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Saiu correndo peladinha na corredor do hotel
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Return to Nudity I had never shown any interest in science fiction and all that futuristic stuff. Life on other planets all alien to me! Time travel, alien invaders, other dimensions had always seemed an impossibility. Everything changed, however, a few years ago when I was working as a doctor's receptionist (Please read "My Naked Doppelganger - Part one").

By walking through one of two twin doors that were usually just a single door I was transported into a parallel universe where everything was the same - but opposite. Right hand things became left hand, the water ran down the plughole anti clockwise, and the mole under my left breast was moved miraculously to under my right breast. I was living the same existence. Same job. Same husband and friends. Same work colleagues. But I was in a dimension where all businesses were allowed to legally employ a member of their staff as a Naked Employee.

This NE, as they were called, was paid double and was committed to compulsorily work completely naked, and also legally allowed to walk the streets and attend any function or public place in the nude. Anyone could touch an NE on any exposed body part - which of course, being totally naked, gave them carte blanche to touch and fondle everywhere. In my first move into this other dimension I discovered that my contract allowed my boss, Dr Blackwood to fuck me after surgery each day.

He would also inspect me before work, fondle my breasts and comb my plentiful pubic hairs away from my pussy lips to fully display my labia. I had to meet and greet patients in my naked state. I also had glorious sex in public - with a watching crowd of onlookers - with a male NE employed as a security guard at the local chemist. In my second trip to the other universe (please read - "My Naked Doppelganger - part two") I discovered that my husband Richard knew and accepted the fuck clause in my contract, and fully accepted any sexual encounters with friends or strangers alike.

On this second visitation I was fucked by the locum doctor who took on all the contractual obligations. In my third visitation (please read "My Naked Doppelganger" - part three) it appeared that there was no rhyme or reason to the timing of my switches between universes. It could happen at any time without warning, the moment I walked through any door.

I therefore had to make allowances and decided that if I should ever be transported into my parallel universe again I would have a failsafe dress in my handbag when naked. In this way I would be able to cover my naked embarrassment by quickly donning the dress as swiftly as possible. On that visit I had sex with my new boss, Dr Marshall, who changed the rules to two fucks a day. I also attended a theatrical musical performance of 'South Pacific' naked with Richard, and narrowly escaped having my pubes shaved by the front of house manager.

Two years have passed since that last trip into the parallel universe occupied by my naughty doppelganger. I had almost forgotten the joys, fears and tribulations that sudden nudity had brought me. To be honest I thought it was all over since, like me, my doppelganger had moved home and left her job as a doctor's receptionist, and thus had to wear clothes as a normal member of the public instead of the compulsory public nudity demanded of an official Naked Employee.

I often thought back with comparative pleasure at my few trips into public nudity. Like most women I enjoyed wearing daring clothes with necklines that exposed as much of my breasts as decency allowed, and hemlines high enough to enable a crafty flash of knickers when I bent over at the smallest possible angle. The ability to be stark naked in public and legally expose my bare tits, with nipples aroused to perky stiffness, and my hairy vagina, open and aroused to both friends and strangers alike was something I really enjoyed in my all too brief visits to the other universe.

I giggled like a schoolgirl as I recalled the several men who had openly and legally fondled and groped my breasts and fingered between my legs in the knowledge that Naked Employee's exposed bare parts were fair game, and could be enjoyed without retaliation or prosecution. Although the men doing the groping were not always young, good looking or fanciable I still thought it an admirable law to allow them the freedom to fondle attractive naked girls and satisfy the cravings brought on by the exposed nudity.

Some of the men were as far from handsome as one could imagine, but probably the ugly ones were more in need of the feel of naked female flesh than the good looking ones, who most probably could get all they wanted without having to resort to feeling up Naked Employees.

Yep! Public nudity had been both exciting and enjoyable! I was beginning to get a little bored with my new life as a housewife and longed for the camaraderie of a job with, hopefully, plenty of men to chat and flirt with.

Richard and I continued our interest in plays and musicals and attended the local amateur Little theatre. The acting and singing on each and every occasion was just as good as in our previous town, and the friendly smartly dressed front of house team were always welcoming - there is something quite satisfying in seeing men in dinner suits and ladies in smart black and white separates greeting each and every customer with a genuine smile, obviously happy in their chosen charitable gift of their time, with no monetary recompense.

It was during the interval of 'Lysistrata' - a rather bawdy sexual romp of a play by Aristophanes, which tells the tale of a group of women who go on sex strike in an attempt to stop their husbands fighting a war, that I spotted the advert on the calls board. FRONT OF HOUSE MANAGER REQUIRED FOR SATURDAY MATINEE AND EVENING PERFORMANCES OF PLAYS, MUSICALS AND CHRISTMAS PANTOMIME.

EXPERIENCE NOT ESSENTIAL BUT PLEASANT AND FRIENDLY MANNER IS. FULL TRAINING GIVEN. PLEASE APPLY TO THEATRE MANAGER. "Well?" Richard interrupted my thoughts "Are you going to apply?" "Would you mind?" I asked nervously/ "Not at all my darling!" he quipped happily "Might even join up and be part of your team." So that was it then!

I applied and was interviewed by a middle aged theatre manager and a front of house co-ordinator. With it being an unpaid position they had not been inundated with multiple enquiries and my application was quickly rubber stamped.

I was invited to attend both the Saturday matinee and evening performances two days later as an observer. I met the teams and quickly picked up the various rotas regarding stewarding the entrances to the auditorium, given a tour of the theatre and shown the necessary evacuation procedures in the event of fire etc.

At the interval I observed the sale of coffees, sweets and ice creams. By the time I had covered two forthcoming plays I was fully accomplished and conversant as the official front of house manager for the two Saturday performances of any play, musical or pantomime.

It was while washing my hands during the first act of the local G & S society's production of 'The Mikado', following a toilet visit, that my heart gave a jump of joy as I observed the name badge pinned to the left of my white blouse had suddenly switched to the right lapel! Oh my goodness was this what I thought? I ran the water in the sink and watched as it swirled down the plughole anti clockwise. With trembling hands I unbuttoned my blouse and lifted my bra to see that the mole had also swapped breasts.

There it was in all its glory under my right breast. I was back in the other universe! A hundred thought flashed through my mind. Was I a Naked Employee again or was my doppelganger a normal fully dressed female as front of house manager? Or, indeed, did I have some other strange occurrence to encounter?

I opened the door of the toilet and peeped outside. There was no-one on the mezzanine and I slowly crept out. My heart was pounding as I walked down the stairs to the foyer. I saw Harry, the doorman, adjusting a photograph on the front door. His shock of white hair sticking up at an awkward angle. I couldn't help sniggering. He turned to face me. His face dropped.

"Why on Earth have you put those things on Tania?" "What things?" At that same moment Richard, my husband, who had been preparing the coffee for sale at the interval, walked out from the small bar into the foyer.

"Where did you get those clothes love, you are not getting nervous are you?" "Nervous?" I queried. "I know it's been a long time since working at the surgery, but surely you are not turning prudish after agreeing to be the theatre's Naked Employee?" I stood frozen to the spot with them both staring at me. I knew they were expecting me to undress in front of them. Maria, the bar manager, joined us.

She stopped dead in her tracks and looked me up and down. "You better get your tits out girl!" she snapped "that lot up there will be coming down any minute, and they will want to see your bare arse!" "She's going to be showing more than her bare arse if I have anything to do with it!" yelled my husband "stop pratting around Tania and get these bloody things off!" He beckoned for Harry to help him, and between them they proceeded to undress me.

I made no attempt to stop them as I knew it had to be done. I had already realised on previous trips to this other universe that I couldn't ruin the situation for my doppelganger - as I seriously hoped that she wouldn't if, indeed, she had taken my place in MY universe. I knew I had to be stark naked for everyone, but it was still difficult for me to easily accept the situation.

I was down to my bra and pants, and still almost frozen to the spot, as Richard rushed into the bar to deal with the coffee. "Be a pal and take her bra and panties off for me Harry!" he shouted as he swept into the bar. Without hesitation the white haired septuagenarian unhooked by front loading bra. My bare breasts spilled out into his face. He shook his face between them and cheekily kissed the nipple on my right one.

"Now for those knickers lass." he chuckled perversely. "Yeah! Pull 'em down Harry - let the cat out of the bag." I giggled like a schoolgirl, and allowed him to grasp my knickers and pull them to the ground in one swift movement. "And a lovely cat you've got there Tania!" he announced triumphantly, gently stroking my ample pubes without a trace of nervous guilt. "Can you see her cunt Harry - or do her hairs want combing away?" "No cunt showing Richard" Harry shouted his reply.

"Comb them for her will you mate?" Harry gave me a leering grin. Winked, and reached for a comb from the inside pocket of his dinner jacket. I held my breath as he ran it through my pubes and combed them away from the entrance to my vagina.

He patted them as flat as he could get them before combing the other side. He then stood back and proudly surveyed his handiwork. "Her cunt is fully on show now Richard!" he announced with obvious delight. He stared between my legs with a look of Machiavellian perversion. I felt my labia beginning to tingle. I closed my eyes in desperation, knowing that my pussy was opening in arousal.

"Her cunt is opening Richard!" "Good! Is it wet yet?" "Don't you dare?" I snapped, glaring venomously at the doorman. He stayed the finger that had been travelling towards my labia, and drew it sharply back. "It looks wet Richard" he informed my husband. "Never mind looking mate - see if it is - she won't mind." Harry looked up appealingly into my eyes.

Obviously my doppelganger was not as prudish as me. I gave a deep sigh, shrugged my shoulders in blind acceptance - and nodded. I parted my legs obligingly for him.

Just enough for him to slide one finger between the wet lips of my labia and push it into the depths of my vagina. He withdrew it almost immediately and licked the juices he had gathered from inside me. "She's wet alright Richard!" He grinned at me "Very wet in fact! Bloody taste nice as well" he whispered to me as an afterthought, before gathering all my clothes into a bundle and hiding them behind the sweet counter.

The applause from the auditorium told me that the first act had ended. I turned as majestically as I could and walked up the stairs. My breasts were swinging and bouncing in their nude abandon, and the extreme wetness between my legs was betrayed with almost imperceptible squelches. I heard them clearly like thunder.

I screwed my face in embarrassment. The smiling faces that greeted me as they swept past me eased my consternation. As did the several pats on the cheeks of my bare bottom. "Will Richard let me fuck you again after the show Tania?" whispered Steven, the number one steward, as he passed by. "Better ask him Steve" I replied. I turned to look at the back of his head as he walked away. He turned and smiled back at me.

He was quite good looking. Hmmm! I hoped Richard told him yes. Hehe. I stifled a giggle as I realised that I was not showing that much of an aversion to my doppelganger's sexual tendencies.

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I smiled to myself. I was hopefully going to be fucked. I entered the auditorium and stood at the stop of the stairs in the narrowest part between the wall and the stair post. This caused the passing men - and women too - to crush by me - rubbing against my protruding breasts, which were being cheekily thrust out by yours truly.

Hands craftily caressed my legs, my thighs, my boobs - as they passed. Mmmm!

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I was loving it. I almost shocked myself as I realised I wanted someone to finger my pussy as Harry had done. To taste my juices. Sadly no-one did! Not then anyway. One of the regulars I recognised from my own universe approached me with a small tub of ice cream in his hands; He proffered it towards my breasts. "Shall I make those pert little nipples stiff?" "Up to you" I replied naughtily.

I gave a shudder of delight as he ran the cold container over my left nipple - before his wife, who was following, pushed him sharply away. Women were not too fond of my nudity - that was patently obvious. I was enjoying the tits to cunt gaze of almost every man in my close proximity. I could feel the warmth of their gaze on the wet lips of my labia. I parted my legs, just slightly, to allow them a better view.

I began to muse over whether my doppelganger was being fucked by anyone else at the theatre. I suppose she must be. Any naked part was available I had been told on earlier visits to this universe. I felt myself consciously parting my legs even more, praying that the men would take advantage and slip a finger inside me.

I decided to walk around the auditorium and chat with the patrons. Not that I wanted to talk all that much. But I needed to show myself to as many of them as possible in close up.

My pussy was tingling like mad in arousal. Oh how I envied my doppelganger to walk stark naked in public gaze. I was keen to get as much pleasure from this crossover as possible. I had no idea how long this would last and if, terrifyingly, it would end with me being embarrassingly naked in front of my own public.

Sod it! Who cares? If it happens it happens! I pushed the fears to the back of my mind as I proudly flashed my bare charms to anyone who cared to look. Thankfully most of them did! A young married couple I knew stopped me in my tracks. The girl brandished a camera phone as the guy put his arm around my waist. "Can he hold one of your boobs? "Asked the wife. "If he wants." He wanted. His hand cupped my right breast and squeezed as she clicked the shutter. Another man came over for his photograph to be taken in the same naughty pose.

Then another, and another. My breasts were getting the attention I desired. Ask me if you can finger my pussy - I found myself wishing Unfortunately wishes seldom come true, at least they didn't that time, but I revelled in the fondling of my naked boobs.

"I see they are taking advantage of your gorgeous nudity my darling?" Richard smiled proudly. Steven wants to fuck you again after the show love, he really fancies you - said you are the best shag he has ever had!" "Did he now?" I giggled "I better let him then." "I love to see men fucking you Tania." "And I love you watching my darling." I tweaked his cheek.

He smiled. I glanced at my watch as he handed me the intercom. I dialled backstage. The assistant stage manager answered. "They are all in." I told him. "Thanks Tania" came the reply. Almost immediately the auditorium doors started to close. The lights dimmed. I passed by Steven as he stood by his seat.

He winked at me. I smiled back. "Best shag you've ever had am I?" "Most definitely!" he replied. "You better give me a good one then" I grinned "as a thank you." "I'm going to fuck you silly!" I grinned and skipped happily down the stairs.

At the bottom I stopped, turned back to Steven, and winked. Richard followed me down the stairs and we went into the bar together. He bought himself a lager and a white wine for me. I sat facing him. "Are you pleased you are a Naked Employee again love?" "Oh yes!

Best decision I have made since moving here." "I love people seeing you naked." "I know you do sweetheart, and I love being naked for them." At that moment two young guys, one with long blonde hair and the other with a shaven head, came to sit by Richard, facing me.

"Saw you here last week" The blonde stared at me. "I'm Jake, you are fucking awesome. Love the hairy snatch!" I didn't know whether to acknowledge his remark. Richard did. "Dya want to fuck her mate?" "Richard!" I almost yelled, giving him a glare that should have turned him to stone. I could have hit my husband as he placed a hand on each knee, and gently pulled my legs apart.

"She tastes good too!" he informed the youthful pair. Bulges in their jeans were becoming obvious by the second. "Go on!" he urged them "get a finger each up her!" The skinhead, who said his name was Gaz, was first to move and knelt in front of me.

He pushed my legs further apart until my vagina was wide open before his admiring eyes. "Can I kiss it mate?" he asked Richard. "Do what you want to it my friend, my wife is a Naked Employee and can't refuse when she is nude." The two youths glanced at each other and gave leering grins.

Jackie and Sally from behind the bar came over to watch as Gaz leaned forward between my legs and planted his mouth fully over my open cunt. His tongue entered me. He sucked the inner flesh until it entered his mouth. I glanced at Richard. He smiled back appreciatively. Behind the bar Maria had generously allowed her two bargirls to come over and observe. "Why don't you fuck her?" cried Sally.

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"Sally!" I yelled and glared. "Don't act naive Tania!" she yelled back "You know you want them; we all saw how you enjoyed Steve fucking you in here last time!" "Get your pricks up her lads!" Jackie informed them with obvious glee.

"You heard the lady" quipped my erstwhile hubby. I had no alternative but to go along with whatever happened as I didn't want to queer the pitch for my doppelganger when we each returned to our own dimension.

I obligingly spread my legs wide as the two young men dropped their jeans and underpants. Sally and Jackie were as keen as anyone to see be screwed and even gave helping hands to the grateful lads to achieve full erections. To my delight they succeeded admirably, and the first rock hard penis, a full eight inches from knob to balls, slid easily inside me.

It belonged to skinhead Gaz and rammed hard and hit home deep inside me. It felt so good. It was great being watched by Richard and the two bargirls as I was fucked with the reckless abandon of youth. Jake fondled and squeezed my boobs as his mate shagged me, and Richard grinned as I deliberately took the blonde guy's cock into my mouth and sucked. "Go girl!" came a supportive cry from the doorway from Harry "Why don't you fuck her up her arse?" he urged the handsome Jake.

"Yes - Double penetrate her!" cried Sally. Bar manager Maria, who had been watching and listening with growing interest from behind the theatre bar, rushed over and handed Sally a small tin of Vaseline. "Don't want you to get hurt Tania" she informed me with mock politeness, and then watched as Sally inserted her Vaseline covered fingers into my anus. It was a strange feeling having a girl fingering inside my bum.

I had never really experienced sex with a girl, except for a few fumbles in PE with Betty Samuels. She'd been the school bike for lesbians, but I'd never kissed her. Boys had always been my thing.

Not sex though! I'd been a good girl until I was eighteen. Freddy Jackson was the lad who broke me in after a school run.

But I digress. I quite enjoyed having Jackie's fingers up my bum as Gaz fucked me. Without thinking I pursed my lips towards her and she pressed her lips to mine. We kissed as she fingered me.


Within seconds it was over. She pulled away, removed her fingers from my bottom and stood back. Richard grinned at her. I knew what he was thinking; this was getting a little out of hand. The lad inside me was still ramming away with the glorious impetuosity of youth. I turned my attention back to him.

I had almost forgotten the 'wham, bam, thank you ma'am can't get enough pussy mentality' of inexperienced young males. The stud inside me was not sparing the horses as he thrust into me with his athletic but naïve ardour. He was starting to excite me in a way I had never thought possible with anyone other than my husband. His face was so close to mine as he continued to fuck me. I allowed the cock in my mouth to fall out and, without thinking, I kissed Gaz on the lips. He stopped thrusting for three whole seconds.

His eyes opened in astonishment. He laughed and kissed me back. His tongue was forced into my mouth and we kissed open mouthed as the sex continued. Mmmmm! This was lovely. "She is loving this Richard" Sally whispered to my delighted hubby.

"I can see that Sally" he whispered back. I felt him squeeze my hand. It was a lovely feeling knowing that he was with me and encouraging me to satisfy the young man, and myself of course, in this beautiful sexual way. We were still kissing as Sally grasped Jake's unattended cock and carefully rubbed Vaseline along the full length of the erect trunk. Richard positioned Gaz on his back and situated yours truly in missionary position on top of him.

Richard pushed Gaz's cock back into my welcoming cunt. With his cock nicely lubricated Jake was urged to approach me from behind and slide his not inconsiderable weapon into my anal hole. It slid amazingly inside with ridiculous ease - thanks to the help from the two girls. Both youths then proceeded to literally fuck the arse off me.

The two totally different sensations from my cunt and my bottom strangely jelled together, each one complimenting the other as the two young men banged away inside me with the recklessness and athleticism of youth.

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On the few occasions that I had attempted anal in the past I had decided I didn't like it as it hurt too much to be enjoyable. This was different. Yes it still hurt a little up my bum but incredibly it seemed to add to the sensations from the vaginal fucking, and surprisingly increased my own arousal as I climbed the ladder to orgasm.

I'm not sure who exactly enjoyed it most. The youths? My husband? The two girls? Mariua? Harry or myself? To be honest I never wanted it to end. My very first double penetration was an absolute joy! Could I possibly suggest that to my own Richard when I eventually returned to my own universe? But who would be the other guy? I dismissed the idea as a wild fantasy and decided to take advantage of my excursions into this world of public nudity as much as possible when I got the opportunity.

The two youths were doing an admirable job up both my holes and I was beginning the long haul up the erotic mountain as the sensations began to build from deep inside my vagina and spread around my whole body. The lads themselves sensed my growing arousal and thrust harder and deeper, if that was at all possible - lol - my moans of delight and arousal got louder and louder as I hastened to my peak. "She's about to cum" Richard whispered to the girls. He was correct.

I exploded in a mind blowing burst of uncontrolled erotic passion, as the extreme vaginal sensations ripped through my whole body. I shuddered and kicked out as I screamed in a violent climax.

"Hold her down mate!" yelled the man up my bum, desperately trying to keep his cock inside my bottom. "Yes keep her still!" shouted the guy up my cunt; still thrusting away into me as if there was no tomorrow. Richard and the two girls held me tight as the two men inside me continued their own climb to orgasm by thrusting into me as hard and fast as they could. I thought the climax would never end. It was so extreme and wonderful. Skinhead Gaz tried to stifle my orgasmic screams by smothering my mouth with his in a vain attempt to silence me.

"She's a noisy girl isn't she? " quipped a giggling Jackie. I eventually began to gain control of my emotions as the climactic sensations began to diminish. The two boys were still pounding into me with wild abandon.

Gasps and moans were eventually heard from their mouths and I braced myself for the coming spurts of liquid manhood. "Don't cum inside her lads!" yelled my frantic hubby "she's got another fuck due after the show.

"He can cum up her arse Richard, Steve won't be fucking her up there!" the excited Harry informed them from his position at the door. Richard nodded his agreement and the blonde lad suddenly screamed out loud and gushed his load inside my bum. It was a strange and yet satisfying feeling as I felt the hot spunk filling my rear end.

Within seconds the guy up my pussy screamed and pulled his cock out of me. I sat up on him and watched as his immense first gush of spunk spurted over me, covering both my tits with hot and surprisingly thick, for such a young man, gorgeous white semen. His dick spurted again to fill my belly button with his life giving fluid, covering my tummy and running into the hairs around my vaginal entrance.

I gazed down at my cum saturated frontage and giggled. The lad was dribbling cum as he rubbed his spunk into my skin like a sun cream. He paid special attention to impressive load over my breasts and rubbed it into my flesh until it almost disappeared, leaving my breasts sticky and smelling.

The other lad had finished emptying himself up my bum by this time and Sally was wiping his cock with a bar towel. Jackie nipped to the bar and returned with a warm wet towel and proceeded to wipe my breasts and tummy. "You stink of spunk girl!" she laughed. "I wonder why?" I replied with mock sarcasm.

The two lads both enjoyed the cock wiping from Sally, as indeed did she, and I was finally wiped as clean as possible by Harry, who had come over to retrieve the bar towel from Jackie, and was eagerly ensuring that both my breasts were free of smelly fluids.

He also thoughtfully wiped the spunk that had run down between my legs and over my labia. Only Richard seemed to be the only individual not involved in getting me clean and sparkling.

"Is Steve going to fuck her in the bar Richard?" "Not sure, what do you think love?" "Up to you" I replied - I wasn't bothered so long as I was fucked. "I can arrange to have the bandstand set up as a cabaret for the punters if you want." cried the obliging Maria from the bar. "That's a great idea Maria, might encourage them to stay and buy drinks." I was past caring. My two young paramours had their trousers back on and their clean cocks neatly tidied away.

Sally and Jackie were ordered to clear the bandstand, and Richard and Harry were placing chairs in a semi circle facing the position where I was to be publicly fucked. I couldn't help smiling at the dedication of my fellow theatre members in wanting to get me well and truly shagged in front of the theatre patrons.

The applause from the auditorium told us that the play had ended and Harry and Richard helped me to my feet. We walked into the foyer as the first of the theatregoers came down the stairs. "Goodnight" I called to the first to pass me.

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To my delight everyone looked me up and down. My pubes were still damp with the spunk and the towelling, but Harry had thoughtfully ensured my cunt lips were fully visible between my still wet pubic bush.

"Goodnight" called Richard as a group of men approached "Our Naked Employee is about to be fucked in the bar if you care to watch!" Good old Richard! If I am going to do it I might as well have a good audience. Hehe. I gave my lovely hubby thumbs up as he continued to announce my forthcoming cabaret fuck.

I was pleased to see several couples slip into the bar to get a good seat, but even more couples left as the female partners urged their unhappy male counterparts out into the cold of the night. With the last patrons leaving the two stewards, Steven and Caroline, brought up the rear. "We've arranged for you to fuck Tania on the bandstand Steve" "Thanks Richard" Steve replied, and glanced into the bar "With an audience too eh?" "Don't want to waste your efforts in a private shag mate." "That ok with you Tania?" he asked and slipped an arm around my waist, and gently massaged my bare breasts with his other hand.

"Yes I don't mind Steven, anything to oblige." He continued to fondle my tingling boobs as his other hand slipped between my legs and a finger was inserted into my aroused pussy.

"Mmmm! Nice and wet for me then?" "Of course Steven." I replied as our lips met in a gorgeous kiss. "If you two are fucking again I want to watch" Caroline grinned and slipped into the bar. "Throw a bucket of water over them!" laughed Harry from the door. "Yes, break it up you two!" snapped Richard "save it for the customers!" We finished our kiss before obeying.

It was lovely. I really fancied Steven even in my own universe, and to get to fuck him without admonishment or recriminations was something I could have hardly hoped for. He pulled his finger from my pussy, licked it, and offered it to me. I took up the offer willingly. Mmmm! I tasted good.

"I suggest doggy guys" my husband went on "better for the viewing public to see him entering you love." "Ohhhh! I wanted to kiss him" I admitted honestly.

"You can kiss him afterwards sweetheart; he can come back for a coffee and kiss you as much as you want on the sofa." "Sounds good" I quipped. Steven thankfully nodded his agreement. "Are you stripping naked Steve or just dropping your kecks?" "Probably better for the audience if I'm naked Richard" he replied. "Yes much better" I agreed, giving him an impish smile, and watching intently as he proceeded to undress.

The bar was packed as we both entered completely naked to spontaneous welcoming applause. Steven was already hard and erect at the thought of what was to come. His circumcised cock was slightly above average in length but thick and chunky.

The purple helmet was large and shapely and his balls hung deep and very full, as if he had two big golf balls in the loose sack. We walked on to the stage to a thunderous welcome. Richard positioned me sideways on to the audience, bent slightly over with my hands on his hips and my rear available to the naked Steven.

The bar team dimmed the lights and a single spot illuminated just Steven and me. The place fell into a hush as he approached me with his cock standing to attention. He carefully parted the lips of my labia with his fingers and opened me up. I gave a tiny gasp as he lodged the helmet of his penis just inside my wet throbbing sex hole. Together with the audience I held my breath awaiting the thrust into me.

Steven took a deep audible breath and flicked his hips. His dick slid neatly inside me up to his balls. The watching audience applauded this first thrust with unabashed enthusiasm, before settling down into a more refined acceptance as Steven proceeded to slowly fuck me with long deep thrusts. Several females started to clap in unison with the thrusts until it seemed that everyone was joining in. I turned my head to gaze at the enthralled onlookers as Steve fucked me.

I felt so proud of myself at having the courage to do this as a cabaret. The Tania in my own universe would have run a mile. But I couldn't run a mile in this universe as it would have been letting down my doppelganger. If she was naked and being fucked in public than I had to be. There was no doubt or hesitation in my mind about that. I just hoped and prayed that she would show me the same courtesy if she had taken my place, and be the prudish lady that was me.

Right now I was enjoying doing the right thing for her and allowing our friend Steven to publicly shag me doggy for the entertainment of the theatre patrons. Unbeknown to me at the time several of the cast of the play had entered the bar, and together with the play's director were watching and offering critical comments on our performance.

Steven was an accomplished lover, a divorced man of about fifty years of age, who gratefully accepted the opportunity to have sex with the wife of his front of house colleague. Although the erotic sensations were not as strong for me as the double fuck had been, it was still highly enjoyable. We had been fucking for almost fifteen minutes when I sensed that Steven was speeding up and emitting tiny gasps.

With the expertise that several years of happy marriage had given me I hastened my own erotic feelings to attempt to time my orgasm with his. I was not going to fake a climax with so many people watching and hoping for a mutual orgasm. Steven's gasps began to get louder. The thrusts into me were coming faster and harder, it was as if he was trying to thrust his cock through the walls of my pussy and out of my body.

My own sensations were building nicely and I was confident at being able to time my climax with his when it eventually arrived. The tingling through my breasts and sensitive nipples was even more wonderful with Steven inside me. I will obviously be looking at him in a different light when I return to my home situation. The constant rhythmic clapping from the fascinated audience was like a drumbeat in my head.

Each thrust of his wonderful tool inside me was being watched intently by them, and they were timing their claps with perfect precision as to when his cock hit home deep inside me. I began to feel myself climbing the orgasmic ladder to satisfaction. The tingles from my nipples were spreading downwards to my tummy and upwards to my brain.

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Soon my whole body was vibrant with erotic sensations. The vibrations through my pussy were becoming almost unbearable. I tried to control them but it was impossible. I knew I was about to convulse. The spasms were coming thick and fast - come on Steven - oh why didn't he cum? I could hold back no longer and I erupted like an erotic volcano.

Screaming wildly as my climax took a firm hold on my delicate frame. I thought my body would disintegrate with the power of the tornado flowing through me. The audience then cheered as Steven began to shout out that he was cumming. I felt the full force of his juices as the floodgates opened and a monstrous jet of spunk surged into me.

Another one followed as his balls emptied themselves into me via his incredible dick. He drained himself dry and filled me up. This was paradise at its utmost pleasure.

What better delight could any girl have than to be drowned in the maelstrom of manly fluids from a guy's spunk filled testicles? Pardon my French - but my cunt was in a state of heavenly bliss! It was my third fuck and orgasm of the evening. Not something that I am regularly doing or having done to me in normal circumstances.

But these were not normal circumstances. I was in a parallel universe living the life of my sexually insatiable and almost permanently naked doppelganger. What if I got stuck here and had to endure all this nudity and sex daily for the rest of my life?

I chuckled quietly to myself. I suppose I could manage to live with it. I could probably train myself to have the insatiable cunt that was required in these circumstances. I was clinging tightly to Richard's waist as I experienced the final throes of my climax, and accepted the final drops and dribbles of semen from Steven's penis with genuine gratitude. I turned my head and thanked him. "My pleasure" he assured me, and pulled his diminishing limp dick out of me. I looked round at it. How could such a small insignificant piece of gristle give so much pleasure?

The crowd were still in awe of out performance, cheering and applauding with a fervency I had seldom seen or heard. The cheering was for me - not my doppelganger - it was MY body that had been fucked, and ME who had performed so wonderfully to bring about this rapturous reception. I stood upright and took Steven's hand in mine.

We looked out at the enraptured throng and bowed politely. I felt the spunk oozing from my vagina and trickling down the inside of my thighs. I rubbed it into my skin to stem the flow down my leg, and then subconsciously lifted my hand to my mouth. I licked my hand. Mmmm! He didn't taste so bad himself. I was never a lover of swallowing or even tasting a man's juices, but Steven's tasted sweet and delightful.

I rubbed between my legs again to confirm my first finding. Yes. Maybe not nectar but not far short. The coffee at our place afterwards might be getting an additional added flavour if he was capable of another orgasm - on draught straight into my cup! The hysteria from the entranced audience soon changed to genuine acceptance and appreciation of what Steven and I had achieved. We were inundated with compliments and thanks for a hypnotic sexual performance.

I was in a seventh heaven of delightful stoical sobriety. Calm at last. Totally satisfied. I was so proud of myself and thankful to this Richard for allowing and encouraging it all. What a wonderful man he was to facilitate all that incredible sex for a wife he worshipped and adored. My palms were sore with the vociferous handshaking from the many delighted onlookers, men and women were equally enthralled with my performance.

Several men expressed a personal wish to fuck me. I thanked them for the compliment, but stored it mentally for possible future acceptance. I didn't tell Richard of the offers or he might have got me to spread my legs and take them there and then. I didn't have the insatiable cunt of my doppelganger, and three fucks in one evening was plenty for me.

Although I was still looking forward to the kissing session on the sofa back home. "You are still coming home for a coffee?" I queried with Steven. "You bet!" he replied with a cheeky grin "and the kissing practice." "Good, you hadn't forgotten then?" "No way Tania, I could kiss you all night long." "Hmmm! Really? I might hold you to that." His impish grin told me that he wouldn't mind if I did.

The compliments were over. The Audience had made their way home. Steven agreed to follow us home in his car. By the time we arrived home I was wishing I had accepted Richard's offer of his dinner jacket.

I was discovering that being naked full time was not always as comfortable as it seemed. There was a distinct chill in the air. I collapsed on the sofa as soon as I entered the lounge. "Go and make the coffee for me love" I politely instructed my obedient hubby, "and YOU!" I pointed confidently at our guest "YOU can come and warm me up!" Steven needed no second bidding and flung himself on to the sofa.

His hands were massaging and fondling the warmth into my tits with the eagerness of a young buck. He tenderly tweaked my nipples in turn, successfully bringing them to an erotic stiffness. I encouraged him to rub me all over to bring the warmth back to my chilled nudity.

"Has he warmed you up yet love?" asked Richard as he returned with the coffee. "Not yet!" I quipped, pulling Steven's hands to my bare bottom, for him to stroke and crush the cheeks, and then imprisoning his warm hands between my tightly closed thighs to bring heat to my chilled inner thighs and surprisingly shivering pussy.

"Now my tits again Steven please." Steven was an obedient soul and did everything I bid. His hands were once again warming my breasts with an enthusiasm I had seldom noticed of him back in my own universe. He was absolutely smitten with me, and he left no part of me untouched and not warmed. He even fondled me between the cheeks of my bottom around my anal hole. Did I say I was cold everywhere? Now a man who will do that for me must be totally in love with me don't you think?

I doubt if even Richard would have responded to a request of "Would you warm my arse hole up love?" I reached for my coffee. I was delighted when I found it was too hot to drink straight away. I put on my most innocent face as I looked at Steven. "Would you be offended if I asked you for a personal favour?" "I can't think of any personal favour that I would refuse you Tania." "Well…" I hesitated and cleared my throat "Would you wank yourself off in my coffee?" Richard was drinking his coffee and almost choked as he interrupted.

"Fuck me Tania - you don't mess about with simple requests do you?" "No I won't" Steve replied with a sly grin "but I'll let you do it." "You want me to wank you off?" "Yes. But I want to finger you as you do it." "Got yourself a deal there young man." Steven stood up and came to stand in front of me. I spread my legs as wide as I could for him and he reached down and slid a finger into my hole. I unzipped his trousers, reached in and flipped out his penis.

It was only semi erect. "It might need a bit of work" he laughed as I cradled it in my hand. "Nothing a good sucking won't cure." I slipped it into my mouth as he began to finger fuck me. Richard sat back and watched with growing interest. Within half a minute his cock was rock hard.

I took it out of my mouth and started to masturbate him. Now I'm not sure what standard of masturbation my doppelganger had reached, but I cam assure you I was the best cock wanker in the school when I was sixteen.

I just wished they had allowed me to sit my GCSE in it. Although I was a slow starter in penetration sex I had loads of lads queuing for me to wank them off. Just a pity it was usually potato water that they shot out on the vinegar stroke. Potato water is not what I was after from Steven's prick however. I wanted the thick creamy stuff he had gushed inside my fanny an hour earlier. Although it had been many years since I was the best cock wanker in the school there are some things you never forget.

Such as riding a bike and wanking off lads. I squeezed Steven's cock and pulled at the same time as eagerly stroking him hard. He stood no chance. One minute later he was gasping to control his orgasm. "Grab my coffee Richard!" I yelled. Richard held the coffee out and I aimed the helmet of Steven's dick towards the cup. Steven gasped and shouted that he was cumming.

I ensured he would shoot too quickly by cleverly squeezing half way down the trunk, and slowly easing the pressure. Out of the top of his cock oozed the most gorgeous thick white spunk I have ever seen.

It fell from his knob and plopped into my coffee with a faint splash. I controlled the flow of spunk and allowed him to donate several more 'plops' before finally releasing his cock.

I stirred my coffee as he put his dick away and zipped himself. "I hope it was worth it Tania" he quipped. "The proof is in the tasting" I replied, and put the cup to my lips. I took a mouthful and swirled it around my mouth before swallowing.

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"Now that was definitely worth it - your spunk is so sweet Steven, how do you get it that way?" He laughed and drank his own coffee. I looked down at my cup and my heart went into my mouth. The mole had moved. I looked uip to find both Richard and Steve staring at me in astonishment. "That was bloody clever love - how on earth did you make your clothes vanish like that?" "Never mind Tania - it's a great trick - you look fantastic!" was Steve's offer as he gazed at my nudity.

I stood up and raced out of the room. The timing of my return gets worse each time!!! I ran up the stairs into the bedroom. I flung myself on the bed. I wanted to cry but I was too ashamed and embarrassed. Being naked in the other dimension seemed natural and enjoyable, but showing myself stark naked to our friend Steven was soul destroying.

In Steven's eyes I would have been sitting there in my clothes and then in a flash totally nude! How on earth was I going to explain this? I lay on the bed for several minutes before getting dressed. I checked myself in the mirror before taking a deep breath and going back downstairs. "I much preferred you without those clothes Tania" Steven informed me quietly as I entered the lounge. Richard didn't speak. I sat down by the side of Steven and glanced across at my husband sitting opposite.

I couldn't tell whether he was just shocked or annoyed. I somehow doubted that he had been pleased at my sudden strip. I raised my eyebrows to him, urging him to speak to me.

Steven was laughing and joking in complete contrast to Richard and me. I picked up my coffee cup and sipped some. It was cold and didn't taste of spunk. Yes, I was back in my own dimension all right. "Well?" Richard's brief word spoke volumes. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you." "Try me!" They both sat quietly as I attempted to explain everything about being trapped in another universe.

I explained about the Naked Employee situation.

Being naked in public and being publicly fucked and fingered. "I noticed you perspiring and seeming extremely uncomfortable at the theatre this evening Tania." "That wasn't me Steven" I explained "It was my doppelganger, she was obviously uncomfortable wearing clothes." "… and at the same time YOU were in a duplicate theatre doing the same things but totally naked?" "Yes.

I know it sounds incredible but it is absolutely true, I swear." "And you say you had sex with me in the bar with people watching?" "Yes" I mumbled almost incoherently, embarrassment again setting in. "Oh come on!" snapped Richard, you don't really expect me to believe this rubbish do you?" "It's true love" I pleaded, "How can I prove it to you?" "And you say that you were fucked daily by Dr Blackwood back in Darkwood?" "I wasn't!" I almost yelled "My doppelganger was!

Well &hellip." I hesitated, nervously, "I was on the few times I was transported there yes, but that was only for odd days." "But your boss fucked you?" "Yes." "And several other men, including Steven here, also fucked you?" "Yes.

But it was part and parcel of my doppelganger's life. I HAD to do it. But I don't know how to prove it." "You did all that without any qualms at all?" "I was nervous at first of course, but once I realised that it was the norm, with people expecting me to be naked and all that, I just went with the flow." The room fell silent as both men mulled it over in their minds. Richard eventually spoke. "So you say that YOU have been naked at the theatre all evening in another dimension, while your duplicate was fully dressed here with us?" "Yes." "OK love.

Take your clothes off!" "What now? In front of Steven?" "You say he has seen you naked tonight, and actually fucked you, so what is the problem with undressing now?" "It wasn't him love, it was his doppelganger." "Doppelganger, shwoppleganger!

Who bloody cares? Prove it by undressing NOW!" I sat frozen to the spot. I know it sounds silly but I was embarrassed. Yes, of course, the other Steven had seen me naked and fucked me, but it wasn't THIS Steven. I didn't know what to do. "I am waiting Tania!" "If it's any consolation Tania, I promise not to look" explained Steven. "You WILL look Steve!" snapped my husband, "and if I have anything to do with it you will do more than just look!

I intend getting to the bottom of this fairytale, and if my wife cannot undress in front of you - after apparently saying she has been stark naked all evening - it will prove she has been lying all along!" My heart sank. I could understand Richard's thinking. Of course the whole thing seemed incredible to him. A fairytale as he called it. I realised that I had only one course of action, to obey whatever he wanted in order to get him to believe me. I glanced first at Richard and then at Steven.

I took a deep breath and stood up. I slowly began to unbutton the dress I was wearing. I noticed that Steven turned his face away. "You bloody look at her Steve!" Steve shrugged his shoulders and turned back to look at me. "And keep looking at her until she's naked!" I continued unfastening my dress and then slowly dropped it down to the floor. I stood there in just my bra and pants. I looked at Richard. He nodded for me to continue. I took another deep breath and reached behind my back to unhook my bra.

It fell to the floor and my bare breasts spilled out into view. Steven smiled. He was loving the view. Richard's face was still ashen and grim. "Now your knickers! Get them off!" I couldn't understand my reluctance to be naked after being nude all evening. Although they looked the same, these two men were different people to those I had been with all evening.

Yet I had been happily and willingly naked in front of hundreds of theatre patrons, yet here I was terrified at being naked in front of my husband and our friend. "I am waiting Tania!" Richard's sharp comment broke my change of thought and I stared at him, pleading with my eyes, but his look was stern and menacing. I grasped the waistband of my bikini briefs and slowly, ever so slowly, began to pull them down.

Steven looked away again. "Keep looking!" commanded my husband. Steve turned his face back. My auburn pubic hairs were slowly exposed as the material slid downwards. Then my slightly obscured labia into view. Both men stared between my legs. My pants fell to the floor. "Open your legs!" "Wider!" Despite my nervousness I sensed that my vaginal lips were open, and that I was fully exposed to them.

"Stick your finger up her cunt!" Steven looked aghast! He froze on the spot. "If you have any friendship towards my wife Steve you will want her to prove what she has been saying. So stick a finger up her cunt!" I braced myself as Steven, visibly shaking, proffered a finger between my legs. He glanced across at my husband. Richard was in no mood to mess about.

His continued stern expression gave Steve his answer. The finger moved forward and slipped between the lips of my cunt. "Push it right up her!" Steven obeyed. I felt his finger sliding deeper inside me.

My nervousness was beginning to be overtaken by arousal. I felt a tingling inside. My nipples began to join in. The trepidation started to fall away. Richard recognised the change in my demeanour. His lips curled slightly and a faint smile appeared on his face. "Finger fuck her!" Steven gazed up into my eyes. I smiled at him and nodded. He smiled back and began to push his finger in and out.

I thrilled and admired him as his thumb found and stimulated my clitoris. The erotic sensations started to spread throughout my body. My whole breasts were tingling as well as my nipples.

My cunt felt warm and comfortable with Steven's finger and thumb work and my climb to orgasm was swift and deliberate. I wanted to cum. I wanted to climax in front of them. OMG this felt so good and right. Yes, you heard correctly. It felt right! At last I was having and enjoying some of the pleasure that my doppelganger had been having full time.

I exploded with a scream that shook the house. My whole body was shuddering and shaking with the strength of my climax. Steven continued to push his finger hard inside my cunt, his thumb expertly teasing the last throes of orgasmic sensations out of me. I collapsed back on to the sofa. His finger was still inside me.

Silence reigned for a full minute. Richard again broke the silence. "You enjoyed that didn't you love?" I smiled and nodded. "I did too!" quipped my ardent finger operator. "Never mind you!" snapped my husband "This is about my wife …or I should add, maybe one of my wives." OMG.

Did I hear correctly. Did that mean he believed me. I started to stand, but he put his hand up to stop me. "Don't get too excited love" he commenced "Yes, I am more convinced of the validity of your doppelganger tale than before, but certainly not totally convinced.

Maybe time will tell. But I am willing to accept your explanation until proved otherwise.


From what you have said you certainly enjoyed playing the part of a Naked employee in your other place, but unfortunately that is not legally possible in our dimension. You can, however, be as naked in the house here as you were there - and that should, assuming the truth of the story, help your doppelganger when she has to take your place with me, as nudity seems to be her kick." "You mean I can stay like this now, and strip off every day in home?" "Yes that's what I mean." "Does that mean I can fuck Tania?" Steven interrupted with a sly grin.

"Don't push your luck!" snapped Richard "You've had your finger up her, be satisfied with making her cum with that." "But according to Tania we came back here for us to kiss on the sofa." Richard thought for a few seconds before answering.

"OK, OK. I'll go along with that." Steven took his coat off and started to unfasten his belt. "And you keep your clothes on mate!" Richard snapped again, "Too much temptation if you are naked to get your cock up her!" ""Spoilsport!" mumbled Steven, pulling a face. "Oh for fuck's sake Steve - she bloody naked and you have my permission to kiss her as much as you both want - is that not enough?" "Do NE rules on touching anywhere apply love?" I asked hopefully.


"Yesss! OK - but hands and mouth only Steve!" "Gotcha mate!" Steve almost jumped on top of me in his eagerness. His right hand found my breasts to be willing recipients of his ardour, while his left hand discovered my wet and grateful cunt. Our lips met in a most satisfying, tongue twirling, open mouthed kiss. I had never felt so relaxed and happy in the arms of another man in my life.

To have Steve's fingers up me once more as we kissed, and my breasts fondled lovingly was paradise to me. I chanced a few glances over to Richard who, thankfully, seemed to be enjoying the situation as much as we were. Steve was taking full advantage and had four fingers up me, stretching my labia to it's limits. He was a gorgeous kisser and our lips never seemed to part for breath. Richard was obviously watching keenly. "Try and get your thumb inside her too mate" he shouted "then you can try fisting her!" I was elated that Richard had taken to this in such good part.

I spread my legs even wider to allow Steve to obey his orders. He fumbled with his thumb curled into his palm for a few seconds before, to my delight, his whole hand slid inside my grateful cunt. I failed to stifle a loud gasp as it knocked the wind out of me. Steve closed his hand and gently pumped his fist up and down inside me. OMG it was awesome! I didn't have another orgasm - although I bloody well tried hard enough! I reckon the sensations were perhaps too strong and too different to normal intercourse.

Richard in his wisdom must have spotted that. Thirty minutes of gorgeous kissing, fondling and fisting came to a glorious end and I went over to my darling husband and kissed him. "Thank you so much for believing me sweetheart - I love you so much." "And I love you Tania, and yes, I DO believe you now, sorry to have ever doubted you" he turned his head to Steve "Do you want to fuck my wife mate?" Steve's face broke out into the widest and happiest grin I have ever seen.

"Oh yes please Rich!" "Take her upstairs then and fuck the arse off her!" And so started the next chapter of our incredible marriage - the doppleganger effect was becoming a reality even in my own dimension. The End - for the time being.