Dude cuaght fucking maid by his wife

Dude cuaght fucking maid by his wife
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When we pulled up to the cabin and started unloading, the only thing on my mind was getting my brother's cock again.

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How had it come to this? I was a pretty, young cheerleader, and the only thing I wanted was to fuck my brother. To Jerry's stage we go, haha! It was pretty late when we got there, and we were all tired from the drive, so my parents decided to go straight to bed. They told us we could find some way of entertaining ourselves or we could go to bed also, but to remember we were getting up early in the morning.

I was pretty sure we could find a way to entertain ourselves. We sat down in the living room, knowing my parents weren't asleep yet, so it wasn't safe to immediately go to the bedroom and fuck. We turned on the television, not caring what was on, just trying to pass some time.

He rested up against the arm rest, and I cuddled up under his arm, with my head on his chest. The only light was coming from the TV. I was starting to feel a little nervous. Was I the only one that wanted to continue? Was he thinking one and done? Then I felt his left hand come down and start caressing my tittie. Oh yeah, he wanted it too. He moved his hand under my shirt and stated rolling my nipple in his fingers. I moved my hand down his shorts, feeling the bulge there. I started rubbing it through the material, and it just kept getting bigger.

I reached under the band, running my hand over his hard smooth cock, feeling the heat in my palm, wanting to feel it inside me again. I felt his surprise and confusion when I suddenly sat up, getting off the couch. But all I was doing was getting a blanket. Sitting back down, this time covered with the blanket, I started tugging on his shorts, and he lifted his hips so that I could bring them down.

His hand moved back to my tittie, as I started caressing his length. I slowly wiggled down until I was lying with my head in his lap, and popped his head into my mouth. It tasted salty, but sweet, and I started licking all around it. Slowly wetting his cock with my mouth, I was able to get my lips all the way to the base, twisting my head as I came back up all the way to the crown, then twisting the opposite direction all the way down, using my hands, twisting them on his cock in the opposite direction that my head was moving.

I heard him groan, but knew we were at the opposite end of the cabin from the bedroom, and with the TV on, no one else could hear.

I started bobbing up and down, twisting and licking, sometimes stopping at the top and sucking hard, feeling my cheeks cave in.

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He started thrusting up, meeting my mouth coming down. With every thrust, his cock would hit the back of my throat, and I would swallow it down a little. I started bobbing faster and faster, using more strength in my hand, until I felt a hot wash of fluid hit the back of my throat and I swallowed it down. After what must have been six massive spurts, it seemed he was finally done, but I was so worked up and horny. I made a little mewling sound, unable to stop myself, and lifted myself up off him.


He turned me under the blanket, so my legs crossed his, and I was almost sitting in his lap, and I felt his hand on my legs, lifting up my dress, until he was palming my pussy.

Making little circles on my clit with the base of his palm, he put first one finger all the way inside me, then another. He started moving his fingers then, fucking me fast and hard with his fingers, rubbing on my clit, and I was already so hot that it only took 45 seconds until I was spasming and cumming all over his hand.

He took his fingers and licked all my juices off, then lay down under the blanket, with his face in my pussy.

I felt him open me up, and then he was sucking hard on my clit. Shoving three fingers inside me, he brought me fast and hard again, and I felt him hard as a rock against my leg. By this point, neither one of us were thinking, we just knew we had to fuck.

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He climbed up until he was positioned at my entrance, and with one quick thrust, he was inside me! I moaned quietly, and he quickly took my mouth with his, thrusting his tongue in. I thrust my tongue back at him, dueling like swords, as he pulled almost all the way out, and thrust back in. I could feel my pussy stretching, barely able to take all of him, and I felt so full. He put his hands under my ass, lifting me a bit for better leverage, and started furiously pounding away at me, barely pulling out before slamming back into me full force.

I started coming again, and the contractions of my pussy did their work again, as with one final lunge, that I swear I could feel in my throat, he started shooting hot loads of come inside me, one after another, each coming with a thrust of his hips, until finally he was completely drained. He sat up, pulling up his shorts as I lowered my dress, both of us trying to catch our breaths. We turned off the TV and made our way to the bedroom, locking the door behind us.

We shoved the beds together to make one big bed, climbed in, and fell immediately to sleep. In the morning, I felt something poking me in the side, hard and insistent.

I rolled over to see Aaron wide awake, looking at me, with this little smile on his face. "Hey sis, I think someone missed you overnight. He's a little eager to visit with you again." He reached down with his hand, playing with my clit, until my hips were moving again, seemingly of their own accord. He picked me up and flipped me onto my stomach, then dragged me back to him until I was on my knees.


My nightie was already around my hips, and I felt his hands on my ass, rubbing and massaging. "I want to try something different. Tell me if it's too much!" I could hear the excitement in Aaron's voice, as he spread my cheeks and started circling my asshole with his thumbs.

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I had never done anal before, and I wanted to try this with Aaron. I knew I could trust him implicitly. I could feel him spit into my asshole, and then I felt a thumb pop in.

It felt different, but not bad. He pushed the whole thumb in, then took it out, and replaced it with a finger. This one was deeper when he went all the way, and he added another finger, slowly stretching me out for him.

After he was able to fit a third finger in all the way, thrusting back and forth, he lined himself up and took out all of his fingers. I felt the head of his cock at my little brown hole, and then he was inside! I have to say, it hurt a little.

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But it wasn't too bad, and I knew that he really wanted this, so I continued to go with it. He put his hands on my hips, holding me steady, as he slowly pushed further and further in, until his whole eight inch cock was buried in my ass. He pulled out, then pushed back in, going faster this time.

He brought one hand around to my pussy, rolling my little clit between two fingers, and I could feel the tingling beginning in my legs. I didn't know this was supposed to feel good for a girl!

He started rocking back and forth in my ass, going harder, and faster, harder, and faster.


I started pushing my ass back to meet his thrusts, trying not to whimper and moan out loud, knowing our parents were just in the other room. He was really slamming into me now, rubbing like a mad man on my clit, with another finger stuffed up my pussy. With one last thrust back at him, I began to have the biggest orgasm of my life, and I could feel his hot cum in my ass, spurt after spurt, until we both fell, ragged and limp, with his cock still in my ass, unable to move.

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That's when we heard it. A jiggling at the door. "Why is this door locked?" I could hear my mom calling. Thinking fast, I yelled back "Sorry Mom, I must be so used to home I didn't even realize!" We jumped up quickly, moving the beds back to their original positions, Aaron pulling up his pants, and me lowering my nightie. He rubbed his hand over my ass one last time as we opened the door, going to meet my parents for breakfast.