Bitch Winter showing off her slutty body

Bitch Winter showing off her slutty body
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The girls, Svetlana, and myself are now in the house. It is about 7:00PM and it will still be sunlight for about another two and half hours. The girls head to my daughter's room and Svetlana and myself are right by the livingroom. We look at each other for a moment, staring into each other's eyes, thinking how I wanted to know what those sweet lucious lips of hers would taste like and how they would feel pressed against my lips.

I realize I am staring at her and shake myself back to reality. I hold my arm out and ask her If I can take her bag?

" She smiles and says; " That would be fine." I tell her that I am going to put her bag on my bed and that she could use my bedroom to change when we go swimming. I take her bag to my room and she goes to talk to the girls. I hear them talking and laughing from the bedroom and head out to see whats up. Svetlana is just in the doorway to my daughter's room and looks over at me as I walk torwards her.

The girls get quiet when I get there and I ask them what they were talking about.

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Svetlana just looks at me, smiling, and says; " Oh it's just us having girl talk, boys are not aloud to know what we talk about.

" The girls laugh and say; " That's right dad girls only talk." I surrender to the fact that it was three to one on this issue, and that I would never win.

I smile and say; " Ok you win! Now is everybody hungry? I laid out some good porterhouse steaks and Idaho potatoes to make for supper. Hows that sound?" The girls say; " sounds good to us." and Svetlana says; " Yes that does sound good.

Can I help you in the kitchen? " I look at her and say; " That would be nice. " and we head off to the kitchen together. I prepare the steaks and put them in the oven on broil, and Svetlana makes up a large bowl of salad for everyone, and wraps the potatoes in foil to bake. It was so nice to have someone else to help in the kitchen. Svetlana asks; " Where the plates are at?" I point to the cabinets up above.

I can see the side view of her as she reaches up to open the cabinet. Her beautiful ass sticks out and up, and her breast push out as she is getting the plates.

(Man! That was a sweet sight!) The table is done, the food is ready,and Svetlana calls to the girls that it is time to eat. The girls come running out and have already changed into their swimsuits. Svetlana looks at them and says: " Why are you in your suits? " Natalia says; " Well we thought we could get in the pool as soon as we got done eating and you guys could meet us down there.

Is that ok mommy?

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" Rachelle speaks up and says; " Yeah daddy Is it ok? " We just look at each other and smile and nod, letting them know it was ok. After we eat, the girls head down to the pool, and we clean up the table and kitchen. We finish our red wine we had with the meal, making small talk, and watching the girls by the patio door.

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The girls see us by the door and say; " Come on! Go get your swim suits on and get in the pool, we're waiting on you guys. " Svetlana looks at me and says; " Well I guess we should get in, we promised. I will go get changed, be right back. " She heads back to change and I get to see that sweet ass swaying as she walks torwards my bedroom.

I am just thinking how nice it would be just to follow her back to the bedroom, walk up behind her, put my arms around her, kiss her neck, and feel her tight small titties in my hands while sliding my cock deep inside her juicy pussy from behind. (My dick is getting hard thinking of it.) She comes out of the bedroom and walks where I am standing by the door. She is so lovely, she is wearing a silky black two peice swim suit showing her still toned flat tummy and her sweet B-cup pearky titties.

( I am sooo hard at this point! ) I teel her that I'll go change now and that I will meet her down at the pool.

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Svetlana leans in and gives me a quick kiss on the cheek, smiles and says; " See you there. " I say; " Ok, meet you down there. " I head down to my bedroom to change into my swimsuit. When I get there, I see svetlana's clothes on the bed and see her silky black panties mixed in with the clothes. I pick up the panties and look to see where the cloth is at that would be touching her sweet little pussy. I hold her panties up to my nose and inhale that tangy aroma and put my tongue on there to see if I could see what she would taste like.

I go into the bathroom pull my hard cock out and put the panties again up to my nose as I stroke my dick faster and faster till I am getting close to cumming.

I take her panties, wrap them around my dick and aim my cock head down at the toilet, as I shoot a huge wad right into bowl, thinking how I wanted this cock juice in her Svetlana's pussy. I pull her panties away from my shrinking cock and head back to the bedroom to change.

I put her panties back on the bed, get into my swimming trunks, and head out to where Svetlana and the girls are at. I get to the edge of the pool and sit down. The girls come over grab me by the arms and pull me in and swims off laughing.

Svetlana swims over and leans against the edge of the pool next to me laughing. The girls are splashing each other and look over at us and says; " let's have a water battle!


" Svetlana looks over at me laughing and says; " Your in trouble now cause Natalia and I will win! " I say laughing; " We'll just have to find out! " Rachelle climbs up on my shoulders and Natalia climbs up on her mothers. We get close to each other with Natalia and Rachelle trying to pull the other one off, our bodies touching against each other and I would fall on purpose just to get close to Svetlana's pussy.

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we do this for a little while and then give up. Svetlana and I get out of the pool, dry off, and sit down in the lounge chairs.

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She looks over and says; " Would you like a drink? I have a bottle of vodka from the Ukraine I brought back with me. I said; " that would be nice. She brings out a pitcher of ice and two glasses and the bottle of vodka. Svetlana pours the drink and we talk awhile. The girls get out and head for their room to change and we do the same. As I get up I realize the room is slightly spinning and Svetlana is feeling the same way too.


We hold on to each other as we went in. It was so nice to hold Svetlana around the waist and feel her body heat against mine. We part as she goes into my bedroom to change and I wait in the livingroom, then she comes out and I go into my room to change.

When I come back out I tell her that she should not drive home like this, and that maybe she could spend the night and sleep in my bedroom and that I would sleep on the couch. She says no she would be fine, and as she is saying this she trips on her own feet catching herself and saying; " Yes maybe I better spend the night. If you don't mind. " ( I am thinking to myself, IF I DON"T MIND!

who wouldn't want a hot mink to spend the night. " I tell her; " It is quite ok to spend the night. " I call to the girls to come here and tell them that we are all spending the night.

The girls look at each of us and say; " You two are sleeping together tonight?" I laugh and say; " No, We had a little too much to drink tonight for Svetlana to drive home, and I am sleeping on the couch and Natalia's mom is sleeping in my bed tonight. " The girls say; " Yeah! Another night together!

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Yeah!" I grab one of the pillows off the bed and the spare blankets from the shelf in the closet and make myself a make shift bed on the couch. The girls come out wearing teeshirts just above the knees for night clothes and give me a kiss on the cheek goodnight and head back to their room. Svetlana comes out and she is wearing a white high cut shirt just below her tits and a pair of silky black sweat pants.

( She looks good!) She comes over, sits down on the edge where I am laying and says; " Thanks for letting me sleep here tonight, I owe you twice now." She leans down gives me a quick kiss on the lips and then gets up and heads for the bedroom.

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She turns around and says; " Sweet dreams. " The kiss she had just given me got me hard again thinking how it would be nice to keep going, but I slowly drift off from the Vodka and go to sleep. ( See who comes out to the couch on the next chapter # 15 ) Hope your liking this story. Let me know, and thanks to all who have read and voted fro this story.