Twink movie I went to the doctors for a routine checkup because I

Twink movie I went to the doctors for a routine checkup  because I
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Chapter 13 The next morning I lazily woke up and was going to start some breakfast, but decided to check up on my brother first. He wasn't in his room, so I went downstairs to see what he is up to. To my surprise, he was making pan cakes and already had the syrup and plates out for the both of us.

He saw me walk in and just invited me to have a seat at the table and asked how many I wanted. I was happy that he was in a good mood, and figured that we can just go on with our day from here on without making a big deal about last night. After all we did talk about it enough and he seemed ok when we parted and each went to our rooms.

So, we ate, hung out and he even introduced me to one of his PlayStation games that seemed less hard to learn; some racing game where I could crash the car into other ones and still win. We had a good time that day, and after lunch his friend's mom called to let me know she would be coming soon to pick him up for the sleepover. She wanted to be here earlier than planned to get the boys to their swim practice and then take them out to pizza; in fact she invited me to go with them for dinner, but I wasn't really into hanging out with some 8th graders all afternoon so I told her I will be just relaxing at home tonight after thanking her for the offer.

She got to our place around 3pm and I went upstairs to see if James was ready. He had just packed his backpack with the stuff he needed and he gave me a hug before turning to go downstairs.

I was really happy that things were ok between us, so before he stepped out I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. He smiled at me and I smiled back, and for some reason I leaned toward him and gave him another kiss, on the lips. It wasn't anything gross, just a quick peck that made us both smile again and also blush a bit.

He was again my best friend and I guess on some level I thought that the cheek kiss was a bit motherly and I didn't want him to see me in that way. Once they had left, I went up to my room and started tidying up a bit, putting stuff away and dusting around some before taking a break to check my emails and respond to some of them.

Last night's events were still in the back of my head and I just couldn't get over how everything happened, especially how quick James reacted to my touch&hellip. So I decided to look it up on the web, just to see if it was a normal thing.

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There were many articled about premature ejaculation and I read some of the medical explanations which made sense and educated myself a bit on what it was and how it happened. Apparently it was something of a common occurrence in younger teens, and even adults. I kept reading and found some forums about men that struggled with this condition and also women that were talking about their boyfriends and husbands.

Some had a real problem with it, but there were some that said how they were turned on when their man would lose it after just a minute or two. I figured that lots of people have different opinions about the subject and that was cool since I realized that it isn't such a big deal, not even that rare of an occurrence in men of all ages.

Eventually I stumbled upon some R rated videos, they looked homemade, of guys cumming rather quickly with or without the help on a woman. I was a bit put off by some of the footage, but a couple of them made me giggle, especially the ones where the wife or girlfriend was getting a kick out of what she was doing and some were trying to get their guy to cum as fast as they could.

As I was at my desk "educating" myself my phone rang. I didn't recognize the number but answered anyway. My jaw dropped: -"Jasmine, It's Doctor Carter, how are you dear?" said the voice on the other end. I paused for a second: "I'm fine, thank you. Am&hellip. What is this about?" I asked nervously -"Well, I just wanted to see how you were, I recall your mother mentioning that her and your father will be out of town this weekend and wanted to see how you and your brother were doing." "Oh, we're fine, he just went out with his friend and will be at a sleepover, I was just on my computer when you called, so everything is OK." I wasn't sure why I was giving him any information, but I guess I just got used to answering all his questions without thinking too much about it.

-"That is great, I'm glad you are doing well&hellip." He paused for a moment. "Maybe I'll stop by later, what do you think?" "Why would you do that? I mean, I don't think my parents would be OK with that." -"I'm sure they wouldn't be OK with most of the things we have been doing together but I'm sure you won't tell them, in fact I'm pretty sure you don't want anyone to know the things I know about you&hellip. Correct?." He had me where he wanted.

"No, I don't want that…" -"All right, so I will see you later, shall we say around seven this evening?" "OK… Bye" My mouth was half open as I hung up and just stared in the mirror. What just happened? He is coming here, to my house? But what choice did I have&hellip. I just resigned myself and sat back down at my desk.

I turned the computer off and just sat there quietly for I'm not sure how long.

What was his plan? I was almost sure that he was going to make me do something I hated or submit me to who known what perversions… My stomach was in a knot all afternoon until I heard the doorbell ring. Only then it dawned on me where he had my phone number and address from: all my information was in his office in my file.

I wrote it all down before the first session, you could argue that I basically invited him to come here and take advantage of me&hellip. again. So I went to the door and there he was. We said hi and I let him in. He took a look around and then back at me, noticing the look of nervousness and a bit of surprise still on my face. I was wearing a pair of shorts and a white t shirt around the house that day and I didn't think about changing, nor did I see any reason to do so.

I usually don't wear a bra at home since I don't feel I need one, and I just noticed that I didn't have one that day either as he paused for a moment to stare shamelessly at my bust through the shirt that was stretched over it. This made me self-conscious but he had seen me in worst poses so I didn't bother trying to hide from his gaze. -"You have a nice place here, why don't you give me a tour?" So I showed him around, the living room, dining area, kitchen, mostly downstairs. But he was waiting for more, so without arguing I took him upstairs and showed him my room which he took some interest in, looking around at some photos, picking one up.

It was taken a few years ago at a friend's birthday party when I was 14. He complemented me on how good I looked and how well developed my body was at that early age.

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I didn't respond, just looked away. He finally put it down and started looking around again.

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-"So, how do you feel since yesterday, are you experiencing any pain? "What do you mean?"… -"I mean any physical pain, does anything hurt or do you have some lasting discomfort?" "Please be honest, you know my rules…" he said looking straight at me "Yes, I do have some pain between my legs, mostly from the rubbing, the skin is still a bit red…" I answered, hoping that it was enough information to satisfy him -"What else?" "My,… my anus is still really tender, I have a burning sensation there and it hurts when I sit down for too long.

I applied some lotion that the doctor gave me after my assault and that calmed it a bit and there was no inflammation…" He just looked at me and smiled for what seemed like forever. I decided to break the silence before he would get too inquisitive of my stuff: "So do you want to go downstairs, maybe I can make you a coffee or tea?" I asked hoping to get him out of here faster. -"No, thank you, I just had dinner and some coffee with that. But what do you say we go and take a shower together?

I came here straight from dinner and haven't had a chance to drop by my house yet. Please, lead the way…" he said in an inviting way while pointing to the door. I had no answer and no voice to protest, so I just walked out the door and down the hall while he followed me to the bathroom.

I turned the light on and he walked in after me. He just looked at me expectantly… I sighed and just looked down before I started undressing in front of him.

I first reached down and pulled my t-shirt over my head and just dropped it on the floor, exposing my breasts which bounced a bit as I was getting the shirt over them and off my body. I could clearly see that he was enjoying the show and as much as I hated it I had to continue. Next I pulled my shorts down my legs and stepped out as I heard him take in a deep breath. He was staring down at my large breasts as they were swaying a bit, hanging right in front of my face as I bent over.

I then put my thumbs inside the elastic on my panties and pulled them down as well, just leaving them on the floor next to my other garments. Now I was completely naked in front of this pervert in my own bathroom. But I didn't have much time to think about it, he asked me to twirl around a bit and I did, slowly like he asked of course, then he wanted me to undress him.

Reluctantly I reached out and took his shirt off, pulled his pants down revealing the bulge in his underwear and then removing set underwear while looking into the other direction.

He noticed this and questioned my actions: -"Don't tell me you're shy, you just saw it not too long ago, remember&hellip.?" "It's not that, it's… I just can't help but feel grossed out by &hellip. This&hellip." I knew I had to be honest or he would call me out on even the smallest lie, he was like a human lie detector, like it was part of his medical training or something.

But instead of being insulted, he just smiled and told me to get in the shower. I stepped in and then turned the water on. Sprays were hitting my naked body while he watched from not more than two feet away. He asked me to just wash myself like I normally would.

It was awkward but I just picked up the bottle of body wash and put some on my luffa and then started working it on myself. I usually go top to bottom, so I started with my shoulders, reaching back behind my neck, down my arms, around my chest, soaping up my breasts&hellip.

He then stepped in right next to me. He needed to help me clean myself better since apparently I was going "a bit fast for his taste" and he didn't want me to miss any area.

He took the luffa in one hand and started touching me all over with the other hand, soaping me up and then just sliding his hands over my young body. As he passed over my breasts, the luffa had a rather strong effect on my already overly sensitive nipples, making them stand up, pointing right at him. He took this as encouragement and started working my "melons" as he called them, with both his hands, squeezing them, rubbing and pinching my hard nipples, jiggling them and then adding more body wash to the mixture to make them even more slippery.

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His erection was pointing straight up at me and every time he got closer it would rub on my abdomen, around my belly button making me jump just slightly trying to avoid it touching my bare skin. For some reason I felt even more vulnerable in the shower, with him soaping me up and washing me like a little girl, making comments about how large my tits are, how smooth my skin is or how he never touched such a firm, round ass… As he was complementing each body part, he was also touching it, rubbing and playing with my breasts while he talked about how much he enjoys them, his hands moved freely all over, dropping to my crotch and palming between my legs, soaping my pussy really well while rubbing it all over with his whole palm, slowly he would push one finger in between my chubby camel-toe folds, feeling around and eliciting small movements from me.

I instinctively closed my legs a bit, trapping his hand in there, but then realized that this would just look like I wanted his hand in there more and I definitely didn't want to send that message, so I tried to relax a bit by opening my legs slightly, but of course now this looked like I wanted to be touched more; either way I was in a bad position… He put one hand on my butt, rubbing and pulling me closer to his naked body, then he asked me to open my legs, which I did and he slipped hic erection between my thighs, quite easily due to all the soap suds and then had me close mi legs, trapping it there in between.

With both hands on my butt he was now directing me closer to him, I was pulling away a bit and that just made for a kind of fucking motion on his dick which was now getting even harder and I could feel it jolt every now and then; my large bust was now pressed against his chest and my hard nipples were rubbing on his skin, the soap between us making more sounds… This went on for a few minutes, or so it seemed to me, once he had his fun, he reached for the removable shower head and asked me to step back a bit.

I did, and he started rinsing me off, first my shoulders, then he moved down to my breasts where he took his time washing them off really slow, adjusting the different types of jets on the shower until he found a stronger setting that hit right on target. And the target was my right nipple, he directed the water jet around it at first, that made it stand out even more, and then when my hard nipple was even more sensitive he hit right on it.


This made me jump a bit and make a short yelp noise, he smiled having found an interesting way to play with my body, but continued directing the water on my sensitive area. Then he started alternating from one breast to the other, giving each areola the same treatment for a minute or two ad then switching again. The sensation was strong and invading my whole body. I hadn't even realized when my thighs started rubbing slowly but noticeably together as my cunny was clearly getting wet from all the stimulation.


I had to stay there through all this and just try to look away while he was enjoying playing with my body like a boy plays with a water gun spraying girls in the summer until their clothes get wet and everyone can see their bobbies… Only I was totally naked and he could see everything he wanted.

Next he ordered me to open my legs, then he directed the water jet on my pink pussy lips. It felt weird at first, but quickly started pushing my lips apart ad hitting in between them more and more. I closed my legs involuntarily and was quickly slapped on my butt for doing that.

He wanted me to hold an open position and look at him while I take the treatment. It was hard to stay like this, with my legs spread and the water jetting directly on my defenseless little pussy. -"Do you think you can have an orgasm like this, just from the water stimulation Jasmine?" "I'm,&hellip. I'm not sure, I've never had this done to me before, and no, I've never tried it myself either." I said as I realized that my breath was quickening ever so slightly as he was keeping that jet in the same place.

All of a sudden he moved his hand lower, between my legs and directed the water upward towards my pussy moving it around until he was hitting straight between the now red folds. That made me gasp right away, so he knew that he was where he wanted.

My breath got faster and I tentatively tried to cover my slit, but he quickly reacted and had me put my hands behind my back with a strict command not to move them again. I did as I was told and just tried to take the water stimulation as best I could.

I knew that an orgasm was near so I tried to concentrate on something else but it didn't help much. I closed my eyes… -"You are close, I can tell…" he said and then readjusted the shower head so that it would hit right in my clit. I held my breath but to no prevail… I came. I came hard and wanted to move my hands there with every fiber of my being but resisted as I knew that would not be permitted not would it have been forgiven.

So I just stayed in that position and orgasmed in front of him as he was moving the water on and off and all around the area making my body shake before the sensation finally subsided. He put the shower head back up and asked me how I felt.

I didn't answer and he knew exactly why. He knew I couldn't talk, so he just gave me a few moments to regain my composure and then asked me to wash him. I just started pouring soap in my hands and commenced rubbing it on his body. It was one of the most disgusting things that I had to do so far, not sure which was worse: him touching me all over or making me touch him.

But having no choice in the matter I continued washing him. When I reached his genital area he smiled and just told me to go easy, rub gently but not to stroke his cock, but rather just clean it thoroughly. I had to do the same on his balls, which reacted to my touch and got tighter in my hand.

I had to go all the way down to his feet giving him a nice view of my wet body from above, breasts hanging down and ass up in the air which he didn't hesitate to slap a few times jokingly telling me what a good job I was doing and what a good little girl I was. Apparently making me perform these demeaning actions wasn't enough, he had to further degrade me with his words and innuendo. I finished soaping him up and when he was finally satisfied he had me rinse him off.

After a long time in that shower he turned the water off and stepped out. I followed him out and he picked up a towel and started drying me, first my upper body spending more time on my boobs squeezing them through the towel and mushing them together, then moved down to my butt and then between my legs. He knew how sensitive my vagina was, especially now after a forced orgasm, so he took his time whipping the water off and rubbing it some more.

He went down on my shapely legs and all the way to my toes, wiping them each one at a time. Having enough fun, he then had me do the same to him. I grabbed a dry towel off the shelf and started up as directed, giving extra attention to his cock and balls as he wanted me to until he was satisfied.

I stood up and he just looked at me for a moment before speaking: -"Well, I have to admit, that was the best shower ever. But you still have to take care of this erection, you did cause it after all…" I knew what he meant but was still timid to act on my own. "Come on, you know what to do, just use that luscious mouth and suck it nicely for me. And keep your hands behind your back, I doubt it will need any manual stimulation, not after the way your body has excited me this evening." I just looked down, got on my knees and put my hands behind my back, opened my mouth and he just moved a step closer and slipped his hard dick between my pouty lips and over my tongue.

I started sucking on the tip at first and then moved in, getting more and more of it in my mouth with each move. I rolled my tongue over the head when I pulled out and sucked harder when I pulled in as he previously told me that he liked. I hated performing like this but also knew that the better I did the faster he would just leave me alone.

I continued and felt his dick get harder with each suck. He wasn't moving at all, in fact he was making me do all the work with just my mouth, forcing me to use my tongue more and my lips in order to apply enough pressure and suction.

Soon I felt it pulsate in my wet mouth and got ready to swallow as I knew he wanted me to. A few more licks and he came. The first two jets filled my mouth and I knew I had to swallow quickly since more were to come and I didn't want to choke on it again like I did in his office when he was teaching me to do it. So I took a big gulp of it, as soon as it went down my throat the next one followed and then another large one.

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I was finally able to swallow all of it and soon he was spent. It wasn't limp yet so I kept sucking a bit more and then just licked it clean. I must have been quite a site: naked on my knees on the bathroom floor, hands behind my back, large bust thrust out, hard nipples bouncing, mouth wet with cum licking his cock clean like a compliant little sex slave.

He just stepped back pulling his softening dick from between my warm lips and just looked down at me. Once he had enough of a mental image to last him a while he let me get up. Then he got dressed, but when o wanted to pick up my clothes he just said NO; so I remained naked in front of his perverted gaze… -"Maybe I'll take you up on that coffee offer now, let's go downstairs and have some.

Lead the way." And with that I walked pass him and down the hall, naked, while he followed me undoubtedly watching as my hips swayed as I stepped down the stairs, through the living-groom and into the kitchen. He watched me bent over and reach up to get the coffee and prepare it while he sat at the island in the middle on a bar stool. As we waited for the coffee he took the opportunity to inquire about my "well-being". -"Tell me how you feel jasmine"… "I'm OK…" I said shrugging, trying to see where he was going with this -"Did you enjoy your orgasm?" "No" -" I did… What does your mouth taste like right now?" I blushed, but I knew I had to tell him.

"It tastes like penis and … cum." I swallowed after saying this. Not sure why I did that, maybe because he was making me nervous again, it was just instinctively. He seemed satisfied with my answer and the coffee was ready so I quickly poured us each a cup and sat across from him.

We drank it while he kept asking me embarrassing details about my body, how I felt, how my pussy was, why I thought my nipples were still stiff and so on. I did my best to answer as I kept peaking at the clock on the wall counting the minutes until he would finish his drink and leave.

He finally handed me the empty cup, thanked me for it and then watched me wash it and put it away along with mine. Then he got up and I walked him to the front door. He opened the door and stood on the step facing me. He held it open and I naturally stepped aside inside the entrance not wanting anyone passing by to see me naked. But he didn't go for that and asked for me to stand in front of him as we say goodnight. At last he turned around after thanking me for my "hospitality" and drove off.

Even though I doubt anyone was on the street at the time I still fell very exposed, like every one of my neighbors were watching me. I immediately shut the door and locked it, then went to the couch and just sat down staring at the wall, the events of the evening playing back in my mind. In spite of not having a shred of clothing on me for the past few hours, I still felt strange being in the hours completely naked, laying back on the sofa as the cold leather clung to my warm young body… I tried shaking the feeling off as I got up and walked to the bathroom, picked my stuff off the floor and threw them in the hamper, then went to my room and got into bed.

It took me a while to go to sleep but eventually I managed…