." but my plea was cut short by my sudden alarm. His talented mouth had distracted me to the course of his hand. Now, I could feel just exactly where his hand was. His hand was underneath me, gently stroking the satin of my underwear. "No! Don't please!" I began to beg. His cold chuckle sent shivers down my spine, as his warm breath skated across my skin, "That's right, Kitten, beg." His fingers moved the flimsy material aside.

I gasped at the wetness that had gathered.

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I was getting turned on. The reality of it hit me like a kick in the gut. "No! Stop!" I moaned, now squirming anew. Smack! His hand came down hard on my backside, causing me to whimper. "You're being a very naughty girl, Kitten.

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Now, just lay still." My body obeyed. He waited a few moments, and then his fingers were gently stroking along the lips of my vagina. Back and forth, back and forth. I closed my eyes, in hopes of making this be just a dream.

My body trembles with fear, with anticipation. "Good girl, Kitten. Tremble beneath your Master." Suddenly, his thumb and forefinger were spreading me. A whimper came from me as one of his fingers slipped inside me. The finger inside me moved slowly, skillfully, tauntingly. It was then he began to slip another in. I gasped, taken back by the sudden stab of pain, "Ouch!

Please, please, stop! It hurts so bad! It hurts!" His tongue brushed over my ear, before he whispered, "Good. I want it to hurt." He said, grinding against me again. "Can you feel that, Kitten?

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I want to put my rock hard cock inside you. I want to fuck you." I hoped he would, secretly. The more rational part hoped he would get it over with and leave. His fingers curled inside me, moving back and forth. My body responded, growing hotter. The pain of his fingers were driving me lustfully insane. "That's right, Kitten. I can feel your wetness on my fingers. You're growing hot for me.

You love what I'm doing. Don't you, Kitten." He grinded against me again, lifting ever so slightly. He lifted off of me slightly, and I squirmed. I wanted my freedom. His fingers bit into my neck. "Be still, Kitten, or I'll hurt you more." He growled in my hear. I bit my lip, whimpering. It was then I felt it. It was hard, and big. I didn't want that in me. Tainting my body. "Yeah, you feel my cock, don't do you kitten?" His taunted in my ear, "You'll get it soon enough.

I promise." I felt his weight leave my body. I was too stunned to move.

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I immediately regretted my slowness. He sat astride me, tying a cloth over my face. There was a hole cut where my nose was. I could breathe. I squirmed, finding the cloth not at all to my liking.

"Kitten, you're making your Master very angry. I shall punish you if you do not be still." He growled into my ear as he fisted his hand through my hair.

Fearing this man, I instantly stilled. I could feel the pulse of his hard cock against me as I obeyed him. His hands were suddenly on my breasts, kneading them again. I gasped as I felt him stab something into my left breast. I could feel a warmth spreading throughout my body, dragging me under. Bile rose in the back of my throat as I heard the man chuckle happily.

"Rest my, Sweet Kitten.


For when you awaken, your training shall begin." My lids fluttered, and I was lost to darkness.