Couple Twinks For Twice The Pleasure

Couple Twinks For Twice The Pleasure
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Latia was a real busty woman with size 38C breast and a fat ass. She had long silky legs and skin with coal black hair that came down to her shoulders. Latia had a big smile that could light up a dark room with azure eyes. The only thing she loved more the sucking me dick as taking it in her ass.


I had just got off form work at the busy buy. When I got home from work she would kiss me at the door and lead me to the dinner table. Latia had on a short black dress with high heels. She always had I hot home cooked meal waiting for me.

She sat me down and turned on the playboy channel. I started eating my juicy T-bone steak she had made.

When I was in the middle she got on her kness and took my nine and a half inch dick out. She put the head in her mouth first and started jerking me off. She wrapped her tongue it. She took it in inch by inch and soon my whole dick was in her mouth.

She uses her tongue so will. She took it out and ran her tongue up and down. She took it all the way back in. I was in heaven with my penis stuck in her mouth. Her head kept bouncing up and down, faster and faster.


Soon I shot a load of hot steamy cum in her mouth. Latia looked up at me and it was gone. She reached out and gave my limp penis a little hand job trying to milk every last drop of cum out. I finished eating my dinner and went to the bed room to take a nap before we started tonight. When I woke up it was eight o'clock that night and Latia as fucking herself with a five inch dildo. Her body started shacking with an orgasm.

She pulled the dildo out and stuck her fingers inside and pulled her cum out. She was still dripping on the floor when she stock them right in her mouth. That turned me on so much I got rock hard right there. I got up and walked over to her pushed her legs wide open and rammed my tongue in.

I played with her cunt making her scream. When she started grinding her sweet pussy on my face I put two fingers inside her. She was so tight. I pulled my face out and said Who's your daddy? You, you're my daddy. Say I louder bitch. You're my fucking daddy. The walls of her pussy got tighter. Her cum came rushing out all over my hand. I pulled it out and let her watch me suck her juices off. She said Jose I can't take it any more I want up in my now.

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She grabbed my rock hard dick and took it out of my shorts. It popped right out. I put it right on the edge. Jose fuck me now you piece of shit.

I rubbed her cunt then put it in. I grabbed her breast and pushed in deeper and deeper. Oh Jose fuck me hard. Call me a bitch. You dirty little bitch. I started fuck her faster and faster. She let out a loud groan. Her breast bounced up and down.

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In and out harder and faster. I was hitting her for a half a hour then she had another beautiful orgasm it was so long. As her body started shacking I fucked her little pussy harder then I ever fuck anything before. Finally her orgasm was over and her pussy let me pull out.

I let go of her breast, then started sucking each nipple then moved up to her lips. As I pulled away she told me she wants me to pee all over her nipples. I got up and aimed at her nipples and let it rip.

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The pee came running out my dick and down her breast. After the last drops her lifted her tits up and sucked her nipple. Sucking the piss off she started playing with her cunt. I told her to turn over. She rolled over and got on her hands and knees. Her ass was up in the air.

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I forced me way into her but crack and pushed my middle finger in as far as it would go. She started moaning again, it was so loud. I pulled my finger out and kissed her ass all over.

I rammed my tongue deep into her shit hole. Jose stop eating my ass and fuck it.

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Fuck it hard. I reached down pulled my dick up and rammed it in. she started yell out in pain. I started to work slowly. I put my hands on her back and worked my way to her shoulders. I grabbed them and fucked the shit out of her ass. Latia started moaning. I could feel my balls getting so taut. I knew I was about to blow a load. My balls got even tighter, then I busted. I shot six or seven shots of hot cum in her ass, then pulled my soften dick out. We both laid there to we fall asleep.

Latia work me up an hour later and ask am I really for round three? Yeah you little whore!

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She got between my legs and took my dick in-between her 38C breast and gave my tit job for ten minutes. I ball began to get tight again, when she was on her way down I busted all over her face and tits. Latia took my dick in her mouth to suck the cum off. Then she went down to my big black sweaty balls and jerked me off.

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She got up and put a leg on each side if my, opened her pussy lips and pissed all over my face. I reached up to pull and grabbed a hand full of ass and her down on my face and sucked her cunt.

We went back too sleep for the night. I really couldn't sleep any more it was three o'clock in the morning. I looked over at Latia and she was sleeping like a cute baby, so I reached over her and got a hand full of tits.

I played with her tits and her nipple for a minute when she woke up and slapped me and said Joes go to sleep.

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I rolled over to the other side of the bed. Looked at the night stand and pulled out a nine milometer. I got up, walked over to her a smacked her with the handle.

She was out cold. I put the gun on the floor. I got on top of her and slid my dick in and started fucking fuck hole. I grabbed her left titty and jack hammered her pussy. Her right tit kept smacking her in the face. I slowed down then bended over and sucked her nipple.

I pulled my hand up and went back to jack hammering her sweet little pussy. I kept watching her tits bounce for about an hour and an half. Then shot a small load in her pussy. I laid there for a while on her tit then I got off of her and picked up my gun and shot her once in the head and twice in the heart. Looking at her dead body I knew she was the best I ever would have. I kissed her pussy and sucked her cunt one last time.

Then I rolled her over and mounted her from behind. I took her into the woods to lay her to rest. I stood over her grave and said dust to dust and I walked back home, went to sleep. As I laid there going to sleep I was thinking of the great sexy we had had. Knowing I would have no one better.