Gay emo cock video A gallon of urinate is no match for this greedy

Gay emo cock video A gallon of urinate is no match for this greedy
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It had been two days since I last talked to her. The two days seemed like forever, and I couldn't keep my mind off of her. That Sunday was the best day I'd ever had, and I knew that it would only get better.

When Mr. Davis gave me that pack of condoms, I thought he was joking. But when he let me stay for dinner and didn't mention them again, I knew he was serious.

He was actually letting me have sex with his daughter. He permitted it inside his own house. I could not believe it. Now while I was excited, I knew my parents would never let me do anything of the sort.

I come from a Roman Catholic family that strongly looks down on premarital sex, let alone teenage premarital sex. To me, that just meant I had to play it cool, and nobody would know. They would think that Mary Kate was just a girlfriend, and that I was too inexperienced and shy to ever do something crazy like sex. Their naivety was just what I needed. 12:08 Wednesday morning.

Time to get out of bed. I threw on some Adidas shorts and a T-shirt and ran downstairs for something to eat. My mother was disappointed to see me get up so late, and asked me what time I went to bed. "Uhhh…I think it was 1 o'clock," I mumbled, knowing full well I turned off Call of Duty at 3:00. "Paul, y'know how I feel about you stayin' up so late, especially on a weeknight." "Mom it's spring break, I don't have school for 2 weeks. Lay off, wouldya?" "I wouldn't be so angry if you hadn't a woken up so late.

You missed the whole morning, and now half your day is gone. What are you gonna do productively today?" "Mom, I don't know I just woke up. I'll do stuff later." Fuck off mom. Housework is your job.

I grilled a ham and cheese sandwich and made some popcorn in a pot for lunch. I turned on Sportscenter for a few minutes, and after I had gotten my fill of Tim Tebow and the Yankees, switched on MLB Network.

I muted it and started texting Mary Kate. "Hey cutie ;)" "hey paul" "what's up" "watchin tv. u?" "same! Just woke up lol" "yeah me too.

It was a long night. I was thinkin about stuff" "what kind of stuff?" "well, mainly you" Score! "oh really? thats cool lol. I been thinkin' bout you too" ":)" "I was thinkin' about meetin ya for a movie on Friday. sound good?" "yeah sure.

What movie?" "idk whats in theaters right now. Maybe Expendables 2?" "nah that sounds boring. Howabout the campaign?" "whatever you want babe :)" "sweet! but I'm feelin' bored right now. don't go away" I had to improvise here.

I got it! It was a risk, but well worth it. I ran to the bathroom, and snapped a quick pic of my dick, then sent it to Mary Kate.

"is this better" I commented. "omg paul" Uh-oh. She didn't like it. New Multimedia message. A picture of her tits. Nevermind, she liked it. "you are beautiful babe :)" "thanks! You are quite handsome yourself!" "cya Friday :)" "cya" Satisfied, I turned off the TV and went outside for a jog. I could not wait for Friday. That night, I stared at the picture Mary Kate had sent me.


I could not resist wacking it. As I came inside of a crusty sock, I could picture her mouth all around my penis.

What a great thought. After cleaning up, I instantly fell asleep. Before I knew it, Friday had rolled around. My parents wanted to have a family pool night, but when I told them I was seeing a movie with Mary Kate, then let me go. Maybe it wasn't so bad being a dork these past few years. My parents were thrilled to let me out of the house.

I showered and began to get ready, thinking of what to wear. I left the house wearing khaki shorts and a blue polo, with flip-flops instead of Sperry's. I had put on cologne as a nice touch, and I had to admit, I looked good. When I arrived at her house around 8:00 in my grandfather's old Grand Marquis, the lights were on and cars were in the driveway. I didn't want to speak to anyone, but it looked like I might have to. I rang her doorbell, and when it opened, my jaw dropped.

Mary Kate was wearing a short summer dress that showed off her cleavage, a brown belt around her upper waist to accentuate her breasts, and white sandals on her feet that complimented her tan legs.

Her makeup was done to perfection, and her hair was straight and looked great. She smelled of perfume, and I couldn't get enough.

Overall, she looked absolutely stunning. "Wow, Mary Kate. You look beautiful, again," I said. "Thanks," she replied, "I wanted to look good for you." I smiled.

"Are you ready to go?" "Yeah, let's get out of here before my parents come," she said laughing.


"Bye Mom, bye Dad, love you," and she closed the door. We jumped in the car, and were on our way. The movie was boring, but the making out Mary Kate and I did was fantastic.

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We had grabbed seats in the back on purpose, and were making good use of them. In between kisses, she whispered to me that she wanted to get out of there. I agreed, and we ran to my car. We drove around a bit, kissing at red lights, and we finally decided to go to my house, knowing that my family was at the pool. I had no idea what would happen tonight, so I didn't think twice about it. As soon as we walked inside, I instinctively grabbed her hand and led her upstairs.

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We went into my bedroom, and my mind started racing. In seconds, her dressed was pulled down, exposing her precious breasts. I cupped one with each hand, and squeezed them gently. She looked me right in the eyes, and I couldn't break her beautiful gaze. I quickly peeled off my clothes as she did her own, and then she grabbed me and threw me onto my bed.

By then my smallish penis was fully erect, and she straddled me ever so carefully. I admired her flawless body on top of me, and wrapped my hands around her sides, until I was touching the dimples right above her butt.

She asked me if I had the condoms, and I told her they were in the drawer.

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She grabbed for them furiously, and slipped one over my dick. She gave me one last mesmerizing look, and leaned forward while positioning my pulsing penis right below her wet vagina. I asked her if she was ready, and she responded with a nod and lowered herself onto it. The feeling of pure pleasure that tantalized my mind was so overwhelming, that I could feel myself close to cumming already. "No way," I thought to myself, there was no way I would blow this on my first time.

I focused my mind on random things unrelated to the beautiful girl riding me, and I finally was able to hold it back…at least for now. She jumped up and down on top of me, each second feeling better than the last. I looked up at her face, and it turned me on even more. She had her head tilted back and her eyes closed, and her dirty blonde hair bounced up and down, like she was on a trampoline. After about two minutes (weak, I know), I was ready to cum.

I let her know of my impending release, and she squatted still as I pounded into her from below.

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I held my self up on my elbows, all the while thrusting deep insider her. The sound of our skin clapping together put me over the edge, and I released a huge load of cum inside the condom. I slowed thrusting, and she sat back down on me.

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She laid flat on my body, my penis softening inside of her. She looked me right in the eyes, and told me how wonderful that was. I kissed her deeply, and told her how much I enjoyed it as well. We redressed each other, after licking each other clean of sweat and other juices, and then headed downstairs to get something to eat. Just then, I heard the garage door opening, and I knew we were fucked.