Lyra Law and Ivy Jones enjoyed an intimate lesbian session

Lyra Law and Ivy Jones enjoyed an intimate lesbian session
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College was the best thing that had ever happened to Scott and Chris.

They had all the girls, they were popular, and they were each the captains of their own teams. They were the guys all the girls wanted and all the guys wanted to be. They were the classic pair of jocks every school has, and they were about to discover something they never did before. One night, after a huge frat party, Chris and Scott invited some girls back to their dorm.

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They had all been drinking and were extremely horny. Being that they were both hot and muscular, any girl would hook up with the two guys, and they could have the hottest girls there were.

Back at the dorm, things started to heat up. Chris had this girl stacy lying on the bed naked while he was sucking her big breasts and Scott was making out wih julia in his bed.

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Then Scott started to get a little too frisky and when Julia told him to slow down, he would not. She got angry and struggled to get away. Furious, she grabbed her clothes and stormed out.

Being a good friend, and, of course, following the code of women, Stacy went out to comfort her. It was obvious the girls were not going to come back. Chris and Scott both lay in their beds with their hands over their faces, sighing. "Way to fuck things up, man" said Chris to Scott. Disappointed and horny, Chris got a porno out from under his bed and popped it in the VCR. He invited Scott to watch, too, but Scott declined and said he was going to take a shower.

As the actors in the porno started fucking, Scott started to undress to get in the shower. He was in the bathroom, but the door was open. Chris kept finding his eyes wandering over to the bathroom, instead of watching the tape.

He watched as Scott lifted hs shirt over his head, revealing hid hot abs and pecs. Then he saw as Scott slid off his shorts and then his boxer briefs, which accentuated his already round ass. As his underwear came down, Chris saw as Scott's big cock popped out. At the same time, Chris's member was growing harder and harder, but not from the porno- from Scott. Scott stepped into the shower and the steam danced around his tan, jock-built body. Chris undid his zipper as he remained lying on the bed and let out his pulsatiing, hard dick.

he rubbed his to the sight of Scott's ass and muscular back. Chris had never felt this way about a guy before, let alone his best friend. He suddenly felt like he needed to be inside Scott, he needed to rub him all over. Scott could not see chris undressing behind him, and when he felt Chris's body in the shower behind him, and Chris's hand on his cock, he jumped in surprise. "FUCK, man!

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What the hell-" Scott began, but as soon as he felt Chris's hand starining to pump up and down on his cock, he surrendered to the pleasure. If he couldnt get a girl tonight, why not try something new, thought Scott. Chris, with his free hand, grabbed Scott's left ass cheek and squeezed, making Scott groan with excitement.

Then Chris did something he never thought he'd ever do. He grabbed his own hard cock and started to slowly press it into Scott's tight asshole. Scott braced himself for the incoming huge rod, and Chris pressed in more and more until his balls were ass deep.


Then Chris pulled out, then in again, faster each time. Scott was silent for a bit, but slowly he started to loosen up and even thrust his own ass against Chris.

The two roomates worked perfectly together, their athletic bodies fitting into one another like a puzzle.

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Chris was now humping Scott hard and fast, while Scott was jerking himself off. Chris's muscles then started to tighten as he fucked Sott deeper and deeper. Then, Chris rammed his dick into Scott one last time and exploded with pleasure, filling Scott's ass with hot cum.

The two guys stood there breathing heavily, Chris still inside Scott. Then Scott pulled forward and let Chris slide out of him.

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They turned to eachother and shared a long, passionate kiss. They turned off the shower and walked to the bed. This time, Scott pushed Chris onto his back on the bed and without any hesitation, rammed his rock hard cock into Chris's hole. Chris grabbed Scott's ass and pulled his cock deep into his ass. While fucking, the boys both kissed eachother everywhere. Chris lifted his head up to lick Scott's chest and neck, and Scott banged his ass into him harder with each thrust.

After a few more hard, deep thrusts, Scott pulled out and jerked off onto Chris's chest and face, spewing cum everywhere.


The two lied down next to eachother, caresing one another all over. Cum dripped down Chris's chest and onto Scott's. The next few years, when the guys couldnt get a girl to come back to their dorm with them, they were no longer left disappointed. They each knew that with or without girls, they could still have amazing sex. They would try new things all the time, finding more and more ways to pleasure one another, and remained close all through college and after.

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