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Best of Daddy And Step Daughters Compilation
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Janarah had heard rumors about John Malone and his private island paradise. She thought it was just rumors until she recieved a personal invitation to join me on my island. The island was off limits to the ordinary tourist and was rarely visited by outsiders at all, It was early on a Saturday morning when the ten couples stood nervously waiting for Mr.

Bennett to open the large hanger next to the Company Lear Jet. A few seconds later Bill Bennett strolled up to the circle. " Welcome Jana. I'm John Malone and I've invited you to visit my private island and enjoy sometime with me. So we can become better acquianted. Now I'm sure you've heard rumors about my games and I can say now that.that they are all true." I didn't laugh.

We talked and laughed a lot for a couple of hours and I learned a little more about Jana. She did catch me stealing glances at her body occasionally. If it hadn't been for the few glasses of wine she had consumed she may have been slightly annoyed. Jana went for a stroll up the beach to stretch her legs. The walk did her good and she returned to the welcoming fire some twenty minutes or so later and discovered that I was still awake!

I looked at her as I spoke and she feels a slight tingle in her pussy knowing that she was alone with me. " You can stay as long as you like John." She purred, as she laid back and finished fourth glass of wine for the evening. Way more than she would normally have! I nodded and smiled again. I was sitting near her feet and she noticed my eyes wander down her body slowly and back up again to meet her gaze. She did not mind too much as I made no sleazy attempt to hide the fact.

She knew I was just checking her out and she was flattered. I do not get many older handsome men looking at me like that these days and with my gaze still upon her she feels herself moisten slightly at my interest. She feels sooo relaxed. " I hope you don't mind me saying so Jana, you are a very attractive young woman." My openness took her by surprise and she feels herself blush slightly. " Why thankyou John, and might I say that you are a very handsome man." Her heart skipped a beat when she said this and she wriggled her toes subconsciously.

I glance down at her small feet and without saying a word, reaching down and tenderly placing my large hand beneath her right ankle and lifted her foot onto my lap.

I then begin to ever so gently massage the sole of her foot. It feels absolutely heavenly and she made no attempt to stop me. " Mmm.that's sooo nice John.

You have the most magical fingers," She croons softly. Her bare foot looks so tiny in my big strong hands. I did not favour just her right foot though and just as silently I pick up her other foot to afford it equal attention. She laid back and closed her eyes, luxuriating in my touch. She was, well aware that I could now see up her short skirt. She knew if I looked closer between her slightly parted thighs that I would notice her bikini was partially damp where it afforded her vulva that small amount of modesty!

She didn't care! She was in heaven and enjoying every moment of my careful ministrations. She feels my hands wandering up her smooth calf and rub it slowly before I move up further, behind her knee and draw small circles lightly.

She feels so wonderful at that moment, the moon, the wine, the warm air wafting across the sand and I'm caressing her legs. Oh how titillating a feeling it all added up to. My fingers move up past her knee and onto her thigh where I continue to draw small circles with just the tips of my fingers. Occasionally it tickles her and she would move her butt around, grinding the blanket into the soft sand, and I moved up nearer to her upper thigh.

Then she feels my fingers very slowly caressing her inner thighs, now only a couple of inches away from her moist pussy. She wonders at how daring I was going to be and she squirmes at my touch! It was not until she feels my other hand attempt to open her slightly parted legs even wider that she finally snaps out of her total serenity. She wonders what she might have let me do had she had even more wine.

" Thank you John, that was very pleasant. You have a wonderful touch," She said courteously as she withdrew her feet from my lap and sat back up, tucking her legs beneath her. It had felt good, that was the problem, and it was because it was feeling just a bit too good that she had to stop me! She walked into the cool water till it was up past her knees then I turned around and knelt down facing the beach back towards where she could see me removing my clothes by the fire.

This time it was her turn to check me out as I purposely and unashamedly walked down and into the water near to where she was kneeling. I got within ten feet of her before stopping and then splashing the cool salty water upon my body with my hands. The moon was behind her and she had an almost direct view of my nudity. I stood before her completely unashamed of my nudity in her presence. I too was only in knee deep water.

" The water is nice Jana?" " It is very nice, thankyou John. Are you going to come in further?" The bright moonlight lit my body up almost like day. " So now it is my turn to admire.


You are the first older man I have ever seen naked John, and I am not disappointed." She looks me up and down from my deep chest to my flat stomach and narrow hips.

Such a fit looking man. He didn't appear to have an ounce of fat or any body hair for that matter. Then she looked closer at my groin, mmm.there was tight curly pubic hair above my very impressive looking penis. So the rumours and stories where true she confirmed. I moved closer to her and my long thick penis swayed from side to side. Pushing off from the sandy bottom and swimming out even further. The sight of my long thick penis still sharp in her mind.

She looks me in the eye again and jumps slightly when she feels my finger touch her bare flesh then quickly part her hairless pussy lips, stroking her several times as I did so. She couldn't move, it all seems to be a dream, her alcohol befuddled brain tried to figure out how this had all happened so fast!

I was bolder now and I moved my hand in closer still. Instead of clenching her legs shut tightly she allowed them to float apart wider. She let me inch a finger part way into her juicy slit for a moment. And through her glazed eyes she could see the confidence in mine!

I leaned close to her ear and whispers softly, " You are small Jana .quite small, I love small tight pussy?" She quickly disentangled herself from my clutches and begins to swim for shore. For a moment she thought she had made it she sensed someone come up behind her. Before she had time to run a hand roughly covered her mouth and an arm encircled her waist.

The suddenness gave her a hell of a fright and if it wasn't for the hand clamped firmly over her mouth she would have certainly screamed! Her mind was racing.

Oh no, he's caught me! She feels herself being lifted off the ground and carried forward towards the rock ahead, the goal that she came so close to achieving. The large flat rock that was some fifteen feet in diameter and roughly three foot high.

I carried her closer. She seen something spread out upon the rock; it looked like a large thick blanket or even a sleeping bag. My body glistening in the moonlight, I let her stand on her feet again when we were only a few feet from the rock. My hand was still over her mouth, I eased my grip upon her waist and slids my hand up and over her breast, squeezing her flesh roughly.

I then move my hand between the folds of her sarong and pull her bikini top to one side, releasing one of her breasts and rolling her nipple between my fingers. I stopped fondling her nipples and snaked my hand down from her breasts towards her belly. The wrap of the sarong was such that it split completely down one side and once my hand had found the opening she was at the mercy of my exploring touch.

She feels me reach her bikini bottoms and she tried to stop me from going any further. It was no use, I was much too strong and I effortlessly slip my probing fingers inside the narrow waistband of her g-string to rub along her small slit again as she tried to clamp her thighs together. I then whisper in her ear that her pussy looks as good as it feels.

I roughly try to force a finger into her unwilling passage. It was only then that she comprehended my nudity.

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My hard muscled body gleaming in the bright moonlight. " Sit down next to me my dear," I said as I sat down on the blanket drawing her towards me by her wrist. Jana's heart was beating rapidly at her sudden capture. She did not have to wonder for too long.

No sooner was she sitting next to me than I made my intentions clear! " Would you like to remove your clothing Jana? You may find it more. pleasant," I suggested somewhat graciously. I didn't wait for an answer; I simply reached for her sarong where it was tied between her breasts and undid the loose knot letting the thin material separate in front of her.

She was too shocked to move and offered no resistances at all. I folded the upper part of her sarong down to her hips and she noticed that her small bikini top was still askew from my groping hands moments ago.

She feels my fingers loosen the thin straps to her top and it fell into her lap. Jana's mind was going haywire; I was actually going to do this! " I see your breasts are very brown, you sunbathe topless? Or maybe you like to sunbathe in the nude, as Mother Nature intended?" I cup her breasts in my hands and lower my mouth to suckle on her engorged nipples, my teeth gently nibble and bit her and draw out along the length of her buds.

" They are beautiful, your nipples, they stand out so proud and hard. Are they very sensitive?" I commented before continuing to lick and suck them ravenously. Her nipples are very sensitive and although her breasts are small her dark brown nipples stand out like thumbles when totally aroused or when cool air touches them. She knew they were like that now and she looked down at them.

Yes, they now stood out as far as the first joint of her ring-finger and just as round, they were fully erect. I suckled noisily. " I.I don't John.please." She asked breathlessly as she capitulated a little to easily.

I stopped working on her breasts and gently laid her back on the soft blanket. " It is alright Jana; do not worry." She closed her eyes when she felt her sarong being laid open. She feels fingers grip the narrow straps of her bikini and tug them down gently.

She lifted her buttocks slightly as they were eased down past her thighs.


I was licking her erect nipples again and continue to fondle her small firm breasts. Without opening her eyes Oh my God, this was not supposed to happen she now feels completely helpless to stop me! " .I just couldn't," She pleaded somewhat pointlessly. It was all happening sooo fast!

I took one of her ankles in each of my strong hands and raised her feet upon the blanket, moving her knees apart as I did so.

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"" She opens her eyes suddenly and was cut off in the middle of her anguished plea when she feels my tongue rasp over her labia toward her super sensitive clitoris! It was like an electric shock, only a very, very pleasurable one. Jana raises my head just enough to see my head between her thighs, my tongue darting in and around her pussy rapidly. The feeling was absolutely exquisite; her lust was rapidly overpowering any remaining rational thoughts that she may have had!

I worked a finger into her while I continue to give her some of the best cunnilingus she has ever had!

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She knew her orgasm was fast approaching and she pushes my head down harder and heaves her hips forward with the beautiful sensations she was experiencing. " Ah yeah.ah yeah.that's it. that's it .mmm." her climax sweeps over her with a rapid intensity while I continue to drive my fingers into her hungry cunt. Her orgasm peaks, then gradually subsides. The release was absolutely beautiful and the first orgasm she has achieved in days!

Her pussy still contracting when she realises that I had removed my fingers and had moved on top of her. She didn't have time to recover from her orgasm! It was going to happen, she knew it then, I was going to take her! Jana opens her legs wider to accommodate me, she feels me nudge against her pussy and rub myself along her wet opening. " Are you ready Jana? I will be gentle, do not worry," I whisper softly in her ear, a moment later I apply pressure and she feels me entering her.

Her eyes open wide and she looks at me as I withdraw, and then push forward again. My ministrations had no doubt helped she knew, there was mild discomfort when my large cock-head slips past her tight opening and went in deeper. " It is as I thought Jana, you are very small but your lubrication is flowing and that will help me." She couldn't believe it! She could actually feel the veins that wrapped around my long thick cock, as the shaft slids into her pussy.

I then withdrew almost completely and entered her again. I begin to slowly thrust into her with my beautiful big cock. Never before could she remember being so completely filled! My strokes were long and gentle as I had promised, it wasn't long before she had become used to my size and she then started to heave and buck back at me passionately! I raise myself on my hands and look down at her.

My muscular chest and shoulders bulged with my effort. She raised her head enough to see my length disappearing time and again into her hairless pussy. I looked so big between her slim thighs and she could not believe I was really fucking her with that huge cock of mine! I sensed her acceptance and I increased my pace gradually. Jana was enraptured and could feel another orgasm building. Her whole body was moving back and forth with me and she soon was becoming lost to the pleasure of my fucking.

She rolled her head from side to side in the bright moonlight she could clearly make out the lights at the house. Strangely she is feeling no guilt or remorse, which would probably come later, at the present she only feels pleasure, wonderful pleasure.

Then I stopped! Without ceremony I removed my cock from her hungry, squelching pussy with a noticeable plop. " What are you doing?" She cries. " Why are you stopping? Fuck me John; I want you to fuck me!

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Oooh.don't stop!" She begs and begs. " It is alright Jana," as I stood to one side, my big hard cock swinging proudly in the night air. I roll her over onto her stomach and she raises her hips so she was kneeling on the edge of the flat rock.

The thick blanket protected the skin on her knees. Jana laid her face onto the clean smelling blanket and arching her back so as to push her pussy outwards wantonly. I quickly spread her legs stepping between them, leaning forward rubbing my cock along her juicy, swollen pussy. Jana gasps loudly as my length and thickness penetrate her wet cunt without hesitation. I push in deeper and grip her hips firmly pulling her back onto my long cock so that it went in further!

I withdrew almost all the way then plunges in roughly again and again. I grunted with every stroke and my pace increased rapidly. She feels her lost orgasm quickly returning with every brutal thrust of my hard cock. " Jana, I'm going to shoot my seed in you!" She hears me say. " I'm going to fill your pussy!" Jana barely comprehends the implications of this as she was completely lost in her own lust, and her orgasm sweeping over her. Jana moans in absolute delight at the hard fucking I was giving her!

I feel her milking my shaft with her tight passage. My pace increases in tempo and a thought suddenly materialised from her orgasm induced delirium. " No John. you can't come inside of me.aah.ahhh .please .nooo ." it was too late! She feels me tense up my loins and jamb myself in as far as I could in her. Jana tries to pull away but my grip on her buttocks was too strong!

I cry out, calling her name. While I emptied my hot load of cum against her cervix. Breathless I finally withdrew my spent cock from her sopping, abused pussy. She collapsed onto the blanket; her sarong was bunched up next to her. An hour later she feels herself being rolled onto her back. She looks up at me, I had the glazed look of lust upon my face again. " Please John.not yet.please." She pleads in vain, as I positioned myself between her legs again.

" Oooh.I don't want to do this. John .John.John." She cried out when I slammed my thick cock back inside of her impatiently. I was up on my arms and she watched mesmerised as my black pearl necklace swung to and fro while I fucked her. " Now you are Jana. mmph. for pleasure." I groan, as I tried to enter her completely before she could respond! Oh my God! She feels my cock spear her cervix!

I change my angle of penetration and then she feel it. My pelvis rubbing against her erect clitoris! The feeling was absolutely incredible! " Ooooh.yesss.aagh.yesss.oooh John." She cooed with my every thrust, She was in heaven! Within moments of me pleasuring her this way she feels another orgasm approaching. This time it was far more intense than before. I kept up the long, deep strokes, each time my pelvis slapped aganist her blood engorged clit. " I'm coming .I'm coming." She kept saying over and over.

Her hands held her legs high and wide apart and she feels her toes start to curl as the first wave of her orgasm engulfs her. I continue slamming into her; sweat is dripping from my brow onto her heaving breasts. I rode her through the first multiple orgasms she had experienced in her life. " I am going to plant more of my seed now Jana," I grunted and my pace increased twofold! more .John.nooo.please.nooo." I wasn't listening; I didn't care at that moment!

There was no stopping me. Jana feels my cock swelling even larger and I scream out into the still night air.

The force of my second ejaculation surprises her! She had never felt anything like it before! Jana raises her head weakly and sees me buried in her to the hilt! My cock continues to jerk and throb inside of her for several more seconds.

Then I collapse next to her sideways, pulling her over with me so that my length was still partially embedded in her stretched pussy. She slowly got her breath back and whimpered to me, " That was amazing." She lay there in the afterglow of her orgasms, gradually regaining some strength in her aching pussy. Jana could just make out the lights down the beach, while my cock still nestled in her pussy.

" I have to go.please.I have to go!" My cock slips out of her as she gingerly moves away to gather her things. She feels the sperm beginning to ooze out of her formerly tight pussy and run down her inner thighs. What had she just done! " Please one can ever know about this.what we have just done. I beg you, it must remain our secret," She appeals to me.

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Jana got up off the blanket, even more tired and sore now. She wrapped her sarong around herself and gathered up her tiny bikini hastily and went to the house. Four hours later Jana woke up, I was reclining in a chair near the bed stroking myself to another erection. Jana stood up next to the bed turning her back to me as she started for the door. I quickly stood up and came up behind her as she leaned down to gather her cloths off the floor beside the bed. As she straightened up I reach around and cup her breasts in my cool hands allowing her nipples to protrude between my fingers.

I lowered my face to her neck and started nibbling on her ear. She feels my hard cock pressing into the crack of her ass and I was grinding it into her. " No more John.please, not now!" She said while clutching her cloths to her body. I did not listen and one of my hands found its way down to her pussy where I easily inserted a couple of fingers and begin to finger-fuck her! I tried to force her back over to the bed and she resists as much as she could, my lustful energy was too strong for her and I soon had her lying back down on the rumpled bed.

She feels so weak still and I easily positioned myself over her and forced legs apart again. " Nooo.not sooo soon. John please." It was no use, she did not have the strength to stop me from continuing. In a matter of moments I was close to entering sore pussy as she vainly tried to twist away from me. My prodding hard rod found her entrance and I flex my buttocks forward driving myself between her swollen, wet inner-labia in one rough hard thrust.

Any further resistance from her was futile and she just closed her eyes and hoped I would be quick! I fucked her like a engine piston, hard and fast! I reached behind her legs and pulling them up high pumping into her harder. She feels the hard unforgiving bed through the thick blanket against her back with my brutal strokes time and time again.

She only hopes that I would let her go after I had finished with her! I pull her to the edge of the bed and raise her legs higher by gripping her ankles. I then forced her to bend her knees back against her breasts and with my feet on the floor to give me a better position, I continue my assault. Her long dark hair was splayed out wildly. I power fuck her for several minutes before she finally senses my impending climax fast approaching.

Unbelievably she managed to enjoy it and managed a couple of minor orgasms, but nothing like earlier. I stared at her grunting like an animal from my effort, my body had a slick sheen of sweat all over it, suddenly I pull my slippery cock out of her battered pussy with just a few quick strokes, I explode a long thick spurt of semen up and over in an arc where great globs of it landed across her stomach and breasts. I collapsed down next to the bed breathless saying nothing.

Jana was breathless too and her chest heaved as she drew deep breaths in a bid to recover. She lay on her back, her legs askew. The smell of sex was thick in the room. She just layed there for a while. I had gotten leaving the room. Returning to the bedroom later I hear the shower, entering the bathroom I see Jana facing the shower spray.

I quietly step into the shower behind her startling her. I begin to lather her ass cheeks, running one hand over her butt and down her ass crack while squeezing and plying her breast with the other. As soon as I lightly brushed her pink rosebud, Jana groans with approval, and spreads her legs a little further apart, then leans forward enough to permit me access to her ass.

" You like having your asshole teased, don't you?" asked her. My throbbing cock was telling me that it wanted to feel the tightness of her asshole gripping and grasping me as I sink it as deep into her. " Mmm, your fingers feel so good on my asshole, John." Jana confirmed. " I've never been fucked up the ass before. You want to be the first?" In answer, I slipped a finger against her rosebud, then pressed softly but firmly until her sphincter relaxes enough to grant me entry.

With slow steady pressure, I eased my finger further inside her until it was all the way up to the knuckle, then slowly wiggle it around as her hole stretches to accommodate the intruder. When she was sufficiently loose, I insert another finger, thereby opening her up more.

She purrs at the realization of what I was about to do to her. Soon, she was open enough that I replace my probing fingers with the head of my cock, slowly and carefully sliding myself up her ass until her ass cheeks were pressed against my groin.

Then I begin a slow constant stroking of her with my cock. " Yes-s-s-s, John! Fill my ass with that monstrous cock of yours! I wanna feel you fuck my ass so good!" Jana begged. The lathered soap on my cock, combined with the water running down Jana's back, made her asshole sufficiently slippery and well-lubricated that soon I was pounding her harder and harder.

Both my hands were grasping and pulling her to me by squeezing and fondling her perky breasts, the thumbs and forefingers of each hand twisting her nipples savagely. In response, Jana pushes her ass harder against my pounding thighs, driving my cock as far up her ass as she could.

The deeper my cock intruded, the more she wanted that magnificent masculine meat of mine. I was enraptured with the tightness of Jana's ass on my cock. God she was tight! I loved fucking omen's tight virgin assholes. Jana's was sensuous and very tight, and I wondered if it were possible to ever get enough of her.

The more I fucked her, the more she pushes back against me, insisting that I fill her to the fullest extent possible. As much as I was enjoying her ass, I feel my balls begin to lift and my cock fill with my boiling cum.

On the one hand, I wanted to spurt my seed up Jana's ass; on the other, I wanted this fuck to go on for as long as possible. I was too far gone, and slowing down my strokes wouldn't keep my orgasm from erupting. " God, Jana, I'm gonna cum!" I warned Jana. " Yes! Cum in my ass, John! Fill me with that hot cum!" Jana encourages me, as she begins to rub and tease her clit. Between the stimulation on her clit and my throbbing cock ramming in and out of her asshole, Jana slips two fingers into her sore cunt, and feels my hard cock pumping her through the thin membrane separating the two canals.

The sensation of her fingers manipulating the bottom of my cock drove me over the edge, and I explode rope after rope of my cum into the depths of her.

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Jana feels the warmth of my cum as it floods inside her, and combines with the stimulation of both her clit and her cunt, it pushes that tingling in her clit throughout her entire body, her brain engulfed with the bright lights of her climax. As I grunted with the rapture of my cock unloading up Jana's ass, she screams lustfully as wave after wave of pleasure overwhelms her.

Jana leans back against me as my cock begins to soften and slip out of her, and she feels my cum oozing from her asshole and dribbling down her inner thighs. The strength of my grip as I held her was heavenly. She never wanted this closeness to end. I clasp Jana tightly to me, nuzzling her neck and kissing her ear as I feel the glow of our lovemaking course through my body.

The muscles in my legs involuntarily twitching and threatening to topple me over as we relaxed. " Damn, Jana, you felt so good" I whisper in her ear. " You felt so good yourself, John." she mumbles. " Loved that magnificent man-meat you keep filling me up with, and those beautiful balls that give me all your delicious cum" she told me.

" Hmm." I responded. Jana giggled softly, then spun around and kissed me deeply, warmly, and passionately. The hot water threatening to run out, we quickly finish washing and rinsing off before it expires.

Jana dried me with the soft beach towel I had grabbed, and I did the same for her. We went back to our respective rooms and got dressed, then met in the kitchen. Our cruise back to Miami on my yachet was a safe and uneventful. Except that I was still horny and I could not keep my hands off Jana, taking her whenever I could. Till she finally begs me to leave her alone, she was getting sore! I liked it when she said that. Each time after I had finished with her. She lay awake thinking sinful thoughts of when I would take her back to my Pleasure Island.