Gay straight gloryhole blowjob facial

Gay straight gloryhole blowjob facial
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Teenagers are lustful. Some would argue that boys more than girls. I was one of those teenage girls who always needed a way to please myself sexually. I was not too obvious; however; I did try to conceal myself in my room where I could have my private time. I discovered the beauty of masturbation when I was merely 13 years old via the detachable showerhead in my bathtub.

I would lay on my back, hold the showerhead against my clit. I later realized I could use my fingers because I was fooling around on the Internet.


There were four of us that lived in our house: my mother, my brother, my sister, and me. My father had left several months after my younger sister was born and we have never seen him since.

My brother John is two years older than I am, and my sister Heather is three years younger than me. We each had our own rooms for most of our time growing up, which made for and easy masturbation session after everyone had retired to their rooms. I did it every night since the discovery of masturbation and my fingers. I waited until everyone in the house was in his room, take off all of my clothes, and lie on my back and rub away until I hit that final point.

This had been my routine since I was fourteen until I was sixteen. Then, at the time I thought was an unfortunate event, my sister had to move into my room.

For some reason, the television cord that was plugged into the wall caught on fire while we were outside. As we were coming back in the house, we smelled smoke. We were able to extinguish the fire before it became a bigger problem, but there was still some damage. It required a job that would take a couple of days to replace the wall and ceiling that was damaged. When my mother told me that I would have to share a room with Heather since she did not want her to sleep in the same room with my brother, I was not very happy.

I immediately wondered how I would have my alone time at night. I knew that I could do it in the shower, but that was not as comfortable as laying on my bed completely nude. The remainder of the day passed. Darkness was growing outside and I knew that I would have to share a room with my thirteen-year-old sister soon. Also, I usually took my showers in the morning and that did not seem adequate to fit my nightly needs.

My sister and I were in the living room watching television when my mother came into the room and said, "You girls need to go to bed soon because you have school tomorrow." Sighing to myself, I replied, "Yes, mom," and stood up to go to my room.

I told Heather to come on. When we got to my room, I noticed that my mom had set up a place for Heather to sleep on the floor with some of her stuff. I grabbed my nightclothes and went to the bathroom to change. I usually wore a t-shirt with no bra and some flannel pajama bottoms to sleep.

That was what I wore that night. I came out of the bathroom, walked across the hall, and opened the door to my room. To my surprise, I saw Heather standing there trying to change her clothes. She had her shirt off and I could see her breasts. We stared at each other for a few seconds and she did not even try to hide anything. "I'm sorry. I didn't realize you were changing in here." I said.

I closed the door and tried to comprehend what I saw. Her breasts looked very good for her age. They were firm, nicely rounded, A cup breasts that were still developing.

I heard my sister knock on the door signaling that it was okay for me to reenter. As I entered the room, she never said anything to me and acted as if it did not happen.

I turned the light off, laid on my bed; she laid on the floor with some pillows and blankets she had brought from her room. I had a smaller size room with a queen bed, so there was not very much room for my sister. As I laid in the silence, I kept thinking about Heathers breasts. I noticed that I was getting wet. I could never sleep when I was horny, so I decided that if I did it quietly, my sister would never notice. I have known my sister my whole life, of course, but I have never thought of her in this sort of way.

She was growing up and becoming a woman. She started shaving when she was twelve and her period became regular at the same time. Under my covers, I pulled my bottoms down to my knees, my shirt just above my breasts, and began to slowly finger myself, occasionally glancing Heather's direction to see if she was staring. I was able to see quite well because of the moon's incandescence that night.

I was trying my best to keep still and quiet. I teased myself for a few minutes, rubbing my nipples, then the outside of my clit, feeling my freshly shaven pussy from that morning. I was really getting into it until I heard a thump come for where Heather was sleeping. I looked over there and she was laying still. I went back to myself, but then looked back at Heather a few seconds later.

I looked closely and could not believe what I saw. I could see her hand moving under the covers. I looked closer and could see her face. From what I could see in the dark, her face looked cute the way her mouth was opening and her eyes were squinted. A few questions crossed my mind: how long has she been doing this? How did she learn? Does she know if I do it? I became increasingly curious of my sister.

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As I continued to watch her, I could see the figure of her breasts rise higher the harder she breathed. Her breaths were getting shallower and louder; she did not know how obvious she was.

I began to her juices as her fingers moved faster. Then, I don't know what lead her to turn, but she looked my direction and saw me looking at her. She knew that she was caught and the two of us remained speechless for a few seconds. After a while, she asked, "Why were you watching me?" I replied with, "I don't know. I heard you and could not stop watching. I was curious." Again, the room remained silent for a while.

"I think that it's hot that you masturbate," I added.

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"Really?" Replied Heather "Yes," I said. Then Heather asked a question that shocked me: "Do you want to…you know…do it together?" I was dumbfounded but could not resist. I took Heather up on the offer. I said that we should.

I told her to turn the small lamp on and climb into bed with me. When she was getting on the bed, she pulled the covers back and saw that my bottoms were still down.

She got a full view of my pussy.


She asked, "Do you shave your area?" and I replied with "yes, of course." "Okay, let's do this. Take your clothes off.well, finish taking them off," said Heather.

I pulled my bottoms all the way off and then removed my shirt. Heather stared at my C cup breasts.

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I could tell that see was jealous so I said, "you will grow into the some day." I had a skinny body with the average hourglass figure and dark brown hair. I told her that she had to take her clothes off now. She pulled her shirt off and I saw her cute, little breasts again. She pulled off her bottoms and I was the cutest thing ever.

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She had a tight pussy. I could see the black hairs growing just above it. I could even tell that it was wet from when she was masturbating.

Overall, she was skinny and had a developing hourglass figure. She had light brown hair and was not too much shorter than I was.

She was blushing, but I told her that she looked cute. Slowly, I began to run my hands over her body, feeling her smooth skin as she sat on my bed. I moved my way to her breasts, caressing them; playing with her hard nipples and softly grasping her firm breasts. I had never done this before, with girl or guy, but the motions seemed to just flow.

I ran my fingers across her stomach, down her public bone, and finally, with the soften touch, ran my fingers on the outside of her pussy, feeling the hair between my fingers. I slowly pushed two of my fingers inside her pussy. She let out a soft moan. I felt the wetness that she produced.

She was very wet, more so than me. I felt around in the attempt to find her G-spot. I knew when I did because she let out a very distinct moan. I used both my fingers to caress that one spot. Once again, I noticed her breaths louder and shallower, her chest rising and falling more rapidly; her body shaking every so often. Her breaths kept pace with my fingers and they got increasingly faster.

And out of nowhere, she let out a soft squeal and fell backwards and laid on the bed. Her legs were shaking and her arms were grasping the sheets. I felt warm juices running down my fingers, more prevalent than before.

She let out one last heavy breath, and subsided. I heard her say, "that was the best one I have ever had," as I was look at the wetness on my fingers.

I had always thought that I became more wet than any other girl, but my sister proved me wrong. There was a wet spot on the bed, and on my fingers, there was a white creamy substance mixed with clear juices.


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I showed her my fingers and she told me that a little more that normal, but not much. I wiped my fingers off and told my sister, "It's my turn." She agreed; we switched positions on the bed. As I laid on the bed, she began to do the same things I did to her: caressing my breasts and surrounding areas. When she reached the area between my legs, she said, "I have never thought of shaving this part of my body." I told her that it was a nice feeling and made me feel sexier than I really was, but I was corrected by Heather when she said that I would be sexy no matter what, which, of course, made me feel sexier.

She moved her fingers until she found my G-spot. I had to tell her when she reached that spot because I was not much of a moaner. She moved faster and faster, and, of course, my breaths, deepening with every stroke, became more obvious to the ear. I could feel that this was going to be one of the best orgasms that I have ever had. I could feel the pleasure building in my muscles. I started to squirm and wiggle because I could not contain the pleasure. Then, I could feel it getting closer and closer.

I took one deep breath, and the orgasms hit like a wave hitting the beach. I could not refrain from moving around so much that my sister could not keep her fingers inside of me. I had to take over myself by taking my own hand to keep the pleasure going.


My body quelled; my sister giggled. When I caught my breath, I turned to her and said, "That was the best one I have ever had." We both laughed and began to clean ourselves up.

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My sister had substantial amount of my wetness on her fingers, but it was still not as much as she had. Also, my wetness added to Heather's on the bed providing a larger spot that was hard to clean. We both settled down and decided to sleep in the same bed for the night. I watched as her beautiful body walked across the room to turn off the light.

Then, it was, only for a transient moment, dark.