Lauren DeWynter gangbanged in a van

Lauren DeWynter gangbanged in a van
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My name is Devin. I've been in this institution for 4 years now. Or was it 4 months? Sometimes I'm just not sure. Every time I screw up they up the medication.


That's the solution to everything, for them. Sometimes I don't know my dick from a doorknob in this place. I don't really remember why I was put here.I remember being in court.some sad lady crying all the time.

I was accused of something or other, and now I'm here. Or maybe I imagined that. Like I said, sometimes I'm just not sure. It's not so bad, really. Free meals, a nice big room. They put me in a padded one. I never really thought these things really existed, I always thought these were something invented by the guys in Hollywood. Or at least I think I thought that. Apparently they think I'm a danger to myself.

I would never hurt anyone, especially not myself. You'd think by now they would realize that, I've been in here for so long (haven't I?) When have I ever hurt myself.or anyone? Never.or at least, I don't think so.

Once a week they let me eat breakfast in the cafeteria with the low-riskers. They seat me at a table by myself and chain my ankle to the wall, but at least I can get out of that room. There's something wrong with it. I always hear screaming at night.little girls. They scream at me to "stop," even though I'm just trying to sleep.

I don't think they want me to sleep. I understand, I don't like to sleep either, I can't control my thoughts in my sleep. I don't like the dreams in this room. Maybe the little girls are my friends, and they are just trying to help out.

Today was different though. My mind was clearer than usual. I don't remember taking any drugs the past couple days. That either means they've upped my dose so high that I can't remember a fucking thing.or they really did take me off the meds for a couple days. I don't like the clarity. Being able to only makes the screams louder. Were the pills causing all this? A doctor walked over to my table.

I hate this fucker. "Hey Devin, how you are doin'?" I grumbled, "Ummm.ok I guess." I didn't like the look in his eye, it was like he was testing me. "Well great, how about we get that chain off you, huh?" Now that took me by surprise. I shrugged, "Ummm.ok I guess" He gave a little smirk, and I wanted to wipe it off his fucking face. He bent over and worked the chain off my ankle. I fought the urge not to get up and slam his head into the fucking table. "You seem better Devin, you've been re-assigned to low risk.

Congratulations" Something didn't seem right, but I was intrigued, "Ummm.ok I I get a new room?" He shook his head. "Afraid not, but you won't have to be alone all the time.

The nurses and housekeepers will be allowed in your room with you, no more chaining you to the wall in here while they clean up your place." I nodded, "Of course." "Speaking of your room, I think it's about time we got you back in there" "Of course." The doctor walked me back to my own little hell-hole. I walked in with an infinite amount of trepidation.

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To my surprise, there was a young woman standing in the corner. I turned around to ask the doctor who it was, "Who." But before I could ask, he slammed the door and walked away. I turned back to examine the girl. She was petite, with rail-thin arms and small, barely discernible breasts.

She was sexy as hell. I gave her and inquiring look and she responded with a devilish grin. Before I knew what to say the lights shut out. There were no windows in my room. I was standing in pitch-black darkness. I instinctively through my hands out, searching for a wall to reorient myself when I touched something warm and fleshy. It was the woman, her chest, she was standing in front of my with no top on.

I jumped back and said "Oh! I'm sorry, I." but before I could finish, the room was suddenly flooded with a deep, red light. The woman was standing in front of me, fully nude, and slightly different than I remember. She was red, dark red, redder than the light should have made her.and she had 2 stumps atop her head, like a pair of horns that were just sprouting.

I let my eyes wander down her sleek body. He tits, like her horns, looked like they were barely budding. I looked down to her pussy, which was shaved and moist. Who was this woman? Maybe I was hallucinating, it wouldn't be the first time.

She took a step towards me and I took a step back, unsure what to think or do. She continued to walk in my direction and I continued to step backwards, until I hit the wall behind me. She closed the distance quickly and pinned me to the wall. Before I could think she had her tongue in my mouth. Nope, definitely not a hallucination.

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I didn't know what was happening, but I submitted. I took her in my arms and kissed back. Her tongue was abnormally long, flicking around in my mouth and tickling the back of my throat. I let my hands roam down her back until they came to her ass. She let out a gasp of pleasure as I took her cheeks in my hands.

We must have been like this for hours.or was it seconds? Eventually she pulled away from me. Without saying a word, she sunk to her knees on the padded floor. She pulled down my pants with one fluid motion, and my rock hard dick flung out like a bat out of hell.


She looked up at me seductively with cute innocent eyes, knowing exactly what I wanted. She took my entire cock in her mouth in one fell swoop. Her mouth was as moist as I imagine her pussy must have been. Her long, thin tongue wrapped around my dick two or three times as her slender face bobbed up and down.

I had never felt anything like it. She had a pretty small mouth and her lips were wrapped around me so tight I thought I'd just explode.

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My mind was buzzing, and I couldn't help but grab her head and force my dick in her mouth even harder as jerked my pelvis in rhythm with her face. I couldn't take it anymore, I lost it. She took my dick in her mouth as deep as it would go as I shot my load directly into her throat. I felt like my orgasm lasted for several minutes on end. Finally she drew back and I saw that she had swallowed every bit of my cum, I never saw a single drop!

I thought it was over. I was exhausted.spent.I couldn't possibly go on any more. But she had other ideas. She yanked my legs out from under me and I landed hardly on the padded floor. I had no strength to retaliate. She crawled up my body, her cute little hips swaying back and forth, until our lips met again.

At that very second, my cock shot up like the last several minutes never happened. She pulled back to gaze in my eyes and she flashed that evil little grin at me again. I couldn't believe this woman! She positioned her bald pussy over my cock and sank down the final few inches. I watched as the head of my dick split her pussy lips, but before she let it penetrate she stopped. I looked up to her eyes to see her smiling. She knew she was the one in control here.

Slowly.AGONIZINGLY slowly, she sank down. I felt every inch of my cock slide into her tight little pussy. I was in heaven. I didn't know a girl could be this tight. I was astonished at how much her pussy stretched. As she started to work her hips up and down, pumping my cock into her deliciously tight pussy, all I could do was fight to stop myself from cumming again already.

She was bouncing so fast the friction could have started a fire. She began to sweat from the effort and the steaming liquid made her cute little tits glisten in the crimson light. She flipped her head up to the ceiling and let out a moan to let me know my dick was doing it's job.

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Without thinking, I got up to my feet, lifting her in the process. Her tiny frame was as light as a feather. He sweat-drenched legs were wrapped around my waist, her soaking wet arms around my neck. Out slick bodies were entangled, her stomach was slippery against mine. I slammed her against the soft wall with the force of a freight train and began thrusting with renewed strength.

I felt like I was crushing her, I slammed her with every ounce of my being, and every inch of my cock sunk deep into her obliterated pussy.

I pounded her like a sledge hammer, until I was on the edge of pure ecstasy. No words could do justice to how hard I fucked her. With her raven-black hair plastered to her face I began to feel her little body convulse in my arms. She moaned, and I felt her pussy burst with a wet orgasm.

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I felt her juices streaming down my shaft and rolling over my balls. Every sensation was more intense than I could ever imagine. Then she screamed, "Oh fuck Devin, I want you to cum on my face!" I realized this was the first time she had spoken.

Regardless, I nodded and let her drop to the floor. She landed on all fours, her head drooped and her hair spilled to the floor. She was as exhausted as I was after I first came. I bent down to grab her shoulders and straighten her up. She looked fit to collapse at any second. I lifted her chin, angling her face at my cock as I began jerking myself.


She was breathing so hard I could feel the heat on balls. Within seconds I began to cum. My orgasm was so intense I thought my cock would explode.

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I was exhilarated as I watched my cum splash all over her face. There was so much of it, it began to run down her chin and onto her chest. I had never done anything like that before. I came so hard it made my dick sore.

I took my hand from her face and moved it to the wall to support myself. She fell to the floor, breathing so heavy she could have been having an asthma attack. I closed my eyes and laughed. I couldn't believe what just happened.

I felt like I could just collapse myself. When I opened my eyes back up I noticed the lights were normal longer red. I looked down to the woman and she was gone, replaced with nothing but a puddle of cum. It was all over the walls too. I looked down to find my dick in my hand.from when I was just cumming on her face right?

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At that moment, the doctor walked in. "God dammit Devin, you've done it AGAIN!" I was confused, "I.Uhhh, no I.there was a woman." He shook his head in disappointment. "What woman, Devin?" . "The one with the horns and the red skin!" The doctor sighed.

"No Devin, you jacked off all over the place again. I thought you were doing better." No.that wasn't right. She was here.the beautiful red woman.I couldn't have imagined it.could I? The doctor watched me and registered the confusion on my face. "I think we're going to have to up your medication again, buddy." God, I hate this fucking place.