Hot teen coed pawns twat and gets rammed by pawn dude

Hot teen coed pawns twat and gets rammed by pawn dude
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Sir's Little Fuck Toy Bars all around her. Black metallic bars. She wrapped her arms around them and pulled and pushed, but nothing happened. It was a sturdy cage. She sank down and sat on the floor of the cage for a little while.

She straightened the skirt of dress. She was wearing a mint green one today, with a strawberries embroidered at the seem and a tight body of smock stretching over her big boobs.

Sir had picked out the dress for her this morning, like every morning Sir picked out her clothes. They were together now for nine years, but they only have lived the lifestyle for about five of them. Sir had introduced her to so many things already, and sometimes it seemed as though they were never done exploring.

The cage was new. Sir had build it himself, it took him a few weeks. Louisa got to pick out a blanket for on the bottom and she'd picked a pink one with flowers.

She was sitting on top of it right now. She leaned against the bars and stared into their living room. She wasn't sure whether she actually liked this whole idea of a cage.

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What was it supposed to bring her? Sir had locked her in this morning and then went to go out for some grocery shopping. She had to wait, to sit tight and wait till he's back.

If he hadn't locked her in, she could've quickly vacuumed the living room, she could've tidied up, and prepare them lunch. Now she couldn't do any of those things. It was boring. She had nothing to do. She felt like some sort of pet. Maybe she was, she thought, or maybe she was Sir's little fuck toy.

She liked that idea. She didn't have to do anything, she didn't have to think, her only job was to be fucked by Sir, and the rest of the time she would be locked away in a cage. Her fingers intuitively found their way into her panties. She rubbed her own slit, up and down. She wasn't really suppose to masturbate without Sir's permission, but what else was there to do?

Besides she couldn't even reach her phone so how on earth was she supposed to drop him a line to ask if she could masturbate. She leaned backwards and found a semi-comfortable position to sit in. Bars were pushing in her back, her knees butterflied to the sides and her foot slipped through the bars outside the cage. Her panties dangled around her ankles. She rubbed her own pussy, she licked the tip of her finger to wet it and then slid it up and down, over her denting labia, tickling her own thighs once in a while.

She slid her finger inside and massaged the spongy inside of her vagina. Her eyes closed. She was in a cage. She was Sir's little fuck toy. She didn't have to do a thing except to wait for Sir and to be fucked by Sir. Her back arching, she felt her orgasm building and she pulled out her fingers for a while.

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Masturbating without Sir's permission she could try to hide, but sometimes she squirted, she couldn't hide a big puddle of horniness lying in the bottom of the cage. She took a few deep breaths, when her arousal dipped down a little she started to fondle herself again.

This time she swirled the tip of her finger around her clit. Flicking the little nodule back and forth. An permanent warm throb overtook her pussy, it befuddled her mind, she couldn't think.

'What are you doing?' A strict and dominant tone of voice. Sir pushed open the door and gave her a stern look. 'I'm sorry Sir.' She said. Sir clacked his tongue and shook his head. He seemed thoroughly disappointed in her.

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Her heart sank to her feet. 'I'm so so sorry, Sir.' She said again. 'I was bored and I couldn't reach my phone, so I couldn't ask for permission, and.' 'Take off your dress.' Sir ordered.

For a moment she hesitated. Then she tried twisted her arms behind her back in an attempt to unbutton her dress. 'Come here.' Sir said. His arms reached into the cage and he unbuttoned her dress. She pulled the fabric over her head and handed it to Sir. 'Panties too,' Sir said. Her panties were still dangling around her ankle, she grabbed them and handed them through the bars to Sir.

'I'll put on the heating.' He said, 'So you won't get cold.' 'Thank you, Sir.' She mumbled. He fiddled with the thermostat for a while, then he came back. He said he couldn't allow his little girl to be disobedient. He couldn't allow her wondering fingers to touch her pussy without his permission so he had no choice but to tie her down. She understood and nodded meekly. He bound her wrists and secured them at the bars of the cage. Then he also tied down her ankles. She was forced to sit in a very revealing position.

Naked. Her pussy on display. Her boobs pointing forward. She wasn't able to cover herself, she wasn't able to touch her self. For a few moments Sir stood in front of the cage admiring her. Nodding approvingly. Then he started to put the groceries away, and after that he got the vacuum out and tidied the living. It was as if he had forgotten her or maybe he intentionally ignored her. There was something arousing about it. She couldn't quite understand what it was. It was boring, and somewhat humiliating, but also incredibly arousing, to be on display, to be ignored as if she was just part of the furniture or something.

She was a fuck toy, that was it.

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That notion bumped her arousal into the next gear. Her pussy was dripping now, she felt a slimy seep of horniness oozing out of her vagina and creeping through her buttcrack onto the blanket. It tickled, she squirmed and moaned and yet Sir didn't even acknowledge her existence. Her pussy was throbbing, arousal building up, she was panting irregularly while Sir dusted off the ornaments in the window seal. She tried to move, to maybe rub her pussy against a rumple in the blanket, but because of her bound ankles her hips couldn't tilt that way.

She was getting crazy. Crazy with arousal. A wave of pleasure engulfed her mind. She couldn't held back a moan. 'Sir.' She begged. 'Sir please.


I can't stand it anymore Sir.' 'Don't be a brat, wife-y.' Sir said. 'That's not you. It doesn't fit you.' 'Please?' She tried one last time using her biggest begging little girl eyes, but Sir just gave her a stern look and she obediently shut up again.

She watched as he walked around the house and did all the chores. Once in a while his eyes would wander into her direction. A burst of tingles in her tummy. Now something would happen, now he would pay attention to her, admire her naked body, admit that he was turned on as well and fuck her, now he would finally fuck her. He didn't. He just watched and then continued doing the chores. After a while he walked towards the cage. He squatted down in front of it and smiled.

His eyes examining her body, the stopped at her pussy, he watched her pussy for a long time. 'What a lot of girly juice you have there.' He said.

'Is my baby so horny?' 'Yes, Sir.' 'Poor little thing. I bet you're aching for some release aren't you?' 'Yes, Sir, please, Sir, please Sir.' She could barely mutter those words, she was panting and moaning and stuttering.

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Sir's arm reached into the cage. His fingers resting on her knee, drawing little circles on her skin. It was like her entire body was an erogenous zone, his fingers there were just so bewitchingly arousing.

She closed her eyes and sank into a sea of horniness, it completely swallowed her. If he had given her permission to orgasm right then and there she probably would've, but he kept his mouth shut, no permission was given, arousal kept on building, even though it felt impossible to let it get any intenser. When his fingers finally touched her labia it could. It was as if she was floating. Surreally floating.

Intensely focused on his fingers and even the tiniest movement they made, while at the same time she wasn't here anymore, she was just flying through the universe, somewhere, molecules, stars, colors, sensations. His fingers tenderly stroking up and down her labia, pushing briefly against her clit. Rhytmically. 'Sir, Sir, Sir.' She panted.

'Sir please.' 'Oh, baby,' Sir said bemused. He slid his finger up and down covering his entire index finger in her slimy horniness, then he pushed his finger inside. She was shaking now, her entire body was shaking with pinned up arousal. Her hips rocking. The insides of her pussy throbbing, clamping on to his finger. Then suddenly his finger was gone. She opened her eyes. Sir wiped his finger clean at the edge of her blanket.

'Time to do the dishes.' He said chipper. 'No.' She said. 'No, Sir, please, please, stay with me, touch me, fuck me, take me Sir. I want to be your little fuck toy Sir.' 'You want to be my little fuck toy?' He said. He turned around. 'That's a new phrase. What do you mean by that? What do you imagine a little fuck toy does?' He asked. 'I just. it means. I want to be used by you, like a toy, like a fuck toy. Like a mindless object that just does as you please, you can fuck it whenever you please Sir.

I want to be fucked by you, Sir.' 'Hmm.' Sir said theatrically tapping his index finger against his mouth.


'This sounds quite interesting to me. Now tell me baby, this little fucktoy that you imagine, would that be a talking, whining, begging fucktoy?' 'No Sir.' She said. 'Of course not. I would be a very very obedient and quiet fuck toy.' 'Okay, go ahead be my littly fuck toy then.' He gave her an approving nod then he grabbed a dirty tea glass from the table and brought it with him to the kitchen.

He turned open the tap and started to do the dishes. It was torture. Being so horny and being ignored by him was just plain torture. A very arousing kind of torture that she had to admit. 'Sir!' She yelled. 'Weren't you my quiet little fuck toy?' He asked. Just hearing him say those words gave her a new burst of pleasure. She shook her head and then nodded. He was right.

She impatiently waited till he finished the dishes, then he came back to her cage.

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'You've done well.' He said, reaching in an patting her head. 'Sir's proud of you. You've been a good girl. A good little fuck toy.' Her heart filled up with bubbly happiness, with pride and horniness, all at the same time. 'Go ahead. You've got my permission to cum now baby. Show Sir a nice squirting orgasm.' He looked at her exposed pussy. Her arousal slipped of the edge, exploding, sparkling all through her body, crashing waves of pleasure, rocking hips, rolling eyes.

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It washed over her. It flooded through her body. Slowly she was coming down, she was coming to.


Her pussy cramping together. Still squirting. The pink blanket was totally soaked. She took a few deep breaths.

The highest peaks subsided, quite dazed she opened her eyes and looked right into Sir's smiling face. 'Good girl.' He said. She was still feeling high and floaty. She giggled. 'I didn't know I could do that. Like I've never before had an orgasm without actually stimulating my pussy, but I guess it had been building up for so long that.' 'There's no need to analyze it all right now, baby. Right now Sir wants to play with his new little fuck toy.' He knelt down next to the cage and started to untie her ankle.