Schwarz T gebenden Hand Job große Mutter

Schwarz T gebenden Hand Job große Mutter
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The room I was sitting in was bland but nice, like all waiting rooms look like I suppose. Magazines from several weeks ago lay haphazard on the table and the hum of the ac unit was my only entertainment. Not that I was looking for any, no, I was here because I needed therapy. The wait was just another aggravation. Personally I didn't think I needed any therapy or grief counseling but my dad thought otherwise.

So he dumped me here half an hour ago and told me he would pick me up later, after the good doctor has made me feel all better. I would be so mad at him if I didn't love him so much. He may have loved my mom but I sure as hell didn't share that feeling, not in the end. Somehow she always had her bipolar episodes when he was away, leaving me to deal with it. On an intellectual level I knew she was sick but emotionally I just couldn't bond with her anymore.

Not these last few years with the medication and the outbursts and meltdowns. So I had turned into myself, hid my emotions from the world and adopted the Goth look.

Little miss sunshine, so not me. My dad had seemed to have accepted my change, a few months after my mom had died but my latest tat and piercing had changed that. So now I am here, still waiting for the shrink. The door to the shrink's office opened and a man walked through it, introducing himself as 'Doctor Bradford but you can call me Steve'.

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The blatant attempt at familiarity and equality makes me fake a demure smile as I shake his hand. At least he gives a good handshake and not a weak one. It makes me think a little better of him, that and he looks like a slightly older version of my dad.

That makes me a daddy's girl I suppose but when you have a dad as good looking as mine it's only natural. He closes the door behind us and leads me to the chair I'm supposed to sit in while he takes the one facing mine. The chair is comfortable, I must admit and I relax a bit, easing the tension between my shoulders. "Your name is Cleo?" he asks in his all business voice, sounding so reasonable.

I mumble an affirmative response, not going to make it easy on him. He starts to ask a lot of questions and follows up on them when he senses that I am holding back. Somehow he manages to make me speak up and talk about my feelings. Despite my misgivings I feel myself trusting him and answer his questions honestly. His questions take a new direction when we start to talk about my tats and piercings. Again I learn more about myself through his prodding and poking at my emotions.


Near the end I realize the truth, I was angry at my mom not because of her disease but because of the attention she got from my dad. I had wanted that attention. My mind raced as I thought it all through while answering his questions as to steer away from him coming to the same conclusion.

I must have done a good enough job because he tells me that I have anger issues left from my mom dying and that I should be open about it with my dad. Inside my mind I smile as I hear his conclusion and pretend to agree with him, even giving him a hug when we are done to thank him.


My dad is waiting for me when I leave the office; he smiles at me and enters the office to talk to Steve. A few minutes later he comes out, looking relieved and more relaxed. We speak little as we make our way home and only once we are inside do I hug him fiercely. Surprised but happy he hugs me back and I take his scent into me. He smells so good that I feel myself melt in his arms. Wishing it would last just a few moments longer, I know that he gets uncomfortable after a while.

A moment later he breaks the hug and kisses me on my forehead, telling me to do my homework and wash up before dinner. I smile warmly at him although I don't need to be told to do my homework or wash up, at sixteen I damn well know what to do.

Still I go to my room without sputtering and jump on my bed to stare at my emo Hello Kitty poster. My mind keeps coming back to my realization, I do not just love my dad, I am in love with him.

The thought makes me smile and feel all giddy inside. It doesn't take long for me to start to play with myself, imagining his hands over my body. My nipples get hard as I imagine him sucking them and I almost cry out as my hand teases my clit through the fabric of my skirt and panties.

The warmth that spreads through my body engulfs me, makes me writhe on the bed in desperate need of his touch. My hand finds the perfect rhythm and soon my legs tense up as I feel the heated flood of an orgasm approach.

Silently I arch my back, my mouth wide open as I come. The release is more intense than I imagined, I feel all my tension wash away in the waves of pleasure that course through my body. When they subside, I turn to my side breathing fast and deep. God this was a good one.

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Basking in the afterglow I start to hatch my plan to get him to do it for real, preferably tonight. Dinner is pleasant and the conversation is of course about my visit to the shrink. I make sure that my dad understands that my anger issues come from a lack of communication with my mom and that I have a lot of questions. Just as I hoped he tells me that I could ask and talk about anything with him, no subject was taboo.

Our evening was proceeding as it usually went but I am going to make sure that it doesn't end that way. My dad had changed from his suit to more leisure clothing as he always did before making dinner and tonight was no different.

He looks great in his sweatpants and T shirt and I have to work at it not to stare all the time. Taking the seat next to him on the couch, we sip our coffee and watch the news in silence. When the sports news comes on, he asks for his beer as usual. This time however he's going to get a beer with a little crushed blue pill added to it.

Once he drinks it, I have less than half an hour to set my plan into motion. More than enough time. Faking a spill over my clothing when I get him his beer, I quickly run to my room to change. I had given it a lot of thought; my outfit had to be sexy but not too obvious.

So I had settled for a black string with no bra, a red tight tank top and my black leggings. After quickly changing, I run back to sit next to him and watch the sports round up. My outfit definitely distracts him and I can feel his eyes on my body. I really have to keep my hands to myself now, show nothing or he will suspect something. Knowing better than to start during sports on TV, I waited until the section was finished before bombarding my dad with questions. It seemed to take forever but luckily for me in reality it was only a few minutes.

The blue wonder stuff hadn't made his cock hard yet. When the sports are done, he turns to me and tells me to ask whatever I want to. I start off innocently with why he hasn't start to date yet and similar questions.

He answers honestly and tells me that I am the reason he had not done so. It makes me feel all warm inside, even though his reason for doing so is different than I would have wished for; the end result is the same. The first question about sex makes him blush. Not strange considering the fact that I asked him why men liked to be sucked and what was considered to be a good blowjob.

At that point I feel like I could just eat him, so cute. It takes him a few tries to explain but once he gets rolling he tells me in no uncertain terms what he likes about it and why men enjoy it so much. He even goes on to explain how it should be done to a woman and why it would feel good to her.

By then I am soaking between my legs but the only outside indicator of my horny state are my hard nipples. His cock however is still not hard although it has given a few signs of life. My questions then turns to fucking, what could I expect how I could make it more enjoyable.

Again he takes his time, really trying to explain how it would be for me. He is more relaxed now than we had started and his answers were direct and clear. I notice that his eyes travel more frequently over my body and his groin is definitely stirring.

Time to bring out the big guns, I ask him about anal sex and bondage which he all answered with examples of how he and my mom had done it. He was the sub in the relation, liking to be tied up during sex, another nugget of info. This time I see that his cock is hard and stretching against the fabric of his sweatpants.

He covers it nicely up by changing his sitting position but I know I have him. Taking a moment to gather my nerve, I ask the final question. How do you masturbate a man? He swallows and a thousand thoughts run through his mind, I can see it in his eyes. Still, he starts to explain on how to hold a cock, what pressure to use and how to move.

Clearly I need to take control of the situation or my entire plan will be for nothing. So when he finishes I look him in the eye and let my gaze drop to his hard cock before meeting his eyes again and ask if I could try. For a moment I'm afraid that he's going to react in anger but he doesn't. He sighs and smiles telling me that it would be fine just this once. Not if I could help it but I keep my mouth shut as he removes his pants and shorts.

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I can't help but utter a wow when I see his cock free and in its full glory. Like most girls my age I have seen cocks on internet but having one up close is different, somehow more impressive. His proud member is cleanly shaven, his cockhead wet with pre cum and his foreskin halfway down. Thick veins course through the skin and it seems to grow even bigger while I watch. I estimate it to be at least 8 inches but maybe more, it seems more than big enough for the job I have for it.

My eyes are glued to it as I reach for it gently. It feels hot in my hands, the skin softer than I had expected and with tender care I pull his skin all the way back like he had told me. I feel and hear him react to my actions; it gives me an immense sense of power. Gentle at first I start to make the upward loose and downward tight jacking motions with my hand.

My dad mutters soft encouragements and lets me explore the joys of male masturbation without interruption. I experiment with speed and the tightness of my grip, even going for a few strokes with both hands before stopping and exploring his entire cock with my fingers. His sensitive spots are quickly discovered and his cockhead gets explored extremely well. My fingers have gotten some pre cum on them and of course I have to taste it. A bit salty but otherwise nice, I definitely want to taste a full wad of his cum when he comes.

Resuming my cock stroking, my dad requests that I should use a little more force as he likes a little sting in his sex. I smile and do just what he asked, increasing the speed as well. When I ask him if he likes it, he looks at me and tells me it is wonderful.

What gets to me the most is the way he looks at me, like a full sexual partner. Encouraged by his praise I do even more my best by twisting his skin a bit and closing my fist on his cockhead each stroke. He then tells me he is about to come and not to stop jacking him until he is spent. I don't need to be told twice and when he cries out I keep jacking him. His cock expands in my hand, getting thicker each time he launches his cum.

Excited by my results I watch every launch leave his tiny pee hole and fly over to his chest. After four or five heavy throbs I feel the force of them decrease and his cum starts to accumulate in my hand and on his cock.

I keep stroking him until no more sperm leaves his cock before releasing it. Unable to help myself I taste the sperm on my hand. The taste and texture surprise me and like a cock hungry whore I lick my hands clean before taking his cock in my mouth and sucking and licking all his cum from it.

I loved the taste of it and I want more. Then I realize I had his cock in my mouth and looked up to his face, his cockhead still in my mouth. His face shows fear and lust, a dangerous combination that I quickly want to change to simply lust so I start to move my tongue around his cockhead and take more of him in my mouth. The moment I see resignation and lust on his face I know I have him and that shortly this magnificent piece of cock would be ramming into my pussy.

I have a good idea on what it takes to suck a cock having watched enough porn and had gotten a firsthand explanation from my dad. Still, it is a bit scary but the look on his face is worth a little fear on my part.

Playing with his cockhead for a while with my tongue makes him too sensitive so when he tells me, I give his shaft my undivided attention. Licking and nibbling I explore the entire length of his cock until I reach his balls. I know that these boys are real tender but I really want to feel them in my mouth.

Carefully I take one in my mouth, the skin softer to the touch than my silk blouse. I suck and pull a bit on it before moving to the other one and back on his shaft to his cockhead. This time I am going down on him like those girls in those porn videos.

Using a lot of spit I quickly bob my head up and down on his cock, going further every turn. His cock is drenched in my saliva when he reaches the point of gagging in my throat. Right now I feel so horny that my pain pleasure signals are all mixed up and I decide to go for it.

Doing my best to suppress my gag reflex I manage to deep throat my dad on the third try. The throbbing pressure in my throat was worth it when I see his face.

He is enthralled by me, saying that my mom had never been able to do that. Proudly I do it several times more until my throat really doesn't want him there anymore. Oddly enough the gasping for breath when I come up makes me feel even sexier, slutty even. Dad asks me to strip of my clothes for him; inside my mind I shout a big yes. Within a jiffy I was naked in front of him.

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His hands caress my body as I stand between his legs, making me shudder and giving me goose bumps. Every piece of my skin feels the soft touch of his hands, my breasts and ass getting the most attention.

With a playful face he pulls on my nipple piercings sending shockwaves of pleasure through my body. Surprised at my own reaction I encourage him to try the same with my clit piercing, the one that had gotten me a trip to the shrink this afternoon.

My knees weaken when he does just that, it feels like a supercharged sensation rushing from my clit to my brain, causing me to cry out. Smiling he comes a bit closer and starts to suck on my nipples, giving each equal time and playing with both piercings with his tongue. His hand finds his way between my legs and just the anticipation alone of him touching me there is almost enough to set me off.

I moan loudly when I feel his fingers pass through my lips, caressing them through all the juices I have already produced. Urging him on with my moans I feel first one and then two fingers enter my pussy. I could have died right then and there and still gone to heaven a happy camper.

His fingers feel so much better than my dildo or my own fingers. Rubbing his thumb against my clit, pushing the piercing up he makes me gasp and when his fingers started to fuck me I can't hold it anymore.

I cry out in joy, screaming that I love him as I come so hard my knees give out under me. Trying to keep my balance while my body is caught in the bliss of the moment, I let myself fall against him. In his arms I shake with each peak of pleasure, his scent making me even wilder. I don't want this feeling to go away, or his fingers out of my pussy but I need his cock. Tonight I want him to fuck me, see his face when he shoots his cum in my pussy.

I know that my moans are arousing him even further so I keep it up while I crawl onto his lap. My breasts press against his chest and he feels so warm and coarse against my skin. The feeling of our skin so close together does things to me I have no words for, yet. For a moment I feel panic as he removes his fingers from my pussy. At once I feel empty, abandoned and I need something in me quick. I realize that I am losing control over my actions but I don't mind, this rush is wonderful.

His hands reappear on my back and I can feel the wetness on one of them. The slow movement that he makes drives me insane, that it is my own moisture only makes it better. His cock is caught between our bellies but not for long. I rise up on his lap and grab it with my hand, guiding it in my pussy as fast as I can. Not that I think that he'll object but I don't feel like taking the chance, I need it too much right now to be disappointed. Holding his cock again is in itself a joy but when I feel his cockhead pass my inner lips I can't help but cry in triumph.

So warm and alive, his cock feels like the most wonderful thing in the world and it is all mine. His cock head is already inside me but instead of rushing him deep inside me quickly, I let myself slide slowly down the length of his cock, savoring the moment despite my lustful state.

Every inch is a delight in itself. The feeling of him filling me up is so good that I don't want it to stop. I am so in the moment that he startles me when he pulls me a bit away.

For a second I had forgotten it takes two for a good fuck, but I am back in the game now. His eyes are looking at me with lust and wonder when he tells me that what we are doing is wrong and that he shouldn't. A bit late is what comes up first in my mind to answer but I simply tell him that something this amazing can't be wrong.

To prove my point I rise up and sit back down again, making ups both gasp in delight. He then pulls the morals card but I am way ahead of him.

Slowly I keep on moving up and down his incredible cock as I tell him that I am the initiative taker, not him and that I am old enough to choose my lover, legal even and that the taboo is based on having children, which I do not intent to have with him, just sex.

I am not sure what swayed him, my arguments or his cock in my pussy, but I don't care because he is back in the game. He settles on a hard and fast rhythm with me and I feel his cock creeping a little further in me every time. The sensation of his cock in me is so much better than the toys I've used so far that my second orgasm of the night is closing in fast. I press myself closer to his chest, squeezing my breasts between us to feel more of him. His cock is driving my pussy slowly insane with pleasure and I urge him not to stop when I come.

My breath is speeding up as my first cock induced orgasm comes closer. I feel my mouth dry up and a bitter taste appears in it. A second later something wonderful explodes inside of me. Unlike all my orgasms before, this one shatters my mind as I lose grip on reality and get lost in the bombardment of sensations that assault me.

I have become my orgasm, my body feels electrified and it feels like time stands still. Everything good has somehow been condensed to this moment of joy. Fireworks my ass, this is a full nuclear meltdown.

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Slowly I regain my composure, I hear screams of joy. My voice, my throat is making that sound. It feels all so unreal but then the feeling between my legs returns and I fall back in my body. My dad is still fucking me as fast as he can and my clit feels so wonderfully abused.

I can hear him whisper 'close, so close' and I do my best to make it as good for him as it was for me. A tighter pussy gives a man more friction so I try to use my muscles there to strangle his cock. I am not sure if it is working but he is moaning louder now, his eyes closed and his legs tense. The sound of our wet bodies clashing into one another almost makes me laugh but I manage to refrain myself. I am still coming down from my high and I start to feel giddy and warm all over.

His cock doesn't stop ramming its way up my pussy and I start to wonder how it would feel in my ass. Maybe he would like that, or at least make him come quicker.

The moment I suggest it he opens his eyes, looks at me in wonder and cries out.

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A thick throbbing sensation then makes its presence know in my pussy. I can feel my dad shoot his cum in me. The feeling is odd and pleasant but the look on his face makes it wonderful. Throb after throb I feel his seed leave his cock, mixing itself with my juice. He stops with his pounding after the third throb but I take over and slowly ride him until his cock is silenced.

The blue pill I gave him earlier is making his cock stay hard and I am not complaining. He may be spent but it still feels amazing to have him in me. God, I just love the feel of a cock in my pussy. His face is one of bliss and although my pussy wants his cock deep in it, my legs disagree. Starting to cramp up, I get up. His cock leaves me with a slurping sound and at once I feel his cum slide down my legs.

It tickles a bit but the warmth also gives it an erotic feeling. Waste not wants not I think when I catch most of it between my fingers and lick it with delight form them.


The look on my dad's face is golden when he sees me do that. I could even swear that another little drop of cum got pushed out of his cock because of that.

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Grinning I take his cock in my hand and bend over to lick it clean. I make sure he has a good view of my hanging breasts when I bend over and turn his cock so he can watch. I think my dad would like to watch me masturbate some time, the way he is watching me now. Not that I would mind, as a matter of a fact, I think it would make me come harder.

I would love to see him jack off some time too, see his hands work his cock while he looks at me. What would his fantasy be then at that moment? Perhaps he could tell me while I watch his hands stroke his cock. I am still as horny as I can get but these thoughts almost make me even more so. When I am done with his cock, I sit back in his lap, leaning on his knees. His cock presses softly against my swollen lips and I smile at him lovingly. He doesn't know what to say so I decide to take the lead again.

I suggest that we do this more often and that we should explore our mutual interests in sex together. When I tell him that I would love to tie him up and abuse his body for my pleasure, a twinkle appears in his eyes and slowly I win him over. Before the night finishes, we agree to have more sex and experiment on the one condition that I do not fixate on him but also look outside for sex. I happily agree with that and when he tells me he still has all the toys and clothes he and my mom used in their games, I hug him in glee.

My mind is by then already in the bedroom with the image of my dad's body pressed on top of me, his cock deep in my pussy. I must really thank the shrink for this wonderful turn of event.