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Streifen necken Backstage
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Predator Prey: The Revivification by Millie Dynamite Civilization did not end in a fiery, violent, flash on the surface that rivaled a star's birth. Rather a slow, violent descent into anarchy.

The chaos flowed into everyday life worldwide in a sluggish, inevitable drip and drab. Something happened to the men in the world, their natural aggression exploded inside their brains, in that deep, dark recess of the primitive, hormonal, driven subconscious part called "The id." It bred inside them dividing, and subdividing, until all they knew, all they wanted, was sex, food, and to dominate those around them, especially the women.

The women of the world watched in horror as life descended into a daily struggle to survive. Something happened to them as well, a fear of men so great that women felt vulnerable around any man, no matter if the man was aggressive or passive.

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Women gathered together for their own protection, hiding from the men. They built bonds between themselves, learning how to defend themselves from the animals that wanted them, wanted their flesh, their sex, and to implant another just creature of raw, animalistic desire like them inside any woman. Technology died an agonizing demise until there was none left, and no one left with the expertise to fix that which was broken.

The cities became jungles. Women fled to the safety of seclusion deep in the forest, the mountains, or the flat plains. Small villages were constructed, walls built, and strict routines designed to protect them from the others.

This notwithstanding, the men formed packs, hunting the women, raiding the villages, plundering their food, and raping them. This aggressive, unpredictable, indifference to all things save their physical appetites ensured the species continued. Early on, before the descent, a group of scientists took refuge in bastions of technology. Armed with concealment, technological superiority, and indifference they lived and prospered in areas that once had been the very bastions of the worlds military and surveillance facilities.

Buried in mountains, under forest, or deep beneath the crumbling cities, they watched the building chaos. Using surviving satellites, and armed, unmanned military drones they watched the two groups struggle to survive. These people were unaffected by the pandemic that raged in the outside world. They lived a comfortable life unconcerned with the de-evolved populace. They watched and waited for signs of the spark of humanity to return to the male population of the surface dwellers.

They watched for intelligence to reemerge in either group. The men communicated in grunts, growls, and howls while the women spoke in a simple language, a de-evolved version of whatever language they had known before the descent.

This vigil a vain exercise in an intellectual curiosity with no plan for action should the event occur. Ten thousand years past, cities fell into dust. The overseers lived in luxury, watching the wretches in the outer world as some grand entertainment. With precise raids in the dark of night, they planted devices to observe those women in their "natural" habitat.

While satellites and drones tracked the wild packs of men. With each generation a new clone took the place of its previous self, absorbing all the knowledge of those earlier versions of themselves. And yet, much was lost.

The watchers couldn't remember the feel of a cool breeze over their flesh. Lost in the memories of 10 millennia the pure scent of fresh rain. The feeling of sunlight on their bare skin. So many other things once taken for granted, now unable to be recalled. There was too much data to process.

Immortality has a high price. They had their entertainment. They pleasured themselves with the rugged and violent lives of those they surveyed.

Inside the mountain, Andrea watched the small village east of the Rockies, just past the crumbling conurbation once called the Denver Metropolitan Area. The river flowed from the mountains into the flat, featureless plain. The vegetation near the river was lush, further away grass covered the ground and nothing more, a rolling hill here, a small indentation there, only enough to break the monotony.

The village was massive, the wall around it formidable.

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Two thousand and fifty women, tiny boys, and adolescent girls inhabited the community. Once a male child reached the age of ten they were taken away from the town and abandoned. The males couldn't speak, couldn't learn the language. By ten their natural aggression consumed them, and thus, they were outcast from the group before they reached puppetry and the need it brought took over every action.

Teressa, known as Tess, and Mandy drew water from the well and took it to their respective homes. It was their turn to tend the fields, and the girls wanted the others in their homes to have their needs meet before the pair struck out into the outer world. No men had been seen for months, life had been quite good. Still, the gates were closed and bolted, women stood on the highest towers watching all directions for the beasts. Oddly, it wasn't the packs women feared the most.

They'd rape you, each and everyone taking his turn from Alpha, to the lowest in the pack jabbing their disgusting members into you. But they wouldn't kill you, they wouldn't eat you. The loner was the one to fear.

The rouge didn't have any sense of preservation of the species. A lone man-creature had only base, depraved, desires, to fulfill, right after that his belly's need would be satisfied, it loved the taste of female flesh. Tess rubbed her swollen belly as she stood in the shade cast by the wall. The gatekeeper looked at her and smiled. She assured her no man-beast packs were roaming the plains and no loners had been sighted for over a year. "I hope it's a girl," the gatekeeper said. "Me too," she answered.

"It was so hard when mother put my brother out in the wild. Still, he had become so mean, so, consumed with needs, mother could no longer control him." "When was that?" "Ten season," Tess said, her face grew sad. "Mother never returned.

At 12 seasons I had to take care of my little sisters and be the head of the home." Mandy approached them carrying her hoe and shovel, she smiled at her best friend.

Taking Tess's hoe and shovel from her she said, "I'll carry this you are nearly due." "I have more than a moon to go," she told her. "That's close you shouldn't be doing weeding," Mandy insisted. "I'll do my part," Tess said. "No one can say that Tess doesn't do her part." With that, the gatekeeper opened the gate, and the two women went into the outer world.

Crossing the small stream that ran into the river, the moved quickly past the fenced pastures of cattle to the corn fields. They pulled, hacked, and dug up the weeds. Then moved to the river and opened the diverter gate, the water flowed from the river down into the fields. The women sat on a great cottonwood log. They watched, eating some food they had brought with them and talking. They were close to each other.

At times as close as their own skin. They had purposed to move in with one another, raise the younglings together. When the youngest reached his tenth season, they'd take him away together.

This was a safer strategy than what her mother had done. Tess shuddered, wondering if a rogue beast had taken her mother or her own son. The man-creature sniffed the air, he could smell it, fertility. Not that fertility mattered to him, he'd fuck any female fertile or barren.

All he wanted was to control them, use them, and eventually eat them. He viewed the young women, one's shape pleased him, the other's belly bulged out, she'd be good for food, the child inside would be a delight, a delicacy for his pallet. Not that his primitive brain constructed the thoughts like that, they were of a more uncomplicated nature.

He'd eat them both, he'd fuck both, but the thin with the big tits would be more fun to rape. Instinctively the creature would make sure the prey couldn't run toward the village. He'd drive the bitches away from safety, out on to the barren prairie. The man-being would run them until the meat had sweetened and their strength failed them. Whichever one fell first he'd bind her, then hunt the other.

He would run her down, fuck the bitch, kill her, and partake of her succulent flesh. Holding his flint knife in one hand, his stone hatchet in the other he crept closer to the women. He could hear them talking. "Why are men the way they are?" Tess asked, "Male animals aren't like them, they don't rape the females." "Or do they?" Mandy asked.

"What do you mean?" "The bull doesn't ask the female if she wants it, he mounts her. I don't even know if animals can talk, men can't. Men don't have minds like women, they are just emotions, needs, and lust." The loner's youth mad him swift, satisfying his needs made him healthy. He could smell their flesh.

The sweet aroma of their sex filled his nostrils. Something familiar about the fat one, something in his dim brain signaled to his mind that he wanted her. He wanted to hurt her, hurt her. He grunted something if you spoke man you would have known the grunt. A familial grunt, a recognizing of their connection. She'd stayed, she had been favored. Like her mother before her, she'd satisfy his needs, like her mother before her she'd be his. This time he'd do much more than feast on the bitch.


The grass was tall. The young male crawled toward the women, inching closer and closer. Creeping to within feet of them, still and quiet, he moved slow like a cat. The creature could smell her…sister…a disgusting bag of flesh puked out of the same cunt as he. The bitches chattered in their nonsensical babble. Like birds whistling to each other. He was so close to them. The fat cow would be first and yet last as well.

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Tess felt the baby kick. She put her hand on her tummy, smiling, she hopped it was a girl. She turned to the west and looked toward the village, the walls, and the safety they afforded. The beast rose in front of her, a hateful face fixed on her. He his hand struck out, crashing into her cheek, the knife held in a manner so that it didn't strike her.

Something in his face, she thought sinking to the grassy ground and darkness covered her. Mandy jumped to her feet and took two steps toward the village, but creature blocked her. Twisting, she looked to the river. Turning Mandy ran, jumping and flying over the fallen tree. She rushed headlong into the river, she had to get to the other side. The strong current threatened to pull her from her feet underneath her.

She sloshed through, resisting the urge to look back. Reaching the edge of the other bank, she stumbled, fell into the water. Regaining her feet, Mandy scampered up the bank. Blindly she ran through the thick trees on the flat grasslands. The man-beast tied leather straps on Tess's feet, and hands then jumped over the long and rushed toward the young woman. He crossed the raging river with ease, bounded up the bank, squatted at the edge of the trees and watched the prey running away.

Running at sharp angle to the southwest, she planned to cut back northward toward the village, soon. Mandy needed to get more distance between them. Her mother had taught her if being chased don't to look back, it cost you time.

Just run hard and fast.


Holding her dress, she ran as hard as she could. Her bare feet were hardened enough that the rough ground didn't bother her. Turning she headed at a sharp angle for the village, she took ten running paces before she felt the solid blow to the middle of her back.

She tumbled to the ground, a heavy weight on her back. Struggling she rose, only to be forced back to her hands and knees. A firm grip clasped the back of her neck, the pain exploded as he clutched her. She heard a grunting in her ear. It dawned on her, he was a loner.

She felt her dress being torn way, the tattered remains lifted over her waist, the undergarment ripped off her loins cut and bruised her. The grunting few louder, hectic, as he attacked her in a frenzied, hormonal, urgency of his vengeful need.

She didn't know if the cock was large, she'd never had one. The prick ripped into her tearing muscles and stabbing through her hymen. An expanding pain tore at her, shredding as the beast thrust deep into her womb. She felt her cervix shatter as he forced all his manhood inside of her.

The pain radiated through her as if the flesh burned with fire. Mandy remembered the conversation of the bull fucking the heifer. The man-creature fucked her without regard to her needs, her wants. Perhaps it was just nature's way, reproduction was vicious. She wondered could this act every have pleasure for the female. All Mandy felt was pain, humiliation, and the loss of something of herself.

She hung her head, her long hair covering her face as tears streamed out of her eyes stinging her cheeks. His callused hand clutched her neck, so hard, she felt the ridge of his fingers like knives cutting her tender skin. She wondered, would he spare her life? Poking his cock in and out, the creature thrust his hips with brutal force, spurred on as his seed built inside him. The feeling spurred his action, and he fucked Mandy harder. The tightness of her cunt, the feel of her soft flesh, his to control to use, the depth of his wretched desire drove him.

With his free hand, he clutched her flesh, her tits, her back and ass tearing her more of her clothing from her body. He reached to his waist, pausing from fucking, he grabbed the handle of his knife. She felt the cold, sharp flit touch her neck. Just a slash, not a big hard one, a soft, gentle tear, the slit ached.

Warm blood ran down her throat and covered her breasts. Thick spurts of her life spattered over the grass of late spring below her, scarring the green with deep dark crimson.

The pain tore at her body as his hips struck her legs and ass, the sickening pecker tore her insides, and her blood flowed from her. She tried to scream, but no sound came from her gaping mouth.

She felt thick streams from him inside her. Her vision blurred…her pain ended. Pulling his prick from her, crouching over her dead body, he let his head back, the beast let out a long, shrill howl. Flipping her over, he cut a breast from her, stood taking one of her feet he dragged her back toward the other one.

He stuffed himself with tit meat as he returned to the hated one, his sister. He would need to take the prey further from the village. Leaving Mandy's body on the south side of the river he returned to sister. She struggled with the restraints, looking up at him she cried.

She could see his hate, far more profound than most man-beast were even capable of, she could see he would enjoy hurting her.

Freeing her feet, he took her by her hands, dragging her running behind him through the river, up the bank. He paused and clutched the others foot. He yanked sister along behind him while he pulled the food. Somewhere, south of safety, she realized, this was Tommy, her brother.

A sickness filled her, an anguish that they should have done it differently. They shouldn't have cast him away from them. She knew, somehow, that he had killed their mother, fed on her. Still, he had been such a pleasing man-child for years. The change happened in a flash between his ninth celebration and turning ten seasons, he became a man-beast. The cruelty took him and Tommy, the Tommy she had known, just vanished.

By sundown, they were at another river, more substantial than the one back by Tess's home. The man-creature took her and the food into a cave. Bones of others were scattered over the floor of the cave. It was dark, but a fire burned in the middle affording a dim light in the vast expanse of the cavity.

He ate more of Mandy, watching his sister. He grunted at her, walked to her, touching her face. He ran his hand over her face with a softness that he couldn't remember ever doing. He grunted something, then grabbed himself, his other hand took the back of her head, and he pulled her face to crotch and his swelling prick. Tess knew what he wanted, she'd had the ones in the pack that couldn't get to the other holes use her face. She opened her mouth, but he did move closer.

He pushed the back of her head, firmly but not roughly. She ran her mouth over his cock then kissed it, licked it as it grew harder. She took in her mouth and slowly engulfed it. Pulling all of his massive staff deep down her throat. She pleasured him for a long time until at last, he exploded down her mouth. Tommy plopped down beside her, cutting the straps from her wrist he pressed his mouth to hers.

An awkward, kiss followed. Tess's heart raced his rough, hard hands moved over her body, and she felt herself moisten. Soon, brother and sister lay together. He stiffened again, Tess got on top of him and guided his prick into her.

She rode him rolling her hips, hoping he didn't rupture the amniotic sac.

They copulated for a long time soft, loving, enjoying each other in way that hadn't happened for over ten thousand years. Near morning, Tommy stood and moved to the foul stinking body of Mandy and cut meat from her. Placing the meat on a stick, he held it over the fire until the aroma woke Tess. He grunted to her, holding held the meat to his mouth but not biting it.

She knew he had cooked it for her. She knew it was her best friends body. Still, she needed food. She tore a chunk and ate it. What terrified her the most, she loved the meat. Tommy held her as she ate grunting to her. Something happened, and while the words weren't clear, she could understand what he wanted or said.

They had been close when Tommy was young. Something happened to Tommy, something happened to her. In the weeks that followed Tommy learned to hunt animals and steal grains and other foods from the villages near their cave. Tess took over the cooking duties, and they slept together at night. His hate was gone, though he still wanted to control other bitches, but not her. He grunted something to her. She looked at him and concentrated, he groaned one more time.

"Don't call them bitches," she told him. "Their women. Don't kill them please." He looked at her and nodded. He went on a hunt and raped three women that day. He bragged to his woman of his accomplishment, ending with a long howl. She told him how powerful he was, how superior and how his children would change the world. When the baby was born, he held it in his arms. He made odd sounds that she couldn't translate, but she knew he was baby talking the little girl.

A very gentle father he cared for her as if she was his. He knew that he couldn't take his woman until she had healed until the blood flow ended so he raped more of the women.

In a flash the world changed, hate could be defeated. Man's most base nature could be changed. All things were possible again, and the two lovers were the start. They shared life, they loved each other.

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They were just the first, this could spread humanity could reemerge. Tommy wanted a child of his own with Tess, with sister. He wished for that more than food, more than sex, more than anything before, a revivification happened, a rebirth deep inside him.

Something wicked died, something ancient and evil shriveled deep in his mind and soul. Nevertheless, he had to have what he had to have. It was early morning, he stood at the entrance to his home testing the air. He could smell it, a woman not far from him.

Looking back at the cave, he sighed, Tess wasn't healed yet. He'd take this one, maybe it would be his last hunt. Moving across the river, he stealthy moved closer until he saw her. Unlike other women, she was tall and muscular.

She had something long hanging from a belt.


She wore animal skins on her body. Her hair was blonde, and her flesh fair. She moved with grace like an animal of prey. Tommy drug her pungent sent deep into his lungs. She was barren, not one hint of fertility. He moved behind her as she walked through the tall grass, her hips swayed in gentle motions. Her left hand moved over the item she carried on her belt, while the right one was in front of her. He inched closer, his cock stiffened, and some of that old need urged him forward.

He wouldn't knock her down, he would yank her off her feet. He was close enough to reach out and touch her. Penelope turned, the steel knife in her right lashed out, slicing a small nick in his jugular. Falling to his knees, he clutched the cut as the blood spurted from the wound. He looked at her, fear filled him. She licked his blood from her knife and returned it to its scabbard. Pulling the sword from its scabbard, she held it over her left shoulder with both hands.

Penelope smiled at him, swung the sword. Tommy felt his head hit the hard dirt. He saw his body kneeling near him. It fell over blood spurting from his neck. His mind slowly shut down as he body jerked and twitched. Penelope sheathed her sword, held her right wrist near her mouth, she pressed a button on the bracelet.

"What about the female?" "Her also," Andrea said. "The virus has run its course. We'll need to make a new one, or they will evolve. I won't allow that, Penelope." "This is going to be fun," she said.

"Can I take my time?" she asked in a playful, elicited voice. "Hurt her as much as you want for as long as you want. After all, it isn't like they're human. What's it like?" "The killing?" "No, the sunlight, the fresh air, and everything we haven't had for 10,000 years," Andrea said. "It's a new quality, the light is brighter, things are beautiful.

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It's wonderful, the air is so…" Penelope paused looking for a word to describe it, "pleasant when the wind blows lightly over your flesh. I don't remember any of it, being out here is…new.

The killing is the best—its be so long, but it all came back to me. I've missed this." "This is just the beginning," Andrea told her. "We need to cull them down, first the rouges. Then you can train others, and you can thin out the packs." "And the women?" "Do you enjoy killing the women, Penelope?" "I don't remember.

I'll tell you in a while," Penelope said. She listened to the crying of the baby waited for it stop. The huntress knew the cow would be feeding the child.

She moved through the opening and let her eyes adjust, leaving the channel open so Andrea could listen to what happened. Then again Andrea could watch and listen if she wanted. Two hours later Penelope sat covered in blood laughing, ecstatic with joy. She lay on top of Tess's dying body. Kissing the woman's ear, Penelope ran her tongue around it.

Bitting it off she swallowed it. Rolling Tess over she took her head into her hands.

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"No one is changing our world," Penelope said. "Especially a little snit of a de-evolved human bitch and her rogue brother." With hard twist, she broke Tess's neck.

Lifting her right hand, she held her wrist near her mouth, pressed the communicate button. "Send the transport to pick me up," she said. "Bitch is dead, and yes, it was great fun killing one of the skanks females." "Good," Andrea told her. Dianna looked at Andrea and wondered which had de-evolved more, the Skanks (as they had called them since the beginning) or them. They had been so civilized in how they handled it. Or had they? She feared the future, she feared Andrea and Penelope.

Most of all she feared the future and how long that future might be. All her previous selves screamed at her to flea this place. Dianna didn't desire to die, but this infinity thing had taken a dark path.