I know you love girls in fishnet stockings JOI

I know you love girls in fishnet stockings JOI
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Fbailey story number 749 Her Price Keeps Going Up "I tell you Jimmy, it's just not fair. Her price keeps going up." "Sure she has more to offer us, but so what." "When she was ten we could finger her for nothing." "When she was eleven she charged us a candy bar to feel her up her pussy and her tiny nubs." At twelve when she got her titties it cost us a candy bar and a soda." "Now that she is thirteen, she wants five dollars for a half-hour." "Yeah she is finally going to let us fuck her…but still…five dollars is a lot of money.

It's my whole allowance for the week. That means that I can only do it once a week." You're shitting me! They really do. A hundred dollars or more, just for one quick fuck." "Damn, hookers have it made." +++++ I had to laugh at my son's half of the conversation. His sister has been letting him do things to her body for years. It's about time he started paying for the privilege; after all he just took the candy bars out of the cupboard and the sodas out of the refrigerator.

It isn't like it ever cost him anything. Tammy has been letting him and his friends play with her pussy and titties for years. Now that she is thirteen and I'll let her finally start having sex, she deserves more than something that she can get out of the kitchen herself. Besides the girl really wants more clothes so she might as well start charging for sex.

When I was her age, I used to charge my brothers whenever they fucked me. In high school I made the boys take me to dinner or a movie to get into my panties. Hell, even my husband turns over his entire payroll check for the privilege of fucking me.

So what if her price keeps going up! I went into Tammy's bedroom and asked, "Are you sure you want your brother to be your first?" She replied, "Yes Mommy, He has been my first at everything so far." I said, "He was just complaining to Jimmy about your price." Tammy giggled and said, "Believe me Mommy, he is going to get his money's worth.

I heard a couple of the older girls talking one day. Their fathers charge their friends hundreds of dollars to fuck their daughters. Believe me Mommy, he is going to get his money's worth. He just doesn't know it yet." I asked, "So who's after your brother?" Tammy replied, "Jimmy of course, then Billy, Timmy, and Chuck." I asked, "Who's this Chuck?" Tammy replied, "Jill's older brother.

He's eighteen and I've let him finger my pussy a few times. Before I could tell him my price, he offered me twenty dollars, so of course I said, yes." I asked, "So what are you going to do with the money?" Tammy said, "I've got my eye on a pair of skinny jeans and a denim miniskirt at Old Navy." As I left her bedroom Tammy was finished fucking her pussy with my old dildo and said, "Send him in.

I'm ready." As I passed my son's bedroom I casually said, "Your sister wants to see you." Then I went into my own bedroom to masturbate.


When I finished myself off, I stood outside of Tammy's bedroom door and listened. She was really enjoying having her brother's cock in her pussy. She told him how good it felt.

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Then she started crying out to God…just like I do before the big 'O' hits. +++++ I was sitting in the living room when the doorbell rang and my son ran to get it.

"Hi Jimmy. Are you ever going to get your money's worth. She drained me in just a half-hour. I came three times, twice in her pussy and once in her mouth. Boy can she suck cock." After Jimmy went up the stairs he went right for the kitchen to get a snack.

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A half-hour later Jimmy came down and went straight into the kitchen. I heard him say, "You were right.

She can suck and fuck me every week. I think I'll get a job so I can come over more often." Soon the doorbell rang and both Billy and Timmy came in. A few minutes later Tammy called down the stairs, "Billy." That boy tripped going up the stairs two at a time.

The other boys kept their conversation low in the kitchen so I couldn't hear them.

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Eventually she had Billy send Timmy up. Some time went by before Chuck arrived. I answered the door and must have scared the shit out of him. Obviously he had not been expecting Tammy's mother to be home. Thinking quickly I said, "Tammy is expecting you.


She is up in her bedroom. Go on up! Third door on the left." My son came out of the kitchen and asked, "What's he doing here?" I looked him right straight in the eye and said, "The same thing that you, Jimmy, Billy, and Timmy were doing with her." I had to smile as his eyes bugged out and he said, "You know!" I replied, "Who do you think told her to start charging." Well, Chuck had his time with Tammy and even said "Thank you" to me on his way out.

When my husband came home, I handed him five dollars, and said, "Go up and fuck your daughter.

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You are her fifth John today, so give it to her good." That night I took two trays of food up to my daughter's bedroom and we had a private meal. She said, "Oh Mommy, fucking is wonderful. I wish you had let me do it a year ago." "When my brother shoved his cock into me I knew right away that I would never use your old dildo again…unless a real cock wasn't anywhere around." "He was so excited that he came right away so I sucked him hard and he came in my mouth.

He really liked it when I swallowed his cum.


Then I sucked him hard again and let him fuck my pussy. That time he was slower and he lasted long enough for me have an orgasm. My very first orgasm with a real cock inside me. Mommy I cried out, "Oh my fucking God." Just like you do when Daddy rings your bell." "Jimmy and Billy were almost exactly like my brother had been, but that little Timmy had been jerking off all afternoon in anticipation.

I really had to work to get him to cum. I sucked him and I let him fuck me but it was when I got on top and fucked him that he finally lost his load." "When you sent Daddy up I was afraid that I had gotten caught.

When he handed me his money I just smiled and took my robe off.

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I took your advice and douched and showered between each boy. That was a good idea too because Daddy went down on me like you do. He can sure eat pussy…and boy can that man fuck.

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You never told me how good he was in bed." Finally I told her, "Your father isn't all that good in bed. I think you might have brought the best out in him. He has been dreaming of fucking you longer than your brother has." Then my daughter laid out her plans.

Every day after school from four o'clock until eight-thirty she could handle four boys with plenty of time in between to clean up for the next one. Then on Sunday she wanted to try fitting in thirteen boys from eight in the morning until eight-thirty at night. She was planning on doing the same think on Saturday but she wanted to be able to go shopping. We decided that she should take off from one-thirty until four o'clock on Saturday.

I could take her shopping at that time. Two hundred and twenty dollars was what she planned on making every week. Very profitable for a thirteen-year-old girl. Then I handed her my five dollars.

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The End Her Price Keeps Going Up 749