Lusty housewife gets rammed from behind cumshots mature

Lusty housewife gets rammed from behind cumshots mature
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The Threesome, by the Beachcummer Kathy and I both worked for a large company in Eastern Pennslyvania. She was a secretary and I was in a management position. She was young, slim and quite pretty, with dark brown hair, small breasts and a beautiful figure.

Although there was a year age difference, she was attracted to me as I was to her. Propriety dictated that we not be involved in any way what so ever. A mutual friend became aware of our attraction to each other and "eased" the two of us together. Discovery, we both knew would end both careers It started as an occasional lunch, then occasional dinner, then regular dinner dates.

At the beginning, she lived at home, and after a few years, she and a friend rented an apartment together. This arrangement made it much easier to see each other. Kathy's room mate, Anne, an attorney, was a beautiful blonde with breasts that were best described as wonderous!.

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A figure that was superb and personality to match. She was five years older than Kathy and a bit more worldly. She did not have a steady "guy", but sure could attract men when she was at a cocktail party!

She liked me, because she knew that I cared for Kathy and was not using her. She welcomed me to the apartment and made herself "scarce" when I was there. I must admit that she made me think about her more than once. Kathy was still my girl, however. As I said, it was some time before Kathy and I made love. One evening, we were sitting next to each other in her apartment, when she just blurted out, "Tom, make love to me please, now". She took me by the hand and led me to her room.

She kissed me passionately, and started to fumble with my belt and zipper. In seconds her hand was on my cock, which had turned to steel ! I started to undo her blouse and bra, but obviously not fast enough to suit her. She reached around and undid her bra and threw it across the room. She was naked from the waist up and I started to undo her jeans. At the same time she was on her knees pulling off my slacks, followed by my boxers. She had both hands on my cock now and looked up and said "I'm sorry, I can't do it".

I immediately knew that she meant ; she could not take me into her mouth. I told her I did not want her to do anything she did not want to do. She smiled an said "thank you for understanding ". I then pulled her jeans and panties off and asked if she wanted to lie down. She said, "of course I do". We lay across her bed, naked and holding each other close. Her hands continued to massage my cock and now my balls. My mouth covered hers and I worked my way down to her very beautiful breasts.

First one nipple, and then the other. I sucked gentley on each and licked each of her breasts until they glistened with saliva. Then I started down. As my mouth reached her pubic hair and my tongue tasted her skin, I asked "may I"? Her hips rose to the question and she replied, " yes, please do". I gentley separated her legs and looked at the most beautiful sight that I had ever seen.

The lips of her cunt were swollenslightly opened, and surrounded by dark curly hair. I separated her pussy lips and gently let my tongue enter her now dripping pussy with a licking motion, search for her clit, which I soon found.

Kathy let out a low moan which sounded like she was in a state of ecstacy. I went deeper and faster with my tongue.

Her juices filled my lips and I sucked all that I could into my mouth. She tasted like a sweet summer peach filled with juice that dripped down my chin. I could not get enough of her. My hands reached up and felt her breasts and nipples as they hardened. I dug my mouth in even deeper and licked even more intensely.I brought the fingers of my left hand up and into her waiting cunt.

She left out a small cry as they moved into her. As I moved my finger in and out, she moved her hips in sync to my motions. My cock had hardened to an extent that I had never felt before. She then said, " I want your cock in my hands. and I want it now". Her voice was filled with authority, which I loved. I left the tasty cunt and moved up on the bed so that she could have her way. Both of hands wrapped around my cock and then one moved down to cradle my balls.

She was gentle, but persistant in her massage of both. "Put it in me, Tom", she demanded. I moved up between her legs and slowly inserted my shaft into her dripping cunt. I moved in carefully and gentley. Her cunt was incredibly hot, wet and tight.

It enveloped my shaft completley as I went deeper and deeper into her. "I want it all the way, now" she said, again in that authoritve way. I slammed it all the way into the hilt of my cock and she gave a small yell that I was sure would wake up Anne.

After that I continued to pump my cock in and out of that beautiful cunt. As I did, her hips moved more and more in sync to my fucking. In a few minutes, she asked if I was "ready", I said yes I am, and she said " fill me with your wonderful cum.

My shaft spurted time and time again until I could feel her juices and mine dripping from my balls. We kissed and kissed hard until our lips were sore. Her tongue and mine were one, probing and exploring each other.

I pumped her until my cock went soft. We laid back and talked about how wonderful our first experience with each other had been. She told me then, that it had been five years since she had been fucked. I was a bit surprised by her use of the F word, since she did not usually use any stong language. I commented on it and she said that the sex I had just given her brought it out of her. I told her that all I wanted to hear from her was nasty, bad words from now on.

She laughed at that and said that her bosses might not appreciate it. We lay close and caressed each other for another half hour. My cock began to grow and was soon standing quite erect. She looked at it carefully and began to feel the sticky shaft. She said, "I don't know if I love it or you more". I told her I hoped she would do both. With that, she climbed on top of me and lowered herself slowly down onto my cock.

I shall never forget the look on her face as she came down on it. My hands went up to cup her beautiful breasts and gently squeeze her nipples. She let out a small cry and left all of her weight down and my shaft drove completly in to the back of her cunt. She lifted herself up and down slowly going faster with each stroke.

It was incredible to look at her beautiful face, tits and feel her hot, wet ,tight cunt enveloping my shaft. I murmured "fuck me" and she replied, " it has only just begun". "I expect this on a regular basis, in fact I demand it". I responded, " your wish is my command" as I came again and again into her beautiful cunt. A shudder went through her and she bent over and kissed me. "Next week, I'll have some more surprises for you.

The anticipation of waiting to see Kathy again was overwhelming. While we saw each other briefly in work, it was not possible to speak, except on the phone periodically. We had arranged to have drinks and dinner the following week at a river front resteraunt. When she sat next to me at the bar, she leaned over and said she only wanted one drink, then she wanted to fuck. Her language took me back and I'm sure my face showed it. She gave a big grin and said, "this is the new me". She explained that Anne was out and would probably not be home until tomorrow night.

We finished our drinks and headed for the apartment which was about 40 minutes away. Once we got on the expressway, she moved next to me and reached over for my leg and then followed the outline of my cock through my pants. She smiled, and said, "my aren't we hot tonight". I replied that she would find out just how hot when we got to her place. With that, she leaned over and kissed my cock through the cloth of my pants. Then she undid the zipper and worked my hard -on out into her hand.

I thought I was going to loose control of the car ! What happened next was a real shock. She licked the end of my cock and kissed it. With that, she worked it back into my pants and said, "more later". The rest of the ride home was filled with anticipation of what might come. Climbing the stairs to the second floor, I watched her lovely ass swing in front of me and almost raped her on the steps. As soon as we entered she turned and kissed me and said, lets get out of these hot clothes.

We both started to tear at each others clothing. Tie, shirt, blouse, bra ,skirt, pants, panties, boxers all were on the floor in a heap in the living room. She took my cock and using it as a handle, pulled me into her bed room. There she knelt down in front of me and took my cock into her mouth. I protested, ( I had to be nuts), that she did not want to do that and I did not want her doing anything she did not want to do.

She just smiled and " I want to suck you and I hope you will let me". " Lie back on the bed" she ordered and then knelt over me as she took my shaft into her mouth. After a few gentle sucks, she said" I have never sucked a cock before today and I want to do it right, please direct me". I said, "are you sure, you want to do this?" Again, a smile and then she said, "what I really want to do is suck you off! " I was stunned by that. I said that is sure some way to start a blow job.

She asked again. "may I'? Then added, "I promise, that after that you can fuck me as often as you want in my cunt. " With that I said, "do as you want" and just lay there watching her mouth take me into her throat. Once in a while a tooth would hit the head of my cock and I would tell her to be careful.

I said, that I hoped she liked the taste of my cum. I told her I had never tasted it so she could let me know.

After a few minutes, it became obvious that she was getting very excitedso I told her to put her leg over me and let me get at her cunt with my tongue. She siad, " is that like 69?

Yes, I said and she might as well let me get her off as she was going to do to me. She jumped at the chance and soon my face was buried in her wonderful pussy. I licked, sucked and tongue fucked her as hard as I could.

In a very few minutes she ws ready to orgasm. Finaly, I had to tell her I was getting ready to cum and within 30 seconds of that, shot a load of cum into her mouth, which she seemed to gobble up.

Actually what she did was hold the entire load in her mouth and then swung her leg back over so she could kiss me. With that, she opened her mouth and let half of my cum dribble into my mouth. Then she took a lage gulp and said "yum, yum". She smiled and said, "there now, we both tasted cum at the same time". I had to admit that the experience was very exciting and I was glad that she was the one to do it for me.

As she lay next to me she told me how very much she loved me and was sorry that she could not give me a blow job last week. I tried to find out what changed her mind, but never got a clear answer.

I suspect that perhaps Anne had something to do with the change of heart. Perhaps, an older and wiser head prevailed. That blow job was the beginning of a whole new life for Kathy. After that, she could not get enough cumeither in her or on her !

It was not unusual for her to ask if she could jerk me off, or if I would do my self, so she could watch. Either way, she then licked up every bit of cum from my cock, balls, stomach or chest. She always saved a little for the kiss that surely followed. She no longer used the word masturbation, it was jerking off or finger fucking. Those words turned her on, as well as me. No matter what, I always had the option to finish off the session with an old fashioned cunt fuck, if I so desired.

Because we had a long platonic relationship, we knew almost everything about each other. I mean, food, drink, movies, actors, authors, likes and dislikes in almost everything. When sex entered the equation, we knew almost nothing about each other. Sometimes, after we had made love, we cuddled and spoke of these things that we liked, preferred, desired and wanted to do for each other. It was some of the most intimate conversations of my life.

Kathy always used her "new language" in these conversations. She knew it always took me by surprise and she loved doing it ! Actually, I loved the fact that she did do it. She did not ask me if I masturbated, but rather, "so, when you jerk off, do you think of me?" "Tell me exactly what you think" Or, "when I finger fuck I always think of your cock going into me." She always got my attention and almost always an honest answer. I say almost, because I was old enogh to know, never talk about other lovers !

I could write a whole story about those conversations, but will spare the reader that for now. A few week later, when I called to arrange a dinner date, she asked if I could meet her a little early.

She said she needed help with something at the apartment. I asked if I should bring some tools, since I had done small repairs there once in a while. She said no, she had everything that we needed, and would not take long. I told her it would be my pleasure, of course.

When I arrived, she was wearing a nighty and negligee. Needless to say, I was somewhat taken back, since I expected we were going out to dinner. She kissed me and said please sit down and have a drink. She fixed my usual scotch rocks with a splash and made one for herself. She sat close and then asked if I liked shaved pussy.? I had never seen one up-close and personal, only in magazines, but they seemed quite attractive and "tasty" looking.

A poor choice of words, at the time, but that is what came out ! She said that Anne had showed her hers and she liked it very much. I said, " Anne showed you her pussy"? She replied, just a glance, not like we were showing ourselves !

I asked, "do you and Anne do that kind of thing often"? NO, she said indignantly, but we are girls in the same apartment and we do shower and change ! It came up in conversation while we were looking a magazines. I knew that I had tread on "soft ice", when I went there.

Finally I said, "get to the point, what do you wnat of me"? "I would like you to shave me", she replied. How the hell do you reply to that one? I took another drink of my scotch and said, "if that is what you want, it is fine with me !" "Tell me where and when and I will be delighted to accomodate !" "Now and here, " she said, and "I think on the kitchen table might be the best place." The kitchen table?" Yes, there is more light there than in the bathroom and you can sit close and get a good look at what you are doing.

When will Anne be home, was the obvious question? She won't be home until very late. We might even have time to try out the new pussy !! Do you want to shaved clean or do you want a little tuft of hair at the top? She smiled and said," you will look at it most, you decide." We placed a towel and sofa cushion on the kitchen table along with a basin of warm water.

I took the shaving cream and began to massage it into her stiff pubic hair, followed by rubbing in warm water. I wanted to give it a good opportunity to soften. I took the razor and began to outline a small trianglular tuft at the top of her cunt.

A downward pointing arrow ! Then I proceeded to shave all along her thighs and around her pussy lips. To avoid "nicks" I had to hold her lips with my fingers to be sure the skin was taut. She commented, that " I might be enjoying myself a little too much".

With that, I inserted two finger into her very wet pussy and told her, on the contrary, you were enjoying a little too much". We both laughed, knowing we both were ! It did not take long to have her cunt shaved and clean looking as her face. Both were beautiful ! I said" I assume that you want your butt shaved also, although, I knew thee was little hair there. " Might as well go the whole way, huh?" I had her roll over on the table and get up on her knees with her head on the cushion.

I put a little lather on her behind and carefully spread her cheeks while I shaved. It took little time and then I rinsed her butt with warm water. Seeng her beautiful ass and bung hole, I had to kiss them.

I worked my tongue into her ass as best that I could. It was though a shock went through her and her pussy began to drip onto the table. "While we are on the subject," . I said what subject do you mean? She just blurted out, " have you ever butt fucked a woman?

No, I said, are you interested, or just curious? Curious, more than anything I guess. We we can talk about it if you like, but for now why don't you get into bed and I'll clean up the kitchen.

When I entred her bedroom, she lay naked on top of the sheets with her eyes closed, her legs slightly parted and the middle finger of her left hand working slowly in her beautiful newly shaven cunt. Her right hand, caressed her left breast and her fingers were massaging her nipple.

"oh, I was just getting ready for you." "Great, you look so beautiful I want to devour you". " Go for it Tom." I lay next to her and said, I'll take over down there. She smiled and said please do. I hope you like my new look. I love it and want to be the one who keeps you trimmed. My hand traveled down to her cunt and I inserted one fingerfollwed by another then another. She looked at me and whispered, lets skip the foreplay, OK?

Just fuck me hard and fast. With that invitatioan, I spread her legs and entered the head of my cock in to her now dripping cunt. I moved in quickly, per her direction and began to thrust in and out at a rapid rate. Her moans come from the back of her throat until they were almost a cry.

Her hips bucked and my cock penetrated to the very back of her cunt. Suddenly she convulsed in orgasm and almost simultaneously I did the same. I kept pumping until my cock was completely soft, but I refused to take it out. We lay together, sweating and kissing for a long while. At some time during our loving, we heard Anne come home and go into her room.

I often wondered if Anne could hear our love making when we got a little wild. I asked Kathy if Anne ever mentioned that we were noisy. She said no, she never mentioned it and to stop worrying about it.

We both showered and threw on some shorts and T shirts so we could say hello to Anne. As soon as Kathy saw Anne she said "guess what, Tom shaved my pussy today!" I thought that Anne was as taken back by the statement as I was, but obviously not, because she said, Oh good, let me see it!

With that Kathy wiggled her cut-offs down and showed off her new pussy - do. I was stunned by the whole thing but the girls were quite non-shalant. Anne said, good job Tom, do you do trims to? Kathy quickly added that if he was going to do one for Anne, she had to be there, because after what I had just done to her, she did not trust me!

I think I saw Anne's face get a little red with that line and noticed her nipples growing a little stiff under her T shirt. Ok girls, that is enough for now, I blurted out. Kathy's whole personality seems to have changed since sex came into our relationship. I can't say that I didn't like it, actually I loved it, but had a time adjusting to the new Kathy and her attitude about sex.

Of course, I really didn't know what her attitude about it was prior to our first fuck and blow-job. I just knew I was the beneficiary of her new sexual persona, and I loved it. It was 7PM by now and it was getting late to go to dinner so Kathy suggested that we order a pizza after we had a few drinks. It sounded good to me and Anne. Anne, said " i'll open the bar, what will you have Tom? I'd love a scotch rocks with a splash. Kathy had the same and Anne had a gin and tonic. The drinks were strong and it was not too long before we all were a bit "oiled".


The conversation turned back to Kathys new pussy-do. By that time, I didn't care what was said. I knew that Anne's was shaved, because Kathy told me and that is where she got the idea. Apparently Anne like the "triangle" motif better that the rectangle that she had.

I suggested that it would not be hard to turn a rectangle into a triangle if she wanted to. "Are you interested in the job, Tom? I know my face was red after that, and said "no I did'nt think so". The "new" Kathy said, "oh come on Tom, do it for a friend and remember it won't bite you" ! The girls both laughed out loud.

I was getting quite uncomfortable with where this was going, but had to maintain my male ego. I said, "Kathy, are you sure you want me to do this after the comment you made earlier"? " No problem, Tom, but remember you can only fuck me, not her !" Again, the girls both laughed and I joined in with a weak chuckle. "Anne, you're not serious are you?" Well, frankly I wasn't at the beginning, but now it seems like it might be fun" Male ego, in hand I told her to put a towel on the kitchen table and climb up.

I took the same basin as earlier and told Kathy to get the cream and a new razor. Anne was a bit slow to get out of her shorts and panties but finally did and got on the table. I could not believe the beauty of her snatch and body. It surpased all my imaginings of what she looked like naked. She kept her T on but her nipples went hard in no time at all. My hand shook as I asked if she wanted to put on the cream or should I?

Tom, you do it ok, I might not do it right. Kathy rolled her eyes with that line and I said, look you got me into this." Of course, by this time my cock was almost standing out straight. I know that Kathy noticed and so did Anne, I'm sure. I took the can and made a small mound of cream on her rectangular patch of blond hair.

I spread it around with my fingers and the took the razor and carefully cut the patch into and almost perfect triangle. It was very similar to Kathy's but Kathy's was dark haired. "OK, now who washes off the excess cream," I asked.

Kathy quickly volunteered with a wet wash cloth. She wiped Anne's pussy very carefully and then dried it with a small towel. Kathy got off the table, still wearing the T and looked down at herself. Kathy wiggled out of her shorts again so they could compare pussys ! There I stood with a hugh hard -on and two gorgeous girls naked from the waist down !

Kathy noticed my predicament and quickly brought it to Anne's attention. "Anne, we have got to help Tom out" I think we should give Tom a little relief. I think a double blow job is in order ! "Wait a minute girls, I shouted, this is going too far. Kathy you are loosing it! You want your best friend to give me a blow job?

I think you two have had too much to drink. Tom, I was just trying to help. How about if I just give you one.and Anne watches? By this time, I had enough and said "fuck it, do as you please". Both giris got big grins and walked me into Annes bedroom. I was wearing cutoffs and no underwear. They stripped off the shorts and T shirt, quickly followed by their T shirts.

"Lay on the bed "Kathy ordered and took my cock in her hands and started to kiss the head. She followed with her tongue circling around the very tip, followed by lightly blowing on the moistened head, then by taking most of my cock into her mouth. She was improving her technique all the time.

She could now deep throat me and not gag ! All the time, Anne sat on the edge of the bed with her fingers deep into her cunt. She did not take her eyes from my cock and Kathy's mouth. "Well, I guess I taught you well Kathy", said Anne. A light bulb went on in my head.

I suspected that Anne had convinced Kathy to blow me the first time, now I knew.

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I assume she used some very graphic descriptions and perhaps a dildo for the demonstration / instructions. In any event Kathy prceeded to give me one of her very special sucks.

In a few minutes she had reached an orgasm, and I told her that I would be "shooting" shortly. Anne was mezmerized by the whole thing. When I unloaded into Kathy's mouth, I was sure that Anne had reached an orgasm of her own. Her fingers were pumping away at her cunt, and she fell back on the bed panting like a steam locomotive!

As expected, Kathy kissed me and then shared my cum with me as always. Anne, was facinated with that part, as if that was something that Kathy made up by herself. That is a question for another day. It was certainly an eventful evening, sex wise ! Later, over pizza and beer, Kathy again brought up the 'butt fuck' coversation. I sarted to squirm, because I did not think we would have to dicuss this in front of Anne. Kathy just came right and asked if Anne had ever been butt fucked?

Anne replied, "yes often, and if done properly, was a very enjoyable experience. Not properly done, it could be painful. "Girls, could you two have this conversation another time please?" Both looked kind of puzzled and Kathy replied, " you said we could discuss it !' Yes, I did, but thought it would be private, between you and I.

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" If Anne can give ME some pointers and YOU some advise, I think it is worth it. It is my fucking ass you know! " I could not argue with the logic It was her ass. "Ok, Anne, give us all the details! " Well, first of all, both partners must be totally in agreement to try it.

They must be in agreement that if it is not comfortable for boththen it must end. If both of you are ageeable to trying, go for it. Condoms are a good idea, since your anus is not germ free, obviously.

With a condom, you can go right to her cunt, or for that matter a blow job. It is your decesion. If you're both successful, you won't be sorry. Start with a lot of foreplay and a lot of cream and gels! When Kathy is really turned on and ready to go the whole way, use liberal amounts of cream on her bung hole.

Work, only a very small finger in at first and increase to larger. All the time, you should keep activity in her cunt. When she is streached and accustomed to one finger, work in moreso that her sphyncter muscle relaxes. Talking dirty and finger fucking her cunt will make her much more responsive. Kathy, any questions? No, except what should I expect in the way fo sexual pleasure?

I think you will find a good bit of pleasure, but probably the best way to get a prevew of how it feels is to have Tom work a lubiricated finger into your ass the next time you fuck, and you can do the same to him. Do watch your finger nails however, they can be painful. That way, he can experience just a little of what you will when his cock is in you.

I assure you, it will only be a little of what you will feel. A cock in your ass as well as another in your cunt, at the same time, is an experience that you can not explain to anyone.

Yes, I am a bit older and more experienced, so why don't we let that sinerio for another evening. I was both excited and awed, by Anne/s very frank discription of butt fucking.

I surely wanted to try it, but was concerned about Kathy's safety. I did not want to hurt her or cause her any pain, what so ever. Her comment about Kathy being fucked in both holes simultaneously, really excied me. It opened a whole new area of sexual pleasure, that I had not anticipated! I just could not accept another man being with her, no matter what. More room for thought ! A few weeks later it ws my butthday, and Kathy took me out for cocktails and dinner to celebate.

Upon returning to her apartment, she presented me with a pair of blue silk pajamas. She said, " I thought you would like, these, but don't count on wearing them too often".

Then she gave me another package, which contained video tapes, "These are rented, so they are not really a gift".


I thought we could watch them tonight. The first was an instructional sex video, the second was primarily lesbian and the last delt with threesomes. I'm sure we could both learn something from some of these.

I said, " sounds great, why don't we change?" She slipped into a night gown that I had never seen before and told me that it was part of my gift to!

It ws a beautiful see-through number in a beautiful peach color. Then added, with a sly smile, " I know how much you love to eat peaches." I slipped into my new PJ's and we lay on the couch with her back to me and the remote in her hand. I had my arms around her, which gave me easy access to her breasts and she only had to reach behind her to touch my cock, which was already showing signs of life.

The first tape she selected was the instructional tape. It was interesting, but extremely graphic and sensual.

My cock was attaining major proportions and my hand had alredy slipped inside the front of her gown. I was deeply involved in the tape, and her beautiful nipples, when there was a knock on the door.

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Anne was due home much later, but still always knocked when she knew I might be there. I took my hand away and a few seconds latter, Anne came in and said", I hope I didn't interrupt anything. No, we are fine, Kathy answered, in a voice no one would believe! What are you watching, anyway? A glance at the TV told her exactly what was going on.

Oh, she said, I did interrupt. Hey, I haven't seen one of these in a long time, mind if I join you for a while? "Not at all ",we both responded. Hey then "hit pause" and let me get out of these street clothes into something comfortable. I murmured to Kathy, "are we going to be OK with this?" Sure, why not, she watched me give you a blow job a few weeks ago!" Yes, I guess that covers it then.

Anne, came out of her bedroom with a very beautful white cotton nighty which left little to the imagination! My imagination, anyway!. She said, I'm going to open the bar, you guys interested?

Yes, I'll have my usual, I responded and Kathy said, I'll help. When she got off the couch, that left my hard-on pretty exposed in my new pajama's. Hey, Tom, I like the new PJ's ! Her eyes, could not miss my swollen cock. I did my best to get it down, while the girls made drinks. I sat up,with legs crossed and Kathy sat next to me. Anne sat in a side chair with a good view of the TV. I could see both girls with no trouble. After a few minutes of the instructional tape, The subject was anal sex.

Hey, you guys should pay attention to this part. The tape gave instrucions with very graphic photo's of anal sex, including lubrication, foreplay and insertion. It agreed completely with Anne's discription of a few weeks ago.

Anne, did you write the script for this, I asked? "No, wish I had though, can make a few bucks in porn." Kathy put in the threesome tape next and that was even more graphic and pornographic. Each scene involved one lucky guy and two girls. The story line was weak to non-existant, but a lot of sucking, fucking and eating went on.

Some of it was quite sensual and all three of us were getting hotter by the minute. Kathy began to rub her breasts and so did Anne. I could not take my eyes off either of them and then Anne, reached her hand under her gown and went for her pussy. Her eyes opened and closed and she brought herself up and slowly let herself down again. Kathy began doing the same,a and my cock had again reached mamouth proportions.

I missed most of what was on the screen, because my attention was on the two women in the room. All of us were breatthing audibly and gulping our drinks. My cock was out of control and the girls knew it, when Kathy put her hand on it and loosened it from my pajama's It sprung out and Kathy proceeded to massage it.

Anne's attention turned completly to Kathy and I. Her eyes were glued to my cock and Kathy's hand.

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I told her that she must stop or I was going to shoot a load right there. Anne's eyes were glazed from the sex and alcohol combination. She suddenly stood up and said, "I think I have to find my vibrator" and walked into her room. I was a bit surprised by her comment, but realized that she was just looking at my cock, that was not too much out of line. Kathy put off the TV and said, "you know I really feel sorry for Anne. She has not been laid in something like four years.

Well, I said, it can't be because she can't find anyone to do it! She is beautiful, smart, personable, you name it, Anne has it. She just very selective and won't just fuck anyone, Kathy replied. Well, you told me you had not ben laid in five years until we did it here that night. Yes, but I think Anne is different than me. I didn't need sex they way that she does. She must be giving her pussy a real workout with her fingers or what ever.

Yes, she does, just as I did, but it is not the same as a real cock, driving into you. I'm sure you don't get as much pleasure from your hand as you do from my cunt! OK,OK you win, but what are we supposed to do? Look, Anne really loves the two of us.

She thinks that you are wonderful and so am I. Why don't we invite her into our bed tonight and give her a good fucking? She trusts the two of us and knows that we care about her. All she can do is say no! Kathy, I want to be faithful to you and you are making it fucking impossible for me, when youi want me to fuck your friend and do it while you watch ! How do I win with that? I will not be responsible for what might happen if the three of us get it on together.

Can I ask her to come in and talk? If you insist, but you know this is like Russion Roulette. Anything can, and might happen,and you better understand that I will not be responsible. Kathy went to Anne's door and knocked. A voice said, yes,what is it? Can I come in and talk to you Anne? Yes, just a minute, let me get myself together. In a minute, the door opened and Anne, said come in. About five minutes later Kathy came out and came to our room.

She said that Anne was OK and did not want to join us. I was both relieved and disappointed a the same time. Kathy came to bed with me and immediatley started taking off the new silk PJ's. I, of course, started on the new night gown. In short order we lay there naked speaking of Anne.

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She had admitted that she wanted to join us, but thought that perhaps, we had already gone too far. She had watched Kathy give me a blow job and we had watched her masturbate. I understood her missgivings about, "how far to go". Kathy and I resumed our foreplay.

We were both naked, of course and we explored each other eagerly, althogth, certainly not for the first time. Her mouth was on my cock and her hands were on my balls. Then there was a knock on the door. Yes, Anne, what is it? She said, can I come in and talk a bit?

I was pretty much left in the dark as to what was happening. Kathy said, sure, please do, we were just chatting. he obviously forgot about my huge cock, that was dying to get into her. Fuck it, lets just see what happens. Anne came through the door looking like a vision. She wore the same white night gown, and her blonde hair fell to her shoulders like an angel.

An angel she was not ! "I appreciate the invitation to join you two, and would like to be a part of your intimate life. I mean, I don't want to mess up your personal life, but would like to be a part of your sexual life, if there is room for me.

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Kathy said, " yes we would love for you to be a part of our sexual life, both now and in the future." Why don't you get into bed next to Tom and let's get to know each other better. What happened to the quiet shy Kathy that existed before our first fuck? Anne lifted her night gown over her head as she walked around the bed. Her gorgeous body was a sight to behold, especially the newly shaped blonde pubic tuft. As she bent over to get into bed, her breasts swayed invitingly in front of me.

After she was in, Kathy suggested that she take my cock in her hand, to "break the ice". In a second, Anne had my throbbing member firmly inclosed in her palm and fingers. It grew even harder as she looked me in the eyes and said " thank you for letting me come in here". Kathy suggested again that we touch each other all over, as she put it lets's "explore" each other. Since Kathy and I had "explored" each other many times, it only remained for us to explore Anne and for her to do the same to us!

It looked like a good night coming up. I reached for the blonde tuft and put my finger into Anne's very wet cunt. She let out a low moan and Kathy asked, is she real wet? Dripping, was my reply, why dont you get some. Kathy keaned over me and her finger joined mine in Anne's, steamy cunt. "You have her pretty worked up, why don't I just sit in the chair and watch you give her a really great 'no holds barred' fuck." Are you sure?

I asked. Yes, Anne and I will get to know each other a little later. That cunt hasn't had a good work out in some time. Just make believe I'm not even here. My mouth just hung open at the suggestion. Kathy, still naked, moved to the comfortable chair near the bed and pulled up her legs, put the light on low and just watched. Anne was enthused with the idea and kissed me hard on the mouth, before beginning her stream of kisses down to my cock. She looked up at me as she approched the hardened shaft.

"May I, she asked? "You heard the lady, anything goes !" She licked the head of my cock slowly and then blew lightly on it, something I suspect she had taught Kathy to do. She then moved her mouth slowly down the shaft until almost all of it was in her mouth and throat. She did not let it gag her, but rather used her throat to massage the head deep inside.

It was truly a stellar performance of a blow job. "Do you want me to suck it off," she asked? "No, I said, lets let that go for another time." I want to get my cock into that lovely cunt of yours. She gave me a big smile and said "I'd hoped you'd say that." I moved my mouth down to her blonde tuft and began to tongue her pussy.

She respoded by pushing her hips into my face and I buried my face deeper into her cunt. Her juices poured out to my mouth and chin. While eating her out, I glanced at Kathy, who was busy massaging her left breast and fingering her pussy with the other hand.

Her face was almost frozen watching Anne and I in the throes of incredible sex. I still could not believe that this woman was not only encourageing me to do this, but enjoying it so much !

Anne murmured, "fuck me now". I then moved into position to enter her and she said to Kathy, "please get the vibrator from my room". Kathy did as asked and Anne said "lube it, and put it slowly into Tom's ass. I had never had any experience with a vibrator, so this was going to be a new thing for me. It was long, thin and chrome plated and of course cordless.

Kathy, following Anne's direction, put it against my ass and left it vibrate. Then slowly worked it into my cavity. It felt absolutely incredible. My cock grew even harder and, if possible, longer ! The vibratons transmitted from my ass to my cock and into Anne's cunt. I started to buck and pump, almost without control.

She quickly followed. Obviously, Anne knew what was going to happen, but I did not.

It was wonderful for me and for her. We bucked and fucked in a frenzy, without control. The episode lasted for several minutes. Kathy confessed later, that she was ready to pull me off of Anne and make me fuck her. I'm glad that she didn't because in and instant longer we both had the most fulfilling, satisfying orgasms of our lives.

We both lay there, panting for air and kissing and sucking each others mouths. Neither could speak, and Kathy was in a state of shock at the state of our passion. After after a few minutes, Kathy regained her composure and said, "Tom. come take this chair, I am getting into bed with Anne. " Since, she seemed to be in control, I did as she asked. I watched as she lay next to Anne and kissed her mouth and then her breasts. She had confided in me that she did not have any tendency for lesbianism, but had a strange attraction for Anne's tits.

I watched mezmerised as Kathy took control of Anne. The vibrator, which she had washed, but was not lubricated (I think she knew she did not have to)was in her hand and she slowly worked it into Anne;s cunt. After it was in, she turned it on and the reaction was immediate. Anne, moved her hips into Kathy as soon as the tool went on.

Theere was no question that both were enjoying themselves tremendously. Kathy sucked Annes's breasts while delivering an incredible workout to her cunt with the vibrator. In a very short while, Anne orgasmed like nothing I had ever seen before. After she had calmed down, she removed the tool and put it in to Kathy's steaming cunt. It seemed like only seconds, but was probably just a few minutes, before Kathy went into an orgasmic convulsion.

Her hips bucked and eyes rolled back and her hands grasped Anne's tits until I thought she would hurt her. All the time crying out, "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me !" Anne did as she was told to do and fucked Kathy with the vibrator until she could take no more. Kathy called to me to get into bed and give her a real cock. I needed little encouragement, and went right to town on her dripping cunt. She continued into her convulsion and the more I pounded her, the more she cried out to be fucked.

Anne lay next to us an took the whole thing in with the tool in her cunt and with a beautiful smile on her very beautiful face. I awoke the next morning to the sound of the shower going in the bath and the two girls laughing. I had to assume that they were still "getting to know each other". I dozed off and then was awakend by the two girls carrying gifts. Both wore just small towels around their waists, sarong like. They were naked fron the waist up and their magnificent breasts looked like gifts from the gods.

Both girls breasts looked and smelled like perfumed snow drifts. Their nipples were hard, as if they had been massaged to a fine point. They looked like pencil eracers proped on soft white mounds of pure beauty. Kathy carried a glass of cold, fresh squeezed orange juice, and Anne a mug of steaming hot coffee. Kathy said, 'we thought that you should have some liquids to replace the cum you have pumped into us". I could only smile at the thought. Kathy said," you have 15 minutes to shower and shave then we are going to have bloody mary's and a large breakfast, to keep your strength up".

When I was through, I decided to go for " bloody's and breakfast " naked. I walked into the living room and both commented, "well look at this". I said "if you two can show off your wares, so can I." My cock was just at "half staff", but looked pretty good to the girls. They said they like it that way and both dropped off their towels, so we were all naked.

The bloodys were strong and tasty, since Anne had made them. Kathy said, " hey this is the last day of our long weekend, what are we going to do for the rest of the day?" I suggested that we discuss where this three way relationship was going. Both girls protested that we should just let it go. None of us were being hurt by this and no one was having a bad time, where they?

I had no answers for that. The conversaion went on through our naked breakfast and the subject got back to anal sex. This is right where Kathy wanted it to go. "OK, so butt fucking is the activity for the afternoon, right?" Both girls smiled and said," we knew you would see it our way." So what is the game plan? Who gets fucked first? Since I have the only cock, I assume it will be one of you. Anne, said, "Kathy has not had the experience yet, so she should be first." "I do want one to though.

It's been a while." We all laughed. Anne suggested that since she had all the creams, lotions and sex tools, we should use her bedroom and she would assist us in getting started. "Why don't the two of you get into my bed and get yourselves really worked up with foreplay, then I will come in and we will get a good butt fuck started. " Kathy and I spent a good half hour working each other over with creams and lotions.

I had several fingers in her ass and she said she loved it. I did my best to get her to relax her sphyncter and it seemed to be working. Anne came in and then sugessted that we take it a step further. We would tie Kathy to the bed with her ass up, by slipping a soft rope behind her knees while she knelt with her face on the pillow facing the head board, then loop the line through the head board and tie it to her hands. That way she could experience a little bondage and at the same time a little S & M, because she was going to spank her while I fucked her ass!

All of this was new to me, but Kathy seemed anxious to try it all ! I don't know if Anne had introduced Kathy to some of this before or not. Anne tied her up as described and she looked pretty inviting kneeling there. I put on a latex glove and coved it with creams to work into her anus and cunt at the same time.

My cock was rock hard and then Anne said, let me put on a condom. She had no trouble slipping it on and then covered it with more creams. I think she lingered on that part a bit. That did not bother me at all. I worked my gloved fingers into Kathys ass and then started my cock into her slowly and carefully. Her anus opened and accepted me easier than I anticipated. I kept asking if she was OK and she kept saying that it felt great and to keep going.

I was three quarters of the way in and Anne watched both of us with a great smile. You guys are loving this, arent you? Both said yes, loving it, and Anne suggested that I go all the way in then to fuck her like always. I took off the glove and grasped Kathys tits and massaged them as she squirmed under me. Anne then took an 18" steel ruler, told me to move back to expose Kahy's ass and proceeded to spank her bare bottom. Red welts developed, but Kathy said nothing but fuck me, fuck me.

I complied, of course. Anne then took some lotion and rubbed it into Kathy's behind to sooth the welts. Anne suggested that a few more strokes were in order with my cock, then I should pull out, remove the condom and fuck her in the cunt. She could maintain the same position, if we chose to. I did as I was told and entered the most hot wet cunt that I have ever experienced. Kathy had reached a tremendous climax almost as soon as I entered her.

Anne untied Kathy and then left the room. I asked Kathy why she submitted to the tieing and the spanking. She said that Anne had told her how bondage and S & M enhanced the sexual experience. She said she felt that it did for her and that the fucking I gave her was the best she ever experienced, and she wanted to do it the same way on a regular basis.

She hoped that I would join her in all such activities in the future. It was clear that Kathy was not the same woman that I had fallen in love with. She was unquestionably sexually uninhibited and insatiable. I wondered at my ability to keep up with her and with Anne at the same time. It sure ws going to be a challenge. It was becoming clear that these two women were taking turns being in control and it appeard as though they were in control of my cock !

While I could not say that I hated it, I resolved then to rotate this control thing and my turn would come.


The end of Part One, ??