Arab Woman Flashing The Camera

Arab Woman Flashing The Camera
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Suzanne walked in the door after another long weekend of work. She loved her promotion, but she wasn't loving the time commitment. She didn't mind work, but the travel. . she was now spending at least one weekend a month on the road, sometimes more, and while the hotels were nice, it was usually only a place to sleep with 10 hour or longer meetings, then dinner with the executives.

But to achieve a high position was something she had wanted to do, something she had wanted to prove to herself. At least life at home was good. Her daughter Evelyn was growing up to be a beautiful young lady, she had been so excited last weekend to get her driver's license.

She looked a lot like Suzanne in the eyes, and a bit in the butt, and her hair was obviously of her mother's heritage, but everything else. . it had to come from her father. Suzanne had never met any of Frederico's family, because he really didn't have any. His parents died young and he was an only child. Evelyn had followed in that tradition as she was an only child and Frederico had died in a highway car accident when Evelyn was only 5. It had been hard on both of them, but Suzanne was a lucky woman.

She had found an even better man when she met Devon. He was a tall drink of water, handsome and cultured. He worked for an exporting division for a capital company, so his hours were not crazy, lots of tele-commuting actually, and the pay was very nice.

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Of course he was in his late 40's like Suzanne but he worked out, had a balanced diet and the hair was only starting to thin on top. He had a bit of a paunch, and his arms dangled just a tad when over his head but other than that, he looked damn good for his age.

But that wasn't his best quality. Even when he had that muss of thick black hair on top and was still in the shape of a daily runner when they met 11 years ago, that wasn't his best quality. He had a very sturdy 7 and a half inch cock, with substantial girth, but that also wasn't his best quality, though it sure gave Suzanne plenty of pleasure.

Had she not had to have a hysterectomy after having Evelyn, she was sure they would have had children, considering how often they had made love those first few years together. Not that their sex life was bad now, they just didn't have time for a lot of intimacy, Suzanne was working all the time. But when they had a weekend off together, they would still dirty a set of sheets.

He could cum a lot and Suzanne was the rare breed of woman who not only loved the taste of a man's seed, but liked the feel of it too. She liked it on her breasts, stomach, anywhere but the face really, and she loved to smell him after they had coitus. She put her briefcase on the counter top and walked her carry on luggage to the bedroom. She didn't look hard at the bed, it wasn't made, but that wasn't odd for Devon.

He was a clean and tidy guy, but he never wanted to make the bed. He always complained it was a waste of time when they would be sleeping again. She didn't pull the cover's back, so she didn't see stains beneath.

She went to the bathroom, then brushed her teeth and went back to the kitchen, paying no attention to Devon's laptop on the bed side table. It was Sunday morning and she was scheduled to be back on Monday but had jumped at the chance to come home early. She had expected to surprise Evelyn and Devon but no one was home.

She grabbed a glass and filled it with ice and water and pulled out her cell to call them. The damn thing was dead. She really needed to get a new phone, this one seemed to only hold a charge for a few hours anymore. She took her drink and went into the bedroom and plugged her phone in.

It would be at least 10 minutes before it would even turn on. She went to the night table and grabbed a Kleenex and blew her nose.

She saw Devon's laptop on the other night table. His macbook was open but in hibernation. Suzanne decided to check her email, make sure no fires had sprung up at work. Devon never had it password protected. The screen flashed to life and it was on a playback of a video on quicktime. Suzanne couldn't tell much, but she could tell one thing, it was the end of a video that ended with two large, shapely breasts dangling in front of the lens. Suzanne thought to herself briefly how nice those breasts were, and felt an instant ping of insecurity about her own mid sized b's.

Her breasts were actually very nice, rounded perky baseball halves, but just like men with their penis, she couldn't help felt sad she hadn't gotten larger ones. Well, at least Evelyn won't have to worry about that, she got her breasts from the genes on her father's Spanish side, not the French side of Suzanne's. She had large breasts already, had started showing them in 5th grade. Suzanne wasn't sure her size, Evelyn had bought bras on her own for at least a year now.

But last she HAD known, they were 30 C's. They were prominent and visible in anything she wore. Yes, Suzanne was pretty egotistical about her daughter, holding her up as her best work, she knew she was turning into a stunner. It had been fun to shop with Evelyn when she had time, her daughter made all the outfits look the way they were supposed to. Suzanne felt very confident her daughter would land a good man with that body, not to mention her angelic face, with her plump lips, her high cheeks, her large eyes, that almost seemed to be black from pupil to cornea.

Her hair was jet black, long and straight, fine in nature. It was easily stylable, and it went down to her mid back. She was about 5 foot 3 and her midsection and upper body were fairly short, her legs giving her a good amount of her height. If she had been less full bodied and had smaller breasts Suzanne would have gotten her into modeling for the catwalk, she had the legs and the face for it, but designers liked lithe long women with small breasts for their shows.

Suzanna had a naughty idea, as she used the mouse to move the cursor over to the 'replay' button. She decided she would watch the video her husband had got off on last night, and she if she could simulate it for him. Before she even clicked the mouse pad she felt a tingling in her nether regions, her body and mind had been thinking about an encounter with her husband, she was ready to cum.

She pulled the other pillow over to her side to prop her up and clicked on the pad. The video started and she could hear muffled talking kind of far away, but it was a little airy for a porno. She felt a weird familiarity as she watched when it dawned on her she was watching her own bedroom, as she recognized the hope chest and vanity mirror. That was when she understood it was the web cam on the laptop. The quality was pretty good, could be a little lighter though. She thought she had pushed the record button on mistake until she heard a loud giggle on the speaker.

Then a body flopped on the bed and laid down. All that was visible was the edge of his torso, covered by a white shirt and his forearm. Then a girl sat onto the edge of the bed. She had slender tanned thighs coming out from cut off red sweat shorts. Her face wasn't visible but her body was, wearing a gray sweatshirt with the arms cut off as well as the hood, and cut a bit out at the collar and chest.

One shoulder was visible, her smoothly sloped shoulder was bare, and tan, the shoulder of the sweatshirt was off on to her arm. "Mmmm, you took forever to get here, I was losing hope." The voice was definitely her daughter, but she had never heard her talk that way, sultry, sexual, and sensual.

Who the hell had she brought over here? Suzanne wasn't crazy, this sure as hell felt like the start of a physical encounter, and she was feeling very angry her daughter wouldn't just engage in this activity already, but in her mother's bed, no less. She watched her daughter's hand go to the stomach of the guy laying there and her running her nails back and forth. She heard the guys speak but the near side pillow blocked his voice somewhat and she couldn't quite make out what he was saying.

It was a low mumble. "That's ok, I love the way you smell when you sweat, it makes me wet." She heard Evelyn say, followed by a giggle. The guy said something else and hoped up off the bed on the far side and he went to the window and turned on the fan, adding to the airy sound as it blew in a straight path to the laptop across the room.

The guy walked to the left and out of view. Something else was said, drowned out in the airy noise. "I really don't mind. .

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.kkkccck. Fine." She said in a sassy tone and leaned passed the laptop. When she sat back on the bed she was on her side. She held a glass pipe up to her lips, her thick lips, and lit the green mesh in the bowl and coughed out the hit.

Goddammit! Thought Suzanne. So she is doing God knows what on my bed, and she is smoking pot. Great, just great. It was legal in this state, but you had to be 21, how did she get it? Evelyn took three hits and then pushed the laptop open more, staring at it, touching up her mascara. She then sat back and laid on the bed horizontally. Suzanne could tell the shower was on, not when it was on, but when it turned off.

The draining sounds was loud enough in the tiled bathroom to clue her in to the sound. The guy came into the room but was still too far away when he asked a question.

Evelyn sat up on the bed, her arms splayed out to the sides. "Hmmmm, well, the perfect guy to me. . she should be handsome, and smart, and give me good head!" Evelyn said with a loud laugh on the last word, her hand covering her mouth. She settled down and pulled her hand away. "You know, strong, mature, confident, a great lover. . Hmmmm and a really nice cockkkk." She said, her voice catching on the last syllable as she pulled her hair into a pony tail.

Her eyes gazing down as she finished the word. She had a look of excitement on her face and sat up very straight at that moment, now the top of her head and half her eyes out of view.

She saw the unmistakable head of a penis come in to view, the rest of it hidden by the guy's thigh and right butt cheek. But she could see just enough at this angle to watch her mouth drop open and the male put his manhood inside before his body covered hers from view. Suzanne was a bit in shock at seeing her daughter's deviant behavior, but in a weird way it fed her horny mind and body. The darkness of it, the taboo of watching her daughter. She almost turned it off, but when she was going to reach for the touchpad, she found her hand was in her panties, rubbing her wet.

She decided not to stop the video just yet. She couldn't see anything but the guy's butt cheek flexing. Damn, he had a firm ass, better than most guys who just sit on theirs all day. Well, at least her daughter got a fit guy, and from the head she could see, a fair sized dick. She would hear occasional slurps but mostly just airy noise. She heard the guy let out a low slow moan like a hum. He then to a step back and to the side.

The saliva line from his dick to Evelyn's mouth was thick and bubbly. Evelyn had obviously been working over time on that meaty cock. Evelyn's mouth kept bobbing after the dick that had been pulled from her mouth. The guy grabber her pony tail and pulled her up and slid his penis right back in to her gasping mouth, like a fish out of water. This time the angle was switched and Suzanne could see every inch of him going in and out of her.

He had a nice cock, just long enough and hefty, almost as nice a dick as. .

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. Suzanne felt a hit of pleasure that squinted her eyes and brought her teeth down onto her lip when she heard Evelyn gag softly and have to pull off the large dick. She coughed working the saliva out of her lungs. Suzanne could barely make out the guy saying in a throaty voice, "Get on your back." Once she was breathing well again she hopped onto her bed and knee walked to the far side, draped her legs over and laid back, using her feet to kick her till her head was just barely hanging off the bed.

She opened her jaw and her throat was a straight line onto the bed. When the guy pushed his cock back inside her mouth, and she could see the top muscles of her daughter flexing in and out as his cock moved in and out. He went faster and faster, Suzanne was amazed at her daughter's ability, she seemed to be taking the cock like it was an old hat.


How the hell was she breathing? Suzanne's fingers were inside now, going as fast as his dick and she felt the first hints of orgasm approaching fiercely. She heard the guy moan loudly and his hand reached down, pushing past the collar of Evelyn's top and grabbed her breast. "Rrrr-RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" The guy grunted loud and long and Suzanne watched her daughter's throat muscles slide all the way down as she too the guy's orgasmic semen into her belly.

The orgasm washed over Suzanne and she dropped her mouth open to her own moan. It was an amazingly fresh sensation to fell herself cum to the vision of her daughter's sexual activity.

The taboo of the act only caused an initial intensity.

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But this orgasm was small. She lay there with her eyes closed as she washed her self in the orgasmic warmth. She even tuned out a bit so that she missed a bit of the video, but she snapped awake when she heard the loud giggle of her daughter. She opened her eyes. The video now showed her daughters lower leg and foot on the bed, and the back half of her thigh and butt moving around.

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It took a moment to work out the image but when Evelyn moaned loud Suzanne realized she was getting a moustache ride, and it sounded like a good one.

"Oh fuck yeah! Oh fuck. Yeah baby. Yeah, yeah, YEAH, YEAH RIGHT THERE!" Suzanne laid her head back as she feverishly worked her genitals, eyes closed, listening to her daughter get the kind of head Suzanne was ready to get from her husband Devon as soon as he got home. When the next orgasm hit, it hit very hard. "OH DAMN, OH FUCK!

OH JESUS, SWEET JESUS, OH, OH, OH, OH GOOOOOOD, OH GOOOOOD, OH, OH, AGH! AGH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUHHH!" Evelyn had a torrent of pleasure crush her senses, and she let out a loud grunt, followed by a wheezing breathing, her lungs felt numb from the orgasm. She heard her daughter keep moaning low on the speaker.

Evelyn thought to herself if this had just been recorded or if Devon had found it. She wasn't sure she was ok with him watching this. She probably shouldn't either, but she was actually her daughter. Evelyn rolled to her side, her breath finally normalized. She opened her eyes, and her daughter was sliding downward. . to the cock sticking up. Damn that was a nice looking cock. She felt like the veins looked just right. Yummy even. She watched Evelyn standing on her knees, only her body from the armpits viewable.

Suzanne caught her breath in her throat. Her daughter was. incredible. She could give any porn star a run for their money. Her breasts were over filled plastic sandwich bags, the breast large, high and well rounded below. Small pert nipples, standing on end. Her stomach was very strong, the slightest hint of abdominals on the sides as she flexed her hips to one side, her hand reaching behind her.

Her hips would work their way further out over time, as she matured, but for now, it was a flaw that disappeared when focusing on the breasts, the tight ass, the rounded trim thighs, the concaved muscular stomach, the great tan, the tight nipples, the tendons of her neck flexing, blinding away past the top of the computer screen.

"Nnnnnnuuuh. Oh. Ooo. Ooo. Mmmmmmmm. . " Evelyn moaned as she finally got the sizable head of the erect cock inside and slowly slid down until her crotch was pressed flat over his hips. "Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzus." The guy moaned, in a low hushed voice that sounded familiar to Suzanne.

She thought about her daughter already being with guys, looking like she was experienced with it, far from a novice. She put her hands on his stomach up on her finger tips. The guy had a good tummy, but it wasn't.

wasn't a young looking stomach. Evelyn began to work up and down with her ass and thigh flexing, her moaning and waning, causing the same for Suzanne's pleasurable waves. She was cumming vicariously through her daughter and her young tight fresh pussy.

She imagined how her daughter had felt, feeling a phantom hard cock inside her, the pressure of it pushing her walls apart as she rode her lover. The taboo of it was causing Suzanne's heart to skip beats. She sighed as she came again, part from being horny, part from her daughter's sexy skills, and part from the taboo, or something she knew, but couldn't admit to herself. Suzanne's heart was pounding in her ears as orgasms seemed to be flooding again and again with an open dam.

She squealed along with her daughter and moaned along with the man on the screen as her hips lifted off the bed and clenched her fingers.

"Baby? Baby? Baby I know that face. Are you gonna baby? Hug daddy, are you gonna cum for me? "Oh fuck! Fuck Evy!" Suzanne definitely knew that voice, she knew that grunt, she knew the pleasure her daughter felt, she had wanted that cum.


Suzanne forced her head to the side through her cum cocoon. She couldn't she her daughters head but she had gotten down onto his body and was sliding up and down him, her breast rubbing back and forth, just the hint of the base of his cock visible at the top of her motion. She road hard, starting to squeal as she breathed. "Come on daddy, I'm fucking ready, I haven't had you inside me for so long. Please daddy, I swallowed!" Suzanne almost blacked out from the dark, dirty, sinful pleasure, her orgasms turning her skin on fire, only one thing kept her aware, the need to see what she knew was coming next.

She could have mouthed the words herself. "Ah shit baby! Shit! Roll for me baby, I'm ready!" She heard him say his voice straining as he flexed his cock to hold the cum back. Suzanne watched her daughter hope off the guy and he pulled up and got on his knees, she laid on her belly, then the guy got down on to her, Devon's face now next to hers, staring at the camera.

She watched Evelyn blink fast and then roll back in her head as Devon made a lemon face and grunted, Suzanne fully aware she was watching her husband plow his cock into her daughter, preparing to put his sperm in her womb. "UH, UH, UH, UH, UH, UH, BABY!" Devon screamed, his eyes squeezed shut. "Yeah daddy! Yeah baby! Be my baby daddy daddy!" "FUCK!" Devon abruptly stopped moving and Suzanne felt the tears streaming down her cheeks as she watched Devon cum inside his stepdaughter.

She forced her eyes open through the crashing waves of pleasure, sick to her stomach, but lost in the dark evil sick hotness of the view. Evelyn had her eyes closed a sly smile on her lips, squinting each time Devon convulsed a bit more cum inside. There was a bit more to the video, but Suzanne didn't hear it, as she was over cum and her brain took a time out.

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She woke when she heard the door slamming downstairs. She heard both of their voices, talking hushedly, obviously they had seen her car. Suzanne got off the bed and went to the closet, and opened the safe. She went back to the bed. She thought of the embarrassment, knowing her husband was willing to cheat on her with her daughter, and of her daughter being willing to betray her, with her own stepfather.

What would the neighbors say? What would the news? Fuck them. Fuck those assholes, fuck them. They wanted to be sick fucking people let them. She had been sick to masturbate to it, and she wasn't gonna be sick anymore.