Solo babe stretches pink fur pie

Solo babe stretches pink fur pie
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During the rest of the week, if it wasn't Angela getting doggy fucked it was Carla, or both. I was looking forward to the week end when I could join my beautiful young dog sitter and stick my cock up, her prudish step mom. I got a call on Thursday, it was Angela. "Hi, everything is o.k it's just that me and my step mom are going away in the morning and won't be back until Sunday night".

I left a pause, I didn't want Angela to know that I had seen their relationship blossom on my secret cameras.

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"Oh, I didn't think you got on?" I replied, "And what about Bruiser?" I enquired. "Karen is going to pop in on Friday daytime… er are you back Friday night?" Angela responded. Again I paused before replying, "Well I don't think I'll be back until Saturday lunch, do you think Karen could stop over Friday until I get back?" I heard Angela talk to someone and then respond "Yes she can" before whispering "And if you get back Friday you can have another night with her".

"Fine" I replied "Thanks, I'll see you when I get back, have a nice time". Well my plan hadn't quite worked out for the week end but I was certainly going to get finished and back for Friday and Karen.

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As luck would have it everything went better than expected and I was home for Thursday night. Bruiser was as pleased to see me, as I expected and I was as horny as hell.


I downed a large scotch, showered and went to bed. Although tired I couldn't sleep, I was too horny, so I decided to have a wank.

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I threw the bed covers back and took hold of my old John Thomas, stroking it slowly as I shut my eyes and thought of all the pussy Bruiser had been having, which was going to be mine. Bruiser, the lucky dog, Bruiser the horny dog, Bruiser… Bruiser who was licking my balls!

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The damn dog had jumped on the bed and decided to give his master the benefit of his tongue. Well, I thought to myself, there's no one else around so why not. Good as he was at licking pussy he was equally expert at licking cock.

His wet muscle wrapped around my manhood several times and although there was no way I was going to put my cock in his mouth, his efforts were appreciated and certainly different.

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He licked my bell end, my shaft, as I stroked it and my balls. Not the best blow job I had ever had but I wasn't complaining. Then he did something which took me, albeit by pleasant surprise.

He licked from my ball sack to my ass and tried to stick his tongue up my poo tube. "Whoa boy" I said in sudden surprise.


Bruiser stopped, lifted his head, looked at me and then went back to licking my ass. I have to admit, embarrassingly, I was enjoying it. I continued to stroke myself as Bruiser tried to bury his tongue up inside me.

He was having difficulty as I was laid on my back. I don't know if it was the drink or what but I got up, assumed the doggy position reached under my belly and continued to enjoy my wank. Bruiser crept up behind me and gave my ass hole the benefit of his wet tongue. I was now enjoying what I had seen the girls experience and ashamedly have to admit it was rather pleasant. I didn't notice Bruiser stop licking but I felt his paws grab my waist and before I knew it he had the point of his cock at my ass, before I had time to react he had driven it into me.

I felt pain, sharp pain, my sphincter stretched and a hot hard rod up my bum! I instantly stopped stroking my cock but my hand instinctively grip my shaft hard as I tensed. I was about to give my dog the biggest telling off in his life when he started to hump me, this caused my hand to shoot up and down my shaft as my whole body rocked to his rhythm.

It was new, it was different, it felt not too bad.

So this is what it felt like for the girls? I let him get on with it, my ass relaxing to grip his cock just enough for him to slide his dick inside me. Was I gay, bisexual?

I certainly am not but I was enjoying this new experience. His doggy cock reached something inside me, as he thrust and with my hand wanking my cock it didn't take long for me to shoot my jism onto me bed sheets. What I had forgotten though was that dogs knot and I suddenly felt my sphincter stretched to new, painful, widths as his cock swelled inside me then really hot fluid shoot up inside my bum! I had never felt anything like it.

I couldn't move, my hand was still firmly around my cock, which was as hard as rock and wouldn't go down my eyes firmly clamped shut in pain, or ecstasy, and I had a dogs cock up my bum and it wouldn't come out.

What was I to do?


I crouched motionless for a minute before once again pumping my cock. I hadn't stayed hard like this since I was a teenager. Having only just come, the first time, my second wank took longer and I enjoyed what can only be described as an outer body experience as I came again.

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Bruiser slipped out of me and I lay on the bed, breathless, in a puddle of my own cum, his oozing out my ass. Bruiser, bless him, licked his cum from my ass and I fell asleep. I awoke the next morning, ass sore, sticky with dried cum all over me. Shit, what a night, what an experience, how the fuck did that happen?

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I showered, dressed, fed and walked my faithful hound and awaited the arrival of young Karen, but that's another story.